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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only: Bad Intentions 2018 Review

September 7, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only: Bad Intentions 2018 Review  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only Bad Intentions 2018 Review

– oVe defeated The Desi Hit Squad @ 10:38 via pin [**½]
– Channing Decker defeated Clayton Gainz @ 9:03 via pin [**]
– Phil Atlas defeated Greg Osbourne @ 8:45 via pin [**]
– Kiera Hogan defeated KC Spinelli @ 8:33 via pin [**½]
– Aiden Prince defeated Ace Austin & Dustin Quicksilver @ 12:35 via pin [**¾]
– Stone Rockwell defeated Holden Albright @ 8:46 via pin [*]
– Tessa Blanchard defeated Gisele Shaw @ 9:44 via pin [***]
– Michael Elgin defeated Petey Williams @ 17:10 via pin [****]
Steel Cage Match For A Shot At Destiny Title: Josh Alexander defeated Sami Callihan @ 14:39 via pin [***¾]

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– Don Callis & Scott D’Amore are on commentary.

oVe (Jake & Dave) vs. The Desi Hit Squad (Raju & Singh): Jake and Singh start us off, locking up and working into some basic back and forth. Singh hits a shoulder tackle but runs into a leg lariat. Raju tags in and Jake continue to control, hitting shoulder tackles and a neck breaker for 2. Dave gets the tag and hits a senton as overworks double teams. Dave works arm drags and looks to ground things, Raju fires back and they trade strikes. Dave hits the enziguri and basement dropkick. He then kicks Raju & Singh to the floor. The suicide dive follows and wipes DHS out. Jake follows with a tope but they didn’t catch him well. Raju now posts Jake and cuts off Dave and then slams him to he apron. DHS isolates Dave and works him over in their corner, using quick tags and double teams. The double teams lead to some near falls, and the quick tags continue as they keep Dave isolated in their corner. Raju connects with a dropkick in the corner, covering for 2. Singh tags in but Dave fights him off and gets the tag. Jake runs wild and hits a slingshot cutter for 2. He dumps Raju, and hits the DVD on Singh for 2. Dave tags back in and a double team meteora only gets 2. Raju returns, he and Singh put together some double teams (sloppy) and get a near fall. Jake fights them off, Dave is back and the double stomp/tombstone combo finishes it. oVe defeated The Desi Hit Squad @ 10:38 via pin [**½] This was a solid match, with oVe working hard and trying to make something good from this, but it just didn’t happen. They looked good, they tried and gave Desi Hit Squad a lot, but Desi Hit Squad are an average at best tag team that bring absolutely nothing of value to their matches. Why in the fuck is Impact spending so much time on them when Super Smash Brothers kick ass and are waiting for someone to sign them.

– The sound quality right now on this is horrible, the crowd is WAY too low, and commentary is too loud and crackling a lot.

Channing Decker vs. Clayton Gainz: On first look, Decker is a frat boy while Gainz is a Dollar Tree Mr. Pecatacular. Gainz stalls early on, they lockup and Gainz overpowers Decker to begin. They finally trade strikes and Decker hits a belly to belly for 2. They both tease dives and brawl to the floor. Decker fights off an apron bomb and then misses a cannonball to the floor. Back in and Gainz lays in strikes and follows with a suplex. The springboard attack misses and Decker hits a powerslam for 2. Decker follows with strikes, hits a sling blade, and then hits tope to the floor. Back in and Decker heads up top and hits the blockbuster for 2. Decker back up top and misses a moonsault. Gainz hits a clothesline and hits a top rope splash for 2. Gainz follows with strikes and kicks, and the side slam gets 2. Gainz takes Decker up top, Decker fights him off, and hits a cutter off the ropes and that only gets 2. Gainz gets some water, mists Decker and spears him for 2. Decker gets a rollup for 2, and then a catatonic follows for the win. Channing Decker defeated Clayton Gainz @ 9:03 via pin [**] This was an ok match, but it never felt locked into a smooth flow or felt like it had a true destination. It was two guys doing some of their favorite moves to a largely apathetic crowd while commentary joked about them killing finishes.

Phil Atlas w/Pasquale di Papa vs. Greg Osbourne: Atlas attacks before the bell and takes control with strikes and chops. He works over Osbourne in the corner, and celebrates. Osbourne fires up and lays in rights. The big clothesline follows and then misses an elbow drop. Osbourne then just pops up and starts shoving Atlas around. Ok. Osbourne follows with a dropkick and dumps Alas to the floor. He follows and they brawl into the entranceway. Atlas cuts him off but Osbourne blocks the PK and trips him up on the apron. Back in and Papa distracts Osbourne allowing Atlas to kick him to the floor. Atlas follows with an apron PK and takes control. Back in and Atlas lays the boots to Osbourne, and then lays in kicks. Atlas grounds things, misses a kick and then a senton, allowing Osbourne to attack, but he misses a dropkick and Atlas hits a running senton for 2. Atlas slaps Osbourne around and grounds him again. Osbourne to his feet and gets a sleeper but Atlas escapes. Osbourne cuts off the charge and hits neck breaker. He follows with rights and a flying forearm. The high cross follows for 2. Atlas cuts him off and starts attacking the knee with dragon screws. Atlas then trips him up and slingshots into the knees of Osbourne. Atlas now hits a jawbreaker and they trade pin attempts. Osbourne hits an enziguri and a cradle for the win. Phil Atlas defeated Greg Osbourne @ 8:45 via pin [**] This was similar to the last match, it was ok, the execution was solid at times, but it just had no real flow or work to make you care.

Kiera Hogan vs. KC Spinelli: They stall as Spinelli makes fun of Hogan for being short. They lock up and work to the ropes, Hogan lays in rights but Spinelli cuts her off but then gets taken down. Hogan works the side headlock, Spinelli works to escape and sends Hogan to he buckles. Hogan lays in chops and beats down Spinelli in the corner and hits a running as attack and then a dropkick. Spinelli cuts her off and hits a big clothesline. She follows with ground and pound, and then tosses Hogan across the ring and takes control. She follows with repeated elbow drops and covers for 2. Spinelli grounds things, but Hogan starts to fire up and elbows out until she’s slammed to the mat. Spinelli chokes her out and then lays in rights. Hogan fires back, hits a running back elbow and superkick for 2. Spinelli cuts off the fisherman’s buster and connects with uppercuts. Spinelli hits abridging suplex for 2. Hogan fights off the final cut and lays into Spinelli with kicks and a basement dropkick for 2. The fisherman is cut off by strikes from Spinelli, and Spinelli hits a Samoan drop for 2. Spinelli looks to finish things off, but Hogan hits a spin kick and fisherman’s neck breaker for the win. Kiera Hogan defeated KC Spinelli @ 8:33 via pin [**½] This was a nice and solid back and forth match, with a stronger layout and sense of urgency compared to the previous two matches.

Aiden Prince vs. Ace Austin vs. Dustin Quicksilver: they stall to begin so Austin can do card tricks and magic. He gets tossed and Prince and Quicksilver work some fun back and forth until Prince hits a suicide dive onto Austin. Austin then posts Prince and slingshots into the ring but Quicksilver catches him with a dropkick. Austin dumps Quicksilver and then he and Prince fight forever over a counter into a code breaker botch, which really looked bad. Austin takes control with kicks and strikes, Prince fires back as they trade. Prince dumps Austin and follows and Quicksilver cuts him off and rolls back in. Austin quickly cuts off Quicksilver, lays in kicks, but Quicksilver hits an enziguri and then gets cut off. More kicks from Austin follow. Austin poses and then hits a gut wrench suplex. Prince is back in and hits back elbows on Austin but Austin fires back and bicycle kicks him to the floor. Quicksilver then takes out Austin with a springboard cutter but Prince cuts him off and hits the Cheeky Nandos. Prince up top, but gets crotched. Austin follows him up, they trade strikes, and Austin tosses Prince into Prince. Quicksilver fires up and hits a fisherman’s neck breaker for 2. Quicksilver attacks Prince up top and Austin cuts him off and he heads up with Prince, Quicksilver back up and Quicksilver hits a German on Austin off the ropes. All three are down, they fight to their feet and Prince hits a flatliner for 2. Austin trips him up and attacks the knee. He then attacks Quicksilver, but Quicksilver hits a suplex for 2. He takes Prince back up top, Austin shoves Quicksilver to the floor and follows Prince up. Prince knocks him to the mat and a rough looking 450 finishes it. Aiden Prince defeated Ace Austin & Dustin Quicksilver @ 12:35 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good match overall, they worked really hard, but it was very slavish to the triple threat formula and felt repetitive. It could have used a couple of minutes trimmed off.

Stone Rockwell vs. Holden Albright: Rockwell is an action adventurer and Albright is some sort of wolf man. They shake hand, Albright bites him and then attacks. Rockwell fires back with a clothesline and John Woooooo. He follows with corner clotheslines and a shoulder block off the ropes for 2. Albright counters the senton and chokes out Rockwell in the ropes and dumps him to the floor. Rockwell rolls back in and Albright attacks with strikes. He follows with knee strikes; Rockwell battles back and then walks into a rolling kick for 2. Albright grounds the action, hitting a splash for 2. They trade strikes, but Albright hits a neck breaker for 2. Rockwell fights off a suplex and lays in rights and he hits the suplex. Rockwell hit atomic drops and a spinebuster for 2. Rockwell dumps Albright to the floor and teases a dive until Albright pulls him to the floor. Albright hits a suicide dive and then dives off the apron into the post as Rockwell moved. Back in and Rockwell hits the running senton for 2. He heads to the ropes and hits another senton for 2. Albright hits an enziguri and German for 2. Albright heads up top and misses a fall away senton. Rockwell sloppily cradles him for the win. Stone Rockwell defeated Holden Albright @ 8:46 via pin [*] I love Stone Rockwell, but this was not good at all, actually it was bad. Albright is no good, is slow, sloppy, and the match has no sense of flow to it at all. This was easily the worst thing on the show so far.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Gisele Shaw: Shaw previously appeared on a One Night Only and did well; Lance Storm trained her. They lock up to begin, Shaw takes her down but Tessa quickly escapes and powders. Back in and Shaw hits a series of arm drags and a RANA. Tessa is pissed and drops her with a huge forearm. Tessa follows with the dropkick in the ropes and covers for 2. Tessa follows with strikes and kicks, and then works an Indian death lock. She transitions to a butterfly lock, but Shaw makes the ropes. Tessa follows with strikes, but Shaw cuts her off with a spin kick. They trade strikes; Tessa is not impressed and slaps Shaw. They continue to trade; Shaw lays in kicks and then hits a slingshot splash for 2. They work into counters and Shaw hits a rolling kick for 2. Shaw lays in chops, but Tessa cuts her off with the draping flatliner for 2. Tessa heads up top and Shaw cuts her off, they battle up top and Tessa head butts her to the mat. Tessa flies in with MX and that only gets 2. Tessa is pissed/freaked that Shaw kicked out. Shaw keeps fighting back, but Tessa ends her with the buzz saw DDT. Tessa Blanchard defeated Gisele Shaw @ 9:44 via pin [***] This was good, Tessa continues to shine in her role, and gave Shaw a lot as she slipped into overconfident champion mode and things became more competitive than she had anticipated. Good stuff here, they had a plan and great sense of urgency, and I enjoyed it.

Michael Elgin vs. Petey Williams: They lock up and Elgin easily overpowers Petey to begin. Petey tries to pick up the pace, and hits a head scissors. The RANA follows and then the dropkick in the ropes connects for 2. Elgin cuts him off and looks for a springboard attack, but Petey trips him into the tree of WHOA and lays in a superkick. Petey grounds things and starts working the knee. But just as he gets going, he runs into a pop up cutter from Elgin. Elgin follows with chops and then delivers knee strikes to the lower back of Petey. Petey fights off the delayed suplex, teases the destroyer, but Elgin counters out and they trade strikes. Petey hits an enziguri and German. The Russian leg sweep and cradle gets 2. Petey follows with a complete shot, teases the destroyer again but opts for an enziguri. Elgin cuts him off and hits a missile dropkick and then does the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. Elgin now lays in clotheslines, Elgin now looks for the buckle bomb, Petey fights so he now looks for a tiger driver, but Petey counters with a RANA and sends him to he floor. Petey now follows with a slingshot RANA. He now connects with a DDT onto the floor. Back in and Petey hits the code breaker and now wants the destroyer. Elgin fights him of and sets Petey up top. Elgin follows and they battle for position and Petey looks for a RANA and gets it for a good near fall. Petey gets a cradle into the sharp shooter and Elgin fights for the ropes and manages to make it. Elgin now hits a German and then a vertical suplex for 2. Elgin drops the elbow pad but Petey counters the lariat. Elgin counters the destroyer and hits the buckle bomb but Petey rebounds off into the destroyer but Elgin rolls to the floor! Back in and Petey looks for another destroyer, but Elgin kills him with a lariat. The buckle bomb connects, and then Petey counters the Elgin bomb with A FUCKING REVERSE RANA! MY GOD PETEY IS FIRED THE FUCK UP but runs into a lariat from Elgin and the Elgin bomb finally finishes Petey. Michael Elgin defeated Petey Williams @ 17:10 via pin [****] This was absolutely great and the best one night only match in ages. Petey was fired up and working his ass off and looked extra motivated working a fresh and high-level opponent. They had a great layout, several great finish teases as it felt as if it could end at any time for either mat. Elgin also felt like a complete breathe of fresh air in the Impact environment.

Steel Cage Match For A Shot At Destiny Title: Josh Alexander vs. Sami Callihan: This is pin, submission, or escape. These two have tangled in the past to mixed results. Good when more of a sprint, not very good when Sami tries to work his “long/epic” format, which is never good for him. he excels at the hard-hitting sprint style. They start off hot and heavy, trading strikes, kicks and immediately tossing each other into the cage. Sami misses a spear and eats cage. Alexander follows wit a running cross body into the cage. Alexander then lays the boots onto him and follows with a knee drop. The back breaker connects, he takes Sami up top and follow him up and lays in strikes. Sami slips out, hits a superkick and powerbombs Alexander into the cage. Sami follows with a slam and elbow drop for 2. He then grounds the action, Alexander slowly fights to his feet and charges and flies into the cage. Sami gets the trashcan he tossed in earlier and waffles Alexander with it. Alexander is busted open now. Sami now kicks the can into his face, maintaining control. Alexander has the crimson mask now as Sami wipes the blood on his own face. Sami heads up top, Alexander is laying in a pool of his own blood. Sami drops back down and hits a powerbomb. Sami back up top and looks to escape. Alexander cuts him off, follows him up and they brawl on the ropes. Sami crotches him on the ropes and Alexander then crotches him and after slamming each other to the cage, they crumble to the mat. My word Alexander is bleeding badly here. They trade strikes, Sami rakes the eyes, and tosses Alexander into the cage. Sami heads up top, gets cut off, and Alexander follows him up. He hits the super Finlay roll and covers for 2. Alexander climbs now, all the way onto the cage and MISSES the moonsault. Sami hits the cactus driver for the near fall. Sami lays in strikes, but Alexander fires up and hits the jumping tombstone and finally puts Sami away. Josh Alexander defeated Sami Callihan @ 14:39 via pin [***¾] This was a very good, hard-hitting, and bloody cage match to close hinges out. While Sami was good, Alexander put in a really great performance here.

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The final score: review Average
The 411
Impact Wrestling One Night Only: Bad Intentions 2018 was an ok but forgettable show until we got to the final three matches, if your cherry picking, honestly, just skip to those. Overall this was a solid show, keeping the trend of the One Night Only shows no longer being dumpster fires, which I appreciate.