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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 6.29.19

July 3, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Jordynne Grace Impact wrestling 11-8-18
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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 6.29.19  

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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 6.29.19

– Jordynne Grace defeated Masha Slamovich @ 5:45 via pin [**½]
From TNA Slammiversary 2011: Kurt Angle defeated Jeff Jarrett @ 17:35 via submission [****]

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Jordynne Grace vs. Masha Slamovich: They shake hands and lock up. Grace grounds the action, covering for 2 as they work into bridge spots. Slamovich works into counters, but Grace counters her for 2. Grace follows with a shoulder tackle, and covers for 2. Slamovich fires back and then dropkicks Grace to the floor. Back in and Slamovich lays the boots to Grace, chokes her out and misses a charge but then catches Grace with a backstabber for 2. Slamovich grounds things, but Grace battles back with the spinebuster. Grace slaps her, follows with clotheslines and the STO follows for 2. Slamovich fires back and hits the German, covering for 2. Grace fights off a pedigree, stomps her down and hits a senton off the ropes for 2. Grace now misses the Vader bomb, but cuts off Slamovich and finishes her with the Grace driver. Jordynne Grace defeated Masha Slamovich @ 5:45 via pin [**½] This was a solid XPLOSION exclusive, with Grace picking up the win an Slamovich working hard.

We go around the ring with Cage. Cage says he’s feeling good after healing from Rebellion. He was thrilled to win the championship, but it was a bittersweet evening due to his injury. Cage feels some of his moment was stolen from him, but it adds to his story. He plans to retain at Slammiversary, and while he recognizes Elgin’s talent, he doesn’t like him. They will have a hell of a match at the PPV. He loves comic book movies, but trashes the X-Men movies as a big fan of the books. He loves Logan & Deadpool, but hates how the X-Men universe’s timeline has been fucked up and leaves the movies disappointed overall. His days include training, family time, and movies. Cage used to be a skateboarder, and graduated from the same high school as Aaron Rodgers, who always talked wrestling with him.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle: From 2006 on, Angle and Jarrett had interactions in TNA; first with Angle as an enforcer for Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett at Bound for Glory 2006, through regular feuds and then the Jarrett departure from TNA. Depending on who you believe, Angle didn’t want to be around Jarrett, who had married his ex-wife, and Dixie Carter sent Jeff Jarrett home. Hell they even had a feud where Jarrett said he would adopt Angle’s kids. The feud seemed to always be there in some way or form, but the thing was that these two guys always seemed to work well together, despite their personal issues outside the ring. Unfortunately by the time they got to the 2011 Slammiversary match, no one really cared about the feud, which is unfortunate because they had a great match. It was a match that was a struggle early to get the crowd into, and it was one of those matches that you had the feeling was about to be a failure. But they kept working; they kept increasing the intensity and kept working so hard that they almost willed the crowd to care. They did a great job of not only working together in a big time main event, but they also had great callbacks to their previous matches. The previous year was a colossal failure in terms of delivering a quality main event; thankfully they downgraded the Sting vs. Mr. Anderson title match (which was ASS) and placed this in the main event. Kurt Angle defeated Jeff Jarrett @ 17:35 via submission [****]

From Impact 6.28.19: Cage made his entrance for his first in-ring promo since winning the world championship. Cage talked about how it took him 14 years to show he’s the best in pro wrestling and become Impact world champion. But Elgin took that moment from him and even sent him to the hospital. Cage said Elgin sent an already injured Cage to the hospital. But he is here now and Elgin will find out you can’t break the machine. Fake doctor interrupted Cage’s promo and stood face-to-face with Cage. Cage hit him with an F5 and was then blindsided by Michael Elgin. Elgin gave Cage a buckle bomb followed by an Elgin Bomb. Elgin held the title and told Cage that the title is his at Slammiversary. Before Elgin could leave, Cage held on to Elgin’s foot, and Elgin planted Cage with a spinning Elgin Bomb. Elgin set up a table. And powerbombed Cage from the ring to ringside through the table. Elgin took Don Callis’s microphone and talked about how he’s going to be the new world champion. Callis walked away to check on Cage and then told Elgin to get out of here. Callis threatened to fire Michael Elgin so Elgin punched him. Elgin was about to powerbomb Callis but he was stopped as Cage rose to his feet. Cage and Elgin then brawled to close the show.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 33. On the show, the good brother, Jeremy Lambert, joins 411’s Larry Csonka; the guys will breakdown and preview the NJPW G1 29 Night One in Dallas & Impact Slammiversary 2019 events. The show is approximately 77-minutes long.

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* Impact Slammiversary 2019 Preview: 30:10

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This week’s episode of Impact XPLOSION was a good show with a great throwback match between Angle & Jarrett.