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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 (Night Two) Review

July 13, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Jon Moxley NJPW
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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 (Night Two) Review  

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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 (Night Two/B Block) Review

– Juice Robinson defeated Shingo @ 14:40 via pin [****]
– Jon Moxley defeated Taichi @ 7:35 via pin [***]
– Toru Yano defeated Tetsuya Naito @ 3:52 via pin []
– Big Tom Ishii defeated Adorable Hawaiian Buddha Jeff Cobb @ 18:35 via pin [****½]
– Hirooki Goto defeated Jay White @ 21:05 via pin [***¾]

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– Kevin Kelly & Rocky Romero are on commentary.

Shingo vs. Juice Robinson: They lockup and work to the ropes and break. Lockup and they trade shoulder tackles. Shingo lays in strikes, and they trade. Elbows follow and Juice hits a leg lariat. Shino counters the plancha and hits a DDT on the floor. Back in and Shingo chokes out Juice, hits a shoulder tackle and follows with a suplex for 1.Shingo grounds things, lays in elbows and works the neck. Juice powers up and they trade strikes and chops. Shingo takes him down, and clotheslines him to the floor. Juice then cuts him off with a slingshot spear, elbows and the spinebuster follows. Juice heads up top and the high cross gets 2. Shingo battles back, counters the juice box but Juice hits the full nelson bomb for 2. They trade jabs and Shingo follows with a lariat. They trade corner clotheslines, and Juice then misses the cannonball. The wheelbarrow German follows for 2. Juice fights of noshigami, they work into counters and Juice hits the juice box. The cannonball follows and Juice takes him up top, follows and the superplex follows and he transitions into a jackhammer for 2. Juice is fired up, looks for pulp friction and Shingo counters and hits the sliding lariat. They trade clotheslines, strikes and Shingo lights him up but Juice fires back with chops but Shingo hits a Saito, Juice pops up and hits a lariat. Pulp friction is countered into noshigami and the pumping bomber gets 2! Shingo sets for last of the dragon, but Juice cradles him for 2. Left hand of God follows, and pulp friction finishes it. Juice Robinson defeated Shingo @ 14:40 via pin [****] This was a great opener for B block, with Shingo looking great in defeat as he showed he had the ability to hang with the heavyweights, and Juice getting off to a good start with the win. The action escalated well throughout and the crowd was into it the entire time, and the closing stretch was excellent.

Jon Moxley vs. Taichi: Taichi attacks Moxley during his entrance in the crowd. It’s all Taichi early here as the bell hasn’t rung. Moxley battles back and the bell rings as Taichi posts Moxley and hits Moxley with a chair. The lariat follows as Taichi rolls in the ring. Moxley makes it in and Taichi follows with kicks, covering for 2. The pants are off, and Moxley avoids the superkick and then eats an enziguri. Moxley fights off black mephisto and follows with knee strike and a big lariat. He dropkicks Taichi to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Moxley gets a table and sets it up. He drags Taichi to it and Taichi fires back and teases a powerbomb, lays in kicks, and Moxley fires back and uranages him through the table. Back in and Moxley drops the kneepad and hits the Regal knee trembler for 2. Taichi shoves him into the ref, hits an enziguri and gets a chair. Moxley cuts him off and Taichi begs off but Moxley throws it into his face and Taichi counters into the Gedo clutch for 2. He cuts off the superkick and death rider finishes it. Jon Moxley defeated Taichi @ 7:35 via pin [***] This had a lot of smoke and mirrors, but was good overall and better than I had anticipated. It also felt different in a good way.

Tetsuya Naito vs. Toru Yano: Naito plays around to begin, refusing to lock up. Yano gets frustrated and wants to get to the action. Naito attacks as Yano goes for the buckle pad, and then Naito goes after a buckle pad, they play around and mock each other and Naito pulls Yano’s shirt over his head and cradles him for 2. Combination cabrone follows, Naito grabs the buckle pad, shoves the ref down but he then takes it away as Yano cradles him for 2. Yano distracts the ref, low blow and pulls the shirt over Naito’s head and spears and pins him; the sublime master thief strikes again. Toru Yano defeated Tetsuya Naito @ 3:52 via pin [*½] It was entertaining in terms of delivering a laugh, but not a good match. You either love or hate Yano in the G1.

Adorable Hawaiian Buddha Jeff Cobb vs. Big Tom Ishii: They come center ring and lock up, Cobb picks Ishii up and takes him to the ropes. They start trading strikes, and then shoulder tackles. They collide and fire up, trading strikes and Cobb finally takes Ishii down. He follows with head butts, strikes, and then chops. Ishii is rocked, but won’t go down. He fires up and Cobb follows with elbows, chops, and strikes but Ishii looks annoyed and fires back with chops and strikes. He pummels Cobb in the corner, and Cobb is finally down. Ishii follows with more chops, kicks and Cobb then fires back. Ishii keeps daring him to hit him, and then lays in more chops and drops Cobb. Ishii talks some shit, Cobb fires back and they trade head butts. Cobb follows with an overhead belly to belly, hits clotheslines and uppercuts but Ishii fires back until Cobb hits the swinging Saito for 2. They come face-to-face, trading strikes and just light each other up. Cobb starts to fade, Ishii keeps throwing but Cobb hits a jab but Ishii explodes with a running shoulder tackle. The suplex follows, and Ishii covers for 2 as Cobb rolls up and then misses the dropkick. He rebounds with a suplex and standing moonsault for 2. Cobb slaps him around, and Ishii drops to the mat. Cobb follows with more strikes and elbows, dares Ishii to get up and Ishii gets pissed and starts absorbing strikes. He follows with clotheslines, sets him up top and the superplex follows. Ishii looks for the lariat and hits it but Cobb rebounds with one of his own. He takes Ishii up top and follows him up and the delayed superplex connects for 2. Ishii fights of a German, but Cobb hits a head butt and a FILTHY piledriver for a great near fall. The tour of the islands is countered, and Ishii looks for a suplex, they trade and Ishii follows with a German. Cobb hits a uranage but then runs into a powerslam. German by Ishii, Cobb pops up and they trade suplexes, lariat by Ishii and the sliding lariat is countered but Ishii counters into a snapdragon suplex. The lariat kills Cobb and Cob kicks out at 1! German by Cobb and Ishii kicks out at 2. Cobb drops the straps, tour of the islands is countered, enziguri by Ishii and the sliding lariat connects for 2. Ishii says fuck this shit and looks for the brainbuster, they trade, head butts by Ishii and the brainbuster finishes it. Big Tom Ishii defeated Adorable Hawaiian Buddha Jeff Cobb @ 18:35 via pin [****½] This was an absolutely excellent and hard-hitting hoss fight that was exactly what I had hoped for. I loved everything about this, it was brutal, simple, crowd engaging, the action constantly escalated throughout and the crowd was locked into the closing stretch as they delivered some really tremendous near falls. Big Tom starts his latest campaign to be G1 MVP, and while Cobb took the loss, but looked great in his G1 debut, and more than delivered here.

Hirooki Goto vs. Jay White: Gedo is at ringside. White powders to begin. He offers Gedo a seat as he’s confident he’ll win in 10-minutes. Back in and they trade shoulder tackles, Goto follows with strikes and White bails but Goto follows and whips him to the barricade. Back in and the shoulder tackle follows. He dumps White and follows with clubbing strikes. Gedo distracts him and White rolls back in and then attacks Goto, slamming him to the apron. The apron suplex follows, and White rolls back in. Goto makes it back in but White attacks. Back to he floor and White slams him to the apron and barricades repeatedly. Back in and White follows with kicks. Goto fires back with chops, but White hits a running elbow and neck breaker for 2. White follows with chops, rakes the eyes and grounds things. Goto slowly fires back, but White follows with elbow strikes and slams him down by the hair. White slaps him around, they trade and Goto fires up but White cuts him off with kicks. Goto hits a desperation lariat but White fights off the Saito but Goto follows with kicks, the corner spin kick and Saito suplex for 2. White fight off ushigoroshi, but Goto follows with a clothesline. White cuts him off with a DDT, and both men are down. Rolling butterfly suplexes follow, but Goto fires back and then gets suplexed to the buckles. The twister suplex follows for 2. White pulls him up and lays in chops but Goto cuts him off. They trade strikes, Goto rocks him but White fires back and lays in uppercuts. Goto counters blade runner, but White hits the snap Saito. White follows with strikes, and levels Goto with a clothesline. Slaps follow and Goto gets pissed, and then runs into a uranage. White mocks Goto while he’s down, picks him up and then shoves the ref away. Goto decapitates him with a lariat, hits ushigoroshi and fires up, but White stays down, smiling. They work into counters, trade strikes, head butt by Goto and the reverse GTR gets 2. White counters GTR, they trade counters but Goto grabs the hair to counter blade runner, and the final cut connects for Goto, Gedo is in and Goto scares him away, Shouten kai by Goto follows for a great near fall. The Ushigoroshi follows and White kicks out at 2. Goto follows with kicks, hits GTR and pins White! Hirooki Goto defeated Jay White @ 21:05 via pin [***¾] Goto finally gets the monkey off of his back and not only wins his opening match, but also finally beats Jay White. The match was very good, but not quite great,

G1 29 Block A
* Lance Archer: (1-0), 2pts.
* Bad Luck Fale: (1-0), 2pts.
* SANADA: (1-0), 2pts.
* KENTA: (1-0), 2pts.
* Kazuchika Okada: (1-0), 2pts.
* Zack Sabre Jr: (0-1), 0pts.
* Hiroshi Tanahashi: (0-1), 0pts.
* Kota Ibushi: (0-1), 0pts.
* EVIL: (0-1), 0pts.
* Will Ospreay: (0-1), 0pts.

G1 29 Block B
* Big Tom Ishii: (1-0), 2pts.
* Jon Moxley: (1-0), 2pts.
* Juice Robinson: (1-0), 2pts.
* Toru Yano: (1-0), 2pts.
* Hirooki Goto: (1-0), 2pts.
* Jay White: (0-1), 0pts.
* Adorable Hawaiian Buddha Jeff Cobb: (0-1), 0pts.
* Taichi: (0-1), 0pts.
* Shingo: (0-1), 0pts.
* Tetsuya Naito: (0-1), 0pts.

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* Intro
* AEW Fight For The Fallen Preview: 2:00
* Impact Wrestling Departures: 26:45
* WWE Extreme Rules Preview: 33:00

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The final score: review Good
The 411
While not quite up to the standard that night one set, night two NJPW G1 29 was a very good show, with three matches worth your time, and one of those being excellent overall. Add in some interesting results in night one of B Block action and it was a fun night of action.