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Csonka’s NJPW Young Lion’s Cup Match Reviews 9.10 and 9.11.19

September 12, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NJPW Shooter Umino
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Csonka’s NJPW Young Lion’s Cup Match Reviews 9.10 and 9.11.19  

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Csonka’s NJPW Young Lion’s Cup Match Reviews 9.10 and 9.11.19

Young Lion’s Cup Match 9.10.19: Karl Fredericks defeated Yuya Uemura @ 6:15 via submission [**½]
Young Lion’s Cup Match 9.10.19: Shooter Umino defeated Michael Richards @ 8:07 via pin [***]
Young Lion’s Cup Match 9.11.19: Clark Connors defeated Yota Tsuji @ 7:20 via submission [**¾]
Young Lion’s Cup Match 9.11.19: Ren Narita defeated Alex Coughlin @ 7:55 via pin [***]

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Karl Fredericks vs. Yuya Uemura: They circle and lock up as Uemura grounds things, but Fredericks pops backup and scores a takedown. Uemura escapes the arm bar attempt and Fredericks looks to go back to the arm, but Uemura counters out and Fredericks then cuts him off with a cross body and lays the boots to him. He works a deathlock variation but Uemura fires back from the bottom and makes the ropes. Fredericks follows with a slam, and covers for 2. Fredericks hits the corner splash, follows with elbows and Uemura cuts him off. He follows with strikes, and then goes after Fredericks’ injured arm. The overhead belly to belly follows for 2. Uemura now locks on an arm bar, but Fredericks makes the ropes. Uemura lays in strikes, chops, and then runs into a spinebuster as Fredericks follows with the half crab. He adds in stomps, leans back and Uemura has to tap. Karl Fredericks defeated Yuya Uemura @ 6:15 via submission [**½] This was a nice, solid match. I am really digging Fredericks, he has a god look, and some great explosiveness to his offense.

Shooter Umino vs. Michael Richards: They lock up and work to the ropes. Lock up again and they trade shoulder tackles a few times and then trade strikes. Richards runs him over with a shoulder tackle, lays the boots to him but Umino fires back with elbows and a basement dropkick. He follows with clubbing strikes, chops and then a slam for 2. Umino works a cravat and grounds things. He transitions to a camel clutch, and then follows with kicks. Umino now starts focusing on the back, hits another slam and covers for 2. He lays in more chops until Richards cuts him off with a clothesline. He follows with corner clotheslines and a belly to back suplex for 2. Umino fights off the crab, Richards follows with forearm strikes and then runs into a dropkick. Richards battles back and counters into a suplex. Umino fights off a German, they trade and Umino hits the spinebuster for 2, transitions into a crab and Richards tries to fight but Umino sinks it in deeper but Richards finally makes the ropes. Umino heads up top and the missile dropkick connects for 2. The fisherman’s suplex finishes it. Shooter Umino defeated Michael Richards @ 8:07 via pin [***] This was good with Umino largely dominating and picking up a definitive win.

Clark Connors vs. Yota Tsuji: They circle and Yota looks for the takedown but Connors works him to the ropes. He scores a takedown, but Yota scrambles back to his feet. He looks to work the arm, slick escape by Connors and they work into a stand off. Lock up, Yota works a cravat and they work to the ropes until Connors grounds him and starts attacking the arm. Yota counters to his feet and then follows with a shoulder tackle. Connors picks up the pace, hits a hip toss and covers for 2. He lays the boots to Yota and follows with elbow strikes. He then works him over in the corner, follows with stomps and grounds the action until Yota makes the ropes. They trade strikes and Yota fights off a slam and then hits one. He follows with chops, the corner forearm and a dropkick for 2. Connors fights off the crab for a bit but Yota locks it in until Connors makes the ropes. Yota follows with strikes, maintaining control until he runs into a dropkick. They trade strikes and chops, and Yota follows with a backdrop but then misses the spear. Spear by Connors and the crab follows for the win. Clark Connors defeated Yota Tsuji @ 7:20 via submission [**¾] This was pretty good as Yota is becoming more confident and showing some solid but subtle heel tendencies. Connors has a great look and is really showing that he can put things together well, and feels like the more complete LA Dojo performer right now with great training from Lance Storm and now Shibata.

Ren Narita vs. Alex Coughlin: Coughlin looks reground things right away, and they work into a grappling exchange. Coughlin grounds things and isolates the leg, Narita looks for an arm bar as Coughlin counters into a headlock. He follows with a shoulder tackle, and lays the boots to Narita. The hip toss follows for 2. Coughlin follows with chops and locks on a half crab, but Narita makes the ropes. He fires back, but Coughlin lays the boots to him and keeps him grounded. Coughlin slaps him around and then gets cut of with an overhead belly to belly. The suplex follows and Narita covers for 2. Coughlin fights off another suplex, so Narita locks on the crab until Coughlin makes the ropes. Coughlin follows with elbow strikes and a slam. He locks on the crab, sits down deep and Narita crawls but Coughlin pulls him back center ring. Narita fires up and just barely makes the ropes. Coughlin follows with a gut wrench suplex for 2. They trade center ring, Narita lays in a flurry until he’s chopped down. Coughlin charges in but eats the dropkick and the Narita special suplex finishes it. Ren Narita defeated Alex Coughlin @ 7:55 via pin [***] This was a good and competitive match, with Narita picking up the win to move into the upper part of the standings and Coughlin continuing to show a ton of potential.

Ren Narita (2-1), 4pts.
Alex Coughlin (2-1), 4pts.
Shooter Umino (2-1), 4pts.
Karl Fredericks (2-1), 4pts.
Clack Connors (2-1), 4pts.
Michael Richards (1-2), 2pts.
Yota Tsuji (1-2), 2pts.
Yuya Uemura (0-3), 0pts.

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The NJPW Young Lion’s Cup continued on with the above four matches, as they delivered a really solid set of matches with the standing figuring out like most expected early on. There is nothing must-see here unless you’re really invested in watching the growth of the future stars of NJPW.