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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 3.13.19 (Ep. 34)

March 13, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 3.13.19 (Ep. 34)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 3.13.19 (Ep. 34)

– Wolfgang defeated Flash Morgan Webster @ 5:25 via pin [**¾]
– Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan defeated Tyson T-Bone & Saxton Huxley @ 6:00 via pin [**¾]
– Kay Lee Ray defeated Candy Floss @ 2:20 via pin [NR]
– WALTER & Pete Dunne defeated The Coffeys @ 16:30 via pin [***½]

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– Johnny Saint & Sid Scala arrive and hype tonight’s show.

Wolfgang vs. Flash Morgan Webster: Webster attacks right away, hits a knee strike and follows with rights. Wolfgang cuts off the moonsault and hits snake eyes. A vicious lariat follows, and then strikes by Wolfgang. He works a front choke, but Webster escapes and hits a RANA. He dropkicks Wolfgang to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. He follows with another and then hits a big tope. Back in and Webster scores with the senton for 2. Wolfgang cuts him off, but gets kicked to the floor. Wolfgang catches Webster and posts him. He slams him to the barricade and powerbombs him into the post and then the apron. Back in and Wolfgang hits the caber toss suplex for the win. Wolfgang defeated Flash Morgan Webster @ 5:25 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, Webster sold well and Wolfgang’s offense looked really strong.

– Kassius Ohno says it’s mind boggling that in 2019 an American had to come to NXT UK to really show the true British style. He says the UK guys are imitations of US wrestlers, while he studied the British style. He will show them authentic British wrestling.

Tyson T-Bone & Saxton Huxley vs. Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan: Huxley & Williams begin. Huxley hits a shoulder tackle, but Williams cradles him for 2. Jordan tags in, but Huxley cradles him for 2. T-Bone tags in, dropkicks by Jordan follow and the cross body gets 2. Huxley with the distraction, T-Bone attacks and double teams follow. Huxley hits a slam, covering for 2. T-Bone tags back in, and hits a delayed suplex for 2. T-Bone grounds things, working the cobra clutch. Jordan escapes, avoids the charge, an enziguri and tags in Williams. The missile dropkick follows and then a back handspring elbow. He dumps Huxley, takes out T-Bone and he and Jordan follow with suicide dives. Jordan hits the swanton and pins Huxley. Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan defeated Tyson T-Bone & Saxton Huxley @ 6:00 via pin [**¾] This was another pretty good match, not much heat to it, but the closing stretch was fun.

– Jinny is interviewed and is sick of hearing about Toni Storm. She wants the title, because she’s the only one deserving of the title.

– Eddie Dennis says he returns next week, facing Ligero. He respects Ligero, but he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. He will take out the roster one by one, and Ligero is victim number one.

– Noam Dar arrives. Dar says he’s back and here to stay. He showed 205 his talents, but kept an eye on NXT UK, which has done pretty good. It will do even better when they go to Scotland. He was here at the start, showing what a true star looks like, but no one could follow in his footsteps. They’ve done on, 4 out of 10 maybe. NXT UK needs him, he’s signed the contract, and this is no special guest appearance. NXT UK isn’t ready to handle him. Mark Andrews arrives, and sends Dar packing.

– Xia Brookside cuts a promo about coming from a wrestling family. She’s sick of bullies, especially Rhea Ripley.

– Wild Boar & Primate return next week.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Candy Floss: they lock up, Ray looks to work the arm but Floss counters out. Ray follows with strikes, continues to work the arm and works over Floss in the ropes. Floss gets a roll up for 2. Ray cuts her off with a dropkick, lays the boots to her, and hits a superkick. The Gory bomb follows and that’s that. Kay Lee Ray defeated Candy Floss @ 2:20 via pin [NR] A nice and dominant debut for Ray, getting in and out with ease.

– Mustache Mountain wants a rematch with the Grizzled Young Vets for the tag titles.

– Next week, Tyler Bate faces James Drake in the main event.

Joe & Mark Coffey vs. WALTER & Pete Dunne: Dunne and Mark begin. They lock up and Mark overpowers Dunne to start. Dunne attacks the hand; grounds Mark and stays focused on the arm. Mark counters out, but Dunne goes back to the arm and tags in WALTER. He works the arm, stomping away on Mark and Mark throws chops and then runs away, tagging in Joe. They lock up, Joe tries to ground WALTER but WALTER will have none of this shit. WALTER drops him with a shoulder tackle, tags in Dunne and he immediately works the arm. Chops follow, WALTER tags in and he destroys Joe and then Mark with chops. They brawl to the floor; WALTER & Dunne control and then go face to face in the ring. WALTER now grounds Joe, Dunne back in and hits a missile dropkick to the knee. He stomps the knees, Mark blind tags in and cuts off Dunne with a German. Joe and WALTER brawl to the floor, and then isolate Dunne. They work him over in the corner, working quick tags. Dunne battles back with a German and Joe stops the tag. Dunne counters back and hits a kick. Tag to WALTER, he runs wild on both and hits a German on Mark. The running boot and bombs way follows on Joe. Joe fires back with strikes, hits a German on WALTER, but WALTER hits a half and half suplex for 2. Dunne tags in, working over Joe and then hits a moonsault to the floor. Back in and Mark cuts him off, WALTER tags himself in and goes John Woooooooo on Mark. The suplex follows for 2. The crab follows, Dunne and Joe brawl to the floor. Joe follows with chops on WALTER, who fires back and cut off Mark up top. Joe joins in and they hit a doomsday device for 2 as Dunne makes the save. Mark slaps WALTER, but WALTER fires up and answers back. WALTER Germans the brothers and covers for 2. Mark stuns WALTER off the ropes, Dunne in and WALTER and Dunne work submissions. Joe slams Dunne onto WALTER, Dunne takes out Joe, he and Dunne argue and WALTER hits a big boot and powerbomb and pins Mark. WALTER & Pete Dunne defeated The Coffeys @ 16:30 via pin [***½] This was an overall very good tag match, and I thought that they played the WALTER & Pete Dunne dynamic well. They got along well enough to win, but while there is some respect, they certainly aren’t friends. I’m also glad they avoided the cliché finish where one of them costs the other the match.

– Dunne goes to pick up his title, but WALTER stomps on it before handing it to Dunne.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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This episode of NXT UK was an overall pretty good hour of TV, with stuff announced for next week, Kay Lee Ray’s debut, and a very good main event.