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Csonka’s ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage 2019 Review

August 24, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage 2019
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Csonka’s ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage 2019 Review  

Csonka’s ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage 2019 Review

– Brody King & PCO defeated Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams @ 14:30 via pin [***½]
– Angelina Love defeated Sumie Sakai @ 6:50 via pin []
– Felino, Okumura, & Silas Young defeated Shinobi Shadow Squad @ 10:35 via pin [***]
For a TV Title Shot: Chase Owens defeated LSG & PJ Black @ 10:00 via pin [***]
– Marty Scurll defeated Bandido @ 19:10 via pin [****]
Elimination Tag Match: Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb, Kenny King, & Rush defeated Matt Taven, Shane Taylor, & The Briscoes @ 39:50 via pin [***½]

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Brody King & PCO vs. Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams: They brawl at the bell, pairing off as Lifeblood clears out PCO and then King. Williams and Haskins follow with dives, set up chairs and follow with a pair of mafia kicks until they get cut off and run together. PCO fires up and suicide dives onto nothing as King gets posted. Williams hits the flying knee strike, while Haskins follows with the double stomp. They attack King’s arm, but King fires back as PCO is busted open and hits the suicide cannonball. He’s gashed open badly. King now works over Haskins, PCO tags in and mows down Haskins, King tags in and follows with chops. He tosses Haskins around, connects with more chops and the double chokeslam follows for 2. PCO lays the boots to Haskins and double teams follow. King follows with a slam, misses the elbow drop and Williams tags in and hits the missile dropkick. Enziguri to PCO, Saito on King and then strikes on PCO follow until PCO spears him. The sidewinder slam follows, and the senton gets 2. Williams tags in Haskins and he lays in kicks, a sidekick and then attacks King. Knee strike and then runs into the sitout powerbomb for 2 as Williams makes the save. PCO takes out Williams, Haskins fires back and takes King down. PCO fights off Williams, takes him up top and they trade strikes until William hits the head butt. King cuts him off with a lariat and double teams follow. King hits the cannonball as Haskins makes the save. The double stomp follows on King for 2. He dumps PCO and Williams joins in, King fights them off until he gets Germaned, and the piledriver is countered by King. The black hole slam follows for 2. PCO up top and Haskins knocks him off, King attacks Haskins and Williams makes the save and the piledriver connects on King for 2 as PCO makes the save. PCO takes Haskins to the apron, and Haskins hits the apron DVD. Williams and King trade, Flip hits Williams with a chair and the ganso bomb finishes Williams. Brody King & PCO defeated Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams @ 14:30 via pin [***½] This was a very good opener, with the two teams continuing to work really well together.

– Ian now welcomes the Rock & Roll Express to the ring. They are happy to be back at Center Stage in Atlanta. Ricky says they went to Bad Street and kicked it in the ass. Tomorrow night, in his hometown, they will become 9-time tag team champions. The Briscoes arrive and Jay says that all bullshit aside, didn’t the Rock & Roll get enough of as ass whoopin the last time? Ricky says that he’s ready to do it again and they can do it now. The Brisoces say that they run this shit and that it isn’t 1995 anymore. Security arrives and Jay says tomorrow, the Rock & Roll Express come to an end when they beat their ass.

Angelina Love vs. Sumie Sakai: Kelly Klein joins commentary. Mandy Leon is at ringside. Love refuses the handshake and attacks. She chokes out Sakai, Leon joins in as Love slams Sakai down. Charging knees follow and the slam gets 2. Sakai fires back, but Love hits the side slam and covers for 2. Jawbreaker and Mongolian chops follow from Sakai, but Love cuts her off with the flatliner into a koji clutch. Sakai fights, and makes the ropes. Love misses a charge and Sakai backslides her for 2. The cradle gets 2, Smash mouth follows and Sakai covers for 2. Sakai fires up and heads up top, Love cuts her off, and the Samoan drop follows for 2. Sakai follows with strikes, a northern lights and covers for 2. The arm bar follows, Love fights and rolls into a cradle for 2. Sakai gets the arm bar back, and Love makes the ropes. Sakai then heads up top, Love rolls under the ropes and Leon blinds Sakai with hair spray. The botox injection finishes it. Angelina Love defeated Sumie Sakai @ 6:50 via pin [*¾] Nothing much here of use with the usual Allure bullshit finish.

Shinobi Shadow Squad vs. Felino, Okumura, & Silas Young: Josh Woods accompanies Young to the ring. Burger and Okumura begin. They lock up and work into counters, and Burger follows with arm drags. Okumura attacks with kicks, and they trade shoulder tackles. Okumura hits an arm drag, and they work into a stand off. Nova and Felino tag in and hits a shoulder tackle. The slam and dropkick follows, and then lays in chops. Nova picks up the pace, hits the dropkick and Isom tags in. Young joins him and they work into counters and pin attempts. Dropkick by Isom and a suplex connects. Nova in and follows with chops as Isom hits the slam. Burger follows with the senton for 2. Young cuts him off and they trade, Okumura cuts off Burger allowing Young to hit a clothesline. Felino and Okumura follow with double teams and they lay in chops on Burger. More double teams follow and the wheelbarrow DDT gets 2. Young back in and mocks Burger. Burger hits the jawbreaker, and tags in Isom. He runs wild with back breakers, strikes and the blue thunder bomb. The moonsault to the floor wipes out the pile. Nova joins in for double teams on Young Okumura makes the save and hits a draping DDT on Isom. It breaks down, Young eats an enziguri and Nova heads up top, gets cut off and Okumura joins in as Burger & Isom are back and we get the tower of doom, Felino flies in and covers for 2. Felino follows with strikes, but Nova cradles him for 2. It breaks down again, Nova cuts off Felino and Felino cuts off the RANA with a superbomb for the win. Felino, Okumura, & Silas Young defeated Shinobi Shadow Squad @ 10:35 via pin [***] This was a good and fun tag match, and a fine preview for Global Wars.

– Young puts over Felino & Okumura and then has Woods attack them for his next lesson.

For a TV Title Shot: Chase Owens vs. LSG vs. PJ Black: LSG and Black work over Owens to begin, and then they trade strikes. They work into counters, knocks Owens to the floor and LSG dumps Black and follows with a plancha. Back in and Owens pulls LSG to the floor and slams him to the barricade. Owens then hits a flatliner on Black and locks on a sharpshooter. Black makes the ropes, LSG in and Owens cuts him off with a code breaker. He follows with elbows; uppercuts and the running knee strike for 2. LSG fires back, but Owens hits the slingshot DVD for 2. Black back in and gets dumped. LSG & Owens trade strikes, LSG fires up but Black flies in with chops and follow s with kicks, follows with forearms on both and the high cross on both connects. He slams LSG onto Owens and the springboard moonsault follows for 2. He dumps Owens and lays the boots to LSG, and locks on the pendulum. Owens attacks with chops, he trades with Black and the all brawl now. Eye pokes by Owens, he dumps Black and LSG catches him with an enziguri. The springboard sling blade follows for 2. LSG up top and the 450 follows for 2 as Black dumps him and he covers for 2. Black up top, LSG crotches him and Owens joins in, and the tower of doom follows as Owens covers for 2. LSG counters the package piledriver, and hits the even flow DDT for 2. Black flies in and wipe shim out covering for 2. Black up top and flies into a knee strike from Owens, and the package piledriver is cut off by LSG. They trade and Owens slams Black onto LSG and follows with the knee strike and package piledriver for the win. Chase Owens defeated LSG & PJ Black @ 10:00 via pin [***] This was a good, fun, and all action match.

– Dalton Castle arrives and is wearing a lovely peacock print suit. He’s happy to be here, and says he’s important around here. But not everyone feels the same way. He feels ignored, despite being the most entertaining man in ROH. Without him, ROH would just be a ton of dorks cutting the sleeves of off perfectly good shirts. He is trying to figure out why everyone is looking past him. He is the most entertaining person in all of ROH and will become champion again. He will takeout anyone who stands in his way. A Joe Hendry video airs and he is here. He introduces himself and Castle cuts him off. He calls him a dingleberry and Hendry says he is here to win championships. Castle disputes this and laughs at him, because he is a world champion. Hendry calls him a former champion, while he is a future champion and challenges him to a match. Castle says he made the biggest mistake of his life. Hendry then says he made a mistake, because he forgot to say that Castle is the second most entertaining man in ROH.

Marty Scurll vs. Bandido: Both guys are over big time. They shake hands and circle, locking up and Marty grounds things. Bandido counters out and they work into a stand off. They play to the crowd and lock up; Marty takes him down and goes for covers. Bandido bridges up and works into an arm drag but Marty cradles him for 2. They work into a series of slick counters, and end in a stand off. Marty shoves him and then slaps him. Bandido fires back, Marty hits a shoulder tackle and pokes Bandido in the eye. They pick up the pace, knee strike and superkick by Bandido follows and Marty then cuts him off with the apron superkick. He celebrates in the crowd, rolls Bandido back in and covers for 1. He grounds the action, targeting the arm and stomps away at it. Uppercuts connect as Marty then chokes him out. Clotheslines and chops follow, and then stomps the knees from the Romero special position. Marty lays in chops, kicks, and Bandido slowly fires back until Marty delivers more chops but eats a superkick and tornillo press. The back breaker and cutter follows, and Bandido scores with the Fosbury flop to the floor. Back in and Bandido hits the senton atomico for 2. He grounds the action, following with kicks and covering for 2. The running back elbow and dropkick connect for 2. The 21-plex is countered, they trade and Marty scores with the half and half suplex. He follows with chops and strikes, uppercuts and then the tornado DDT. Bandido counters the chicken wing, but Marty hits the ghost buster for 2. Bandido fights off black plague, but the superkick and powerbomb follows for 2. The chicken wing is countered into a cradle for 2. They trade clotheslines, snapdragon by Marty but Bandido rebounds up with a lariat. Bandido fires up, they trade chops and Bandido starts lighting him up. Marty then teases a chop and punches him in the face, enziguri by Bandido and they work up top and Marty shove shim off, but Bandido catches the RANA and hits the buckle bomb; the X-knee follows for 2. The 21-plex is countered but Bandido counters back into a standing shooting star press for 2. They work up top and Bandido hits the fall away moonsault slam but Marty gets the chicken wing, Bandido fights and counters into a cradle for 2. Sick lariat by Marty and black plague gets 2. Another follows and Marty finally puts him away. Marty Scurll defeated Bandido @ 19:10 via pin [****] This was a great and competitive match, with the crowd into it and they got the time to deliver the best match on the show so far. The home stretch had some great drama as the Lifeblood vs. Villain Enterprises feud continue to shine on these shows. Book a rematch please.

Matt Taven, Shane Taylor, & The Briscoes vs. Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb, Kenny King, & Rush: Lanny Poffo joins commentary; this is elimination rules. Taven and Rush begin. Taven talks shit and tags out to Jay. They lock up and work into passes as Rush hits shoulder tackles and they trade strikes. Rush follows with a clothesline, and Lethal tags in. Rush spits at Jay and Mark tags in. They lock up and work into counters as Mark grounds things. He follows with shoulder tackles, but Lethal hits the cartwheel dropkick. King tags in and follows with chops. He hits the cartwheel dropkick and Taylor tags in. He wants Cobb who joins him. They shove each other and trade shoulder tackles, colliding like a pair of rams until Cobb hits the dropkick out of the international. Taven tags in and Cobb fires away with chops, Taven fires back and he hits the dropkick. Cobb fires back and counters into a delayed suplex. Lethal tags back in and double teams follow. Lethal follows with chops, Rush tags in and he lays in chops as King tags in with chops. Cobb back in and more chops follow on Taven. King follows with a slam and springboard leg drop for 2. Rush back in and grounds the action. He and King work double teams on Taven and Lethal then slaps King for the tag and cradles Taven for 2. Jay tags in and works over Lethal with uppercuts as they tease finishers and Jay follows with a dropkick. Taven unloads on Lethal with strikes, Mark tags in and hits a slam and senton atomico for 2. He follows with chops and Taylor tags in and follows with strikes on Lethal. He pummels him in the corner, chokes him out and then delivers chops. Taven tags in and he lays in chops. Mark then does the same and Lethal fires back, King tags in and hits the spin kick and covers for 2. The suplex and ground and pound follow as King covers for 2. Jay in and they double team King, follows with uppercuts and Mark joins in for double teams. The suplex follows and Jay back in and they continue to double team King. Rush in to make the save, but gets taken out as it breaks down. They spill to the floor, Mark sets up a chair and dives off of it with a tope. Back in and red neck boogie follows on King for 2. King then cradles Jay for the elimination after the Amy Rose distraction. Taven in and they lock up, Lethal tags himself in and argues with King. They lock up, working to the ropes and Lethal lays in chops. Taven fires back and the gets caught with the Lethal combination for 2. Taylor tags in and they lock up, King tags in and he dumps Taylor and follows with a tornillo. Blue thunder bomb on Taven, Mark makes the save and runs into a spinebuster. Taylor cuts him off and they trade. Taylor hits greetings from 216 for the elimination. Lethal back in and Taylor follow with a back breaker, covering for 2. He grounds things with the bear hug, but Lethal fires back and escapes until Taylor mows him down with a tackle. Mark tags in and works him over in the corner. The side slam follows, and Mark grounds the action. Lethal escapes, follows with strikes, and Lethal fights off the heels until Mark cuts him off and Taven tags in. Quick tags follow as they isolate Lethal. They work up top and Lethal fires back, but Mark misses an elbow drop as Taven accidentally hits Taylor. Mark cuts off the tag, they work back up top and Lethal knocks him to the mat and drops down into the figure four but Mark cradles him for 2 but Lethal hits the lethal injection for the elimination. Taven immediately attacks, grounding the action. The back breaker follows for 2. Taylor tags in and keeps Lethal grounded as he lays in strikes. Lethal counters back and tags in Rush. He follows with strikes and a snap German and knee strike but the ref didn’t see the tag. Taven low blows Lethal and hits just the tip, knee strike by Taylor and that gets 2. It breaks down, superkicks by Cobb and Taven follows with a tope. Lethal takes him out and superkicks Taylor, but Taylor counters into greetings from 216 for the pin, huge win for Taylor. The final four brawl, Cobb counters the climax and follows with uppercuts. The spin cycle follows for 2. Tour of the islands is countered and Taven hits the neck breaker for 2. Cobb counters just the tip and hits a huge F5 on Taven. Rush tags in and they trade strikes. Rush suplexes him to the buckles and kicks him in the face; tranquilo. Taylor in and follows with chops, Rush fires back and they trade rights. Big forearm by Rush, and the bull’s horns is cut off by a Taven chair shot and he’s eliminated via DQ. He beats down Rush with the chair and Rush fires up. Taven bails, and Taylor hits a head butt but Cobb is in and hits a running powerslam. Tour of the islands is countered, Rush tags in and hits the snap German and bull’s horns for the win. Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb, Kenny King, & Rush defeated Matt Taven, Shane Taylor, & The Briscoes @ 39:50 via pin [***½] This was a really good main event, giving Taylor some good run, adding to the build for Taven vs. Rush, securing Rush a TV title shot, teasing Rush vs. Cobb following their post match shoving, and locking in Cobb & Rush as top babyfaces.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage 2019 was a good show, setting the stage for tomorrow night as well as some future matches, while delivering an overall strong night of in-ring action.