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Csonka’s ROH Summer Supercard 2019 Review

August 9, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH Summer Supercard 2019 Review  

Csonka’s ROH Summer Supercard 2019 Review

– PCO & Brody King defeated Vinny Marseglia @ 10:15 via pin [***]
– Marty Scurll defeated PJ Black @ 8:05 via pin [***]
ROH Women of Honor Title Match: Champion Kelly Klein defeated Tasha Steelz @ 8:15 via pin []
– Bandido & Mark Haskins defeated Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham @ 19:50 via submission [***¾]
No DQ Match: Rush defeated Dalton Castle @ 15:20 via pin [**¾]
ROH TV Title Match: Champion Shane Taylor defeated Tracy Williams @ 8:35 via pin [***]
– Stuka Jr, Soberano Jr, & Caristico defeated Hechicero, Templaro, & Cavernario @ 12:59 via submission [***½]
ROH Title Match: Champion Matt Taven defeated Alex Shelley @ 18:50 via pin [***½]
ROH Tag Tem Title Ladder War: Champions The Briscoes defeated The Guerrillas of Destiny @ 22:10 [****]

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– We open with a 10-bell salute to Harley Race.

– Ladder War is main eventing.

– Ian & Cedric are on commentary since Colt is touring in the UK.

PCO & Brody King vs. Vinny Marseglia: The Bouncers are at ringside, taking in the action. TK and PCO begin as PCO dumps him to the floor. Back in and TK attacks, but PCO is not amused and hits the sidewinder slam. The corner dropkick follows and King tags in, laying in chops on TK. Vinny tags in and they trade shoulder tackles, and then strikes. They work into counters and King follows with a clothesline. PCO back in and King fires him up and then misses the cannonball. They double team PCO and Vinny lays the boots to him. He follows with strikes, TK tags back in and he follows with chops. He works an eye poke, and quick tags and double teams continue. PCO fires back, but is double teamed again and Vinny gouges the eye of PCO. TK follows with strikes, and then grounds the action. The suplex follows, but PCO pops up and hits the clothesline. King tags in and runs wild on both with clotheslines. PCO back in and King hits the cannonball to the floor and then tosses PCO onto the pile. Back in and PCO hits the pop up powerbomb for 2. It breaks down, King is dumped and PCO accidentally suicide dives onto King. The Kingdom follows with suicide dives, and back in, PCO tries to fire back but runs into a spinebuster and the flying head butt follows for 2. House of a thousand horses is countered, King hits the ganso bomb on TK and the PCO-sault connects for the win. PCO & Brody King defeated Vinny Marseglia @ 10:15 via pin [***] This was a good opening tag match with the right team winning.

– Post match, the Kingdom and Bouncers brawl at ringside until security separates them.

– Rhett Titus joins commentary.

– Silas arrives, not dressed to compete and tells Black he thought the match was later tonight and isn’t ready to compete as he’s had some drinks. He knows he’s great, but he’s already beat Black. He tells Black he has to earn a rematch and leaves. Black says he’s here to wrestle, and issues an open challenge. Marty Scurll arrives to accept the challenge.

Marty Scurll vs. PJ Black: They brawl at the bell, working into counters and Marty connects with elbows. He lays the boots to Black but Black hits the spin kick, and springboard high cross for 2. He grounds the action and starts working the arm. Black follows with chops, and the suplex and guillotine follows. Black transitions to an arm lock, and then cradles him for 2. Back to the arm goes Black, and the cover follows for 2. He takes Marty up top and Marty battles back and Black follows with the RANA. The moonsault press follows for 2. Marty cuts him off with a German, uppercuts and the apron superkick follows. Back in and Marty lays in chops, and the tornado DDT gets 2. Black fights off black plague; Marty hits knee strikes and a huge lariat. The powerbomb follows for 2. He calls for the chicken wing, but Black cuts him off with the Spanish fly for 2. The cutter follows for 2. The springboard moonsault also connects for 2. Black eats feet the second time, but Marty hits 52 fake out and snaps the fingers. Black plague is countered into a backslide for 2. They go for repeated pin attempts, uppercut by Marty and black plague finishes it. Marty Scurll defeated PJ Black @ 8:05 via pin [***] This was a good and competitive match and a nice way to get Marty on the card.

ROH Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein vs. Tasha Steelz: They lock up, working into counters and Steelz follows with a dropkick. Kelly cuts her off and grounds the action. Clotheslines follow and Kelly follow with strikes but Steelz hits a head scissors. Kelly cuts her of with a big boot for 2. Steelz fires back and sends Kelly to the floor and a sloppy suicide dive follows. Kelly then follows with knee strikes, as the action slows to a crawl. They trade strikes, but Kelly follows with elbows until Steelz fires back. Kelly follows with a DDT and fall away slam. The Saito suplex follows but Steelz fires back, and Kelly hits a half and half suplex. The German follows and the cover gets 2. Steelz hits the desperation Okuuuuuuur and they work to the ropes. Steelz works a sleeper, but Kelly fights out and hits he KTR for the win. Champion Kelly Klein defeated Tasha Steelz @ 8:15 via pin [*½] This was slow, sloppy, and disjointed at times. There was also shit for drama here. Not good at all.

– Angelina Love lays them both out post match.

Bandido & Mark Haskins vs. Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham: Haskins and Gresham begin. Haskins grounds the action, but Gresham counters up to his feet. They lock up and Gresham starts working the arm, but Haskins cradles him for 2. Haskins grounds things but Gresham counters out quickly and mocks Haskins a bit. They lock up and work to the ropes. They work into counters and end in a stalemate. They shake and Gresham now kicks at him and tags in Jay. Bandido tags in and they lock up, working to the ropes and they break clean. Lock up again, working to the ropes and Jay breaks clean. Bandido works a side headlock, they work into counters, picking up the pace and they end in a stand off. They shake and Bandido takes control, tags in Haskins and double teams follow. Haskins grounds the action, looks to work the knee, and then follows with strikes. Bandido back in and covers for 2. Lifeblood works quick tags and double teams, Haskins attacks the arm and Gresham blind tags in and he and Jay take control. He chokes out Haskins, follows with strikes and then starts working the arm as he grounds things. Jay tags in and continues the attack, and follows with a pop up flapjack for 2. He follows with chops, but Haskins fires back wit a leg lariat. Bandido follows with a senton atomico and covers for 2. They trade strikes, but Gresham low bridges Bandido to the floor. He tags himself in and works over Bandido on the floor, grab a chair and Jay stops him from using it. They argue, Gresham shoves him down and Haskins follows with suicide dives, it breaks down and Gresham takes Bandido to the floor. Haskins counters the Cornette cutter into the soldier shoulder roll for 2. He follows with the sitout Michinoku driver for 2. Bandido tags back in and Haskins does the deal with a falcon arrow, frog splash by Bandido and Gresham makes the save. Double teams on Haskins follow and Jay follows with an enziguri, suicide dive by Gresham and Jay follows with the figure four. Gresham holds off Bandido and Haskins fights. Bandido fights off Gresham and powerbombs him onto Jay to save Haskins. Gresham and Bandido trade strikes, they light each other up and Gresham follows with an enziguri but Bandido cuts him off, hits the X-knee and 21-plex. Haskins follows with the sharpshooter as Bandido takes out Gresham and Jay taps. Bandido & Mark Haskins defeated Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham @ 19:50 via submission [***¾] This was a really good tag match with a hot closing stretch and gave Lifeblood a huge win as Lethal submitted to Haskins.

– Flip Gordon attacks Williams with kendo shots during his entrance; this postpones the TV Title match.

– Castle arrives in a matador’s hat with “boys” dressed in bull masks.

No DQ Match: Rush vs. Dalton Castle: They brawl at the bell and the action spills to the floor as Rush starts slamming Castle to the barricades. Back in and he follows with chops, dropkicks and then does some pushups. He follows with kicks, keeping Castle grounded. The arm bar follows, and then transitions into a gator roll. Rush then works a hanging arm bar in the ropes, hits a head butt and kicks him in the head. Castle powders, and teases leaving until Rush attacks. They brawl and Rush slams him into the barricades and follows with a trashcan shot. They fight onto the stage as Rush follows with kicks. He chokes him out with a cable, hits head butts and back to the ring they go as Rush works him over in the corner; tranquilo. Castle fights back, takes him to the floor and follows with chair shots. He posts him and follows with a dropkick; Castle then tranquilos in the ring. He then follows with a German on the floor. Rush battles back until Castle tosses him over the barricade into a pile of fans. Castle takes a selfie with a fan, and then follows with a side back breaker and splashes on the floor. He tosses a chair into his head and back in the ring, Castle covers for 2. Rosh battles back wit ha snap German, reputedly slams him to the barricades and hits a powerbomb onto the timekeeper’s table and tosses a chair into his face. Rush tosses in chairs, a cooler, a trashcan and the follows with a German. The bull’s horns connects and Rush wins. Rush defeated Dalton Castle @ 15:20 via pin [**¾] The match had a great story and the feud was well built, but this was severely lacking in heat and never felt overly heated action wise when it should have felt really intense and violent. It was pretty good, but never felt like one of the show’s marquee matches in any way but the right man won.

– Tracy Williams is back and wants his TV Title match.

TV Champion Shane Taylor vs. Tracy Williams: Williams attacks at the bell, lays in strikes and chops but Taylor attacks the injured shoulder and follows with body shots. Taylor just pummels him with strikes, lays in chops and Williams fires back and works a hanging arm bar. Taylor catches the high cross, but Williams escapes and runs into a lariat. Taylor posts the shoulder of Williams, and then tosses him to the barricade. He works him over on the apron and then leg drops the shoulder. Back in and Williams tries to fire back, but Taylor takes him up top and Williams counters back, knock him to the mat and the frog splash follows for 2. Clotheslines follow by Williams, but Taylor cuts him off with a head butt. Williams begs the ref not to call it off so Taylor hits the slam and then misses the send rope splash. Williams locks on the crossface, but Taylor makes the ropes. Williams follows with kicks and chops, but Taylor attacks the shoulder and climbs the ropes but Williams attacks and follows him up and hits an avalanche Saito for 2, The sliding clothesline follows and that gets 2. Taylor fights off the piledriver, and follows with the knee strike and greeting from 216 for the win. Champion Shane Taylor defeated Tracy Williams @ 8:35 via pin [***] This was good, with a nice story and Williams playing a great resilient babyface, while Taylor was the relentless bully champion.

– They hype the Joe Hendry signing.

– Silas Young joins commentary.

Stuka Jr, Soberano Jr, & Caristico vs. Hechicero, Templaro, & Cavernario: My lucha play by play is generally shit so this will be general thoughts on the action. The opening 90-seconds were really tame until they picked up the action and things broke down into some really fun trios action, high crosses and then a series of dives that really got the crowd into it. Team Cavernario then isolated Stuka, and then Caristico. They work through some triple teams, but Soberano makes the save and Caristico makes the fiery comeback and follow with a tope. Templaro and Soberano battle up top and Templaro hits the super gourd buster. It breaks down, Stuka takes control but Hechicero countered into a bow and arrow. The technicos follow with dives, Cavernario makes the comeback and Caristico cuts him off and moonsults into Cavernario’s feet. Caristico hits the top rope Spanish fly, and la mistica finishes it. Stuka Jr, Soberano Jr, & Caristico defeated Hechicero, Templaro, & Cavernario @ 12:59 via submission [***½] You bring in six CMLL guys and smartly let them do their thing and you get a very good and fun match.

ROH Champion Matt Taven vs. Alex Shelley: They lock up and work into counters, Shelley drags him to he ground and Taven works a head scissors. Shelley escapes, snot rockets him and Shelley grounds things and covers for 2. He then cradles him for 2. They lock up and Shelley grounds and cradles him for 2. Taven pokes the eyes but Shelley counters the climax and locks on the border city stretch until Taven makes the ropes. They work into counters, Shelley pokes the eye and struts. He grounds the action, follows with knee drops and keeps Taven grounded. They pick up the pace; Shelley takes out the knee and Taven powders. He pulls Shelley to the floor and Shelley follows with a flying knee from the apron. He follows with chops, steals a shoe from a sleeping fan (seriously, front row sleeping) and attacks Taven with it. Taven cuts him off and slams him to the barricade. Taven counters sliced bread and puts him through a ringside table. Shelley beats the count but Taven follows with chops and then a side back breaker for 2. He chokes out Shelley in the ropes, and the suplex follows for 2. Taven grounds the action, and works a bow and arrow. Shelley counters out but Taven hits a back breaker and another for 2. The crab follows, but Shelley fights and makes the ropes. He follows with chops, an atomic drop but Taven counters back with a neck breaker for 2. Taven teases a suplex to the floor but Shelley counters into an apron DDT. Shelley follows but Taven attack and then eats a flatliner into the barricade. Sliced bread over the barricade follows. Taven hits an enziguri and follows wit a high crossover the barricade. Back in and Taven heads up top and the frog slash eats knees and Shelley cradles him for 2. Blade runner follows for 2. Shelley sets and the superkick connects, hits another and sliced bread connects for 2. The border city stretch follows and Taven fights out and hits just the tip and the climax follows for 2 as Shelley cradles him for 2, just the tip and the climax finishes Shelley. Champion Matt Taven defeated Alex Shelley @ 18:50 via pin [***½] This was very good with a great closing stretch and some good teases of Shelley actually winning. He looked really good here, but most importantly. Taven retained clean… although a front row fan sleeping during your match is never good news.

– Taven runs down Shelley & the crowd after the match. He’s on pace to be the greatest ROH champion of all time… but RUSH arrives. Taven bails as they tease the natural match between the two.

LADDER WAR: ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes vs. The Guerrillas of Destiny: This is the 8th ROH Ladder War match, these two teams are 2-2 all time against each other. They are coming off of a great street fight at Manhattan Mayhem. They brawl with chairs to begin and pair off as Mark hits a dive onto Tonga. Loa slides in a ladder, Jay cuts him off and dumps him to the floor. He follows as Mark works over Tonga. Mark follows with a chair shot on Tonga, Jay lays in uppercuts on Loa but Tonga fires back with chair shots as the challengers take control on the floor. Mark tosses a chair into Loa’s face and Tonga then slams Mark onto a table at ringside. They set up a new table and Tonga cuts off Mark but Mark fires back with chair shots. Jay lays Loa on a table on the floor, lays a ladder on him and Mark follows with a dive onto it. Jay now chokes out Tonga in the ring, Mark tosses in more chairs and they work over Tonga on the floor. Tonga hits a desperation dropkick and Loa connects with head butts. Mark then suplexes Tonga through a table on the floor. GOD fight back, Loa hits a suplex as Tonga DDTs Jay through a propped up table on the floor. Tonga follow with John Woooooooo sending Mark into the crowd. Loa attacks with chair shots and Jay follows with chair shots on Tonga. They set up a table on the floor and Tonga slams Jay to a chair in the corner. Jay is busted open big time as Tonga works over Mark, who is also busted open. Tonga hits a powerslam onto a ladder, Loa follows with more chair shots and Jay is pouring blood now. Tonga sets up tables on the floor, while Loa chokes out Jay. Mark battles back and hits a blockbuster from the apron sending Loa through the tables on the floor. Tonga back in and he brawls with Jay. They trade strikes, Tonga takes control and dares Jay to fire back. They get chairs and battle with them, but Tonga hits a release German but Jay rebounds with a lariat. He heads to the apron and teases a Jay driller, and hits it off the apron and through the table at ringside. Mark slides in ladders, lays the boots to Loa, but Loa dumps him. He cuts off Jay and follows with a powerbomb onto the ladder, Mark flies in and takes him out, sets up a table and DDTs Loa on the floor. He lays him on the table, climbs the ladder and hits a HUGE splash onto Loa through the table. He brings the ladder in the ring and climbs. Tonga flies in and cuts him off with the gun stun! He now climbs and Jay joins him. They battle up top and trade strikes. Jay’s back is also all cut up now as they both grab the titles but then trade again and Tonga is knocked to the mat and Jay grabs the titles for the win. Champions The Briscoes defeated The Guerrillas of Destiny @ 22:10 [****] While far from an all-time best ladder war match, these two delivered again, delivering a great, violent and hard hitting match with big bump blood, and just the style you would have hoped fr going into the match.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
Outside of the women’s match, ROH Summer Supercard 2019 was an overall good an consistent show with a great main event; a fun way to kick off Summerslam weekend, but far from a homerun event.