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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 8.15.18

August 15, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Madison Rayne Impact Wrestling
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 8.15.18  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 8.15.18

Non-Title Match: Champions The Briscoes defeated The Bouncers @ 9:05 via pin [**¼]
#1 Contender’s Match: Madison Rayne defeated Tenille Dashwood, Kelly Klein, and Karen Q @ 9:45 via pin [**¾]
– Bully Ray, Punishment Martinez, & Shane Taylor vs. Cheeseburger, Colt Cabana, & Josh Woods @ 7:45 via pin [**½]

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ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes vs. The Bouncers (Bruiser & Milonas): Milonas overpowers Mark to begin and Milonas then lays in strikes. Milonas cuts of the high cross and hits an overhead belly to belly. Jay tags in and he and Mark double team Milonas; Bruiser in and the Bouncers take control. Jay and Bruiser trade strikes, and Jay hits a dropkick. Milonas cuts him off, Mark attacks, and Jay dumps Milonas. Jay now hits a tope onto the Bouncers on the floor. Mark follows with a corkscrew moonsault. Post break, and Bruiser hits a big boy senton and Milonas hits his stupid looking back splash for 2. Mark fires up but gets cut off and the veg-o-matic connects for 2 as Jay makes the save. They cut off Jay and dump him to the floor. Bruiser then misses the apron cannonball and the champions work over Milonas with double teams. They lay the boots to him and Bruiser rushes in and accidentally hits Milonas, allowing Mark to hit a DVD for 2. Mark hits a blockbuster to the floor on Milonas and back in Mark hits froggy bow to put away Bruiser. Champions The Briscoes defeated The Bouncers @ 9:05 via pin [ [**¼] This was an ok opener, the Briscoes worked really hard to try and make something out of this but I find Milonas a really poor pro wrestler overall, bringing nothing to his matches.

– Post match, The Briscoes declare themselves the baddest tag team on the planet. No team, especially SCU, can take the titles from them. SCU arrives and after some banter, Kaz & Daniels attack and security arrives to break them up.

#1 Contender’s Match: Tenille Dashwood vs. Kelly Klein vs. Karen Q vs. Madison Rayne : Karen powders, allowing Klein to attack the others. Rayne and Dashwood dump her and they lock up and both look for pin attempts. Karen back in and gets double-teamed and sent to the floor. Klein pulled Dashwood to the floor as Karen attacks Rayne. The neck breaker follows for 2. She follows with running forearms, misses the boot but rebounds with a fisherman’s buster but Dashwood makes the save. She locks in the tarantula on Karen; heads up top and Karen cuts her off. She follows her up and Rayne joins in as does Klein for the tower of doom. Post break, and Dashwood is in control, working over Karen & Rayne. She dishes out taste of Tenilles for all and gets a cover for 2. She slams both Rayne & Karen at the same time and gets a cover for 2. Klein takes Dashwood up top, Dashwood fights her off and hits the high cross for 2. The spotlight kick gets 2, Karen dumps her and covers for 2. Rayne hits the Rayne drop and pins Karen. Madison Rayne defeated Tenille Dashwood, Kelly Klein, and Karen Q @ 9:45 via pin [**¾] This was an overall pretty good match, the action was clean, and while they had some of the trappings of the multi-person lay out, it came off well overall.

– Cody & Brandi Rhodes arrive. Cody admits to not being successful in his attempts to try and win back the ROH Title. But none of them were one on one matches. He needs to raise his spirits and looks to bring out Burnard the Business Bear, but Nick Aldis arrives. Aldis says they agreed to face at All In, but that Cody didn’t hold up his end of things as he didn’t win the ROH title. Cody can’t just take the NWA title because he wants it, and wants Cody to put something up in the ROH Title’s place. Cody produces his ring of honor, and says that it is collateral and tells Aldis to think about it. Cody says Aldis thinks he has nothing to offer, and say that Aldis can move from the penny slots to the high rollers table in front of 10,000 people. Cody says he was beating Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega while Aldis beat a 53-year old history teacher to win his title. The Bucks, Page, & Marty arrive to separate them. This was a solid segment to add to the build for the NWA title match at All In.

– Flip gets the shit kicked out of him by Bully as he makes his entrance and appears to be out of our main event. Flip is then taken to he back so he’s out. Bully cuts a promo and tells Woods and Burger to forfeit since they don’t have a third man. The crowd chants for Cabana, the most over man in the feud. Burger and Woods accept a 3 on 2 match.

Bully Ray, Punishment Martinez, & Shane Taylor vs. Cheeseburger, Flip Gordon, & Josh Woods: Woods and Martinez to begin. Woods fires away with strikes and takes early control and hits a German. Martinez cuts him off with a big boot and Taylor tags in. He works over Woods, but Woods quickly fights back with a T Bone suplex. Bully tags in as does Burger. Burger fights off a powerbomb, lays in strikes, and then heads up top only for Taylor to cut him off. Post break and Bully yells a lot and beats on Burger. Taylor tags in and lays in chops on Burger. He knocks Woods to the floor, and Burger hits a desperation tornado DDT. Colt cabana rushes the ring and gets the hot tag. Colt runs wild, hits the flying asshole and Woods is back as Colt hits the springboard moonsault and starts kicking Bully’s ass. Burger hits a double stomp on Bully as Colt follows with a plancha to the floor. Taylor in and hits the Samoan driver to finish Burger. Bully Ray, Punishment Martinez, & Shane Taylor vs. Cheeseburger, Colt Cabana, & Josh Woods @ 7:45 via pin [**½] This was an overall solid main event, with the highlight being the Colt Cabana save and hot tag. Everyone keeps telling me that Bully will be putting someone young over, nut Colt Cabana remains the most over man in the feud as they chanted for him when Flip went down, during the match, and went insane for his run in and hot tag.

– The heels do the big post match beat down until Flip makes the save and chases them off.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Average
The 411
This week’s episode of ROH TV was a perfectly average and unspectacular episode of TV, with nothing bad, but nothing worth your time really. It was a show.

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