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Csonka’s ROH War of The Worlds Buffalo 2019 Review

May 8, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
ROH NJPW Guerrillas of Destiny Bullet CLub
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Csonka’s ROH War of The Worlds Buffalo 2019 Review  

Csonka’s ROH War of The Worlds Buffalo 2019 Review

– PJ Black defeated Alex Coughlin @ 7:30 via pin [**½]
Women of Honor Title Match: Champion Kelly Klein defeated Kate Carney @ 7:20 via pin [*]
– TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marsgelia defeated Clark Connors & Karl Fredericks @ 10:33 via pin [**¾]
– Shane Taylor defeated Hikuleo @ 3:45 via pin [**]
– EVIL & SANADA defeated Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams @ 18:30 via pin [***¾]
– Rush defeated Silas Young @ 7:05 via pin [**¾]
ROH Six-Man Tag Team Title Match: Champions Villain Enterprises defeated Jeff Cobb, Yuji Nagata, & Satoshi Kojima @ 19:45 via pin [***½]
ROH Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Guerrillas of Destiny defeated Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham @ 14:55 via pin [***]
– Flip Gordon defeated Bandido @ 25:35 via pin [***½]

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– Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana are on commentary.

PJ Black vs. Alex Coughlin: They lock up and work into counters, with Coughlin grounding the action. Black counters out but Coughlin picks the leg and works into an STF variation. Black makes the ropes, and then follows with a shoulder tackle and hip toss. Coughlin fires back with chops, they trade and Coughlin then works him over in the corner. Black cuts him off and works into a modified Gory special and slams him down, covering for 2. The cradle then follows for 2. They trade strikes and chops, and Black grounds things. Back to the feet and they trade chops and strikes. Black takes control, working him over in the corner. He follows with kicks and Coughlin follows with a dropkick and gut wrench follows. They have some miscommunication and Coughlin then rolls through on the cross body for 2. Black hits a superkick, and the double stomp moonsault follows for the win. PJ Black defeated Alex Coughlin @ 7:30 via pin [**½] This was a solid and competitive opening match.

Champion Kelly Klein vs. Kate Carney: The bell rings and Allure arrive. They join commentary as they ignore the match. Ian bails and Carney attacks Kelly. She lays the boots to her and follows with a clothesline. Carney grounds the action, Kelly fights to her feet and gets slammed back down and Carney covers for 2. Carney hits a sloppy elbow and DDT for 2. She dumps Kelly and follows. She slams Kelly to the apron and follows with strikes. She misses a charge and posts herself. Back in and Carney follows with rights, Kelly fires up and cuts her off. The fall away slam follows for 2. Kelly misses a charge and Carney follows with strikes. Carney then heads up top and Kelly cuts her off and follows her up. Carney fights her off but runs into a clothesline and K power finishes it. Champion Kelly Klein defeated Kate Carney @ 7:20 via pin [*] This was bad with commentary completely ignoring the match.

– Kelly calls out Allure, but they bail.

– Rhett Titus arrives to pose. He joins commentary.

TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marsgelia vs. Clark Connors and Karl Fredericks: Connors and O’Ryan begin. Connors looks to ground things, and then takes O’Ryan to the corner. They work into counters and Connors works a grounded head scissors. O’Ryan escapes with strikes, but Connors takes him down. O’Ryan follows with chops, and Connors then fires back and lays in uppercuts. Karl tags in and they work double teams. Vinny tags in and they work into standing switches. Vinny grounds things and then back to the feet and Karl takes him down and looks for an arm bar, but Vinny escapes and tags in O’Ryan. Karl fights them off and dumps Vinny and lays in chops on O’Ryan. Connors tags in and they double team O’Ryan. Quick tags follow and then a double tackle follows for 2. Vinny tags in and the Kingdom follows with double teams for 2. O’Ryan follows with chops and strikes. Connors fires back, knocks Vinny to the floor and O’Ryan cuts him off. The clothesline follows for 2. O’Ryan grounds things, Connors fights to his feet and Vinny tags in and the Kingdom follows with double teams for 2. Connors hits a desperation dropkick and hits a spear and tags in Karl. He follows with chops, and then a dropkick. He runs wild on O’Ryan and Vinny with corner splashes and a spinebuster, and then the crab. Vinny attacks and Connors spears him. Vinny breaks up the crab and hits a side effect. The house of a thousand horses on both follows and the Kingdom wins. TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marsgelia defeated Clark Connors & Karl Fredericks @ 10:33 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good match with the lions showing great fire down the stretch.

Shane Taylor vs. Hikuleo: They brawl at the bell as Hikuleo lays in strikes and chops. he lays the boots to Taylor, and follows with more strikes. He then big boots Taylor to the floor. Hikuleo follows him to the floor and continues the attack. Back in and Hikuleo misses a charge and Taylor lays in chops and body shots. Hikuleo fires back, but eats a knee strike. Hikuleo cuts him off with a Samoan drop and lariat. Taylor quickly cuts him of and hits greeting from 216 for the win. Shane Taylor defeated Hikuleo @ 3:45 via pin [**] This was ok as they kept it short and hard-hitting.

EVIL & SANADA vs. Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams: LIJ refuses the handshake. Williams and EVIL begin. EVIL attacks with kicks, and they trade shoulder tackles and then chops. EVIL then rakes the eyes and hits a shoulder tackle. Haskins tags in as does SANADA. SANADA attacks with kicks, and they trade strikes. Williams cuts off the paradise lock, but SANADA locks him in it and then locks up Haskins as well. SANADA then dropkicks then to free them up and LIJ follow with double teams. Lifeblood cuts off EVIL, and double teams follow. Haskins follows with knee drops and covers for 2. Williams tags back in and double teams follow. Williams starts working the arm of EVIL, but SANADA distracts him allowing EVIL to cut him off and tag in SANADA. SANADA follows with corner attacks and the suplex for 2. LIJ follows with double teams and EVIL then grounds the action. SANADA back in and lays in chops. Williams fires up and they trade, SANADA is not impressed and drops Williams and tags in EVIL. EVIL lays in chops, but Williams fights back with a leg drop and tags in Haskins. SANADA joins him and Haskins locks on an arm bar until EVIL makes the save. Haskins takes out LIJ and follows with a suicide dive to both. Back in and Haskins up top and drops down, tags in Williams and he hits the frog splash for 2. SANADA then flies in with the missile dropkick and EVIL tags in. He lays in clotheslines, and follows with a bulldog. EVIL then hits a lariat and darkness falls for 2. Haskins fights off everything is evil and hits the shoulder soldier roll into a Michinoku driver for 2. Williams and SANADA tag in, trading strikes and Williams cuts him off with a lariat. SANADA fights off a piledriver and Haskins flies in with a double stomp for 2. Williams back in and takes out EVIL, SANADA fights them off and Haskins takes out EVIL as Williams hits a Spicolli driver for 2. The ankle lock follows, SANADA takes the ref, chair shot by EVIL and SANADA gets the roll up for 2. The magic killer follows on both and LIJ wins. EVIL & SANADA defeated Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams @ 18:30 via pin [***¾] This was a very good tag match with a hot closing stretch and was easily the best thing on the show.

– Dalton Castle arrives.

Rush vs. Silas Young: They lock up and separate. Young talks trash, and Rush hits a shoulder tackle. He then dropkicks him to the floor and Rush follows him out with strikes. Young tries to run and back in cuts o Rush, attacking the knee. Back to the floor and Young slams him to the barricade. Back in and Young hits the slingshot double stomp. Young then grounds things, and follows with an anarchist suplex. Young dumps him to the floor, gets chairs and slides them in and grabs another and wraps it around Rush’s head and posts him. Young looks for a countout win, but Rush makes it back in and then tosses Young back to the floor and fires up. he repeatedly slams Young to the barricade, and hits him with a trashcan. Back in and Rush lays the boots to Young, and the bull’s horns connect for the win. Rush defeated Silas Young @ 7:05 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good with Rush winning and maintaining his momentum.

– Matt Taven arrives and joins commentary.

Champions Villain Enterprises vs. Jeff Cobb, Yuji Nagata, & Satoshi Kojima: King & Nagata begin. Nagata wants Marty and Marty tags in. They lock up and work into counters. Marty looks to take control, and they work into a stand off. King tags in and so does Cobb. They trade strikes and Cobb follows with a dropkick. They work into lucha passes and King hits a RANA. LUCHA KING! PCO and Kojima tag in. They trade kicks, and then shoulder tackles. Kojima takes him down but PCO cuts him off with a lariat and then hits a suicide dive. Back in and PCO heads up top, but Kojima cuts him off and follows with a superplex for 2. Nagata dumps King and the challengers isolate PCO. Nagata attacks the arm, and Cobb tags in and he continues attacking the arm. Kojima tags in and he lays the boots to PCO. Kojima also continues to work the arm, and the challengers work quick tags. Nagata looks for an arm bar but Marty makes the save. PCO fires up and hits clotheslines. Cobb tags in and PCO chokeslams him. Tag to Marty and he follows with clotheslines on Cobb. Cobb cuts him off and they trade strikes. Cobb rolls to the floor, and King follows with a tope. PCO then flies and wipes out the pile. Back in, Marty & King attack Cobb and the assisted German follows. The 619/cannonball combo follows for 2. Cobb fights back with suplexes, hits an overhead toss on PCO and then Marty. One for King follows as Cobb is a BIG STRONG BOI. Nagata tags in and lays in kicks on Marty. The XPLODER follows for 2. Marty battles back, they trade and Marty hits 52 fake out. Nagata then pulls an arm bar, but King & PCO make the save. It breaks down and the champions look for doomsday, Nagata makes the save and Nagata hits a super XPLODER for 2. Knee strike by Nagata and the brain buster follows for 2. The Nagata lock follows, but Marty attacks the fingers and snaps them. The chicken wing is countered by Nagata and Kojima tags in. PCO joins him and Kojima follows with machinegun chops. PCO fires up and he follows with machinegun chops. Kojima fights off a chokeslam and the Koji cutter follows. PCO fights back with a Michinoku driver for 2. Kojima counters back and hits the brain buster. PCO blocks the lariat but Kojima hits it on there bound for 2. Cobb takes out King as it breaks down. The champions double team Kojima and the PCO-sault finishes it. Champions Villain Enterprises defeated Jeff Cobb, Yuji Nagata, & Satoshi Kojima @ 19:45 via pin [***½] While there was next to no chance of a title change, Cobb & The Dads were good challengers, and the styles meshed well and they had a very good main event.

– Post match, the Kingdom attacks and Taven lays out PCO with a belt shot. PCO pops up and Taven runs for his life.

– Kenny King now arrives and is still pretending to be blind from Muta’s misting. He joins commentary.

Champions The Guerrillas of Destiny vs. Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham: The champions attack before the bell and take the fight to the floor. They control with ease in the opening moments, but the challengers fight back and hit suicide dives. They work back into the ring and Gresham hits a high cross and double teams follow. Gresham grounds Tonga, and covers for 2. Jay tags in and he follows with elbow drops. The challengers follow with double teams and cover for 2. The challengers work quick tags, but Tonga finally cuts off Jay. Loa tags in and follows with a slam. The champions work double teams, isolating Jay and then knocking Gresham to the floor. Tonga takes the heat on Jay, tags in Loa and he grounds things, working the knee of Jay. Loa hits a corner clothesline, and then another. He finally misses the splash and Gresham tags in. Gresham picks up the pace and runs wild, attacking the knee of Tonga. He follows with chops on both, but the champions cut him off. Loa chokes him out and follows with crossface strikes. The sitout powerbomb follows for 2. Tonga tags in and he follows with strikes. Gresham fires up and lays in strikes, Tonga keeps knocking him down, but Gresham keeps firing back and hits an enziguri. Jay tags in and runs wild with dropkicks. The missile dropkick connects and hits the lethal combo. He heads up top and the elbow drop connects for 2. Gresham tags back in and it beaks down. Loa cuts off Jay, and the Tongan twist connects on Gresham. Loa brings in the belts, distracting the ref and Tonga hits Jay with another belt. Gresham makes the save, but walks into a gun stun and that’s that. Champions The Guerrillas of Destiny defeated Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham @ 14:55 via pin [***] This was good, with GOD working harder than usual and Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham being awesome babyface challengers.

– The Briscoes arrive and promise to beat the shit out of these boys on Sunday. They brawl as the various dojo kids try and stop them. The champions bail as Jay promises that, “we will run circles around you motherfuckers on Sunday.”

Bandido vs. Flip Gordon: They shake hands and hug. The crowd loves these guys and they lock up, working to the ropes and breaking clean. Lockup again, working back to the ropes and they break clean again. Bandido now looks to work the arm, but Flip counters out and they end in a stand off. Bandido now hits a shoulder tackle, Flip bounces back up and follows with a tackle and head scissors. They work into counters, play to the crowd, and Bandido follows with a RANA. They continue to work slick counters, and then end in a stalemate. They play to the crowd, and Flip hits a back elbow and the blockbuster connects for 2. Flip follows with chops, a corner clothesline and then the dropkick. The cannonball follows for 2. Flip lays in more chops, takes Bandido up top and follows him up. Kinder surprise follows and Bandido spills to the floor. Flip follows and slams him to the barricade. Back in and Flip hits a senton atomico for 2. Flip grounds things and maintains control. Bandido makes the ropes, but Flip keeps him grounded. Bandido fights to his feet, lays in kicks, and follows with the tornillo. The reverse suplex and shining wizard follows as Flip spills to the floor. Bandido follows with a tope. Back in and Flip is favoring his knee as Bandido sores with uppercuts and then posts him knee a few times. Bandido continues to focus on the knee, keeping Flip grounded. Bandido is being a dick here, not exactly following Lifeblood’s fair play mantra a he dropkick the knee. Bandido follows with a pop up strike and running shooting star press for 2. Flip fires back, and hits an enziguri but Bandido dropkicks him to the floor. Bandido goes for a suicide dive but Flip with the sidestep and sends him into the barricade. Flip looks for an electric chair drop but Bandido hits the reverse RANA on the floor. They struggle to get back into the ring, barely beating the count. They fight to their feet and trade strikes. Flip fires up but runs into the moonsault slam. Bandido lays in rights and they trade strikes and chops. They keep trading, superkick by Bandido, but Flip locks on a sleeper to cut him off. Bandido powers up and make the ropes. He starts climbing with Flip on his back, crotches Flip up top and Bandido hits the super fall away moonsault slam but only gets 2 as he was too slow to cover. Flip counters the 21-plex, and hits the star spangled stunner for 2. They trade strikes, Bandido hits go to sleep, but Flip counters back and hits Flip 5 for the win. Flip Gordon defeated Bandido @ 25:35 via pin [***½] While a very different match than most expected, I think that these two had a very good main event match, that was laid out well and presented the two as equal and future stars for the company. Bandido has had a great run, but Flip really needed the win here. With Finlay injured, I like Flip possibly joining Lifeblood.

– Post match, Haskins congratulates Flip on his win and a hell of a match. He and Williams try to recruit him into Lifeblood, and hope for an answer following BOSJ.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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ROH War of The Worlds Buffalo 2019 started off a bit rough, but rebounded strongly with some quality tag team action anchoring the back end of the card. Overall it was a pretty good show, but delivered nothing must-see.