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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 1.19.16

January 19, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 1.19.16  

TNA Impact Review 1.13.16

– Jeff Hardy defeated Tyrus @ 2:55 via DQ [NR]
Knockouts Title Match: Champion Gail Kim defeated Awesome Kong @ 5:45 via pin [**]
– Beer Money defeated Drake and Godderz @ 4:05 via pin [**¼]
– Mike Bennett defeated Pepper Parks @ 2:58 via pin [NR]
TNA Title Last Man Standing Title vs. Career Match: Matt Hardy defeated Champion Ethan Carter III @ 18:06 [***½]

– EC3 and Matt Hardy are shown arriving; we then get a video package about their journey to the end of the World Title Series and how we got to tonight’s match.

Jeff Hardy Talks: Jeff was not cool with the deal that Matt made with EC3 for this week’s match, so he called out his brother for a talking to. Jeff spoke about the fact that they made their lives on taking risks, and while Jeff is the artist, Matt was the genius in the ring. But Jeff has a bad feeling about tonight’s main event; Matt feels he let Jeff, his wife and kid and the fans down. He respects what Jeff has to say, and while he has not beaten EC3, that will change tonight, because he will beat EC3 and all of his dreams will come true. Tyrus then came to the ring and said he would make the dreams of the Hardy’s a nightmare. But he isn’t here for Matt; he was here for Jeff, since Jeff insulted him last week. Tyrus actually was good here, discussing the Hardy’s getting everything they ever wanted. Jeff accepts the challenge to end the segment. This was a fine segment to lay the groundwork for the evening.

Jeff Hardy vs. Tyrus: Jeff tried to avoid Tyrus early, but Tyrus took control and beat him down in the corner. Jeff fought back and tried to go up top and “slipped,” allowing them to play up the established knee injury. Tyrus worked it right away, and crotched Jeff on the post. The big man then got a chair, the ref tried to stop him and Tyrus shoved him down for the DQ. Tyrus returned to the ring, but Jeff got the twist of fate to send him back to the floor. Jeff hobbled around a little post match. I liked that this was short, and the leg work made sense, but I feel Tyrus should have actually got to beat on Jeff a bit more. It makes him appear to be a viable threat, and paints Matt as a bigger underdog if little brother is injured and gone.

– Feast or Fired will return next week.

– The Wolves cut a promo and discuss the return of Beer Money. They have overcome and taken down the greatest teams. But the best has been saved for last, and they want to beat Beer money to prove how good they are. Crazzy Steve appears and laughs at them, allowing Abyss to sneak up on them and ay them out.

Knockouts Title Match: Champion Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong w/Rebel, Jade and Marti: Kong took control early working the power game and largely grounding Kim. After dominating, King missed a splash and Kim worked into a submission as Kong was down, Kim then turned that into a roll up for 2. Kim continued to fight back and scored with a tornado DDT, went up top and was pulled out the floor. She fought off Dollhouse, and then went up top and wiped them out with the high cross to the floor. Back in Kim connected with clothesline and forearms, but Jade distracted the ref and as Rebel snapped Kim off the ropes, the Beautiful people attacked rebel and Marti. Jade tried to hold Kim, Kim escaped and hit eat defeat. Jade went up top and Kim tossed her off onto Kong and then covered for the win. This was a solid match, with a lot of shenanigans at the end to continue the feud between Dollhouse, Kim and the Beautiful People as well as cover up for Kong a bit. Kong is trying, I have no doubt of that, but is still obviously limited due to her back.

Beer Money vs. Eli Drake and Jesse Godderz: Beer Money came out for their return match on Impact, Drake and Godderz answered the challenge in a rematch of their One Night Only meeting. They brawled on the floor early, before settling into the proper match, with Drake and Godderz taking the advantage early. They got the heat on Storm, which did not last long as Roode got the hot tag and ran wild. Drake tried to cut him off, but Beer money hit a modified Hart attack, and then the double team DDT. They hit the Beer Money double team suplex, and then the DWI and that was all. There wasn’t much to this as it was just Beer Moneys greatest hits, which for their first match back on Impact made sense. The one thing I did not like is that they completely ignored the One Night Only match, but that’s a minor gripe.

– Backstage we see Jeff Hardy icing his knee. Matt came to check on him, and told him he had to go to the hospital and get his knee checked. Matt promised he would be fine, and Reby told him to think of his wife and kids. Jeff wished Matt luck, who again told him he would be fine.

Kurt Angle Talks: Angle says he’s been walking the ramp for 20-years, and appreciates the reception from the crowd. He puts over his match with Drew Galloway, saying he took him to the limit in a “five star match.” But who is next on his farewell tour? Angle spoke about the great talent in the back, and then Lashley made his way out to the ring. Lashley put over Angle for making him want to become a pro wrestler, and said he had some of his best matches last year with Angle, even losing the title to Angle. Lashley wants one more chance against Angle, and Angle says he is not sure if he can beat him again, but accepts the challenge. Before Angle can leave, Lashley promises to beat his ass. Well then. Good segment overall, Lashley came off better than usual on the mic and I loved the change to such a serious tone at the end. Basically I may respect you, but you have an ass beating coming your way.

– Backstage Lashley says he has waited a year to get retribution against Angle, A mystery woman appears, speaking Spanish to Lashley. She says his pain is her pleasure and leaves.

Mike Bennett w/Maria vs. Pepper Parks: This is Bennett’s Impact debut, he successfully debuted at One Night Only against Robbie E in a match that was solid, but was too back and forth for his debut. Bennett controlled early, even slapping Parks around, which fired him up for a moment. But he ate a superkick and Bennett then laid into him with rights. Bennett connected with corner clotheslines and a big boot. Bennett was dominating until Parks started to fight back, but Bennett cut him off with a spinebuster and then hit Devine Intervention for the win. That was what it needed to be, quick and to the point, with Bennett largely dominating. Post match eh cut a promo about TNA needing a miracle, and he is building a kingdom of miracles.

– Next week, Spud, O’Shea, Robbie E, Drake, Godderz, Galloway, Melendez, Grado, Bram, Eric Young, Roode and Storm will compete in Feast or Fired.

– EC3 cut a promo about tonight’s match with Matt Hardy, noting that there is honor in being a family man, but that Matt cannot beat him. Tyrus sitting in the background staring at the title the entire time was a nice touch. It was then revealed that they were sitting in an ambulance, and that Hardy would be going home in it. Nice work by EC3.

TNA Title Last Man Standing Match: Champion Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy (If Hardy Loses He Must Leave TNA): No Tyrus with Carter. Hardy attacked during the announcement, and they started off with a good brawl segment, which made complete sense considering the tone of things and Hardy’s desperation to win. Hardy may have attacked first, but Carter quickly took control and beat down Matt on the floor and set up some tables. Hardy made the comeback as they teased the table spot, and then they worked through the commercial. After the break, Hardy was in control as he brought a ladder into the ring. Matt then introduced a table into the ring, continuing his control of things. Carter made his comeback, and climbed the ladder with Matt down on the table, and then connected with the big splash. Hardy survived, and hit a twist of fate to turn the tide. Matt then used a low blow, and they played up the crowd reaction. Commentary was making too many mentions of the crowd being supportive of Carter and turning on Hardy, I wish that they would have played up Hardy’s desperation more, due to his career being on the line. They played him up as despicable too early. Anyway, Matt hit a twist of fate off of the apron and through the tables, leading to the double down spot and the ref counting on both guys. They both beat the count and Hardy tossed in some chairs. He wrapped the chair around Carter’s neck and hit a twist of fate, and then Hardy begged the ref to count, but Carter made it to his feet. Reby then yelled at Matt and handed him a HAMMER. Carter avoided the shot and hit a low blow and the one percenter. Tyrus then made his way to the ring, entered the ring and then hit the big ending on Carter. He shook hands with Hardy and hugged him. Reby hugged the world title as the ref counted, but Carter made it to his feet. Tyrus tried to attack by Carter fought back on both men, but then Hardy laid out Carter with the title belt. Hardy celebrated with the belt as the ref counted; he then stood over Carter and the ref counted 10. I liked the match, they worked hard and added in come nice spots and twists. I still feel that this whole thing comes off as completely rushed, I really think that they could have set this up better, with a better interview last week and the whole thing of Matt choking in the big match when he doesn’t have his brother’s help, leading to the desperation setting in and him going all in with the challenge and putting his career on the line. I don’t necessarily thing the double turn was a bad idea, I just think that it could have been executed better. I love Carter as a heel, but I guess we’ll see if he can thrive as the top face of the company now.

– Matt, Reby and Tyrus celebrated post match and we went to a commercial.

– Post match Hardy cut a promo about being the champion; he beat the unbeatable EC3 for himself and he won the title for himself. He had good intentions when he came to TNA, to give back and to help, but now he does it all for himself because the fans are not important. He comes off as completely annoying (in a good way) here, discussing being a self made millionaire. His wife whispered in his ear, and she told him that he needed to stop giving and to start taking. He told Tyrus that he made the right decision, and that this is the Era of Big Money Matt. He then delivered a conchairto to Carter and then Reby spit on him to end the segment. Matt’s doing a riff off of his ROH stuff, which was actually some really entertaining stuff that makes it really easy to hate him. I am not convinced that this is the right call to have Hardy as the champion, but they need to try something to get people talking. Whether it works or not remains to be seen.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
The 411
Overall I liked the show tonight, while it wasn’t a blow away effort, it felt focused. Beer Money made their Impact return with a win, and Mike Bennett ran through his competition in his Impact debut. The Wolves made it known that they want to prove that they are the best by defeating Beer Money, while a new tag team (Abyss and Crazzy Steve) emerged. Also, Kurt Angle vs. Lashey was set as one of Angle’s final matches, while they announced Feast or Fired for next week. I’m not the biggest fan of the match, but announcing the match and competitors is something they have failed to do in the past. The main event was a quality match, and the rest of the wrestling was solid.

While I personally think he entire main event angle was rushed, I do felt that they did a good job overall of laying the groundwork for the main event throughout the show. Tyrus trying to take out Jeff, Matt insisting that Jeff go to the hospital to remove him from the building (after Reby pressured him to talk with him), the way that Tyrus was still staring at the title; it all was nicely done. I personally felt that there was a lot of mileage left in heel EC3, and that building up a strong face challenger to unseat him was the way to go. But maybe setting Carter as the face of the company is the right call. Time will tell if it works or not, but I do appreciate them trying something new.

Overall, another improvement quality wise, and the best show so far on POP as the show really flew by this week.