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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 12.01.16

December 1, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 12.01.16  

Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 12.01.16

Impact Grand Championship Match Moose defeated Champion Aron Rex @ 1:45 of round one via pin TO BECOME THE NEW CHAMPION [NR]
Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Hardys defeated DCC @ 16:20 via pin [**½]
X-Division Title Match: Champion DJZ defeated Mandrews and Braxton Sutter @ 6:12 via pin [**¾]
Knockouts Title Cage Match Rosemary defeated Jade to become the NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION @ 14:50 via pin [***½]

– Moose says Rex was a good champion, but had no chance.

– We get highlights from the Hardys/DCC drama; thankfully Matt is once again broken.

– Moose claims he has made the Impact Grand Championship the best title in wrestling and offers an open challenge. Moose accepts, but Rex wants not part of him. Rex refused to be interviewed about the loss.

Champion Aron Rex vs. Moose: ROUND 1: Rex stalled to begin, bailing to the floor. Moose overpowered Rex early; and hit the game breaker for the win. Moose defeated Champion Aron Rex @ 1:45 of round one via pin [NR] After a completely lackluster run, filled with shenanigans, this felt like the right move. They see a lot in Moose, and he needed something to elevate him and this did that.

– We get a voice-altered promo from the DCC; they are here to drop bodies and to rise. The Nefarious Brother Nero arrives by himself, and then says there will be a title match against two men who survived the final deletion and the Great War. Kingston was not amused and we got a brawl. Matt then arrived to make the save. He tosses Storm, and reveals that his memories have been restored, and promises deletion.

– Now we get a video package for the X-Division title match.

X-Division Title Match Champion DJZ vs. Mandrews vs. Braxton Sutter: This trio won the “Team X Gold gimmick, with Mandrews and Braxton Sutter earning this title shot. This is one fall to a finish. We got s frantic beginning to the match with everyone going for a pin. DJZ gets tossed, with Sutter and Mandrews then working a stretch. Nice back and forth by Mandrews and Sutter, Sutter and DJZ both sent to the floor, with Mandrews hitting a moonsault off the steps. DJZ then cuts off Mandrews’ attempt at the skateboard RANA, but back in and Sutter backed off DJZ, who was favoring his knee. Mandrews then attacked, sending Sutter to the floor and DJZ tripped him up. DJZ up top, Mandrews dropkicks him to cut him off. Tries a RANA, but Sutter hangs onto DJZ to stop the RANA. High cross from DJZ to both, and then Sutter cuts off the ZDT. Mandrews mounted a comeback, shooting star to Sutter, but DJZ cradled Mandews for the win. Champion DJZ defeated Mandrews and Braxton Sutter @ 6:12 via pin [**¾] That was a pretty good match overall, with the champion overcoming, and everyone one showing some sportsmanship. Mandews needed something, I am not sure the heel turn is it, but it has potential if followed up on properly. I also appreciated the misdirection, because Sutter felt like the easy choice to turn heel.

– Post match, Mandrews turned heel, attacking DJZ. Sutter did not approve.

– Allie and Laurel Van Ness argued backstage.

– We get highlights from the Thanksgiving show. Maria makes her way to the ring and Laurel is with her. She claims to be a charitable person and role model and then demands that Allie come to the ring. Maria flips out at the crowd chanting for Allie. Allie apologized for last week’s pie incident. Maria claims Allie is jealous of Laurel. Maria tries to frame Allie as a liar, and continues to run her down. Laurel then reveals she and Braxton went on a hot date, trying to hurt Allie’s feelings. Laurel wants to fight Allie, but Maria runs her down even more and Allie slaps Maria. Laurel lays out Allie, and then she and Maria leave. The mean girls were mean, Allie stood up for herself and it worked. They have lucked into something with Allie, I just hope they can capitalize on it.

– Rosemary cuts a good promo about tonight’s cage match.

Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Hardys vs. DCC: Kingston is wearing a Roman Reigns hand-me-down vest. Bram, Storm and the Hardys brawled to begin. The Hardys took control early, working over Bram. Good, but basic control by The Hardys. They just worked a good tag formula, quick tags, isolating Bram and not allowing any openings for him to try and fight back. Post break, Kingston tagged in and The DCC made their comeback, using the numbers advantage. Nero started to play the hits, making his comeback until Storm cut him off with a superkick from the apron. Solid heat from the DCC, but it lacked the aggression of their previous beat downs and left something to be desired. T also slowed down, which is fine, but they can’t lose that edge. Matt finally got the hot tag, Matt got hungry and started to bite Kingston and Bram. He sent Storm to the floor, continued his comeback, but Bram saved Kingston from the twist of fate. Nero in, it broke down into some good DCC near falls. Double twists of fate to Kingston, and the Hardys retain. Champions The Hardys defeated DCC @ 16:20 via pin [**½] This was far from bad, but was missing something and came off as very average and felt way longer than it was. The other issue is that while it wasn’t time for the Hardy’s to lose, the DCC losing a 3 on 2 here made them look really weak.

– EC3 meets with Eli Drake and mocks him for not being slowed to talk. He also put him over, claiming if he won the title, Drake could have a title shot, “all he has to do is say the word.”

– We get a video package on Al Snow and Shera becoming besties. Snow cut a promo setting up a tag team strap match.

EC3 Talks: EC3 discusses being the #1 contender once again and calls out TNA Champion Eddie Edwards. Eddie looks like EC3’s little brother in his suit. EC3 puts over Edwards for beating Lashley, something he failed at. Eddie then says he hasn’t changed, noting he still goes drinking with EC3. EC3 doesn’t plan to fail again to win the title, and Edwards says it will take someone special to beat him. EC3 says the only thing that means something to him is the title. EC3 then says he is not afraid to stab a friend in the back to win the title. Thems fightin words. Really good stuff from EC3, again teasing a possible heel turn, which I feel is for the best. I loved him essentially telling his buddy, to his face, that he will fuck him over for the title. Bless Eddie, he’s trying, but is not a good promo, at all. They face off next week.

– Time to bring out Gail Kim for no real reason. It’s bad enough she’s not dropping the title to someone, don’t take away from Jade and Rosemary’s heat.

Knockouts Title Cage Match: Rosemary vs. Jade: This is for the vacant knockouts title. Rosemary has been a tremendous character, delivered on promos and taken big bumps in Decay matches. She’s been a huge part of their success, but hasn’t had the chance to deliver a breakout match. Tonight looks to be that chance. I just hope whoever wins gets a real and dedicated run with the title. This is pin or submission to win, no escape rules. Rosemary attacked right away, going crazy fists on Jade. Jade fired back with kicks and suplexes as we went to the break. Post break, Jade continued to roll, working knee strikes and kicks. Rosemary teased the mist, which slowed Jade, allowing Rosemary to attack. After going back and forth with strikes, Rosemary leveled Jade with a lariat. Rosemary then grated Jade’s face along the cage, Jade fired back with kick buy Rosemary suplexed Jade into the cage. Jade fought back with trashcan shots and a RANA off the ropes before tossing Rosemary into the cage, and hit the sitout powerbomb for a near fall. Rosemary fought back with a release German suplex. Rosemary tried to climb the cage, Jade stopped her and then climbed up top and hit a great high cross onto Rosemary, but it only got 2. Jade went up top, MISTED, red wedding by Rosemary and we have our new champion. Rosemary defeated Jade to become the NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION @ 14:50 via pin [***½] Overall this was a very good main event, they thankfully left it just to the ladies, no Decay or anyone else involved; just Jade and Rosemary working hard and having the best match on the show with ease. I really think it would have been for the best for Kim to lose to Rosemary, but this could develop into a good feud.


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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
The 411
Tonight’s Impact was a good show. They got the Grand Championship off Rex, Elevated Moose, turned Mandrews (and gave him some purpose) set the title match for next week (EC3/Edwards) and crowned Rosemary as the new Knockouts Champion. I love that move; she’s completely different from the others in the ring and can talk. I enjoyed this week’s effort.