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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 4.05.16

April 5, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 4.05.16  

TNA Impact Review 4.05.16

Six Sides of Steel: Jeff Hardy defeated Eric Young @ 13:20 via pin [***]
Street Fight: Lashley defeated The Pope @ 6:50 via pin [**¾]
Knockouts Title Match: Jade defeated Madison Rayne and Champion Gail Kim @ 3:40 via to become the NEW champion [*]
TNA World Title Match: Champion Drew Galloway defeated Matt Hardy @ 12:11 via submission [**¾]

– Young cut his usual heel/delusional promo, noting that he would end Hardy’s career tonight. Jeff arrived with a table, and used it to fight off Bram and Young. The numbers game got to Jeff, with Bram and Young working him over. They then tossed chairs and tables into the ring and then the match finally started. I do not mind the heel attack with the numbers before the match; it just lasted a little too long.

Six Sides of Steel Non-Title Match: Jeff Hardy w/Table vs. King of the Mountain Champion Eric Young: they finally got into the ring and started the match at 9:08 PM ET. Hardy started to fight back as they went to the commercial at about 30-seconds in. After a four plus minute commercial break, we came back to Young tossing Jeff into the cage and taking the heat for a short time. They went back and forth, we got a table set up as Bram screamed like an idiot and banged on the cage. Jeff finally fired up and ran through his signature comeback, and then hit Young with a chair. Jeff set up chairs, open, in the center of the ring and they stood on them and Young countered the twist of fate and scored with the piledriver through the chairs for a near fall. Jeff finally fought back, hit two twists of fate and placed Young on the table. One-legged Jeff hardy then climbed the cage and ended things with a swanton through the table. So Jeff got his revenge, again, and wins clean and cover comes the odds. The opening portion and way they did the commercial made it rough to establish the flow of the match, but they did a good job of getting things in line and delivering an enjoyable cage match. If I had a criticism, it is that I hate that they ignored the KOTM Title in this feud. I get that this was a “revenge” deal, but with the company discovering that Young was leaving during these tapings, transitioning the title to Jeff Hardy would have made it feel important and also elevated its worth, even if it was for a short period of time. I feel that when a title is involved and the big star ignores it, it makes the title not worth a damn.

– Dixie meets with Gail and Maria. Dixie is pissed with their #1 contender’s game that they played, and made a triple threat for Kim’s title tonight.

– Jeff cuts a post match promo as he ices up, he’ll be watching Matt vs. Galloway later tonight.

Hardy and Galloway Go Face To Face: Borash announces that we’re getting a face to face before tonight’s title match. Matt, Reby, Maxell, Spud and Tyrus make their way to the ring. TNA Champion Drew Galloway is next, with Matt calling him a cheat and a conman. They had some back and forth, and then Matt explained that he is a champion, he looks and dresses like a champion, he has an entourage like a champion, he marred and bred like a champion, and he paid his dues like a champion, Galloway took shortcuts because he knew he couldn’t beat Matt. Matt said tonight Galloway goes home alone, while Matt takes home the kidnapped member of his family, the TNA Title. Galloway spoke about passion, looking up to Matt and the fact that Matt is a character who uses his son as a TV prop. Galloway praise Jeff, and Matt got pissed and said he is nothing like Jeff. Matt said Galloway beat the inferior Hardy, Galloway said he beat Jeff last week, will beat Matt tonight and prove himself. Tyrus then got on the mic, praised Galloway for his cash in, and said that he had a title shot from winning Bound for Gold in October. He then teased cashing in his title shot tonight and left. I found this to be solid, but completely unnecessary (because it was the same old from both Matt and Galloway) until Tyrus did the reminder of the title shot.

– After the break, EC3 claps for and praises Tyrus for wanting to cash in his title shot. EC3 then said since Tyrus cost him his title, he may do the same. Tyrus noted that EC3 doesn’t have a crystal ball, and then reminded EC3 that he hated him. EC3 got in the last word noting, “I hate you more.” That was short, entertaining and showed great continuity between the two.

Street Fight: The Pope vs. Lashley: Pope made his entrance and was taping up his fists, and Lashley (who gives no fucks) attacked. Lashley beat the Pope like he owed him money for about four-minutes before finally sending him to the floor. Out of desperation, Pope threw a trashcan and then a chair at Lashley, which finally allowed him to mount some offense. Pope then worked over Lashley with a kendo stick, including a shot to the balls before wearing him out with it. Pope then tried to jump off the ropes with the kendo stick, ate a spear and that was that. I like dhow they laid that out, Lashley beat his ass, Pope got a hope spot run, and then got beat. Pope had been out of the ring for so long that they couldn’t give him too much, but the way they gave him his comeback was something I could buy. Lashley beat down Pope post match and EC3 made the save. Lashley took a powder when EC3 arrived, allowing Mike Bennett to attack EC3. EC3 vs. Lashley is a “down the line, big feud, so I liked that they are keeping them apart. Bennett vs. EC3 will work for a now feud.

Mike Bennett Tries to Talk Up To EC3: When they came back from the break, EC3 was still in the ring and not happy about Bennett’s attack. Maria came out and tried to do her gimmick entrance deal, but EC3 cut her off and demanded to talk with Bennett. Claimed that Bennett was an EC3 rip off, Bennett cut a promo; he said words and no one rally cared. EC3 said that Bennett was only allowed to exist because EC3 let him. Bennett was reaching for a reaction, calling EC3 a bitch for some ohs and ahs. Bennett feels really forced trying to be a bad ass, he felt the same way in ROH and feels that way now, and that’s of a midcarder trying to cut a big boy promo, while EC3 stands there like the main eventer that is too good to be associated with him. I don’t really mean that it’s bad, but Bennett feels like he’s cutting what he thinks is a main event promo, but is out of his league. I know a lot of people like Bennett’s promos, and that’s cool, but I have never been a fan and do not think he’s improved as far as a guy that can cut the big promos. Bennett says that they will face next week, EC3 attacks and they brawl out to he parking lot. Bennett used a crow bar on EC3 and then escaped.

– Spud spoke with Tyrus and says he knows that he will cash in and give the title to Matt. Spud had a plan, Tyrus told him to fuck off because he’s been planning this for a long time.

Knockouts Title Match: Champion Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne and Jade: The challengers tossed Kim early and did a good series of pin attempts until Kim returned and stopped that. Hey did some spots with all three, Rayne was tossed to the floor and Jade hit a suicide dive onto her. Jade followed with a coke and shotgun dropkick, Maria arrived and hit Kim with the title, STO by Jade and that was that. As a match it was completely disappointing, due to the lack of time and the fact that we had interference leading to the new champion. Worse than that, they were working well together and were laying the groundwork for a strong match and it was ruined. Also, if they had to do the shenanigans, Rayne should have eaten the pin so that Kim “didn’t lose” to set up the rematch. We’ll still likely get it, due to Maria’s shenanigans, but Kim losing in such a short match didn’t sit well with me. If and or when they rematch, I hope that Jade wins on her own to set her up well as the new champion.

– We see footage of Al Snow taking out Grado last week. He then talks with Billy Corgan, who is not happy with his actions and breaking Grado’s arm. Corgan suspends Snow for a week without pay, and says he expects Snow to publicly apologize.

Shane Helms Wants Eddie Edwards’ Answer: Shane Helms and Trevor Lee are in the ring, and he wants Edwards to come out to accept his offer, which is Helms being his partner to challenge for the tag titles. Helms says he has been successful with lesser talents, so imagine what he can do with Edwards as a partner. Edwards shows respect, but then says Helms only wants to be his partner because he’d get a title shot right away, and he shot belongs to the Wolves. Edwards respectfully declines the offer. Helms says he will get what he wants, and will go through him to get it. Beer Money then arrives. Storm mocks Helms’ jacket, and says anytime Helms and Lee want a shot, come and get some. Lee and Helms bail to the back, as Storm discusses the tag team division in TNA. The Decay then arrived, noting that they once took the gold for fun, but the next time, they take it forever. Storm says it is always ass-kicking time and they brawled until they were pulled apart. I dig the helms angle, which seemingly leads to Edwards vs. Lee, and I am cool with that. The angle with Beer Money and the Decay sets up the next tag title feud, which is also nice to see.

– Matt cut a promo about the title match as Tyrus slowly walked up behind him. That was a cool visual.

– Roode says enough of the bullshit, and next week they will put the titles on the line in a match against anyone and everyone.

– Mike Bennett vs. EC3 is also set for next week.

– Pre-match, Tyrus teased cashing in and joining the match, but Matt attacked and the bell sounded, so he cannot cash in at this time.

TNA Title Match: Champion Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy w/Spud and Tyrus: Matt controlled due to the post match attack, and we then took a commercial at the one minute mark. Following the break, they brawled on the apron and Spud got involved, allowing Matt to hit a side effect on the apron. Spud kept helping and worked over Galloway on the floor, and then Matt returned to do more damage. Matt took the heat as they returned to the ring, scoring with neck breakers for near falls. Galloway would fight back with chops as Tyrus looked on and did not seem entertained. They battled up top with Matt hitting a gut wrench suplex off the ropes. Matt faked an ankle injury, Spud tried to get involved and failed, leading to Matt using the boot as a weapon and getting a near fall. Matt then came off the ropes and ate a future shock, but Tyrus pulled the ref to the floor. Jeff Hardy arrived and took out Tyrus with a chair shot and twist of fate. Matt would get a near fall off of the twist of fate, and was enraged when Galloway kicked out and when he saw Jeff. Galloway locked in the iron maiden, and Matt tapped. A little too much shenanigans for my tastes, but Galloway retains, Tyrus is in the mix, and we’re building to Matt vs. Jeff as Matt will obviously blame Jeff for the loss.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
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Tonight was an overall good show, with largely solid in ring action, good follow up from last week and setting the stage for next week and beyond. It was far from perfect, but it got the job done.