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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 7.12.16

July 12, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 7.12.16  

TNA Impact Review 7.12.16

X-Division #1 Contender’s Ladder Match: DJ Z won @ 5:47 [***]
– Bram defeated Abyss @ 4:07 via pin [**]
Knockouts Title Match: Champion Sienna defeated Marti Bell, Gail Kim and Jade @ 5:14 via pin [**¾]
– DJ Z defeated Mike Bennett @ 5:15 via pin [**¼]
Title vs. Title Match: World Champion Lashley vs. X-Division Champion Eddie Edwards went to a no contest @ 15:00 [***½]

– We get footage from the day after the FINAL DELETION. Jeff was waking from a nightmare; Matt has named his dilapidated boat, and takes to the water to bury the physical remains of Brother Nero. The fucking DRONE was back and brought Matt something he forgot, and Matt even THANKED the drone. He then tossed the physical remains (which appeared to be Jeff’s clothing) into the water. A perfectly wacky follow up to the FINAL DELETION.

X-Division #1 Contender’s Ladder Match: Rockstar Spud vs. DJ Z vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Mandrews vs. Andrew Everett vs. Trevor Lee: Lee and Everett tried to grab the ladders right away, but ate dives and we were underway. They went fast paced right away, dives and knocking guys off the ladders and not wasting any time. Spud and Sutter paired off, keeping with the rivalry, as Lee and Everett tried to work together as they usually do. Fun spot as Lee climbed two ladders, they got pulled away and he ended in a split and DJ Z dropkicked him in the balls. They never slowed, which was good to keep the crowd interested, but didn’t exactly let you really take anything in Helms got involved, but DJ Z took him out. He then fought off Lee and Everett, and toppled the ladder, sending Lee to the floor onto a pile of bodies. DJ Z climbed and grabbed the X to earn an X-Division title shot. That was a really fun sprint and extremely energetic way to kick off the show; the right guy won because DJ Z is underutilized. I just wish they got more time, but that is my usual complaint about the division. They desperately need to build characters and momentum for the characters in the division.

– Borash interviewed DJ Z post match, he claimed he worked hard and was ready to win the title. Mike Bennett attacked and laid him out. Bennett said he promised to ruin the show, and then said he would burn TNA to the ground.

– EC3 cut a promo, noting that he and Galloway want the same thing, and that tonight they have to fight.

– New interview chick interviewed Dixie Carter, who hypes the move to Thursday and the Bound for Glory playoffs.

Interview Time With Edwards and Lashley: Borash is in the ring with Edwards and Lashley t hype tonight’s main event. Lashley dismissed Borash, and claimed that Edwards got a lucky shot last week, and he admires him for stepping up, but he’s pissed off now. Edwards says he never backs down, and tonight, Lashley will be even more pissed off when he wins the title. Lashley says the underdog does not win, that only happens in movies; this is real life and Lashley is a real fighter. He will beat Edwards’ ass and be the best Impact has ever seen. Edwards tried to put over the X-Title, and Lashley attacked and beat him down in the corner. Lashley then got a chair, but Davey Richards returned to make the save. The Wolves cleared the ring and celebrated. That was a good segment to add to the build of tonight’s title match, and to possibly even create doubt as to Richards’ motive to return, because this is wrestling.

– Steve and Abyss argue backstage, they want to know where Rosemary is. They are still upset that she kissed Bram.

– Back at the Hardy estate, Matt is holding a special screening of the FINAL DELETION. Reby rode down a fireman’s pole with Maxel on her back to make her entrance AFTER using book to open a SECRET DOOR; you can’t make this shit up. He promises the PUBLIC DELETION later tonight.

Bram vs. Abyss w/Crazzy Steve: Steve distracted Bram, allowing Abyss to take control right away. Bram tried to fire up with clotheslines and finally took Abyss down. He tried to follow up, but got sent to the floor, where Steve worked him over. Back in, Abyss worked a neck crank; Bram escaped a powerbomb attempt and hit a spin kick. Bram hit a series of forearms and a high knee, escaped a chokeslam again but Abyss finally got it. Rosemary then made her way out to the ring, said something to Bram and that distracted Abyss, and Bram scored the win with the schoolboy. This was solid, but pretty lethargic. Bram and Rosemary exchanged a look as he left, leaving Abyss and Steve angry over the situation. Overall this was more angle than match, and came off solid overall. Rosemary continues to be awesome in her role, even when not speaking.

Knockouts Title Match: Champion Sienna w/Allie vs. Marti Bell vs. Gail Kim vs. Jade: One of those things that bothers me is why Marti is getting a title shot, when she lost last week. Also, didn’t Gail lose to Sienna in a rematch? If we really think about it, Jade is the only one really deserving. I just want some effort put into the booking. Kim attacked Sienna as she made her entrance, allowing Marti and Jade to battle in the ring. Sienna finally took down Kim, and when she pulled Jade to the floor, that allowed her to beat down Marti. Sienna got some run, Kim returned for a short period, but was then sent back to the floor. Kim and jade finally returned with missile dropkicks, and they battled. They had some nice back and forth, I am still waiting for them to get time in an extended singles match. Sienna came back and she and Jade ended up with the doomsday device on Kim. Marti then hit a pedigree on Jade, Kim with eat defeat on Marti, but Allie put her foot on the ropes to make the save. Sienna then hit the silencer on Kim, and covered for the win. That was pretty good overall, a bit too slavish to the one on one stuff that these matches develop into, but it was entertaining. I also like that Kim took the pin, because all too often TNA uses these multi-person matches to protect Kim.

– We go to the FINAL DELETION dinner, where Matt mistakes his waitress for Spanish. Matt wants Maxel to pass him the green beans, but there are none. Matt demands green beans, but also says NOT to bring mustard, because he STRONGLY DISLIKES mustard. Matt then has his SCRIBE take a note about the public deletion, which is next.

– Lashley is pissed off backstage. Lashley, who gives no fucks, says he loves the hunt and wants Davey Richards at ringside so that he can watch Edwards and the X-Division destroyed.

BROKEN MATT IS HERE: Reby arrived, with Maxel strapped on her back, arrived to introduce Matt Hardy. Matt ran down the fans before claiming that he won the greatest match in wrestling history last week. Now that brother Nero has been deleted, he owns everything that is Hardy. He then claimed that he was bringing out brother Nero for one last time. Reby announced brother Nero “from a place darker than parts unknown, deletion,” and Jeff came out looking lie a sad panda in his hoodie as Reby repeatedly said “obsolete” to him. Matt says that he has decided to terminate Jeff’s Impact wrestling contract, and then banished him. Matt then made him stop and turn around, and said he needs to make sure Jeff will find no joy, because Jeff will take a new persona and go to work for McMahon or for “the New Wrestling of Japan of Honorable Wrestling.” Matt says he owns Jeff and will make him his personal mule, and will work him and break his back to take every penny in his body. Matt then yelled DELETE several times as he banishes Jeff again. Ok, I really appreciate Matt’s dedication to the character and angle, and Jeff sold his sadness well, but I was really hoping that Jeff would actually disappear and “be deleted” so that Jeff could get his knee taken care of and then return. Instead, we’re going to continue on with this in another way and not give it any time to breathe and set for Jeff to return and get his revenge. I didn’t hate it, but I felt that they needed some separation. Still, I appreciate Matt‘s character work, as I said last week you can’t go half ass when you go crazy, you have to go all the way and he’s done that.

– Bennett and Maria search for Eddie Edwards. DJ Z finds Bennett and challenges him to a match, and he agrees.

DJ Z vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria: DJ Z was all fired up, but Bennett cut him off and worked him over for the first 90-seconds. DJ Z started to make his comeback, but then ran into a cutter, and Bennett got a near fall. Bennett followed with a spinebuster for another near fall. DJ Z fought back with a head scissors and then a big plancha. A RANA followed, and then Bennett tried to run away. The X-Division roster then arrived to make sure he couldn’t run away. Bennett returned to the ring and DJ Z rolled him up for the pin. I did like that Bennett got foiled in his attempt to ruin the night after his month of shit talking the X-Division, but it felt a bit too flukey for me. I think that it could have been done a bit better as to make DJ Z look really strong, but at least they did the right thing and gave him the win. Overall the story is good, but Bennett still bores me to tears as a singles guy.

– Post match, Bennett declared that he will burn TNA to the ground, and that he wouldn’t do it on his own.

– We then see Bennett on the phone, and he tells his help to get here tonight

Drew Galloway & Ethan Carter Have an Unsanctioned Fight: Since TNA won’t sanction a match, Galloway demands EC3 come to the ring for fight. EC3 arrived, said they may still be friends later, but that they were going to fight. Both guys wore jeans, so that there was no illusion that this was a match. They brawled on the floor for a bit, EC3 tossed a chair into Galloway’s face, but Galloway got to lay into EC3 with some chair shots as a referee appeared to try and break up the fight. The battle went up by the stage and then to the backstage area. Agents, refs and roster members tried to separate tem and that was that. It lasted a bit over three-minutes, and while fine, didn’t reflect the promos from last week or even this week. The idea was good, but the execution lacked for me; the crowd reaction was also poor, especially since they like these guys I really expected some good energy there.

– Davey taped up Eddie’s hand and had a heart to heart prior to Eddie’s title match.

– The Bound for Glory playoff begins next week, competing are: Eli Drake, EC3, Jeff Hardy, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, Mat Hardy, Bram and James Storm. They will battle for a world title shot at Bound For Glory.

Title vs. Title Match: World Champion Lashley vs. X-Division Champion Eddie Edwards w/Davey Richards: Lashley dominated early, using his power and tossing Edwards around. Edwards managed to use his speed, send Lashley to the floor but Lashley caught his dive. Edwards escaped, but would eat a belly to belly on the ramp. Lashley then speared Edwards into the steps as we took a commercial break. Post break, Lashley continued his attack and was just beating Edwards down. Lashley was in his give no fucks mode, just slowly abusing Edwards with elbow strikes and smiling like he was the happiest he has ever been. Edwards finally got some momentum with chops and a tornado DDT; Edwards then low bridged him, sent him to the floor and hit a trios of suicide dives. The crowd was a bit light during the heat, but really picked up for the comeback. Edwards got a near fall off of a sitout spinebuster, then they battled up top with Lashley selling Edwards’ offense well. Lashley had a slip on the ropes, got back up and Edwards hit the enziguri and then RANA off the ropes. Edwards set, but Lashley countered the knee strike and we got a ref bump as Lashley went for and hit a powerslam. Lashley then grabbed the world title, Richards is in and the Wolves hit chasing the dragon, but Lashley survives.

Mike Bennett then hit the ring and KO’d the ref, and then former ROH star Moose made his debut complete with his music. Moose took out Richards, and then powerbombed Edwards onto the apron. He went face to face with Lashley, Bennett low blowed the champion and Moose laid out Lashley with a discus lariat. The match was going really well until they went with the angle instead of the finish. The thing here is that they HAVE to deliver a finish next week, and a clean one because Dixie promised it, and you cannot tease the fans and then not pay it off. I don’t have a huge problem with this finish, they tried to run a big angle and payoff the threat from Bennett, but the TNA of old would then follow this up by fucking the fans the next week and the next week. They just can’t do that here. The Moose debut came off… a bit flat. But that should have been expected really, he was liked in ROH, but wasn’t exactly a superstar there. Hopefully the beat down this week and what they do to follow up next week can change that.

– Backstage Dixie said that her fans deserve a winner, so next week, Lashley and Edwards will face again in another title vs. title match, because they will fight in a steel cage match.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
The 411
Overall this week’s show was a good show, and played as a good follow up to last week’s show. I thought the show was solid through out, there was nothing I felt came off bad, and they are trying to book week to week and make the show flow and actually feel episodic. This is a necessity when you barely run PPV, you have to make the show feel important and linked. They still have some work to do on the X-Division and Knockouts Division, but the show was easy to watch and if they can deliver on the no interference next week, I really think Edwards vs. Lashley can deliver big time. They showed that they can work well together tonight, and I think that they have a ton of potential heading into next week. Also, credit to Matt Hardy’s dedication to the Broken role, dude is all in and it was entertaining.