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Csonka’s Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part Two Review

November 8, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Ultima Lucha Cuatro
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Csonka’s Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part Two Review  

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Csonka’s Lucha Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part Two Review

2 out or 3 Falls Match: Fenix defeated Dragon Azteca Jr. @ 15:20 via pin [2-1] [***½]
Death Match: The Mack defeated Mil Muertes @ 12:55 via pin [****]
Sacrifice to The Gods Match: Johnny Mundo defeated Matanza @ 11:55 via pin [***]
Lucha Underground Title Ciero Miedo Match: Pentagon defeated Champion Marty The Moth Martinez @ 12:35 via pin [****]
Lucha Underground Title Match: Jake Strong defeated Champion Pentagon @ 0:40 via referee stoppage [NR]

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– We get the usual catch us up video to begin.

– Johnny Mundo is air guitaring with the gauntlet as he talks with Taya. Taya still has Ricky’s doll. Johnny tells Taya if he’s sacrificed tonight, he loves her. The doll talks with Taya and tells her she loves her and that she’s pretty. The doll then possesses Taya.

2 out or 3 Falls Match: Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Fenix: They brawl at the bell, lighting each other up with chops and kicks. Fenix hits a cutter and cuts off Azteca with a superkick and Azteca hits a code red and dropkick. Fenix spills to the floor and Azteca follows with a dive. Back in and Azteca rolls through on the 450, they trade kicks and Fenix hits the black fire driver to take fall one at 2:19. Fall two begins as Fenix slides in a chair. He wedges it in the corner and now gets a table. Azteca starts to fire back, hits clotheslines and kicks for 2. Azteca hits the satellite DDT and wins fall two at 4:25. Antonio Cueto arrives and says that the match is now falls count anywhere. Fenix hits a chair shot, and kicks Azteca to the floor and starts moving the wooden chairs around. Back in and Fenix teases a suplex from the ring onto the chairs, Azteca fights, and knocks Fenix to the floor. He follows and we now have a table set up. He just throws a chair at Fenix’s head, and slams him to the announce table. Azteca repositions the table, but Fenix cuts him off with a German on the floor for 2. Fenix sets up another table, but then rolls Azteca back in. Azteca cuts him off with an enziguri and dropkick. He sets up a table, and they fight back to the floor. They trade chops, and Azteca hits a tornado DDT on the floor. Azteca into the crowd, Fenix follows and they battle for position and Azteca hits a RANA of the railing, sending Fenix through the table and the cover gets 2. Back in and Fenix cuts off Azteca with a palm strike. He lays Azteca on the table, heads up top and hits the senton… BUT I AM THE TABLE! Fenix follows with chops, Azteca fights off the black fire driver, and they work up top. Azteca looks for a RANA, but instead hits the wheelbarrow driver through the table for a great near fall. Azteca gets a chair, but Melissa tells Azteca that they are friends and begs him to stop. Fenix waffles Azteca with a chair shot as Melissa apologizes to Azteca. Fenix then spears Azteca through a table in the corner and finishes things with the black fire driver. Fenix defeated Dragon Azteca Jr. @ 15:20 via pin [2-1] [***½] Fenix stays undefeated at Ultima Lucha, while Azteca has never won at the event. This was very good stuff with both guys working hard and taking a lot of punishment, as they also varied the Melissa/Fenix angle into this.

– Antonio is back and says Melissa Santos has left the building, so he has someone to replace her, and after months of negotiations, introduces Shaul Guerrero to replace her. She thanks the fans and introduces the next match. Well she tries, but Famous B arrives and interrupts. He claims to be the only guest ring announcer and tells Shaul to leave, and gives her a business card. Shaul busts out an “excuse me” and says she’s here to straighten things out and says the Guerrero family is Lucha Libre, and names the whole family. She’s also a warrior and calls him famous Bitch. B plans to make her leave, but Chavo arrives distracts B as Shaul his the three amigos on B. Chavo then hits the frog splash, the crowd fucking loved this as it came off as a really cool and fun moment.

Death Match: Mil Muertes vs. The Mack: Muertes wheels a coffin with “DEATH MATCH” painted on it. Mack attacks with strikes, but Muertes cuts him off and they trade. Muertes follows with head butts, but Mack hits the running knee strike and dumps him to the floor. Mack follows with a tope. Muertes cuts him off, slamming him into the coffin and they brawl to the apron. Muertes hits the DDT and he gets another coffin. Mack fires back, they battle onto a coffin and Muertes hits a face buster onto the coffin. Back in the ring and Muertes follows with corner clotheslines. Mack trips him up and follows with corner attacks and kicks. The big cannonball follows and Mack is fired the fuck up and covers for 2. Mack opens the coffin and there are axes, chains, and other instruments of death. Muertes hits a suicide dive as Mack was distracted. Back in and Muertes has an axe, Mack fights him off and takes the axe but Muertes hits a spear. Muertes grabs an ice pick and stabs Mack in the head with it. Mack is busted open now but manages a desperation spin kick. He grabs a chain and starts whipping Muertes as they work to the floor. Mack brings in a trashcan and sets it on Muertes and goes up top for coast to coast and connects and the cover gets 2. Muertes hits a chokeslam and they fight to the floor, and Mack rips at Muertes’ mask. Kendo stick shots follow and back in they go. Muertes is busted open now, DDT by Mack and that gets 2. Mack hits the Samoan drop and standing moonsault for 2. They trade strikes, and Muertes hits a wicked looking flatliner for a great near fall as Mack kicks out. Mack now counters the chokeslam into a stunner! He hits another and Muertes is still up! Mack gets a brick and breaks it over Muertes’ head and hits a third stunner and finally wins. The Mack defeated Mil Muertes @ 12:55 via pin [****] This was a great hardcore match, with Mack finally overcoming for his big win, with the crowd behind him the whole time, while Muertes was an awesome almost impossible to kill horror film monster. Mack was the last man standing and was over huge.

– Mack puts him in the coffin and spills some beers on him as he has a beer bash.

– Matanza is out in some new ceremonial style garb, a departure from his murderous auto mechanic look. HE’S EVOLVED INTO HIS FINAL FORM, RUN!

– Antonio isn’t happy Mundo has the gauntlet and says he won’t be taking it back to Slamtown.

Sacrifice to The Gods Match: Johnny Mundo vs. Matanza: Mundo uses the gauntlet and immediately overpowers Matanza. Matanza tries to rip off the gauntlet and tosses it to the floor. Mundo tries to go after it, but Matanza hits a pop up suplex. Matanza hits an Angle slam variation and takes control. The bridging Saito suplex follows for 2. Mundo counters wrath of the gods, hits superkicks and moonlight drive. Antonio watches on as Mundo hits starship pain but Matanza kicks out. Mundo tries for the gauntlet but Matanza cuts him off and hits a super German suplex. Matanza plays defense with the gauntlet, Mundo hides under the ring and comes out the other end and gets the gauntlet. Matanza cuts him off before he could put it on. Matanza then tosses it into the balcony and Mundo fights back with superkicks and climbs up into the balcony after it. He then parkours to try and get it but Matanza stops him and Mundo climbs off of Matanza and Matanza follows. Mundo gets the gauntlet, but Matanza chokeslams him through the roof of the freezer. But Mundo returns with the gauntlet on! He punches a chair into Matanza’s face and follows him to ringside and Matanza runs from Mundo. Back in the ring and Matanza hits wrath of the gods but Mundo kicks out, the first man to do so. He follows with gauntlet strikes and flips off Antonio and hits a superman punch from the top. The cover gets 3. Johnny Mundo defeated Matanza @ 11:55 via pin [***] This was completely ridiculous in every way possible, but that ridiculousness played perfectly into the story they were telling and the crowd loved it so I call it a success.

– Aerostar meets with Mundo and wants the gauntlet back. He says the gauntlet will destroy him if he keeps wearing it He gave it to him to beat Matanza and he did and Mundo says nothing can overtake him. Mundo gives it back and tells Mundo he’s a good man, but Mundo disagrees as he goes to find Taya.

Lucha Underground Title Ciero Miedo Match: Champion Marty The Moth Martinez vs. Pentagon: Pentagon throws a chair at Marty to begin and they brawl on the floor as Pentagon kicks his ass. Pentagon posts Marty and he’s busted open badly. Sweet Christ he’s already a crimson mask as Pentagon just kicks the shit out of him. Marty fires up but gets whipped into the chairs. Muta is jealous of Marty right now. May manages to his toss Pentagon through a table, smiles, and lays in strikes. Marty gets his lunch box, and rips open Pentagon’s mask and follows with strikes. Marty gets some bacon and a fork. He stabs Pentagon, busting him open. Marty’s shirt is soaked with blood as they brawl to the floor. Marty pulls out chairs, and piles them onto Pentagon. Pentagon rises and throws a chair into the face of Marty and hits a destroyer on the floor. Back in the ring and Pentagon covers for 2. Marty low blows Pentagon, takes him up top and puts a trashcan over his head and into the tree of WHOA. Marty gets the barbed wire baseball bat and unloads with a shot on Pentagon. Marty now gets gasoline in a throwback to a few weeks ago and pours it on Pentagon. He grabs a lighter but Pentagon kicks it from his hands and Marty lays the boots to him. Mary has the bat and misses, it rebounds back into his face and Pentagon dumps him over the top and through a table. Pentagon follows with strikes; leg kicks, and sends Marty through some glass that was set up at ringside. He’s dead Jim. Back in and Pentagon slides chairs in and sets them up. They work onto the chairs and Pentagon hits the package piledriver and regains the title. Pentagon defeated Champion Marty The Moth Martinez @ 12:35 via pin [****] If your into violent, bloody and sick brawls, this was the match for you. It played into the stipulation perfectly, paid off the promised violence, and saw Pentagon get revenge in the end. Great stuff.

– Post match, Reklusa saves Marty from the arm break. Vampiro runs her off and hands the championship to Pentagon.

– BUT WAIT, Vampiro attacks and they brawl. Pentagon fights him off, but HEXAGON DARK arrives and lays out Pentagon with a chair shot. Vampiro says that this is his master. He then hits a shooting star press onto Pentagon from the balcony.

– Jake Strong arrives and is cashing in his Gift of The Gods title shot. The ref arrives and we have a title match.

Lucha Underground Title Match: Champion Pentagon vs. Jake Strong: Strong locks on the ankle lock, Pentagon fights, but passes out and we have a new champion as the ref stops it. Jake Strong defeated Champion Pentagon @ 0:40 via referee stoppage [NR] Evil overlord squash

– The fans aren’t happy.

– In the closing, we see Cuerno meeting with Aerostar and Dragon as they agree to put the gauntlet into hiding. But they give it to Dragon as they talks about a “she” that wants to use it and he leaves.

– Black Lotus returns and tells Matanza she know she killed her parents and has the gauntlet and KILLS MATANZA, ripping out his heart.

– Dragon gets the gauntlet back, but Strong arrives and kicks his ass and takes it. He says it belongs “to us.” Taya, now possessed, meets with Johnny. Mundo says he got revenge and wants to go on their honeymoon. She attacks him, saying she’s not his wife, she’s a God.

– Antonio meets with shady figures. Strong arrives, covered in blood, and he informs them it’s Matanza’s. They tell Antonio his son’s sacrifice will never be forgotten. and the mystery limo man reveals himself to be STU BENNETT who says then need to find a new host as he says it’s time to take over the world.

– We flashback to one year ago at Dario’s future, and when Antonio closes the coffin, Aerostar arrived and placed the amulet with Dario, bringing him back to life as Dario says, “what the F…”

– To be continued…

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part Two was a blood-soaked roller coaster of insanity. We got some great hardcore matches, fun moments like the Shaul Guerrero debut angle, angles paid off, and load of drama in those payoffs and post-show credits that set the stage for another season if we get it. Black Lotus finally found out the truth and got to kill Matanza, closing her long opened story arc. There is a new axis of evil formed, looking to takeover the world, with the reveal of Stu Bennett as the mystery limo figure. Finally, we discovered that Aerostar again traveled back in time and brought DARIO back to life. Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part Two was a good conclusion to the season and also served as a great tease for the potential fifth season. While season four had its issues, it closed out on a strong (no pun intended) note…