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Dave Mastiff Says There Is A Plan For NXT UK To Come Back

June 6, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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In an interview with SportsKeeda, Dave Mastiff said that there is a plan for NXT UK to eventually return as soon as it’s safe for the wrestlers and staff. Here are highlights:

On the return of NXT UK: “I think there’s a plan going forward that, as soon as it is safe for us to return to work and provide content, and I believe we absolutely will. So, as a professional, just to be able to provide the content for people, to bring smiles to the faces is something we’re all really looking forward to and it will be different with there not being much of a crowd, or with there being no crowd if we have to do that, but, you know, we are professionals, we are focused and we’ve got a job to do when we go back, and we will absolutely do it, and we will all be relishing going back to work, and the truth is, it’s a little bit funny but, if you go back 15 years, there [weren’t] many people in crowds in British wrestling shows, so it’s going to be about seven people less than my smallest crowd I ever wrestled in front of.”

On what he’s been doing during his down time: “For myself, I’m using a lot of the time to study old tapes and old matches, keeping my mind active. That keeps me learning, that keeps me improving as a professional. Fortunately, for myself, last year, for my birthday, my partner totally did out the garage and moved a load of gym equipment in there so I’ve had a garage gym for a considerable time now, so I was slightly ahead of the curve, so I’m able to keep fit and keep active in there,” he said. “I’m walking the dog. That’s my mandated outdoor time for the day and just keeping busy, trying to entertain my son, that’s been a bit of a blessing because the time we’ve had off has been totally unbroken time with him, and seeing him develop and it’s really nice to be able to see that, I guess, so there is a positive from all of this right now.”

On the highlight of the brand so far: “That’s a curveball, I was expecting a different question to that. Personally, I couldn’t pick one. There’s been so many, I’ve had so many great experiences. In the ring… In the ring, I think two moments stand out for me. The first one being obviously the Royal Albert Hall against Joe Coffey to really kick the brand off. Our first big moment as a brand was there and again against Joe Coffey and TakeOver: Cardiff, the Last Man Standing Match. Those were big moments in the ring but the whole experience so far, the last two years have been phenomenal – and just away from the ring, being able to go around the country to these different places and entertain people, to build something special, has been really cool and also there’s been times where last year, NXT UK went out to the Royal Rumble in Phoenix and we went to WrestleMania New York, so to go out there and represent the brand and get to see those places and meet the WWE Universe at meet and greets and stuff has been something really special, and on a totally personal and selfish note, to be able to do that with some of my best friends who I’ve known for a long time has been really great.”

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