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Drake Wuertz Misses Last Night’s WWE NXT To Argue Against Masks In Florida Schools

May 12, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee

PWInsider reports that the reason NXT referee Drake Wuertz missed last night’s taping was because he was too busy attending a school board meeting for the Seminole County Public Schools to argue against masks in schools. He told the Superintendent that he shouldn’t allow for masks for children in school as the dangers of masks “outweighs” the dangers of COVID-19. He added the Superintendent would be “going against the wishes of God” if the masks were allowed to remain. He said the Superintendent allows “these precious children to be victims of a tyrannical overreach.”

He also spoke about wearing masks to protect the health of the teachers, saying that in Seminole Country, “God’s country, we put the needs of our children first.” He cited a Biblical verse that said it would be better for an adult to die by drowning than “lead a little one to stumble.” He also said that wearing masks in school would help predators who “wish to prey upon our children” and if they require children to wear masks, they are disrespecting the wishes of the parents. He also said that teachers wouldn’t be able to tell the children apart if they wore masks.

He did something similar last week, as he took part in a Zoom call (while backstage at the Capitol Wrestling Center in his gear) for the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners. He stood against the local mask mandate and spread a conspiracy theory that said “child sex traffickers love COVID masks.”

Wuertz previously spoke out against those who criticized him, writing on Facebook: “My wife said some folks are apparently writing about our “Radical Views “. *Human Trafficking is modern-day slavery and we seek to eradicate it *Abortion is Murder and needs to be Abolished *Children in my community that are being forced by local government to wear masks for 8 hours a day against their parents wishes is abuse. We have a God-ordained duty to speak up for the ‘least of these’ and petition our magistrates to prevent harm upon children. If this is “Radical” then label me an extremist for Christ. Were not called to fit in with the world. Were called to serve God!…”We ought to obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29

WWE requires masks for those working in the company, and it’s believed that Wuertz’s recent antics have turned people against him who previously felt he had the right to his opinion, and now think he lost that right when he was sharing it “on company time.”

Several talents and staff have been bothered by Wuertz’s actions and misinformation, with last night’s incident cited as a reason for WWE to step in. One source said it was a “pattern of behavior that is becoming increasingly concerning.” You can see Wuertz’s appearance at the school board meeting below.

It should be noted that the CDC recommends both masks and social distancing in schools. You can see their guidelines here.

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