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EFFY Says The Briscoes Are ‘Changed Men’, Thinks It’s Nice To Have Them Around

January 20, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Brandon Walker for Rasslin’, EFFY spoke about having the Briscoes at GCW shows. Jay Briscoe made a homophobic post on social media way back in 2013 that tainted their image and likely played a role in keeping them out of companies like WWE. According to EFFY, the Briscoes are ‘changed men’ and are a welcome presence at GCW events. Here are highlights:

Addressing the criticism of having bigger names in GCW as the company gets popular, EFFY said: “I see some of the controversy now. They’re saying, you know, ‘Why do you need Jeff Jarrett and Matt Cardona and these people on the show? The show sold out with a two-minute video clip of most of the regulars and I know there’s some people featured in [the vignette] that don’t have anything announced yet, but magic is in the air. I think there’s magic around. We did that sell out without the rest of these matches announced. “It’s nice to have a Jon Moxley. Contrary to what people would think, it’s nice to have The Briscoes around. They’re changed men. There is the idea of, ‘Well, as soon as we get hot, y’all want to come jump on board.’ We’ve got to maintain the energy that kept us and got us to this level, which is: ‘We don’t give a fuck.’ We do give a fuck about very certain things. We don’t give a fuck what you think about what you think wrestling is, but we give a fuck about the wrestling we put out, and with our fans, we are accessible. We listen to them. We’re an adaptable company or a company that goes out on a limb. When you come to our show, you’re not going to get the exact same outfits, the exact same look the exact same match over, and over, and over, you’re going to get Lucha and high-flying stuff, and Deathmatch and EFFY, whatever the fuck I’m doing. You’re going to get such a broad range that anybody who’s never been to wrestling is going to find something in there that’s cool and I think that’s what they like.

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