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Eric Bischoff Says He’s Okay If He Doesn’t Appear on AEW or WWE TV Again

March 6, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Eric Bischoff AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan Image Credit: AEW

Eric Bischoff doesn’t know if his days on AEW or WWE TV are over, but he’s okay if that ends up being the case. Bischoff appeared on the Going Broadway podcast and was asked about potentially appearing on AEW television again considering the way he’s been critical of the product, and you can see some highlights below per Wrestling Inc:

On if his days of appearing in AEW are over: “Not from my perspective but I’m sure from Tony’s it might be. I know he’s taken exceptions to some of the things I’ve said, and I don’t blame him… Look if it happens, I’ll be grateful. I’ll be happy. If there’s an opportunity to kind of mend the fences and jump back, and stick my toe in the water a couple times a year, sure; it’s always going to be fun for me. But if it doesn’t happen, my life isn’t gonna change. I’m all good.”

On being okay with potentially not appearing on WWE or AEW TV again: “I am living in a lifelong dream … So if I never leave Wyoming again, that’s okay, too.”

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