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FIP Cage of Pain III Results

August 3, 2010 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Thanks to Brian McLoone for the report…

Hey, went to the FIP show Cage of Pain 3 Saturday night, here are the results and my thoughts on the show.

Cedrick Alexander vs. Ronnie the Red: Double DQ/No Contest
This match was terrible as both guys seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing and pulled off moves as slowly as possible. After a few minutes though The Sheik came in and beat up both men.

The Sheik and Ron Neimi cut a promo saying The Sheik has now joined 911 Inc. The Irish Airborne also come out and join 911 Inc. as well.

Irish Airborne vs. 2 Fast 2 Furious: Irish Airborn win by pinfall.
I was expecting more from these two teams but got a rather sloppy match with more than a few blown spots.

Jobber #1 and Jobber #2 vs. Bumz R Us: Bumz win by pinfall.
Sorry I didn’t get the name of the first team. Bumz R Us are a comic relief team in the same vein of CHIKARA and that’s what they did here. Nice match with some funny moments including a teddy bear helping to get the pin.

FIP Heritage Title Brad Allen(c) vs. The Man Scout(Jake Manning): The Man Scout won the FIP Heritage Title.
The Man Scouts gimmick is that he is an adult Boy/Cub Scout with outfit and Cub Scout Manual. Gimmick was kinda funny at first but got old very quickly. It was a decent match but nothing that great.

Craig Classic vs. Caleb Conley
Caleb Conley wins by pinfall. A rather plodding, boring match that never seemed to pick up.

FIP World Title Jon Moxley(c) vs. Bruce Santee
Jon Moxley retained the FIP World Title. Good match although I have seen much better from Moxley.

FIP Tag Team Titles The British Lions(c) vs. Dark City Fight Club: The Dark City Fight Club win the FIP Tag Titles.
This was a great match and in my opinion match of the night. Both teams work really well with each other and they really went all out in this match.

After the match Chris Gray doesn’t want to give up the belts, holding on to them while sitting in the corner. Tommy Taylor rips the belts from Grays hands and gives them to the DCFC. After the DCFC go to the back Chris Gray and 911 Inc. turn on Tommy Taylor and beat him down until the DCFC come back out and clear the ring. After a few words with Taylor he shakes hands with DCFC and talks about revenge on 911 Inc. After a great match came a great storyline that has been building for months now.

Cage of Pain Roderick Strong vs. Eric Stevens: Double Count Out after neither man could get up by the count of ten.
The Cage of Pain match is a cage match with weapons hung up all around the ring. The match had some great spots like four chairs being placed into the corners and Strong slamming Stevens into each of them in a row. Bashing each other in the head with garbage cans, cooking pans, chairs, and tiki torches used to kinda simulate Singapore canes. Some very stiff chops from both men although Strong’s looked like they hurt much more as Stevens chest was red and bleeding. Supple off a higher point of the cage through a table was probably the highlight. After that I believe Strong hit another supple and neither man got up for the ten count. A double COUNT OUT in a cage match, to say the crowd was pissed would be an understatement with more than a few people walking out before the ending storyline. This match was supposed to blow off the years long feud between Strong and Stevens and we got a BS finish, that kills the match for me.

Afterwards 911 Inc comes into the cage and beats up on Roderick Strong for a bit. They ask Stevens to join in and he goes to but turns and starts punching members of 911 Inc. They finally get the upper hand and are beating both men up until the DCFC, Tommy Taylor and some others make the save. Strong and Stevens then make up and shake hands. Even though just minutes ago Stevens was shouting “Who’s Your Hero Now” at us while bashing Strong’s head in with a chair. It all felt like lazy TNA style writing.

I guess it wasn’t necessarily a bad show but it definitely didn’t feel like a good show. It had a couple of decent matches, one great match and as for the main event it had some brutal action until the terrible finish. Also even before the finish, the match wasn’t as good as Cage of Pain 2. This was probably one of the worst FIP show I’ve been to and I’ve been going to their shows since 2004. Honestly ever since ROH cut ties with FIP the shows haven’t been the same, hopefully though they pick in the future.


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