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Flash Morgan Webster Says WWE’s Treatment Of The Dyad Is “An Absolute Travesty”

May 30, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Flash Morgan Webster Image Credit: WWE

In a recent Fightful interview, Flash Morgan Webster shared some details on his personal history with The Dyad’s Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid (fka Zack Gibson and James Drake). He also offered his opinion on WWE’s utilization of the pair and commended the two for their talent and confidence in themselves. You can find a few highlights from Webster and watch the complete interview below.

On his background with both men and the impact they create in the ring: “I’ll be honest with you, even before WWE, I had a big rivalry with Gibson in Progress, Natural Progression Series. I had a big rivalry with James Drake down in Pro Wrestling CHAOS as well before they even became a team, before me and Mark became a team. I had a lot of history with them. Not gonna say I’m shocked. They’ve always been guys that walked to the beat of their own drum. They always find ways to get themselves over. They always do what they want, really, and what they feel they need to. They always bet on themselves. So looking at what they’re doing now, and I think the fact that they’ve never held those NXT belts, the fact they haven’t been called up after all these years, I think is just an absolute travesty. I think Gibson was one of the hottest heels, not just in the UK but in the world. I believe they’re one of the best teams in the world as well, I really do. The fact they’ve never held those NXT belts, the fact they haven’t had a call up, and if I’m totally honest, the fact they’re in that faction and the mouthpiece is not Zack Gibson, that man is one of the best talkers in the world. He’s a heat machine.”

On their decision to look futher afield than WWE: “I just think they looked at it and gone, ‘Well, there’s other options out there. We’re both still young. Let’s get out there and try to see what we can achieve over the next couple of years and tick off some stuff.’ I’m not saying I knew it was happening. But everyone was a bit, ‘Oh, they are betting on themselves.’ When you think about it, of course they’re gonna bet on themselves and why shouldn’t they after they’ve been one of the best teams in the world?”