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From the Bowery: Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain (Disc I)

April 24, 2009 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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From the Bowery: Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain (Disc I)  

From the Bowery: Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain (Disc I)

-The opening video package is just glorious with how over the top it goes in making Jarrett into the greatest thing in the history of the Universe.

-This is like the Angle DVD where we get Jarrett speaking on a topic and when that is done we get a match. Then he speaks on another topic, and then another match.

-Jarrett discusses his two loves as a child: Basketball and Wrestling. He lived with his mom who divorced from his father. He would see his dad during the summers, and caught the wrestling bug. In High School he opted to move on the other side of the city with his dad because they had a better basketball program in that district. There he met the coach that instilled the drive in him, and he has held on to that since. He played ball at a Junior College, did well, but knew basketball was not in his future. He still loves ball to this game, and he and Nash will often stay up to watch the West Coast games until 1:00 AM

-We get video footage from the very 1st NWA-TNA PPV. Borash introduces Toby Keith who performs his country hit “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue.” Unlike the Kid Rock concert at Mania, the crowd was way into Toby. Don’t underestimate the power of country music in the South. Jarrett breaks things up, and bad mouths Toby. This is the lead in for our first match on the disc.

Gauntlet for the Gold: NWA Championship

-Kind of like a Royal Rumble with 2 men starting and someone entering the fray every 90 seconds. The difference is that it becomes a regular 1 on 1 match when 2 men are left in the ring. The winner is the first NWA Champion of the TNA era. Jarrett is the #1 entrant, and Bagwell is #2. Bagwell dominates early, and hits the Blockbuster, but poses like an idiot. He gets tossed soon after, and Lash Leroux is your #3 entrant. Tenay mentions Lash was the 1999 WCW Rookie of the Year. He doesn’t last long here as he is treated like a jobber, and gets tossed. Norman Smiley is #4 and the crowd is pretty pleased to see him. The Wiggle gets a huge pop, but Jarrett lays him out with a clothesline mid Wiggle. Bastard! Norman goes for the wiggle again, but gets kicked in the balls. The stroke follows, and Norman gets tossed. The DVD skips ahead with 4 men in the ring. Rick Steiner just got dumped by Malice. So as of now we have Jarrett, Apollo, and Malice. Scott Hall is out next entrant, fresh off his last WWE run. They pair off with Apollo and Malice doing their thing, and Hall dropping Jarrett with the Edge. Tenay lets me know that 14 men have come out, and Toby Keith becomes #15. He picks Jarrett up with ease and hits a delayed suplex. That was pretty sweet actually, and the crowd is thrilled. Keith and Hall toss Jarrett over the top rope to eliminate him. Keith takes himself out, and that’s all we get. They clip to Jarrett and Keith being pulled apart. We only got 7:32 shown, and for those wondering Ken Shamrock ended up winning the match and the title. Jarrett comes back out to the ring, and says its bullshit that the title was decided in a battle royal. Jackie Fargo books Jarrett vs. Hall for next week.

-Jeff talks about his dad starting his own promotion. Jim Cornette mentions he first met Jeff when he was 12-13 years old. Jeff’s grandma was the promoter of the matches in Louisville. The point is wrestling is in the blood of the Jarrett family. Cornette introduced Jarrett to boot-legged copies of Japanese wrestling at that time. Jarrett talks about the early days where he set up the ring, and learned all he could from his grandmother and father. Jeff mentions he worked the concession stands and learned to over salt the popcorn so people would have to buy more drinks. Awesome!

-July 10, 2002: We get the final seconds of Shamrock wrestling Omari. Jarrett interrupts and kills Shamrock with a chair. Harley Race gets in the ring, and eats a chair shot too. God Bless Harley! I hear he is tougher than Chuck Norris. Shamrock eats another chair shot, and Jarrett leaves. We cut ahead and Jarrett comes back to the ring. He insults some Tennessee Titan players sitting at ringside, and they come over the railing after Jeff. This was an entertaining brawl as the Titans didn’t really pull many punches. Malice runs down and brawls with Jarrett through the crowd.

-Jarrett talks about Jerry Lawler and calls him one of the Top 5 Talents of All Time. He name drops Sting and the Ultimate Warrior when they came to his house back in 1985. Jerry Jarrett fires both of them because he didn’t think they could work. Jeff ribs his dad about that because within 5 years one was the Champion of WCW and the other the Champion of the WWF. Talk shifts to Randy Savage, and the money he made with Lawler in Memphis. He got the call and next thing you know Vince came calling. Hogan came through the territory before getting involved with Verne. More name dropping as Jarrett mentions Austin and the Rock. Both of them passed through the territory, and Jerry Jarrett hand picked Austin when he was with Chris Adams. This is all pretty fascinating as Jarrett has no problem name dropping all the people that have passed through his dad’s territory. There’s some fun stuff here with some classic old footage from CWA.

Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett
-July 31, 2002: TNA Weekly PPV

-Hall brings a stretcher to the ring. He charges up the ramp and jumps Jarrett just as he makes his way to the stage. They brawl on the floor, and Jarrett gets tossed into the stairs, and then onto the announce table. Jarrett ducks a clothesline but gets caught in the fall-away slam. Jarrett tries to bail, and the action spills backstage. They fight through the back of the Asylum and head out the door. Hall no sells a coffee table, and fires Jarrett back into the arena. They brawl back to the ramp, and head over to the stripper cages. Why did they do away with those? The brawl heads into the crowd as they look to be trying for the ECW effect. The crowd isn’t really into it though. They finally make it back into the ring, and Hall goes for the stretcher. This isn’t the kind of stretcher you are used to seeing. This is one of those collapsible stretchers you would see in World War II or on MASH. Jarrett baseball slides the stretcher into the ribs of Hall. How the hell does that even hurt? Now beating him with the metal posts in the stretcher is a lot more effective for Jarrett. Hall reverses an Irish whip and sends Jarrett into the stretcher. Jeff gets dropped crotch first on the stretcher in a painful looking spot. Hall takes a play out of Nash’s book and gives Jarrett Snake Eyes onto the stretcher. The Edge comes next, but Ron Killings pulls the ref out, and gives the ax kick to Hall. Monty Brown comes down and removes Killings from the equation. Jerry Lynn comes down and splashes Jarrett, but AJ Styles runs down to stop him. Ron Harris enters next, but he gets jumped by Slash and Malice. Everyone brawls while Jarrett and Hall continue to fight in the ring. They collide and we get the double KO spot. The ref starts the ten count, but both men get to their fight at the count of 8. Hall lands the discus punch, and then goes for the stretcher. The ref gets bumped with the stretcher, and Jarrett grabs a chair. Now Ricky Steamboat comes down, and Jarrett tries to hit him with the chair. Steamboat moves and the chair bounces off the ropes and hits Jarrett. Hall tries to use the chair, but Steamboat stops him, and that gives Jarrett the chance to hit the Stroke for the win at 12:08.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett via pin @ 12:08
-Holy hell was this shit an overbooked mess. In a twelve minute match they managed to squeeze in a pseudo stretcher match, a brawl all over the arena, and run-ins by 8 other wrestlers. They were also nice enough to throw in a needless ref bump. Just a total mess as Hall couldn’t do much more than punch. It may have its charm for some, but that 12 minutes seemed a lot longer. *1/4

-Jarrett says he stole the strut from Jackie Fargo and not Ric Flair. He tried to model himself after his dad, Lawler, and Fargo. He tells a few Jackie Faro stories, and ends by putting over Jimmy Valiant.

NWA World Title: Ron “The Truth” Killings © vs. Jeff Jarrett
-November 20, 2002: TNA Weekly PPV

-Killings won the title from Shamrock in August, and became the angry black champion facing the Southern Rasslin Fans. His opening rap is quite awesome with the bigotry it spews, and probably some Truth to what he is saying. See what I did there. Some of the crowd in Nashville are behind Killings here, but most are with Jarrett. Actually, the majority of the crowd seems to be there for Athena, as I have counted about a dozen signs for her. Killings hits a dropkick, and Jarrett stalls. Killings uses his quickness and agility to fluster Jeff, and he hits the floor to regroup. Jeff gets slapped around a bit, but fires back and hits a sweet dropkick. He does the Fargo strut to a huge pop, but a Killings mule kick to the balls stops the strutting for now. He controls with some right hands, and catches Jarrett with a powerslam. The axe kick follows, and the crowd is starting to get behind Ron at this point. He gets a two count from the axe kick. Jarrett goes for the enziguiri, but Killings ducks, and locks in a figure four. The crowd actually starts chanting “tap, tap, tap.” Too funny! Jarrett is able to turn the hold, but Killings breaks by getting to the bottom rope. A blind charge from Jarrett eats a boot from Killings. The champ makes the mistake of charging now, and gets caught with a belly to back suplex. Both men are selling exhaustion at this point, and it’s only been 8 minutes. Killing tries to leap over Jeff, but gets dropped with a powerbomb. They head to the corner, and the ref takes an inadvertent elbow to the eye. This gives Killings the chance to grabs a steal chair. He makes the mistake of sliding it in the ring, so Jarrett casually picks it up, and kills Ron. He escapes the Stroke attempt, and plants Jeff with a front suplex. He heads to the top, but Jarrett shakes to the ropes. Ron lands on his balls, and eats a stroke, but it only gets two for Jeff. They head to the floor, where the brawl continues. Jarrett gets tossed into the post, and while Killings jaws with the fans, Jarrett blades. The action spills into the crowd, and the camera loses them. Nice! Another camera is able to pick them up as this has seemingly become no DQ and no count-out. Killings places Jarrett on a table, and heads up to the balcony. He harnesses the spirit of New Jack, but it’s not nearly as dangerous. Which is a good thing. Now the ref decides to count them out after they spent 3 minutes brawling on the floor. Killings rushes in the ring to keep from losing his title via the count-out. That’s pretty damn stupid after all these two have done to each other. The ref gets bumped to the floor and they do the double KO spot. The crowd is waiting to see who will be coming down the ramp. Mr. Wrestling III comes down, and teases hitting both men with the guitar. He eventually hits Killings and Jarrett covers for the pin at 17:37. Mr. Wrestling III takes off the mask and it’s Vince Russo. Tenay screaming “Oh shit,” is pretty funny!

Winner and New NWA Champion: Jeff Jarrett via pin @ 17:37
-Another boring match that tried to recapture the vibe of ECW while mixing in some old fashioned Memphis wrestling. The relaxing of the rules and then trying to reinforce them later was pretty damn frustrating. Garbage match with no real flow or story. **

-We get early footage of Jarrett starting out in Memphis. Cornette mentions that the feeling was he was being pushed because of his last name. BJ James makes an appearance to put over how hard Jarrett worked. His dad didn’t hand him anything. I don’t think anyone will ever say Jarrett didn’t work for his spot. Scott Steiner joins us, and they show some footage of Steiner in Memphis 1988. Some more name dropping from Steiner as he mentions Mark (The Undertaker) and Sid Vicious. I’m really digging this old footage. Cornette puts over how important Memphis Wrestling was, and that if you sucked there, people within a 100 mile radius would know. Jarrett was tested by the boys because of his last name, and never complained.

Triple X (Elix Skipper, Christopher Daniels, and Low Ki), Vince Russo vs. The Road Warriors, Dusty Rhoades, and Jeff Jarrett
-January 15, 2003: TNA Weekly PPV

-Triple X and Russo were part of Sports Entertainment Extreme (S.E.X) and they had a war going with the tradition of the NWA. Thus we get this 8 man tag match. Borash introduces Russo as a former WCW Heavyweight Champion much to the disgust of Tenay. Tremendous! Jarrett is still the NWA Champion at this point. Russo comes to the ring wearing a hockey helmet, a mouth piece, and padding under his tracksuit. Daniels and Jarrett start things out for each of their teams. The heels distract Jarrett from the apron and Daniels takes advantage. Daniels flips out of a hiptoss, but eats a clothesline from Jarrett. Now Daniels gets pinballed in the face corner. He takes the chance to tag out, and Low Ki has a go with Animal. The stipulation here is if Russo’s team wins, he will get to name challengers for all three titles matches the following week. Animal misses a charge in the corner, but catches Ki with a powerbomb. Skipper gets the tag after jumping Animal from behind. He holds Animal wide open for a Low Ki dropkick. They try a double suplex, but Animal suplexes both of them at the same time. The tag is made to Hawk, and he falls over while giving a big boot to Skipper. A spin kick takes Hawk down, but not for long as he no sells everything. He makes the tag to Jarrett, but Skipper quickly takes the advantage. Russo gets in a cheap shot, but Jarrett moves out of the way and Skipper crotches himself on the middle rope. We get the Fargo strut, and Jarrett goes after Russo. He makes the mistake of trying to take on all the heels on the arena floor. That doesn’t go well, and once back in the ring Daniels takes control. The heels work Jarrett over in the corner, and Russo uses a towel to choke. Low Ki and Skipper have a contest to see who can face wash Jarrett the best, and it’s pretty damn funny. Not sure who won, but Jeff was damn sure the loser. Jarrett makes the tag, but the ref didn’t see it. They continue to pound on Jarrett in their corner, and cut the ring in half. You kind of figured Jeff would be doing the heavy lifting for his team, but damn. Jarrett tries a dropkick, but Skipper is able to hook the top rope to leave Jeff to crash and burn. Daniels gets the tag, and Jeff gets a small package, but the ref was trying to calm down Animal and missed the count. Daniels locks in a Boston crab, and Low Ki springs in to drop a knee. I miss Triple X. Jarrett fights out of a Rock Bottom attempt, and the double clothesline spot leaves both men out. Jeff crawls and makes the lukewarm tag to Dusty Rhoades. We got elbows flying all over the place, and all hell breaks loose. The only two left are Rhoades and Russo, and that is the cue for the screwjob. Rhoades challenges Russo, but before they can lock horns, Mr. Wrestling III hammers Dusty from behind with a chain. Russo rolls Skipper on top for the pin at 11:41. Mr. Wrestling III takes off the mask and reveals himself to be Nakita Koloff. Most of the crowd has no clue who he is, but some are glad to see him.

Winners: Team Russo via Skipper pin on Rhoades @ 11:41
-Jarrett did all the work for him team, and when he was in the ring things were ok. Thankfully, Russo did nothing except cheat for his team. The ending was the usual for TNA at the time. Still, Triple X made this pretty entertaining, and it was short enough as to not expose the Warriors, Rhoades, and Russo. **1/4

-Jeff talks about starting out as a ref, while he played college ball. He went by the name of Jeff Leonard (his middle name). Bill Dundee knocked him out with a punch during a match, and Dutch Mantell made the save. This is when Jerry Jarrett admits on TV that Jeff is his son. Jarrett discusses his first opponent, Terry Falk. Falk had a losing streak and his plan was to take on a ref to break the streak. It went to a draw and thats how Jeff started his wrestling career.

NWA Title: Jeff Jarrett © vs. AJ Styles
-Feb 19, 2003: Weekly TNA PPV

-AJ was aligned with Vince Russo and S.E.X at this point. I love AJ’s character here, and it would be nice to see him go back to being the cocky ass that knows he is better than everyone else in the ring. Jeff over powers AJ to start and shoves him back to the corner. They trade go behinds and takes turns working the arm. Things head to the mat where Jarrett controls. Styles eats a clothesline to stop the amateur wrestling. The pace picks up and AJ snaps off a beautiful dropkick. A basement dropkick hits Jarrett flush in the face for a two count. The discus punch takes to long though, and Jeff buries a right of his own. He sends AJ to the floor with a clothesline. Jarrett takes a page out of AJ’s book and hits a sweet ass slingshot body cross. AJ gets fired into the steel railing, but reverses a second attempt to send Jarrett crashing into the rail. He fired Jarrett back inside the ring and hits a backsplash for another two count. They fight over a suplex before AJ finally gets it for two. Jarrett gets pounded down in the corner, and eats a lariat. The crowd is starting to get behind AJ and even West and Tenay have to acknowledge he has his fans. A well placed boot stops AJ cold, and Jarrett catches him with a powerbomb. That leaves both men down for the mandatory ten count. They both get to their feet at eight and start trading blows in the center of the ring. AJ gets elevated and dropped stomach first across Jarrett’s knees. Larry Zbyszko comes to the ring, and helps AJ. They fight on the apron, and Larry trips Jarrett while he tries to give AJ a suplex. AJ floats over Jeff and delivers a sickening kick to Jarrett’s jaw. Larry decks Jeff with some knux, and that gets two for AJ. JJ Dillon heads down to the ring and he ejects Larry from ringside. AJ signals for the figure four, but Jarrett counters to a small package for two. Styles springs off the ropes and locks in a sleeper in a pretty cool counter. I like the story of each man using the other person’s offense to throw them off balance. Double J fights off the sleeper, and the flying forearm takes out the ref. Jarrett gets the stroke, but no ref is there to count. A new ref slides in, but it only gets a two count. AJ gets a sweeping heel kick, and hooks in a death lock. Jarrett is able to break, and monkey flips AJ into the ref. Cue in the run-ins as the Harris Brothers deliver the H-Bomb on Jarrett. Dusty Rhoades and Vader make the save as they brawl with the Harris Brothers. The ref gets back in the ring to count, but Jarrett kicks out again at two. AJ gets a roll-up that he turns into the Styles Clash, but Jarrett rolls through, but Styles rolls through that and ends up getting the Styles Clash. Awesome! That only gets two. AJ heads up top, but Jarrett spears him as he comes down. Another run in as Sonny Siaki lays out Jarrett. AJ has had enough of the run-ins and takes out Siaki because he wants to do this himself. They fight on the top rope and Jarrett is able to hit the stroke from the second rope for the pin at 16:04.

Winner and Still NWA Champ: Jeff Jarrett via pin @ 16:04
-As usual way too many run-ins, and that ruined what was turning into a damn fine match. It was still pretty fun, and it showed AJ was fast becoming a player on the Main Event level in TNA. ***

-Jeff discusses his first year in the business and wins Rookie of the Year. Foley puts over his natural talent and the fact that he worked hard. He says Jarrett has one of the best punches in the history of wrestling. Jarrett trained with various Japanese wrestlers to get his foundation. He tells all young wrestlers and aspiring wrestlers they need a solid foundation, or they have no shot.

NWA Title: Jeff Jarrett © vs. Raven
-April 30, 2003: TNA Weekly PPV

-This was the biggest match in the history of TNA at this point. Raven made a shocking appearance from the crowd in TNA in Jan and laid Jarrett out after he successfully defended the NWA Title. He immediately joined S.E.X, and claimed it was his destiny to win the NWA Title. Raven is joined at ringside by Julio and Alexis Laree (Mickie James). I must say she looks pretty smoking here. They talk trash to start and the crowd is pretty fired up for the match. Raven gets a quick shoulder tackle and immediately goes for a pin that only gets two. Raven out wrestles Jeff to start much to the shock of Tenay. He eats a couple rights and bails to the floor. Jarrett is having none of that and dropkicks Raven through the ropes. On the floor Raven gets tossed into the rail a few times before being sent back in the rink. Laree distracts the ref, but it backfires when Julio accidentally hits Raven with a chair. Jarrett slingshots himself onto Laree and Julio, but it gives Raven the chance to take over on the floor. Raven is already bleeding and a bad camera shot shows Raven slipping the blade to Jarrett. Sure enough, Jeff is bleeding the next time we see him. Laree set up a table, and Raven lays Jeff on it. Jarrett quickly gets off and heads back in the ring. Raven is waiting and comes off the second rope with a forearm. Julio hands a chair to Raven, and we get the drop toehold into the chair. That gets a two count for Raven. He comes off the second ropes with a knee to the back and that gets another count of two. Raven buries a knee into the mid-section of Jeff to stop his comeback attempt. He fires Jeff into the ropes and locks in a sleeper. It is broken momentarily when Jeff rams him into the corner, but Raven goes right back to the hold. The crowd starts a dueling chant where half scream “Raven sucks,” and the other half chant “Raven, Raven, Raven.” A jawbreaker breaks the hold and both men are down. This gives the fans a chance to chant “TNA.” Jarrett fires off some right hands, and hits a perfect dropkick. Julio eats a dropkick as well, and Alexis also gets abused. An enziguiri gets a two count for Jarrett. He catapults Raven into the buckle, and rolls him up for a two count on the rebound. Raven is able to fire off a kick to the back of the head to get himself a two count. A clothesline is ducked, and Jeff gets the stroke. It only gets a two count though. Raven gets the DDT, be it a weak one, and Jeff is able to kick out at two. Both men go flying over the top rope after Jarrett delivers a clothesline. The table gets used as Jeff comes off the middle rope to drop an elbow onto Raven. Back inside the ring Jarrett uses the DDT, but Alexis pulls the ref out before three can be counted. The ref has had enough and he sends Laree and Alexis to the back. Both Raven and the ref eat a low blow, and here come the run-ins. The New Church and members of S.E.X. do battle. While this occurs members of the Extreme Revolution come to the ring to abuse Jarrett. This would include the Sandman, New Jack, Saturn, and Justin Credible. They handcuff Jarrett’s hands behind his back, and superkick a chair to each side of his head. The lights go out, and that means Sabu. He takes out Raven and all the members of the Extreme Revolution. Jarrett is still fucked at this point because of the handcuffs as things settle back to a one on one match. Raven misses Jarrett with a chair shot and it bounces off the ropes to hit himself in the head. A ref comes down to unlock Jarrett, which Raven allows. Raven gets the even flow DDT, but it only gets two. He goes for it once again, but Jarrett turns it into the stroke and gets the pin at 16:57.

Winner and Still NWA Champ: Jeff Jarrett via pin at 16:57
-Again, way overbooked, but in this case it came off for the better. They were going for the ECW chaos feel and it came pretty damn close. I appreciate the fact that once all the run-ins stopped things finished with 1 vs. 1 and we got a relatively clean finish, so to speak. It was damn sure entertaining, I’ll give them that. ***1/2

-Jarrett calls wrestling Shakespeare to the masses. He puts over the business and how it is bigger than the music industry. He thinks wrestling week in and week out would outsell Garth Brooks or Elvis Presley if they kept running the same show night after night.

AJ Styles (w/ Vince Russo) & Sean Waltman vs. Jeff Jarrett & Sting
-June 18, 2003: TNA Anniversary Show

-Styles won the NWA Title a week earlier. Styles was hyping a mystery partner, and Russo introduces Waltman. AJ looks pretty shocked by the announcement. This was also Sting’s first match in the US in over 2 years. Big ass brawl to start as all four men beat the piss out of each other. Jarrett and Waltman battle on the floor, while AJ and Sting have a go inside the ring. AJ goes for a dropkick, but Sting just steps back to let AJ fall into position for the Scorpion. He quickly gets to the ropes, and they head to the floor. Jarrett and Waltman head back in the ring and the Bronco Buster misses. Waltman gets power bombed, and Jarrett locks in the figure four. AJ springs off the top rope to drop a leg on Jeff to break the hold. Things finally settle down to a normal tag match. Waltman makes the tag to Styles, and he cuts off Jarrett from Sting. Russo has joined the announce booth and gets muted every other second with the cursing. It’s actually pretty damn funny. Waltman comes back in and he locks in a sleeper. Sting gets the crowd going, and it gets Jarrett to break. He charges into a spin wheel kick for a two count. The snap leg drop gets another two count. I always liked that move from his Lightning Kid days. The crowd chants for Sting. The double clothesline spot leaves both men down, and the hot tag is finally made to Sting. He dishes out a Stinger Splash to each man. AJ gets trapped in the Scorpion, but a well timed bat shot from Waltman stops that. AJ gets his own Scorpion (the Phenomenal Death Lock?), but Sting is able to power out of the hold. Sting breaks up a double team move by dropping both men with a clothesline. In a sweet spot he drops AJ with the Death Drop and lays out Waltman with the DDT at the same time. The crowd chants TNA as Jarrett gets the lukewarm tag. He fires off some sweet dropkicks. Russo leaves the announce table and distracts Jarrett. All four men brawl in the ring now, and in the chaos the ref gets creamed by a super kick from Styles. Jarrett lands the stroke on Styles, but Russo uses the bat to break the pin. Raven storms the ring and pounds away on Russo. Shane Douglas charges out next and he starts brawling with Raven. AJ and Jeff fuck up a spot, but they cover with another stroke. Again, there is no ref, and by the time he finally gets back in the ring it only gets two. Sting pounds away on Waltman with a chair on the floor. Jarrett hits a stroke from the second rope to end things at 11:51.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett and Sting via Jarrett pin on Styles
-Another overbooked TNA Main Event here. The crowd was thrilled to see Sting, and that added a lot to the match. They could really care less about Waltman or Jarrett though. The match itself was fun, but after seeing all these overbooked matches on this DVD it’s starting to burn me out. **1/2

-Jeff ends Disc I by talking about the end of the territories. He doesn’t believe that wrestling is a cyclical business. He feels the promoters get lazy and rest of their laurels. He thinks that’s what happened in the 80s, and one guy said “screw you” and decided to go National. He said Vince wasn’t the smartest man, but he had the balls that none of the other promoters had. He ends the disc by saying Vince took the business to a level nobody ever thought possible and now TNA will do the same thing. Seven years in, I would say they still have a way to go.

The 411: 1 Disc Down and 3 more go!
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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