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Hall’s WWE Smackdown Review 5.17.24

May 17, 2024 | Posted by Thomas Hall
WWE Smackdown Jade Cargill Nia Jax 5-17-24 Image Credit: WWE
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Hall’s WWE Smackdown Review 5.17.24  

Date: May 17, 2024
Location: VyStar Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Corey Graves, Wade Barrett

We are just over a week away from King And Queen Of The Ring and that means it is time to start getting ready for the tournament finals. Other than that, we need to get ready for the World Title match between Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul, meaning it’s time for a contract signing. Let’s get to it.

We open with a King And Queen Of The Ring recap.

Queen Of The Ring Quarterfinals: Bianca Belair vs. Tiffany Stratton

Belair powers her into the corner a few times to start but Stratton gets smart by pulling her down by the hair. Back up and Belair runs her over with a shoulder, followed by a gutbuster. A standing moonsault gives Belair two and Stratton is sent outside, where she uses the hair to pull Belair down again. Belair is sent knee first into the steps and we take a break.

Back with Stratton grabbing an Indian Deathlock and bridging up to stay on the bad knee. Belair makes the rope and the knee is ok enough to snap off a fall away slam. The KOD is countered and Belair puts her down for two of her own. A handspring elbow is countered into a German suplex to plant Stratton again. With nothing else working, Stratton goes evil by raking the eyes and taking out the knee again. The Prettiest Moonsault Ever is blocked though and Belair grabs the KOD for the win at 13:24.

Rating: B. It’s almost weird seeing Stratton lose when she is looking like such a star, but at the same time, Belair is on a different level and has been one of the biggest stars in WWE for a long time. I could very easily see her winning the wold thing and it wouldn’t be a shock. Stratton’s big moment is coming though, as I would be rather surprised if she wasn’t Women’s Champion before the end of the year.

Post match Belair says her knee is banged up but nothing is stopping her.

We look at Logan Paul being named as Cody Rhodes’ next challenger.

Logan Paul runs into LA Knight and tensions flare.

Jade Cargill is ready for the irresistible force because Nia Jax is just standing in her way. Bianca Belair comes in and they’re ready to face each other if we get there.

We look back at Solo Sikoa telling Paul Heyman that Roman Reigns has put Solo in charge of the Bloodline.

Tama Tonga is ready to go and makes various noises as he leaves the Bloodline’s locker room. Paul Heyman asks Solo Sikoa if he talked to him today. Solo: “All the time wise man. All the time.”

LA Knight is ready for Tama Tonga. Carmelo Hayes comes in to offer Knight the chance to welcome him to Smackdown. Knight isn’t impressed and hits his catchphrase before telling Hayes to go play somewhere.

King Of The Ring Quarterfinals: Tama Tonga vs. LA Knight

The Bloodline is here with Tonga. The fight is on to start with Knight hammering away but getting clotheslined down for his efforts. A backdrop gets Knight out of trouble and there’s a running knee in the corner to rock Tama. Solo Sikoa offers a distraction though and Tama hits a running shot in the corner.

We take a break and come back with Tama hitting a basement clothesline but missing a top rope splash. Knight clotheslines him to the floor and rams Tama face first into the apron over and over. Back in and Tonga Loa pulls Tama back to the floor, earning himself a dropkick through the ropes. That’s enough of a distraction for Tama to grab the jumping Downward Spiral for the pin at 8:50.

Rating: C+. Knight winning here didn’t feel like the strongest bet as Tama is being kept strong, meaning a deep run is more likely. The only way I could have seen Knight moving forward was off a DQ or something similar, but giving him the pinfall win makes more sense. At some point Knight needs to win something though, as the fans are only going to stay behind so many big losses.

Post break Knight isn’t happy with the numbers game from the Bloodline and runs into Carmelo Hayes, who mocks him for the loss. Shoving ensues.

Here is Nick Aldis for the Logan Paul/Cody Rhodes contract signing. Paul comes to the ring with his entourage while Rhodes is on his own. Rhodes says thirty two years ago today, right here in Jacksonville, WarGames 1992 took place. He knows this because he’s a fan, while Paul is just passing through. Paul needs to step aside and leave that US Title in good hands on the way out. Paul says he’s heard this since the beginning and he’s here to sign a contract. The fans are all over Paul, who calls them a horrible crowd.

Paul looks to sign, but then tears the deal up. His lawyer brings out his own contract, saying it’s just for the WWE Title and not the US Title. Aldis won’t stand for this but Rhodes tells Aldis that he’s got this. With that, Aldis leaves and Paul signs, saying Rhodes hasn’t earned a US Title shot. Rhodes calls him a human hat rack and promises that Mike Tyson is going to knock Paul’s brother out next weekend. The brawl is on and Rhodes clears Paul out before sending one of the entourage through a table. The fans hate Paul and love Rhodes so this was a hot segment.

Nia Jax isn’t scared of Jade Cargill.

Queen Of The Ring Quarterfinals: Nia Jax vs. Jade Cargill

Nia shoulders her down to start but misses a backsplash. They’re on the floor rather quickly, with Nia yelling at Jade’s daughter in the front row. The fired up Jade sends her into the announcers’ table but gets sent into the timekeeper’s area. Jax grabs a chair but Jade takes it away and hits her with it for the DQ at 2:10. That was their “get Jade out of the tournament free” card but dang did it feel rather lame.

Post match the brawl is on with referees having to break it up.

DIY vs. Angel/Berto

The rest of Legado del Fantasma is here with Angel/Berto and A-Town Down Under is on commentary. Gargano hurricanranas and armdrags Berto to start and it’s off to Ciampa for a clothesline. DIY hit stereo slingshot dives and the villains are down on the floor. Angel low bridges Ciampa to the floor though and we take a break. Back with Ciampa enziguring his way to freedom but Gargano gets pulled off the apron. The Garza Special (Gory Bomb/flipping cutter combination) gets two on Ciampa but he manages to knock Garza back anyway. The hot tag brings in Gargano to clean house until Elektra Lopez grabs his foot. That’s enough for an ejection, leaving DIY to hit Meet In The Middle for the pin on Berto at 8:37.

Rating: C. I like DIY from their NXT days but there isn’t much to them here. They’re the definition of “just kind of there”, with some ok matches and nothing memorable about them whatsoever. Nothing makes them stand out and while they’ll probably get the PPV title match, it’s going to be really hard to get invested in the match. They need something other than “we work hard” because the rest of the division is rapidly passing them by.

Commentary talks about the weird QR codes and see a clip from a therapist, I believe the same one from the Bray Wyatt White Rabbit clips, asking someone if they’re ok since their last session. Graves even mentions remembering what happened the last time the QR codes started popping up.

AJ Styles isn’t sure where he goes next after back to back losses. Next week, he’s going to Nick Aldis and find out where he goes from here.

Bayley is asked about the Queen Of The Ring but Piper Niven and Chelsea Green interrupt. Chelsea blames Bayley for Niven’s loss but Bayley will face Chelsea next week instead.

King Of The Ring Quarterfinals: Randy Orton vs. Carmelo Hayes

They take their time to start until Hayes gets in a single shot, which has Orton less than pleased. Orton sends him into the post a few times and then over the top for the crash to the floor. Hayes avoids being dropped onto the announcers’ table, poses on the table, and then gets dropped onto it. Orton does it again and we take a break.

Back with Hayes working on the leg until Orton makes the clothesline comeback. Hayes avoids the powerslam though and Orton tweaks the knee again to slow things back down. The second attempt connects to give Orton two but Hayes hits the First 48 for the same. Nothing But Net misses though and Orton grabs the hanging DDT. The RKO is countered so Hayes tries a springboard, only to dive into the RKO for the pin at 10:27.

Rating: B-. They’re giving Hayes the “he’s losing but he’s losing to top stars” treatment, which sounds good on paper but he’s going to need to beat some people eventually. Corbin was a good start last week, but he can’t have that be his one big win for the next several months. Other than that, Hayes did a good job here against a legend before ultimately falling, which isn’t a bad way to spend your fourth week on Smackdown.

The Bloodline comes out for the staredown but Orton says he isn’t scared because he is Randy Freaking Orton. An RKO is promised to end the show.


Bianca Belair b. Tiffany Stratton – KOD
Tama Tonga b. LA Knight – Jumping Downward Spiral
Nia Jax b. Jade Cargill via DQ when Cargill used a chair
DIY b. Angel/Berto – Meet In The Middle to Berto
Randy Orton b. Carmelo Hayes – RKO



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The final score: review Good
The 411
The tournaments have been good to WWE TV in recent weeks as they have allowed the shows to be built up with one strong match after another. Save for a two minute Cargill vs. Jax match, that was the situation again here as the tournament semifinals are both set for next week. Add in a hot contract signing and what should be one of the last steps before the QR stuff is revealed and we should be getting somewhere. Solid show here, and if have something better than the DIY match, it goes even higher.

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