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Hall’s WWE NXT Review 2.27.24

February 27, 2024 | Posted by Thomas Hall
WWE NXT Shawn Spears Image Credit: WWE
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Hall’s WWE NXT Review 2.27.24  

Date: February 27, 2024
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Booker T., Vic Joseph

The road to Stand & deliver continues as we have just over a month away from the biggest show of the year. We are also on the way to Roadblock and NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov wants Carmelo Hayes on the way there. At the same time, Trick Williams is probably on his way back so let’s get to it.

Here is NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov to call out Carmelo Hayes. Cue Hayes, complete with security, to say he isn’t getting in the ring with Dragunov without a contract for a title match. Dragunov can have until the end of the night.

Gigi Dolin asks Ava to talk about her future but runs into Jaida Parker, who wants her own version. Ava makes a match between them for later tonight.

Kelani Jordan vs. Kiana James

Izzi Dame is here with James. Jordan wastes no time in taking her out to the floor to start but Dame offers a distraction. That’s fine with Jordan, who moonsaults onto both of them at once. We take a break and come back with both of them hitting crossbodies to leave them both down. Jordan makes the clothesline comeback and hits an elbow to the face for two. A Downward Spiral gives Jordan two but Dame gets in a cheap shot. The Dealbreaker finishes for 8:12.

Rating: C. James and Jordan continue to do nothing for me as a team and that was certainly the case again here. They’re just generic heels who don’t have much else going on and win random matches. Jordan is someone who feels like she could become something down the line and she is already off to a nice start.

Roxanne Perez is mad at not getting the Women’s Title shot last week. Jakara Jackson comes in to mock her and the brawl is on.

OC vs. Edris Enofe/Malik Blade

Blade gets knocked into the corner to start but comes back with a dropkick to Anderson. Enofe comes in with a headscissors as Booker goes on such a rambling rant that Joseph says he has no idea what Booker is going to say next. Gallows comes in to choke Blade down in the corner and we hit the chinlock. It’s back to Anderson for a chinlock of his own but Blade fights up and hands it back to Enofe to pick up the pace. Blade dives into a spinebuster though and it’s the Magic Killer for the win at 5:24.

Rating: C. I don’t think the OC winning their first match back in NXT over the resident jobbing tam is a surprise and thankfully they didn’t take long in doing so. The OC continues to be a strange team as they have a great resume but they are almost never featured on the main roster. Maybe they can do something here, because it isn’t like they have much further to fall.

Post match Chase U and Axiom/Nathan Frazier pop up to argue over who gets to beat up the OC first. Cue the LWO to dropkick the OC down as Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker look on.

Oba Femi wants competition and runs into Ilja Dragunov. After a quick staredown, Dragunov says he needs to talk to Ava.

Jakara Jackson vs. Roxanne Perez

Lash Legend is here with Jackson and offers an early distraction to cut Perez off. Perez isn’t having that and knocks Jackson down, setting up a springboard moonsault for two. Pop Rox is broken up too so Jackson ties up the legs and pulls on the arm at the same time. That’s broken up and Perez slugs away, setting up the crossface for the tap at 4:11.

Rating: C. They still didn’t have much time to do anything here but it gets Perez back on track after some frustrations last week. Perez is still leaning more in the heel direction but beating a fellow heel in Jackson doesn’t quite continue her on that path. The crossface is a better finisher for her though, as Pop Rox doesn’t feel overly devastating.

Thea Hail is disappointed over her date with Riley Osborne not going well but Jacy Jayne tells her to ignore Fallon Henley. Cue Kiana James and Izzi Dame to congratulate them on the calendar, leaving Hail alone.

Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker run into the OC and bicker a bit, with a Tag Team Title match seeming likely.

Luca Crusifino vs. Dijak

Luca strikes away to start and they go outside, with Luca knocking him over the announcers’ table. Back in and Dijak slugs away but a chop wakes Luca up. Dijak hits a superkick but Luca strikes him down again and hits some clotheslines. The cyclone boot sets up Feast Your Eyes to finish Luca at 3:28.

Rating: C+. I’ve seen Luca since he showed up on LVL Up and I’ve never seen him show that kind of aggression. Luca’s biggest issue has long since been that he doesn’t really do anything to make him stand out and now he has this kind of a showing. Rather surprising match here and I liked it more than I would have expected.

Post match Joe Gacy, in a torn straitjacket, comes in to brawl with Dijak.

Tony D’Angelo tells Stacks to get him, but not right now.

Noam Dar is warming up for his title defense in the main event but he doesn’t care about the Catch Clause.

Here is Lyra Valkyria for a chat. She wishes Shotzi a speedy recovery and promises Shotzi a title match when she gets back. Valkyria praises Lash Legend for stepping up but now she wants Tatum Paxley out here for a special gift. Paxley says she has proven her loyalty to Valkyria, who says that they’re getting a Women’s Tag Team Title shot against the Kabuki Warriors last week.

Cue Ridge Holland of all people to say he has something to say so they can leave if they’re done. Holland talks about how he isn’t a violent man most of the time…..but here is the man with the weird fear vignettes to beat him down. It’s Shawn Spears (called that, rather than Tye Dillinger) to beat Holland down. Points for an actual surprise there as I don’t think he was on many guess lists.

Brooks Jensen challenges Oba Femi and gets an acceptance.

Carmelo Hayes isn’t coming to the ring without a contract for a title match.

Lexis King vs. Von Wagner

Mr. Stone is here with Wagner. King’s chops don’t have much effect to start so Wagner strikes away for a change. Wagner’s big boot misses though and King strikes away at the leg, including wrapping it around the post. Back in and Wagner hits a big boot anyway and they go outside again, where Stone gets crushed. They get back inside where King is right back to the leg. A running knee to the back of the head gives King two but Stone offers a distraction. Wagner grabs a rollup for the pin at 4:11.

Rating: C+. The ending wasn’t the best as Stone offering a distraction doesn’t exactly make him look like a hero. Wagner is in the middle of a weird cycle as he’s kind of all over the place without getting anywhere. King on the other hand feels like he is mainly an agent of chaos, though he didn’t really show that off here, as he was just kind of a person facing Wagner.

Post match King takes out Stone before leaving.

Video on the Kabuki Warriors.

Jaida Parker mocks Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley but Arianna Grace wants peace. Valkyria points out that fighting is kind of what they do.

Joe Gacy jumps Dijak and a cameraman is taken out.

Gigi Dolin vs. Jaida Parker

They go to the mat to start with Dolin grabbing a rollup for a fast two. Parker is back up to stomp her down in the corner, including a running sit onto the ribs for two of her own. A running Blockbuster gives Parker two and we hit the neck rank. Dolin fights up but here is Arianna Grace for a distraction. That’s enough for Parker to hit a running forearm for the pin at 4:40.

Rating: C. They’re keeping up the trend of mediocre matches here but Parker continues to look like a star. She has a great look and that forearm looked solid, so giving her a win is a nice step forward. At the same time, Dolin’s fall continues as she is little more than a jobber to the stars these days.

Someone has written SEE YOU SOON on a beach and the Roadblock logo appears. Sol Ruca I’d assume?

Heritage Cup: Noam Dar vs. ???

Dar is defending against….Charlie Dempsey, with Jakara Jackson and the rest of the No Quarter Catch Crew here too. Round one begins with a feeling out process and neither being able to get very far. An exchange of arm control doesn’t work either but Dempsey grabs a backslide and flips forward for the pin at 1:48. Damon Kemp gets in a cheap shot to Dar as the round ends. Round two begins and we take an early break. Back with Dempsey hitting a suplex to end the round without much happening.

Round Three begins with neither being able to get very far with a hold, including Dar escaping an ankle lock. Dar wins a battle over the armbars before hitting a discus elbow as the round ends. Round four begins with Dar hitting a series of running shots to the face. The discus elbow sets up the Nova Roller for the tie at 22 seconds of the round and 9:50 overall.

Round five begins with Dar hitting a middle rope elbow to the back of the head for an early two. The seconds get into it on the floor though and Dar misses a corner dropkick, allowing Dempsey to grab a dragon suplex for the upset pin and the cup at 52 seconds of the round and 11:10 overall.

Rating: B-. I believe the term “it’s about time” is appropriate here, as Dar has held the Cup for so long that he had to lose the thing sooner or later. Dempsey getting the win is a nice surprise as well as he hasn’t done much so far in NXT. The Crew is kind of perfect to get the Cup as it is more or less their thing personified, and now Dar can move on to anything else for the time being.

Shawn Spears is back to mess things up.

Here is what’s coming next week.

Here is Carmelo Hayes, flanked by security, to sign the contract with Ilja Dragunov. Hayes apologizes for the security but he can’t have Dragunov getting hurt, which has Dragunov smirking. Cue Tony D’Angelo to say he’s tired of hearing Hayes wants a title shot. He respects Dragunov and is ready to earn a title match.

Dragunov is intrigued and D’Angelo proposes a #1 contenders match against Hayes next week, with Ava agreeing. Hayes gets up and the fight is on, with D’Angelo accidentally knocking Dragunov down. D’Angelo is put through the table to end the show. Again points for a surprise here, and that’s before Trick Williams is involved too.


Kiana James b. Kelani Jordan – Dealbreaker
OC b. Edris Enofe/Malik Blade – Magic Killer to Blade
Roxanne Perez b. Jakara Jackson – Crossface
Dijak b. Luca Crusifino – Feast Your Eyes
Von Wagner b. Lexis King – Rollup
Jaida Parker b. Gigi Dolin – Running forearm
Charlie Dempsey b. Noam Dar 2-1



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The final score: review Good
The 411
This was about a few major moments, with the title change, Spears returning and D’Angelo being thrown into the title picture. I’m curious to see where some of those things go and that is a good sign. At the same time, the wrestling was not the best here as there was no match that stood out, though there is a good chance those come next week.

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