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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Seasons Beatings 2023 12.30.2023 Review

December 30, 2023 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
Rev Pro - Live in St. Neots - Josh James & Will Kaven vs. Michael Oku & Harry Milligan Image Credit: Rev Pro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Seasons Beatings 2023 12.30.2023 Review  

Quick Results
Robbie X pinned Elijah in 11:09 (***)
Dani Luna pinned Maya Matthews in 10:46 (***)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Mitch Waterman in 13:51 (***¼)
JJ Gale pinned Connor Mills in 11:21 (***½)
Safire Reed pinned Kanji in 11:52 (***¼)
Trent Seven pinned Cameron Khai in 14:50 (***¼)
Harry Milligan & Michael Oku pinned Will Kaven & Joshua James in 14:19 (***½)

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We’re live on stream from the Priory Centre in St. Neots – for a rather emotional show following yesterday’s news on the passing of Kurtis Chapman. In an unfortunate bit of happenstance, this show 12 months ago saw Chapman’s final match for Rev Pro as Michael Oku teamed up with him to take on the Greedy Souls.

Regardless of what you thought of Kurtis Chapman’s character, as a fan you never left a show he was on without him having left an impression. Whether it was the “Super Contender,” the annoying “brother” tag team with Dan Magee, “Mad Kurt” the keyboard warrior, or the later day karaoke act, or indeed, any of his online shenanigans, the last thing you could call Chapman was forgettable.

Rest in peace Kurtis.

The show started with Andy Quildan paying tribute to Chapman, leading the roster in a 10-bell salute.

Commentary comes from Andy Quildan and Gio Nolastname…

Elijah vs. Robbie X
This was Elijah’s Rev Pro debut, and he started off taking Robbie X into the corner with the opening lock-up.

Elijah’s wristlock’s escaped early on, before Robbie X kipped up after a shoulder tackle… headscissors from Elijah are cartwheeled out of, before Robbie scored with a tijeras of his own. A quick return to the ring from Robbie X led to a slingshot senton back in for just a one-count, before Robbie slapped down Elijah.

Robbie springs up after a takedown, before a back elbow knocked him to the mat… a dropkick from Elijah takes Robbie X outside, then hurled Robbie into the corner with an Irish whip as the former Cruiserweight champion was having trouble dealing with the debutant.

Cue the comeback as Robbie X hits a cartwheel into a spinning heel kick, following with a hiptoss and a cartwheel dropkick for a two-count, before a Molly Go Round almost put Elijah away. My feed gives out, returning with Elijah dumping Robbie with an Electric Chair facebuster for a near-fall, before a missed X-Claimation was curbed into a wild German suplex.

A clothesline to the back of Robbie X’s head gets a near-fall, as did a Graveyard Smash, before Robbie X swung back in with a Beyblade kick. Elijah gets the knees up to counter a standing shooting star press, before he added a reverse ‘rana… Robbie X somehow gets right back up to hit an X-Clamation, and that’s enough for the win. ***

Maya Matthews vs. Dani Luna
This was Dani’s first outing for Rev Pro since she beat Alex Windsor for the undisputed women’s title at Uprising…

Matthews escapes an early side headlock as the pair traded holds in the early going. Some misdirection from Matthews led to a crossbody for a two-count, before Luna scored with a fallaway slam moments later. Clotheslines trap Matthews in the corner ahead of a sliding lariat for a two-count.

Luna keeps going with some rolling suplexes, but Maya fights out of them before a vertical suplex kept the champion ahead. A whip takes Matthews into the corner, before she hit back with a missile dropkick off the middle rope. Maya’s comeback continues with elbow strikes and a Slingblade.

A tiltawhirl DDT from Matthews plants Luna for a near-fall… a second one’s blocked as Luna then hit an Air Raid Crash for a near-fall – having seemingly teased the Luna Landing. Matthews slips onto the apron to escape a rebound Blue Thunder bomb, returning with a crossbody back into the ring, then a spear for a near-fall, before Luna threw away a sleeperhold.

Matthews rebounds with a Bull Lariat for a near-fall, but ends up falling to the rebound Blue Thunder bomb out of the corner. Maya kicks out at two, then tried her luck with a roll-up, then a small package, before she went back to the mounted sleeperhold. Luna throws Matthews away again, then ducked a Bull lariat before a clothesline and the Luna Landing got the win. ***

Mitch Waterman vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
This was Mitch’s third outing for Rev Pro – and he’s still looking for that maiden win.

Waterman goes for a side headlock early, but RKJ throws him aside as the Aussie powders outside. Back inside, he’s still unable to find an answer for RKJ, who was shifting the ring with his rope running and leapfrogs ahead of the dropkick. RKJ follows Waterman to the outside, throwing him onto the side of the ring with a side suplex before RKJ used a kid as a battering ram.

Continuing outside, RKJ sprays a fan’s bottle of water in Waterman’s face, before a stalling suplex back inside had St. Neots counting up to 60 as Waterman somehow managed to kick out after being upside down for so long. Fighting back, Waterman hangs up RKJ in the ropes, then charged back in for a neckbreaker for a two-count, before he looked to chop RKJ in the corner.

Those chops were laughed off though, as RKJ then struck back with punches and a death valley driver into the corner. Waterman’s able to add a Slingblade in return, as he proceeded to choke RKJ on the mat, then wear him down with a side headlock. Escaping, RKJ manages to hit back with a bodyslam, but misses a follow-up moonsault as Waterman took him into the corner with a shotgun dropkick.

RKJ catches Waterman with a roll-up into a bucklebomb from there, adding a couple of dropkicks into the corner for good measure. We’ve a draping DDT next for a near-fall, before another Waterman roll-up led to a superkick from RKJ. Waterman returns the favour, but that just led to a clothesline seconds later.

A slip from Waterman after the pair got back up has him trouble, as did a plancha and a suplex on the outside from RKJ… back inside, a slingshot DDT between the ropes almost won it for Mitch, before he got caught in the corner. Waterman fights off RKJ, but misses a moonsault of his own before a Bull lariat and a Shell Shock got the win as RKJ looked to get back on track after Uprising. ***¼

Connor Mills vs. JJ Gale
Seeds continue to be sewn with a partnership between Mills and Gio…

Gale looked to work the wrist of Mills early on as the pair traded takedowns and escapes… Gale’s seatbelt pin gets him a two-count, while an armbar had Mills grounded. Mills gets free, but was kept frustrated by Gale before he backed them into the ropes… and snuck in a back elbow on the break.

Mills began to take over with a kid to the chest, before Gale found a way back in with an O’Connor roll, an armdrag then a dropkick to take Mills outside for a tope. Mills somehow caught Gale though and hit right back with an X-Plex from the floor to the side of the ring. Back inside, Mills unloaded on Gale, pulling him down with a Dragon screw en route to an Indian deathlock.

Gale manages to cradle his way free for a two-count, then pulled Mills into a Codebreaker a la Mad Kurt. A cannonball off the apron follows as Mills was caught on the outside, before a spinning leg lariat back inside and a rolling elbow cracked Mills. Gale adds a springboard European uppercut out of the corner for a two-count, before Mills avoided a moonsault and struck back… only to get caught with a Falcon arrow for a near-fall.

Mills blocks a springboard cutter, but manages to catch Gale with a rebound lariat on the apron… a frog kick and a Ki Krusher almost win it for Mills from there, before a series of kicks to the back of Gale weakened him for the Burning Cutter. Somehow Gale escapes and returned with a backpack knee, before a springboard was booted, sending Gale to the outside.

Mills follows with a tope, then took Gale back inside for the Burning Cutter… only for Gale to counter with a Mouse Trap pin to snatch the win. ***½

A frustrated Mills attacked Gale after the match, prompting Gio to leave commentary to try and calm Mills down.

Safire Reed vs. Kanji
Reed attacked Kanji at the 229 earlier this month – sparking this rematch…

Safire ducks into the ropes at the bell, but gets caught by Kanji early on, with Kanji tripping down Reed for some ground and pound. A leaping forearm to the back of Reed’s head gets a two-count, before Reed’s headbutt caught Kanji on the apron. Reed ran Kanji on the apron into the ring post, before a dropkick through the ropes took Kanji into the aisle.

Back inside, Reed choked Kanji in the ropes, then scored with a dropkick to the arm for a two-count. Kanji fights out of a chinlock, but is instantly decked with a clothesline as Reed retained control, blocking a sunset flip from Kanji with a stomp instead.

Kanji’s left arm gets stomped on as Reed targeted the heavy padding, stomping on Kanji’s elbow before Reed began to choke Kanji with some rope. Breaking free, Kanji’s able to sneak in a superkick, sending Reed onto the apron ahead of some chops in the ropes, following up with a clothesline back into the ring for another two-count.

Kanji pulls Reed into a triangle armbar from there, but Reed goes for the eyes and hair to force a break… a stomp off the middle rope catches Kanji between the ropes as Reed built up again, only to be stopped by a barrage of shots from Kanji. Reed’s headbutt just earns her a superkick before she hit back with a snap German suplex to fold Kanji in half.

Kanji returns with a German suplex of her own, only for Reed to come back with a short-arm lariat, before see-saw pins led to Kanji being rolled into a crossface. The ropes save Kanji, as Reed then went to choke Kanji again… the ref grabs the wrist tape as an apologetic Reed then got caught with an O’Connor roll, only to reverse it and grab the tights to snatch the win. Both Reed and Kanji clicked well here, and this feud will surely continue… ***¼

Cameron Khai vs. Trent Seven
Trent’s gone back to shaking hands after he lost to Volador two weeks ago… and he’s given himself a new nickname: Trent Non-stop Action.

We start with Trent taking Khai into the corner, before Khai returned the favour… they go back-and-forth over wristlocks, but Trent heads to the ropes to force the break. Khai tries his luck with shoulder blocks, but Seven’s slams and spinning leg drop led to a pinning attempt.

Chops light up Khai into the corner, before Khai leapt over and took down Trent with a neckbreaker for a two-count. A PK keeps Khai ahead for another two-count, prompting Trent to roll outside for a breather in the front row. Trent ends up using the referee as a shield as he blindsided Khai, chopping him around ringside before more of the same awaited Khai back inside.

A faked-out chop led to Khai getting planted with a DDT, before an Emerald Flowsion almost got Trent the win. Khai kicks away a Seven Star lariat attempt, then mounted a comeback, tripping up Trent for a low superkick, while a deadlift Falcon arrow nearly got the win for Khai.

Khai takes too long to follow-up as Trent caught him on the top rope with a chop, following up with a superplex for a near-fall. A standing ten-count’s beaten as Khai and Trent trade chops, while Khai snuck in a German suplex… only to get charged down with a lariat. Trent adds a swift piledriver from there for a near-fall.

A second piledriver attempt from Trent’s floated out of as Khai hits a powerbomb… then a knee strike for a near-fall. Khai grabs onto the ropes to avoid a Birming-Hammer, but a Pingshot Cutter back in is blocked as Trent’s backfist and Seven Star lariat almost got the W. Trent crashes and burns on a Whisper in the Wind, allowing Khai back in as he proceeded to haul Trent up top for an avalanche Falcon Arrow… but it’s still not enough.

From there, Khai stretches out Trent for some hammer elbows on the mat, before an attempted Rainmaker’s ducked… Trent then chops a moonsault out of midair, then planted Khai with a pumphandle Emerald Flowsion for the win. This was good – but you could tell the St. Neots crowd weren’t buying any other result though. ***¼

Post-match, Connor Mills rushes from the back and attacks Trent Seven… Gio leaves commentary again to calm down Mills… then punted Trent in the balls, and gave Mills a chain to punt out Trent with. Yep, Gio may not have a last name in Rev Pro, but he’s found someone to buddy up with, as he’s seemingly traded the headset for Connor Mills.

Gideon Grey replaced Gio on the headsets for the main event…

Will Kaven & Josh James vs. Michael Oku & Harry Milligan
An emotional main event – particularly given Oku had tagged with Kurtis Chapman in the latter’s final match for Rev Pro in this building exactly a year ago… plus the fact that Milligan tagged with Mad Kurt as the “Super Chapman Brothers” elsewhere in the British scene.

There’s a story on commentary of how Dave Meltzer almost fell for Chapman telling him he’d signed somewhere…

Milligan and Kaven start us off, with Kaven slapping Harry in the ropes ahead of a headlock takedown. Some World of Sports-style stuff led to a roll-up from Milligan… who dabbed after the kick-out, only for Kaven to boot him down. Oku tags in and slaps Kaven, leading to a tijeras and a dropkick that had Kaven scurrying for cover.

Joshua James is in next to hurl Oku into the turnbuckles… Oku’s quickly back in with an elbow, then some missile dropkicks off the middle rope. Milligan tags himself in and is quickly thwarted by James by way of a spear before a bodyslam left Harry laying. Kaven tags back in and hits a snap suplex.

James returns and toys with Milligan in a gutwrench suplex before he hurled Harry across the ring. Harry’s back with chops of his own, but James obliterates him before Harry could complete his set. A pop-up spinebuster’s good for a two-count, with Oku breaking up the pin, before Kaven folded Milligan in half with a back suplex for another two-count.

Milligan somehow managed to get Joshua James up for a deadlift brainbuster, before he dabbed… refusing to tag out to Oku. He’s quickly made to pay for his old Chapman-isms by way of a POUNCE from James, before a double Mad Kurt Codebreaker out of the corner got Chapman some breathing space.

Finally Harry tags out to Oku, who cleared house… there’s a DDT to Kaven and a springboard moonsault to James for a near-fall. A PK’s caught by James, who wipes Oku into the ropes with chops as Kaven snuck in for the snap Dragon suplex for good measure. Oku DDT’s his way out of a Shatter Machine, before Milligan low bridged Kaven to the outside… prompting Milligan to follow with a flip cannonball off the top rope.

Oku adds the Fosbury flop from there, crashing into Kaven, before a missile dropkick from Milligan back inside added to Kaven’s woes. Oku’s frog splash is next, but Milligan only gets a two-count from there, before Oku rolled Kaven for a half crab. Josh James makes his way back in to chop the hold apart, following up with the Shatter Machine for a near-fall.

Joshua James grabs Milligan’s keyboard – he’s stopped by the referee, before Michael Oku grabbed a second keyboard and obliterated it over James’ head. From there, Milligan’s in to hit the Sega Mega Driver on Kaven, and that’s the win! With everyone’s emotions raw as hell, this main event ended with Milligan draped in the Mad Kurt pyjamas, dabbing to the crowd…

The usual Rev Pro sound system made Michael Oku’s tribute afterwards a little tricky to hear, but there was a plea to Austin Aries to get himself vaccinated – a cheeky nod to one of Mad Kurt’s shenanigans… before the show ended with the remains of a keyboard and the Rev Pro title belt over Mad Kurt pyjamas.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Under the most trying of circumstances, Rev Pro were able to pull it together and put on a heck of a show - ending with about as fitting a tribute match as you could ask for.

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