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Hamilton’s wXw 23rd Anniversary 12.23.2023 Review

January 3, 2024 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
wXw 23rd Anniversary - Robert Dreissker vs. Masha Slamovich Image Credit: wXw
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Hamilton’s wXw 23rd Anniversary 12.23.2023 Review  

Quick Results
The Rotation won the wXw Shotgun Championship in 10:00 (***¼)
Jane Nero pinned Michelle Green in 5:17 (**½)
Peter Tihanyi pinned Fast Time Moodo in 10:11 (***)
Michael Schenkenberg, Nikita Charisma & Sebastian Hackl pinned Anil Marik, Axel Tischer & Tristan Archer in 13:33 (***)
Joseph Fenech Jr. defeated Aigle Blanc via disqualification in 13:58 (***½)
Stephanie Maze pinned Norman Harras in 5:25 (**½)
Michael Oku pinned Mike D Vecchio in 15:42 (****)
Dennis Dullnig & Hektor Invictus pinned Icarus & Laurance Roman to win the wXw World Tag Team Championship in 13:42 (***¼)
Robert Dreissker pinned Masha Slamovich to unify the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship & wXw Women’s World Championship in 20:57 (***½)

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We’ve got a LOT of video screens inside Turbinenhalle 1 – and we’ve got a stacked line-up to close out the year. But first, we’ve got our Fight Forever match…

Scramble Match for wXw Shotgun Championship: Nick Schreier vs. Alex Duke vs. Jacob Crane vs. The Rotation vs. Bobby Gunns vs. Elijah Blum (c)
Unlike the regular Shotgun title matches, we’ve got a ten-minute clock on this one – and whoever scored the last fall when time runs out will leave with the title… and oh hello there Bremen sound system…

The opening exchanges saw Duke and Crane sent outside as Blum and Schreier followed them to the floor… allowing Gunns and Rotation to exchange pinning attempts before Gunns and Rotation traded shoulder tackles. Rotation’s dumped to the mat, then popped up into an uppercut by Gunns, who then got taken down by a crossbody and a dropkick from Blum.

Rotation’s back for a rebound armdrag off the ropes, then a tijeras to Blum, before Schreier tried his luck with a dropkick. Duke’s in to cut him off with a suplex, while Crane tries to steal the pin… but he takes too long as Schreier threatened to make a comeback. Instead, Crane ducks his springboard crossbody before folding him in half with a bridging German suplex to take the first fall at 2:31. Jacob Crane, your “current” Shotgun champion…

Duke’s in to attack a celebrating Crane from behind, before Gunns came in to snatch a near-fall with an O’Connor roll. A lariat dumps Duke ahead of the Ehrenmann Driver, allowing Gunns to snatch “it” at 3:14. Crane failed to break that pin up in time, and squared off with Gunns, trading forearms until Blum and Rotation dropkicked the pair of them to the outside.

Blum’s lit up with a chop from Rotation, who then headed outside to cartwheel superkick into Duke, while a cartwheel off the top rope helped Rotation in for a satellite DDT… which Blum countered into a stalling suplex instead. Schreier’s in for a springboard armdrag/headscissors takedown on Blum and Rotation, following up with a tope to Gunns and Crane on the outside, as Duke tried to pick apart the pieces.

A sit-out front suplex from Duke dumps Rotation, before a wheelbarrow got the Rotation in the driver’s seat at 5:48 – he’s got just over four minutes to hold out! Rotation stayed on the offensive on Duke, only for Gunns to boot him, then land a death valley driver on Rotation for a near-fall. Crane’s in with a lariat to spark a Parade of Moves, leading to Blum’s Parting Gift on Crane to see him take the lead at 6:37.

Alex Duke’s ripcord knee wipes out Blum, leading to a pile-up on the outside… Rotation capitalises with a trip up top and a moonsault into the pile, with Schreier looking to take the worst of it. Back inside, Rotation hits a satellite DDT to Blum, sparking another Parade of Moves. An apt shotgun dropkick from Gunns led to one in return from Blum as we hit the final two minutes… with Duke nailing a ripcord knee to Blum for a near-fall.

Duke stays on Blum with shinbreakers, which led to the referee threatening to stop the match as Duke went for a Figure Four on the champion… we’re into the final thirty seconds as Blum just had to hold on, but the Rotation sneaks in to hit the Victory Over Gravity to get the fall with just one second left. Rotation steals it at the end – for what was his first title in wXw… and my word, the timing! The crowd erupted for that win, and a deserved one too! ***¼

“Earlier today” Hektor Invictus is waiting for Dennis Dullnig, who’s come from his skiing holiday to get his match. Hektor’s not too thrilled with Cash’s John Cena-inspired t-shirt…

Michelle Green vs. Jane Nero
It’s a main show debut for Nero, who’s a trainee from Axel Tischer’s school in Dresden…

Green tried to pay-off Nero early on, but the declined offer led to Green taking Nero into the corner. After the break, Green took Nero back into the buckles, but missed a follow-up charge as Nero instead came back with a roll-up for a one-count. Nero’s side headlock’s pushed away, leading to a drop toe hold on Green, then a suplex for a two-count.

Nero goes after Green in the corner, but the Swiss native powders to the outside… where she’s rolled back in. She capitalises with some roughhousing on Nero, following up with a Fisherman neckbreaker for a two-count. Fighting back, Nero’s forearm knocks Green down ahead of a lariat, before a version of the Eye of the Hurricane almost won it.

A drop toe hold takes Green into the bottom rope, with Nero following up with a right hand from the floor, returning inside for another right hand as Nero scored the pin on a knocked-out Green. **½

Onto the main show… which opened with the crowd chanting for Absolute Andy as Thommy Giesen led tributes as the roster assembled for a ten-bell salute in his memory.

Peter Tihanyi vs. Fast Time Moodo
The main show opened with a battle of the briefly-in-wXw tag partners.

Moodo’s early side headlock is pushed off, but he counters an armdrag, landing on his feet before he swept Tihanyi down. An armdrag and a kick has the Hungarian rocked from there, with Moodo switching between forearms and kicks as he looked to control the pace.

Tihanyi lands on his feet out of a monkey flip, returning with a dropkick and a running Meteora as he caught Moodo being perhaps a little too methodical. Chops from Tihanyi have Moodo in the corner, while a suplex out of the corner garnered a one-count. A springboard moonsault out of the corner’s kicked away by Moodo for a two-count as the tide turned in a hurry.

A double underhook suplex flings Tihanyi across the ring, but those kicks are eventually caught before Tihanyi was sent down with some slaps. Moodo adds an Octopus stretch from there, but Tihanyi overpowers it with a hiptoss before back-and-forth strikes led to Moodo cracking Tihanyi with a headkick.

Tihanyi manages to respond with a moonsault out of the corner, while a tornado DDT almost got Tihanyi the win… but Moodo’s got something left in him as he took Tihanyi outside for an apron PK, then a stomp to the back. A turnaround led to Tihanyi crashing into Moodo with a flip senton to the outside, before a Dragon screw back inside countered one of Moodo’s kicks.

Moodo’s able to get back with a Pedigree for a near-fall, but again he takes way too long following up, allowing Tihanyi to sidestep a Black Belt kick. More kicks from Moodo have Tihanyi down to a knee, where a rear naked choke looked to get the job done… but Tihanyi rolls out and came back with an Asai DDT, then a slingshot cutter for the win. As a match, this was fine, but this lacked any kind of spice or animosity that you’d have expected given the way this partnership dissolved out of jealousy. ***

Baby Allison & Maggot vs. Massive Love (Jurn Simmons & Levaniel)
Allison got the skipping CD theme as that Bremen sound system struck again…

This match didn’t happen in the end, as the pre-match promo from Massive Love was interrupted by… Levaniel blind-siding Jurn Simmons from behind, moments after he’d thanked the crowd for their support. A pair of Galactic Facecrushers to Jurn gets some boos from the crowd… Baby Allison stormed out of the venue, while Maggot tried to reason with Levaniel, only to get laid out as well.

Rott Und Flott (Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Charisma) & Sebastian Hackl vs. Axel Tischer & High Performer Ltd (Anil Marik & Tristan Archer)
The curse of the sound system struck once more!

We start with Hackl and Tischer locking up, trading wristlocks before a cravat from Tischer was fought out of. The pair trade cross-chops to the throat as Tischer… opted to tag out to Tristan Archer. Michael Schenkenberg’s in too, and got help from Nikita Charisma’s enziguiri as Rott und Flott pulled ahead.

Anil Marik’s in tot try and neutralise, but he’s lifted up as Schenkenberg hits a dropkick-aided powerbomb/slam combination. Archer’s elbowed by Charisma, but overplays it to draw in the referee as Tischer snuck in to kick Charisma. A slam from Archer allows him to bring in Marik, who kept Charisma nullified as an armbar took things into the corner, where Charisma was kept isolated with some frequent tags.

Tischer rakes the nose of Charisma, which drew in Schenkenberg to complain to the referee… while Tischer tagged in Archer amid a tug of war for a tag. Archer and Marik combine on Charisma, leading to a low dropkick from Marik for a two-count. Another bodyslam dumps Charisma ahead of a Tischer knee drop for a two-count, before Archer popped up Charisma into a Marik uppercut… a back cracker and a Slingblade keep the High Performer Ltd. pair ahead, before Charisma snuck in with a Side Effect.

Eventually Charisma makes his way over to tag in Hackl… Tischer’s in too as we’re back where we started. Hackl deals with Marik ahead of a back body drop to Tischer… there’s a dropkick for Archer too ahead of a handspring back elbow to Tischer for a near-fall. Marik and Archer save Tischer from the Hackbreaker, before Rott und Flott made the save…

Tischer tries to put away Hackl with a sunset bomb out of the corner, but Schenkenberg makes the tag in as a Parade of Moves broke out… leading to Hackl hitting a moonsault off the top rope into the pile. Yay/boo punches between Hackl and Tischer follow – but Hackl’s not legal. Hackl hits a F5 to take care of Tischer, sparking yet another Parade… ending with Schenkenberg landing a uranage spinebuster to Marik.

Marik rakes Schenkenberg’s eyes on his way to an O’Connor roll… but Schenkenberg grabs the tights to help himself free, then rolled up Marik for the win with the tights still in hand. There’s something about this Hackl run that’s not landing with me – and with Tischer upset after the fact, it’s almost like this was unofficially a “win this match and get a match with me” outing. ***

Post-match, Hackl took the mic and told the Oberhausen crowd he wasn’t a commentator – he’s a wrestling fan. Someone in the crowd really wanted him to be a part of 16 Carat Gold… to which Hackl responded by putting over Tischer as the best German wrestler in wXw. Tischer took that as his cue to try and leave… only to be called back as Hackl wanted to shake his hand.

In return, Tischer took aim at that one fan, before he compared Hackl to Tim Wiese – the former German international goalkeeper who had a cup of coffee in WWE’s developmental back in 2016. Tischer refused to shake Hackl’s hand because he didn’t win… then offered a singles match against Hackl at Back to the Roots.

Joseph Fenech Jr. vs. Aigle Blanc
This was the first time these two met after Fenech turned on – and unmasked – Aigle Blanc at World Tag Team Festival…

Fenech tried to jump Aigle in the aisle, but a switcharoo sees Aigle score with an Orihara moonsault to Fenech on the floor before the bell. When things get going, Fenech’s knocked into the corner with an elbow as Aigle went for a 450 splash… only for Fenech to bail as a flip senton met him on the outside.

Back inside, a Meteora to the back of the head gets Aigle a two-count, before he went to unload on Fenech with some elbows. Fenech has big trouble getting going, as Aigle took him onto the apron for a teased tombstone, before he instead scored with the ‘rana driver through the ropes.

Aigle tries to follow up, but Robin Christopher Fohrwerk interjects himself to delay things… allowing Fenech to shove the referee into Aigle ahead of a death valley driver onto the edge of the ring. Christ, the NOISE that landing made…

Staying on the outside, Aigle’s chopped into the crowd… then thrown into the side of the ring as Fenech then shooed away the crowd… and trolled them by rolling Aigle into the ring. Back inside, Aigle tries to make a comeback, but he’s kicked between the ropes as Fenech sent him back outside… ahead of a tiltawhirl backbreaker.

Aigle avoids a cannonball into the corner as Fenech crashed and burned, leading to Aigle’s springboard crossbody and an enziguiri to put him ahead. A twisting suplex dropped Fenech, but he cradles Aigle for a two-count amid a sudden turnaround… which ended when Aigle landed on his feet to avoid a sunset bomb.

Back-and-forth strikes see the pace increase as Fenech’s handspring’s countered into a Dragon suplex… before he caught an Aigle springboard and turned it into a fireman’s carry slam. A handspring cutter followed from Fenech for a two-count, but Aigle was having trouble getting himself back together, as he slumped back to the mat after Fenech had pulled him back up.

Fenech pounces on Aigle with some right hands, before he tried to boot him off of the apron. Aigle’s able to return with a Cactus clothesline out of nowhere, taking both men to the outside. Back inside, Fenech nearly won with a standing Spanish Fly, before he moonsaulted into Aigle’s feet. A running Meteora almost won it for Aigle, who then scooped up Fenech for a tombstone… adding a 450 splash, only to land in the knees.

Aigle’s able to kick out at two, but Fenech is right on top of him again as he again tried to rip off the mask… except Aigle had a second one on underneath. A swift kick to the knackers followers, and that’s a DQ as Aigle Blanc snapped on his former tag partner, with Fenech picking up the win. This was good in parts, but unlike the opener between former partners, this one absolutely had some venom in at points – and clearly looked to be setting up for a rematch. ***½

Speaking of rematches… Fohrwerk complained after the match about the treatment Fenech had received, and was challenged by Aigle Blanc to accept a rematch at Back to the Roots… in a Käfigschlacht. Fohrwerk wanted to make it a tag match, but Aigle wanted it one-on-one…

They replay the “earlier today” clip of Dennis Dullnig arriving at the venue…

Norman Harras is introduced next as he’s got an open challenge. I mean, that went so well for him here two years ago back when he was the Shotgun champion! He unveils the same portrait that he had two years ago (after a promo which was meant to have us think he was talking about Absolute Andy, only to swerve and have it be about himself), before the open challenge was answered by a returning Stephanie Maze.

Norman Harras vs. Stephanie Maze
Harras shoved aside Maze early on, as he then offered a free shot to the former tag champion…

Maze grabs a side headlock, but it’s pushed away before Maze took her free shot. Kicks rock Harras, who took a knee to the side of the head before chops kept Norman in the corner. Harras shoves his way free again, then drilled Maze with a big boot, before a bodyslam left Maze in the middle of the ring.

Maze gets lit up in the corner with a chop before she almost snatched the win with a cradle out of a suplex. Harras comes right back in with a lariat for a near-fall, while a knee drop kept him on track, before Maze went back in with kicks. More of those wear down Harras ahead of a Saito suplex… before the Skyfall kick led to the win. A good showing on Maze’s return after 18 months away with injury… **½

Mike D Vecchio vs. Michael Oku
Originally this was meant to have been a Carat qualifier for Oku, but a change of opponent (especially to one whose got a qualifier in the New Year) means Oku’s playing for pride here.

From the opening lock-up, a side headlock from Mike D caused Oku problems… just when Oku thought he’d pushed free, he was charge down by the Belgian… who then blocked some headscissors and hit some of his own.

Oku hits some headscissors off the middle rope, then a missile dropkick as he finally has the Belgian down, only for Mike D to propel Oku outside, pushing away a half crab before a tope knocked Oku into the third row. A back suplex plants Oku onto the side of the ring, getting a two-count back inside before he curled Oku for some backbreakers. Oh, and a fallaway slam too. Effortless.

A stalling suplex keeps Oku in trouble, as did an elbow drop, whole Oku found himself in an impromptu Tree of Woe after he’d been cannonballed into the buckles. Finally, Oku began to fight back, landing a superkick out of the corner before a crossbody… was caught, with Mike D press slamming Oku, only for Oku to counter it into a DDT. Someone remembers Shortcut…

Mike D rolls outside, so Oku follows with a tope into a tornado DDT into the front row, before the Fosbury flop eventually followed. Back inside, a froggy crossbody took down Mike D for a near-fall, before Oku went for a springboard moonsault. Mike D evades it and came right back with a cavalcade of kicks, knocking Oku into the corner for a running leg lariat… then a running back suplex out of it.

Oku’s up at two from that, but was able to block a handspring cutter as he took down Mike D in a chokehold. Except Mike D powers Oku up into an Electric Chair, then decided to add extra spice by climbing the turnbuckles with Oku on his shoulders. Fortunately, Oku fought the Belgian away, only for Mike D to leap up and hit an avalanche German suplex. Again, fortunately for Oku, he lands on his feet, before he got planted by a handspring cutter from Mike D.

A rolling elbow from Mike D dumps Oku, but he toys with his food too much and Oku’s able to hit the misdirection knee… then a springboard moonsault for a near-fall. The half crab’s next, but Mike D’s able to drag himself to the ropes… where he’s met with running dropkicks before he caught Oku with a pop-up death valley driver.

Another lariat spins Oku for a near-fall, before Mike D’s version of the powerbomb symphony was countered into a ‘rana for the win. This was absolutely bonkers – these two meshed really well together, but luckily for Mike D, this wasn’t that Carat qualifier! ****

Speaking of… Oku took the mic and addressed the crowd’s chants of “16 Carat” by saying this was his last appearance in a wXw ring. Psych! “…this year,” because next time he’ll be back, it’ll be for Carat.

wXw World Tag Team Championship: Dennis Dullnig & Hektor Invictus vs. AMBOSS (Icarus & Laurance Roman) (c)
This was Cash and Hektor’s rematch after losing the titles in a ladder match at Broken Rules last month… and that mash-up entrance worked really well on the massive exploded screen stage that wXw had for this show.

Dullnig and Roman started us off, but Icarus is quickly in to stop Dullnig from even trying a pin after a dropkick as tempers flared inside the opening 30 seconds. Slaps piss off Hektor, who fought back as he and Dullnig bounced the champions around the ring, leading to a 3D on Icarus… then an overhead belly-to-belly as Roman was bounced into Icarus in the corner.

A Twist of Fate and a Senton Bomb took care of Roman as the champions scurried to the outside, where they were met with topes into the first row. Back inside, Dullnig’s caught from behind as AMBOSS proceed to post he and Hektor, before punches from above from Icarus had Dullnig rocked. Roman’s back to pick up a two-count from a snap suplex, before Icarus choked on Dullnig in the ropes.

Repeated elbows from Dullnig are swatted away by Icarus, before a jawbreaker looked to give Dullnig an opening… but there’s nobody to tag as AMBOSS proceeded to hit a pair of shoulder tackles. A back suplex/neckbreaker combo gets another two-count on the beaten-down Dullnig, before Hektor came in to argue… and cost his partner dear. I miss the days of the Geldstrafe…

Roman stretches Dullnig by the nose… while Icarus’ attempt to blindside Dullnig led to him getting knocked off the apron. Icarus pulls Hektor off the apron as Dullnig dove to make the tag, which led to more double-teaming on Dullnig… including a front suplex onto Icarus’ knees and a Roman stomp to the back. Dullnig’s hurled into the corner as Hektor continued to stew on the apron…

AMBOSS get a little too cocky and lose Dullnig on a back suplex… he gets free and tagged out Hektor, who ran wild with clotheslines. We’ve a spinebuster to Icarus, then a flapjack and a pancake to Roman for a near-fall, before an Icarus piledriver and Roman’s Burning Nail almost shut out the challengers. Dullnig barely broke up the pin in time, before he took Roman outside.

More cheating from AMBOSS sees Icarus choke Hektor with a tag rope while Roman spiked Dullnig onto the apron with a leg sweep. A double front face slam’s almost enough to put Hektor away, leaving the champions shocked. Hektor’s able to clear things with a back suplex to Roman, before Dullnig tagged in to hit the double Hektor-Knie to Roman… another one awaits Icarus, and that’s enough for Cash and Hektor to regain the titles. ***¼

Post-match, we see medics helping Roman to the back – he’d looked to have taken a bad landing on his shoulder from those knees…

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship & wXw Women’s World Championship: Robert Dreissker (c) vs. Masha Slamovich (c)
I didn’t notice it earlier, but AMBOSS had a new shirt that was more than a nod to Absolute Andy…

The majority of Oberhausen were rooting for Masha here, especially when she jumped Dreissker, taking him outside for a corkscrew tope. The hell?! Masha’s early offence is quickly shut down though, although she does trip Dreissker into the ropes ahead of a wild lariat… only for Dreissker to charge through her with one of his own.

Heading back outside, Dreissker marches Masha around ringside, before Masha turned the tables and threw Dreissker into the third row. She tries to keep Dreissker outside, but a cannonball off the apron’s caught as Dreissker just HURLS Masha into the same third row. Dreissker tries to claim a count-out win, but referee Rainer Ringer’s not playing ball, so Dreissker heads back outside and took Masha towards the back of the Turbinenhalle, only to charge into a wall.

Slamovich makes use of the timekeeper’s table by ringing the bell as she held Dreissker’s ear next to it, before she shooed away some of the crowd as Dreissker… there’s no better way to say this, tried to do the old Jurgen Klinsmann slide into the chairs… and just bounced. I know that pain. In the meantime, Masha headed up onto the stage and dove onto Dreissker, before the pair made it back into the ring.

Dreissker’s clothesline’s telegraphed as Masha caught it and turned it into a back suplex for a two-count. In return, Dreissker goes to the well with a ripcord clothesline… pulling up Masha to hit a second before he choked Masha in the ropes. A back elbow shuts down Masha as she tried to mount a comeback as Slamovich found herself very much on the back foot.

A chinbar from Dreissker slows things down, as he continued to pick apart Masha, throwing her into the buckles, before Masha turned it around, throwing Dreissker into the corner ahead of a missile dropkick. She boots Dreissker out of the corner, then added an up-kick and a Yakuza kick for good measure… while a spinning heel kick took Dreissker down for a two-count.

Dreissker hits back as he countered a suplex with one of his own… then squashed Masha with a Dreissker bomb, but it’s not enough. Dreissker gets in the face of the referee again, then went for a second Dreissker bomb… but Masha counters it with a German suplex, before a Shining Wizard led to a two-count in her favour. Another Shining Wizard’s turned into a uranage as Dreissker was getting progressively more annoyed with the referee… so he switches tact, and pulled Masha into a camel clutch instead.

Masha bites her way free, pulling a page from Maggot’s playbook. Somehow, the ref misses that… and doesn’t call a low blow in Dreissker’s as Masha got the knees up as Dreissker was working over her back. Tempers flaring, Dreissker rolls outside to grab some chairs from under the ring, opting to wedge one between the turnbuckles.

Dreissker gets in Rainer Ringer’s face again, shoving him… Ringer shoves back, knocking Dreissker on his rear, before he tried to remove the chair from the ropes. Sensing his moment, Dreissker grabs a second chair, seemingly to throw it at Masha… but she ducks, and Ringer ends up with an early unwanted Christmas lunch in the form of a flying chair to the mush. JESUS.

With the ref down, Masha chucks a chair at Dreissker, then hit a Shining Wizard for a visual six count… but with Ringer down and bloodied, there was no way that was getting counted. Ringer’s carried away as Icarus came out to intervene, breaking the seat of a chair over Slamovich… before the Meltdown senton looked to have things in order. Icarus calls for a referee but instead… KILLER KELLY?

Killer Kelly runs down to help her MK Ultra tag partner, plastering Icarus with capture headbutts and a Vale da Morte, following up with the ol’ Shades of Shibata to Dreissker. The tables felt like they’d turned as Dreissker then got chucked into the chair in the corner, but we’re still missing a ref… with Tassilo Jung sprinting down to count a near-fall.

Icarus tries to interfere again, but Kelly dispatches him as Dreissker caught Slamovich on the top rope. Masha slips out and powerbombs Dreissker, then added a lariat for a near-fall, before a rear naked choke ended with Dreissker falling on his back to break up the hold… and stayed there as Slamovich was unable to get him off her. As a finish, it was far from clear cut, and with all the shenanigans around it, the looks of disgust from around the crowd at the result were clear. ***½

Post-match, Dreissker celebrated with the two belts – but the Women’s World title is going away, rather than him becoming the Andy Kaufman of wXw. Dreissker and Icarus exited stage left as Masha and Kelly addressed the crowd, with Kelly bringing up how she won the Women’s title six years ago to the day, then asked the crowd to show their appreciation for the likes of Toni Storm and Melanie Gray.

Kelly then brought up the tidbit from the Shotgun 2020 days of how “women can go after any title they want” – while Masha promised to go after Robert Dreissker and become a world champion in wXw, just like she had been in GCW.

The final score: review Good
The 411
wXw’s end-of-year show perhaps ended on a bit of a sour note - which Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich did their best to temper - the 23rd Anniversary was a show that perhaps encapsulated the company’s year, with a couple of good-to-great outings around storylines that didn’t land as well as you’d hope live. That was 2023… here’s to 2024 getting off strong!

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