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Hamilton’s wXw We Love Wrestling #42 03.12.2023 Review

March 18, 2023 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
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Hamilton’s wXw We Love Wrestling #42 03.12.2023 Review  

Quick Results
Fast Time Moodo pinned Jaden Newman in 7:09 (***)
Zafar Ameen & Rambo pinned Danny Fray & Nick Schreier in 5:43 (**½)
Aliss Ink, B3CCA & Calypso pinned Iva Kolasky, Amale & Michelle Green in 8:32 (**¾)
Luke Jacobs submitted Gulyas Jr. in 10:01 (***½)
Laurance Roman pinned Fuminori Abe in 10:04 to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship (***½)
Psycho MIke, Baby Allison & Maggot defeat Jacob Crane, Ava Everett & Charles Crowley via referee stoppage in 13:46 (***¼)
Levaniel pinned Leyton Buzzard in 7:56 (**¾)
Dover & Icarus pinned Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Charisma in 10:35 to retain the wXw World Tag Team Championships (***¼)

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Once more, we’re back inside the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen for the first show of the Sunday… Dave Bradshaw and Mett Dimassi are back on English commentary, as they’ve been all weekend. That logo on the big screen looks rather sweet, eh?

Jaden Newman vs. Fast Time Moodo
At one point, Newman seemingly had more of the crowd on his side for this Sunday lunchtime match-up…

That being said, Jaden sarcastically calling out Moodo for being a kicky guy wasn’t such a good idea, as his slap earned a kick in return from Moodo. A hiptoss is next for Newman, then a series of kicks that took Newman outside… and into the front row as Moodo threw some chops before going for a lap of honour.

Back inside, Moodo heads up top, but Newman cross-chopped him the throat before throwing him down for a two-count. A quick dropkick to the back is next, as a grounded abdominal stretch looked to wear down the former tag team champion. Newman’s kicks keep Moodo down, ahead of a trip to the top rope… but Moodo fights off a superplex and hits a stomp to the back of a ducking Newman.

Chest kicks from Moodo follow, then a spinning heel kick before Newman ate a knee to the side of the head for a near-fall. Newman sidesteps a Black Belt Kick, returning with a German suplex and a swinging DDT, before the snap powerslam almost put Moodo away… only for Moodo to find a way in with the Black Belt Kick for the win. ***

Backstage, Dan Mallmann’s looking for Anil Marik, who’s not shown up for an interview. He finds him, but Anil’s down in the dumps over his rotten run of form. Even more so because Anil’s spot on the card today “has been taken by someone else.” Ouch. The interview’s interrupted by Robert Dreissker, who mocks “Captain Losing Streak” before the pair got a little physical with Dreissker telling Marik to find a few friends and he’ll get him a tag match on night three of Carat.

Rambo & Zafar Ameen vs. Danny Fray & Nick Schreier
After being thwarted in their bid to help Metehan get rid of Bobby Gunns last night, Rambo and Ameen have a quick return to action here…

Ameen and Fray start with shoulder tackles, ahead of a spinning sidewalk slam from Fray for an early two-count. Rambo’s in, but has his wrist worked over by Fray as Nick Schreier tagged in to hit a double sledge on the arm, only for Rambo to return with a waistlock takedown.

Schreier’s leaping armdrag and dropkick has Rambo flying, before a springboard was cut-off. Rambo dumps Schreier outside, where Metehan gets his licks in… Schreier eventually fights back, but his crossbody off the top comes up short before he scored a sunset flip on Rambo.

Kicking out, Rambo looks for a back suplex, but loses Schreier… who tagged out to Fray, who ran wild with forearms and clothesline. A DDT to Ameen’s good for a two-count, before Rambo pulled Schreier off the apron and posted him… Ameen’s able to capitalise as he rakes Fray’s eye, then lands the Zafar’s Curse – a TKO – and that’s it. **½

Backstage, Maggot and Baby Allison are with Dan Mallmann being interviewed about their weekends so far. Allison’s thrilled to have regained the women’s title, before talk turned to their trios match later on – with Psycho Mike joining the pair against Ava Everett, Jacob Crane and Charles Crowley. Maggot’s fed up that Charles Crowley’s travelled to Germany to face him again, but they have a secret weapon for Jacob Crane… with Psycho Mike having a pretty simple three-point-plan for success.

Michelle Green, Amale & Iva Kolasky vs. Aliss Ink, B3CCA & Calypso
With Aliss Ink getting a title rematch later in the month, the other five women in the match will be looking to impress in hopes of getting to the front of the queue…

Ink and Green start us off, but Green’s mouthing off at Ink raised the former champion’s ire as the pair go to ground. Ink escapes some headscissors, then came back with scissors kicks and a step-up knee into the ropes. B3CCA tags in for a kick to Green’s back for a one-count, before Calypso came in to work over Amale.

Calypso’s uppercut traps Amale in the corner, ahead of a head kick before Iva Kolasky’s attempt to distract on the floor backfired. It did allow Amale a way back in, kicking Calypso as she came through the ropes… ahead of a neckbreaker that almost put Calypso away. Kolasky’s in to hit the moonsault knees for a two-count, then a splits-neckbreaker submission before Calypso kicked her way free.

B3CCA and Green tag back in to trade blows, leading to a running kick into the corner, before a Samoan drop looked to lead to a 450 splash… but Kolasky shoves B3CCA down for a near-fall. Iva takes B3CCA to the corner as Amale tagged in to hit a knee to the ribs, before a back suplex folded up B3CCA into the corner, ahead of a face-washing boot.

Amale gets a two-count from that, before Green tagged back in… only to lose track of B3CCA, whose missile dropkick took down her and Amale. Tags bring us back to Ink and Kolasky, as Aliss flies off the top rope with a missile dropkick as she then blitzed through the rest of the team, leading to a cross armbar on Iva. Amale breaks it up, sparking a Parade of Moves as B3CCA dives onto Green, Kolasky and Amale on the outside… before Kolasky was thrown back inside to take a Dragon’s Tale to get Ink the win. **¾

Gulyas Jr. vs. Luke Jacobs
As far as surprise/unadvertised matches go, this was one right up my alley!

Luke locked up with Gulyas into the ropes, eventually getting a break before we switched up into shoulder tackles. See-saw shoulder tackles eventually buckled Luke, who fired back with a chop and some gut shots to take the Hungarian down to his knees. Overhand chops led to a sleeperhole from Luke, but Gulyas throws him away before landing some Dusty punches… then a hiptoss for good measure.

A bodyslam’s next on Luke, before Jacobs scored with a small package… then landed a front kick and a bodyslam of his own. A follow-up back senton lands on Gulyas’ hip for a two-count, as Luke proceeded to boot Gulyas into the ropes. Gulyas hits back, as the pair traded elbow strikes, ahead of some shoulder tackles that took Jacobs into the corner.

Gulyas’ leaping forearm has Luke in the corner for a cannonball, before Jacobs fought back with a German suplex… rolling him back up for a second… before Gulyas returned with a Blue Thunder bomb. A second cannonball from the Hungarian misses as Jacobs hit the ropes to hit a wild lariat for a two-count, ahead of a powerbomb out of the corner as Gulyas had designs on something off the ropes.

Luke leaps up top, but also got caught as a superplex brought him down to earth with a bump, which almost led to a TKO… but the pair stop the count with an exchange of strikes. It continues with Jacobs eventually taking a pop-up knee and a lariat, before he Thatcher-slapped Gulyas, then dragged him down into a rear naked choke for the quick submission. Lovely stuff this, which should help solidify Luke and Gulyas as regulars around these parts… and while I’m at it, get Gulyas over to England with some bookings, eh? ***½

wXw Shotgun Championship: Fuminori Abe vs. Laurance Roman (c)
Abe won the Ambition tournament on Saturday – but this wasn’t a reward for that…

Abe’s right in on Roman with a dropkick off the ropes, taking the champion outside to keep up the offence… breaking the count sporadically as he went. An errant kick to the ring post from Abe allowed Roman in though, as he then proceeded to kick Abe’s leg out of his leg, then score with a DDT to it back inside.

Roman’s toe hold, along with some strikes, gets a two-count for Roman, whose work on Abe’s leg leads to a snap suplex as the Ambition winner was struggling to get back into any kind of gear. A headbutt from Abe earns him a clothesline into the corner as Roman continued to work on the leg, following with another attempt to kick the leg out of the leg… and then another snap suplex as a STF forces Abe to break via the ropes.

Roman snuffs out Abe’s attempt to fight back with a low dropkick, but Abe’s able to return with an enziguiri, then a snapmare and a kick to the back for a two-count. Going back to the leg, Roman set up for a swinging hammerlock DDT, eventually landing it for a near-fall, Abe tries to get back in with an O’Connor roll for a near-fall, before the Irabu punch knocked Roman onto his face.

Abe pulls up Roman into a bridging Regalplex for a near-fall, then again with a repeat one… but Roman continues to kick out. Switching up, Abe goes for another Irabu punch, but it’s blocked as Roman lands a facebuster for a near-fall… Abe back body drops out of a package piledriver attempt, but couldn’t avoid a roll-up as Roman grabbed a handful of tights to steal the win. ***½

Backstage, Dan Mallmann’s with Ava Everett, Charles Crowley and Jacob Crane ahead of their upcoming match… Ava claimed Baby Allison got lucky in the women’s title match, while Charles Crowley creeped everyone out. Meanwhile, Jacob Crane had just one more match before reaching retirement… I mean, lasting the whole weekend without getting bodyslammed.

Charles Crowley, Jacob Crane & Ava Everett vs. Psycho Mike, Maggot & Baby Allison
Okay, on paper, this kind of tomfoolery would be the sort of thing I’d roll my eyes at, the overarching story going in was “Jacob Crane is scared of Psycho Mike’s bodyslams” – they really had to turn this into a comedy of sorts. And when you’ve got someone as ungodly over in this match as Psycho Mike, it’s hard not to get it…

When we eventually get underway, it’s Maggot and Crowley that get us going. Maggot looks to tickle Crowley, with Dave Bradshaw selling it as a legitimate tactic before Baby Allison tagged in and began trading cartwheels with Crowley. He stops so he could do some magic, but Allison ducks a punch that came out of the hat, then slapped Crowley into the corner.

A Scorpion kick and a Northern lights suplex nearly put Crowley down, before Jacob Crane tagged in and put the boots to Allison. He teases a bodyslam, but Allison slips out and tagged in Psycho Mike… who stared down Crane… who then promptly fled to the back. Mike gives chase in a Benny Hill-like sketch, before everyone else went after them once the referee started the count-out.

Baby Allison’s dragging Psycho Mike by the ear, while Crane’s carried back by Crowley – with Ava Everett scolding him too – before Crane escaped a bodyslam. A back rake gets him time to tag out to Ava, who does one too, before her attempt to knock down Mike ends with her just bouncing off of the Canadian.

Mike gets a two count off of that, as Allison tagged in… only to get pulled into the ropes as she found herself on the defensive. A neckbreaker gets Ava a two-count, while Crowley’s corkscrew elbow drop added another two-count to proceedings. Ava tags herself back in to flirt, then to get thrown onto Allison with an assisted back senton for a two-count.

Crane’s in, but can’t avoid a spear from Allison as tags bring us back to Maggot and Crowley for a spell… with another back body drop from Maggot, then an enziguiri laying out Crane. Crowley’s legal as he comes in for some accidental dancing on Maggot, who looked entirely thrilled… to the point he speared Crowley for a near-fall. A Merry Go Round slam from Crowley nearly wins it, before Jacob Crane tagged back in to try and pick up the pieces.

Crane calls for a bodyslam, but Maggot slips out and tags in Psycho Mike. You know what’s next. Step one… step two… step three. Psycho Mike delivered SIXTEEN bodyslams as Ava and Crowley were restrained, before referee Tassilo Jung did the arm drop gimmick and waved off the match as a technical knockout. This was perfect for what it needed to be – a whole lotta bodyslammin’! ***¼

Leyton Buzzard vs. Levaniel
This was Levaniel’s first match since he’d been stripped of the wXw Unified World Wrestling title by then-Sporting Director Norman Harras…

Buzzard started brightly with a side headlock, but Levaniel gets free and scores with one of his own. An atomic drop from Levaniel, then a scoop slam has Buzzard on the back foot, before a lucha armdrag out of the corner and a brainbuster by the ropes led to a two-count.

Levaniel goes for a Galactic Facecrusher, but gets tripped into the ropes as a running knee left him prone for a backbreaker… which earned the Bristolian Buzzard a two-count. A snap suplex gets Buzzard a two-count, while another bodyslam had Buzzard a little too cocksure… as he got caught with a slap from Levaniel.

Buzzard reversed an Irish whip, sending Levaniel into the corner, leading to a back suplex as Buzzard picked up another two-count – and had the crowd slowly getting behind Levaniel. Back in the ropes, Levaniel’s able to escape further offence as he began to knock down Buzzard with forearms, then with a spinning heel kick, before a release overhead suplex looked to put the former champion back in control.

Levaniel blocks a Buzzkiller uranage, instead landing a backbreaker and a discus lariat for a near-fall. Buzzard blocks a Galactic Facecrusher, eventually landing his Buzzkiller seconds later for a near-fall, before a missed moonsault allowed Levaniel back in as a Galactic Facecrusher gets the win. **¾

Post-match, Levaniel took the mic and bragged about having “beaten the best of Britain” as he said that he’s got new heights to reach.

Backstage, Dan Mallmann tells Baby Allison that she’ll be defending her newly-won women’s title against Aliss Ink on March 25 in Frankfurt… Ahura turns up to mock Allison, but couldn’t take what he was dishing out, and knocked her down before Maggot chased him away.

wXw World Tag Team Championship: Rott Und Flott (Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Charisma) vs. Arrows Of Hungary (Dover & Icarus) (c)
Rott und Flott won the tag team gauntlet on night two of 16 Carat Gold to get this shot…

Schenkenberg and Dover start us off, with Dover getting shoved back into the ropes… returning with boots as Schenkenberg was taken into the corner. A floatover sees Schenkenberg come back with a bodyslam and a flapjack, before a legdrop picked up a one-count.

A Giant Swing from Schenkenberg led to a low dropkick from Charisma after Icarus had been dizzied. Icarus grabs onto Dover’s arm as he was in a hold… but the distraction isn’t capitalised on for long as Charisma’s able to dropkick Icarus to the outside, where the pair fought around ringside for a while.

Back inside, Charisma’s swarmed by both of the Arrows as he’s pushed into the ropes, then dropped with a back suplex from Dover. Clotheslines from Dover attack the front and back of Charisma, leading to a throat thrust that took Charisma outside… and into the hands of an Icarus who was more than happy to take some shots behind the ref’s back.

Dover picks up a two-count once Charisma had been rolled back inside, before he landed a uranage to send Charisma onto Icarus’ knees for a two-count. A dropkick from Charisma cuts off a springboard from Icarus, and bought him enough time to bring in Schenkenberg, who was a house afire on both of the Arrows, splashing them into the corners ahead of a spinning back suplex to Icarus.

We’ve a spinebuster from Schenkenberg to Dover too, before Schenkenberg went up top for a crossbody for a delayed two-count. Charisma’s tagged back in, but Icarus makes the save on a Snapchat DDT as the challengers were thwarted. Icarus’ knee strike dazes Charisma, but he recovered to throw a dropkick as Schenkenberg’s side suplex almost got the win.

Icarus fights out of the Rott und Flott corner, but couldn’t make the tag out as he ended up leaping into a Snapchat DDT… but Dover’s able to get in to break up the pin with plenty of time. Dover’s sent outside by Charisma, as Schenkenberg’s Tiger driver attempt is escaped… Icarus log rolls to trip Schenkenberg into the ropes, and from there it’s the matter of a swift Crossfire as the champions retained their titles. This was a pretty solid main event, keeping things brief (a little over ten minutes), but the definitive win over the former champions marks a solid first day of the reign. ***¼

The final score: review Good
The 411
We Love Wrestling 42 was a tidy wrestling show, wrapped up in a little over two hours while delivering something for everyone. Like your big lads? We’ve got Gulyas vs. Jacobs. Your comedy - that trios tag with the bodyslams will be for you. Like your AMBOSS? They’re here too, because of course they were, as the show did more than fill a slot before the final Carat show of the weekend.

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