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Happy Corbin On Biggest Lesson He’s Learned From The Undertaker In WWE, Working With Triple H In NXT

April 7, 2022 | Posted by Blake Lovell
WWE Smackdown Happy Baron Corbin Image Credit: WWE/Twitter

In a recent interview on After the Bell with Corey Graves, Happy Corbin discussed the biggest lesson he’s learned from The Undertaker in WWE, working with Triple H in NXT, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Happy Corbin on the biggest lesson he’s learned from The Undertaker in WWE: “I think [he’s taught me] just really how you carry yourself. That man is an icon. I’ve had these conversations with him and it’s how you carry yourself as a star. When he walks in a room, he commands attention. Again, he’s another details guy. He thinks about every little thing that he’s doing, and it’s not the matches, the moves, it’s just, ‘Does this make sense if I punch him in the face and this is the reaction?’ He’s piecing together these puzzles and worrying about every detail. ‘Is this how I walk to the ring? How long do I want to take to stand on the third step before I get in the ring?’ Those are things that 99 percent of people don’t think about. They don’t take the time to appreciate those details. I was talking to him at the Rumble for 40 minutes about how to do things and how to poise myself after something. Those are little things that separate you from everybody else.”

On working with Triple H in NXT: “When you’re around a guy that often, when we were in NXT, we were seeing him every Wednesday. We were seeing him at the PC on regular days. He was coming in and he was training. He was grabbing on to a few people and helping them with things, and he just had a vision, especially when he was down there in NXT of how he saw guys and put the right people around them to be successful. If it was a guy who’s a wrestling technician, get him with Norman Smiley. Get him in there with a guy like that who can teach them all of those things. Or if he sees a guy like me, I promise you Taker didn’t just didn’t go, ‘I’m going to go talk to this random guy.’ I’m sure Triple H is going, ‘Hey Taker, this guy I think is in your wheelhouse. Go have a conversation with him. See if you grab on to him at all.’ That’s one of the special things that Triple H has is he can surround you with the right people to help find success. He knows. He sees it. He has the vision, and he helps to allow you to accomplish that vision, and he has fun with it. I think he loves it.”

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