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Himanshu’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.29.22

September 30, 2022 | Posted by Himanshu Doi
Masha Slamovich Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Himanshu’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.29.22  

Hey there, Impact fans! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for another episode of IMPACT Wrestling. I’m Himanshu, and this is my first time doing an IMPACT review. We are fresh off of Victory Road and are well and are 2 weeks away from IMPACT’s biggest show of the year Bound For Glory. Tonight, we will have a Monster’s Ball match as Masha Slamovich faces Jordynne Grace’s handpicked opponent Allie Katch. There are five matches on the card tonight, so it promises to be an eventful evening. Let’s jump right in!

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Previously on IMPACT: Edwards, Bennett and Taven faced Josh Alexander, Rich Swann and Heath. Eddie Edwards pinned Josh Alexander, the first person to do so in a year. Jordynne Grace overcame Max The Impaler and announced Allie Katch as Masha Slamovich’s opponent for this week.

WE OWN THE NIGHT! (AKA Title Sequence!)


Ace Austin and Chris Bey make their entrance with Juice Robinson. Laredo Kid and Austin start off as they exchange lockups. They exchange rollups. Laredo Kid with the kick in the gut and takes Ace to the corner. Laredo goes to the outside and hits a crossbody on Ace. He then hits a hurrancanrana. Bey distracts Laredo as Austin sneaks up from behind and takes down Laredo and gets him in an arm wringer. Tag to Bey and they double team on Laredo with a dropkick combo. Laredo tries to get back into it but Bey drops him with a backbreaker. Ace gets the tag and scratches Laredo in the back. Bey gets the tag but Laredo fights back and hits the hurrancanrana. Tag to Trey Miguel and hits a series of clotheslines to Bey. Works on Bey’s arm and hits a series of dropkicks. He goes back to Bey’s left arm but Bey gets to the ropes. Trey hits a bridging northern rights for a 2. Trey and Laredo double team on Bey but Bey counters and gets the tag to Ace. Ace with the clotheslines. Kicks Trey outside from the apron and hits a springboard dropkick on Laredo for 2. Laredo gets back in and hits a suicide dive on Ace outside. Trey and Laredo hit a springboard sunset powerbomb on Bey for 2. They go for another double team move on Bey but Ace comes in with the save and assists Bey with an Art of Finesse on Trey before hitting The Fold for the win.

Result: Ace Austin and Chris Bey def. Trey Miguel and Laredo Kid
Rating: ****
Review: An excellent tag match between the Bullet Club duo and the team of Laredo Kid and Trey Miguel. With the departure of the Good Brothers, IMPACT needs some new tag teams to focus on and Ace and Bey could be a great team if IMPACT is willing to really get behind them. I would like to see Trey Miguel and Laredo Kid together too if IMPACT wouldn’t bring in Zachary Wentz.

We recap Gujjar losing to Brian Myers.

Interview of Gujjar and asked how he felt after the match. He said he got hurt but will be cleared next week. He said he got the first taste of getting gold. He said he will be entering the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory.

Interview backstage with Kazarian who is the No. 1 contender to the X-Division Title at Bound For Glory. He says that the only person has to prove to is himself. He wanted to see if he can hang with the other talent. He praises Bailey and says he is playing the game that Kazarian created and that he will take the title at Bound For Glory.

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt are promoting the matches on Bound For Glory when a man in a yellow hood tries to jump the barricade behind them.

Allie Katch and Masha Slamovich shown in a dark room and were said to have no food or water.


Brian Myers offered a handshake but goes for the kick as Steve has it scouted. Steve tries to bite him early but Myers gets out. Myers throws Steve face first into the ropes and gets a headlock, tries a back body drop but Steve counters. Myers bounces off the ropes and drops Steve face first onto the mat. Back from commercial and Steve has the advantage as he clotheslines Myers in the corner. Myers tricks Steve and hits an implant DDT on Steve. Steve in the corner and Myers goes after him but gets a bite to the face and a tarantula against the ropes. Steve on the top rope but Myers gets the referee in the way. Roster Cut on Steve and it’s over.

Result: Brian Myers def. Crazzy Steve
Rating: **1/2
Review: Okay match and the result was not in doubt. Curious to see who faces Myers at Bound For Glory as a lot of talent will be booked in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet.

Brian says that in 3 months he has taken the title and made it the most prestigious in all of IMPACT. Its getting too easy for him. He asks where is the competition. So he says in Bound For Glory, he is issuing an open challenge for the Digital Media Title. Come one, come all for the most professional wrestler.

We are backstage with Swinger and Zicky Dice says he used to have his own underground illegal casino. He finds a woman with her friend who asks what she is doing there. She said she was engaged to him. Swinger suggests they could have a triple threat with the two girls, Dice says they should make it a fatal four-way. Johnny Bravo shows up and she says she married him at the altar and asks if he didn’t watch Wrestle House 2. Zicky Dice joked that no one did. Valkyrie and Jessicka show up and Jessicka shows interest in Bravo, but his wife steps in. Zicky finds a bunch of stuff like a portrait of Swinger and a roll of money.

We see a vignette of a man on a phone where he says his father died and he finds out that his son is not his. He hopes that his father’s assets can help them. But the lawyer the assets were not given to any of his family members. The man wants to know his name and Joe Hendry shows up from behind and sings as we see a graphic that says that Joe Hendry will motivate IMPACT Wrestling.

Rosemary backstage with James Mitchell discussing Jessicka. She wants Jessicka gone and Havok back. Valkyrie and Havok show up. Taya asks why Rosemary doesn’t like her. Rosemary says Jessicka doesn’t even know who she is. Jessicka says she does. Taya says she needs Rosemary to support them. Rosemary says they have a lot of training to do.


Delirious with a series of dropkicks but it doesn’t faze Taurus. Delirious with the kick and hits Taurus head against the turnbuckle but it has no effect on Taurus. Taurus does the same on Delirious and it has no effect on Delirious. They pinch each others’ noses. Delirious takes him in the corner but Taurus conters with the uppercut. Taurus hits a powerslam for two. Taurus tries to hit a German but Delirious Counters and bounces off of all four ropes before taking him down. Delirious with a scoop slam and 10 leg drops. Taurus rolls out of the ring. Taurus gets back and hits a spinning backbreaker and a Samoan drop. Goes for a vertical suplex but countered. Taurus hits a headbutt followed by Destination Hellhole for the win.

Result: Black Taurus def. Delirious
Rating: ***1/4
Review: Strong showing for Black Taurus with Delirious getting a lot of offense in. I like that Taurus is getting a bigger push in recent weeks as he has incredible potential.

Bobby Fish backstage and was asked why he was here. He said he is here to fight and he can think of no better to fight than the World Champion Josh Alexander. He said he has history with Eddie Edwards. He says that the fastest way from Point A to Point B is a straight line and that is the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. He will be waiting for the winner of the World Title match at Bound For Glory.

Interview with Mia Yim backstage. She says she was shocked by Mickie’s challenge. She says she was one of the first women she faced when she broke into the business. We see footage from Maryland Championship Wrestling from years ago of them wrestling. Mickie hit a Mickie DDT for the win. Mia said she was very intimidated, but not anymore. If she has to retire her, she will. Gisele Shaw comes in and says what makes Mia think that she can do that when Gisele couldn’t. Mia says next week, she will have a warm up by facing Gisele Shaw.

Honor No More make their entrance. Eddie Edwards welcomes everyone to their victory celebration. They are there to celebrate how successful a night Victory Road was for them. Honor No More put all doubts to rest and Eddie proved he could beat Josh Alexander. But he said there was still some setbacks. Eddie Edwards said he was looking at PCO. He said he lost to MCMG. He had one job and he failed. Eddie Edwards says PCO steps up when he’s not supposed to like he’s stepping upto Eddie Edwards and asks who PCO thinks he is. Eddie says PCO will step up when Eddie wants him to. He will step back and shut up. Vincent covers PCO’s head with a black bag. Taven on the mic and he gets rid of the IMPACT name on the mic because IMPACT has done nothing for them. IMPACT has done everything possible to make sure they didn’t survive. He says their trend of success has started in IMPACT. He said this didn’t happen I fluke. Taven says Eddie will beat Josh. Bennett said Eddie Edwards was the first to pin Josh since Moose at Bound For Glory. Maria says it’s even bigger. Eddie said he turned his back on everyone because they turned their backs on him. He says at Bound For Glory he will get the IMPACT World Title.

Josh comes out and says that there is a difference between the two. Eddie wants it for job security, Josh wants it for what it is. He says it’s not about some imaginary war, it’s about finding out who the beat really is. Eddie says he has been blinded by being the top guy. His eyes will be forced open at Bound For Glory and he will regret it with all of his soul. Eddie says he not only has momentum but he also has Honor No More behind his back, but Josh walks into Bound For Glory all alone. Josh says Eddie turned his back on everyone who watches IMPACT and he will fight with them by his side and the only one who is outnumbered is Eddie. Eddie says if the numbers game isn’t an issue, Josh wouldn’t have a problem getting in the ring. Josh rushes to the ring and gets swamped by Honor No More until Swann and Heath come in to help Josh. Honor No More beat them down until Motorcity Machine Guns come out. Josh and Eddie end up as the only ones in the ring and Eddie slides out of the ring.


We get to the match in action. PCO tries to get to Swann but Swann uses his speed to get away from him. PCO hits a draping DDT from the corner followed by a leg drop. Tag to Vincent who hits a bunch of face busters for a two count. Vincent tries to hit a Saito suplex but Swann counters and tries to get a tag. Heath gets a tag and hits a series of clotheslines and powerslam for two. He tries to hit the Wake Up Call on Vincent but Vincent grabs on to PCO to avoid it. Heath hits the DDT but PCO breaks it up. Swann gets the tag and hits a spinning enziguri for two. Swann hits a Phoenix Splash for the win.

Result: Heath and Rich Swann def. Vincent and PCO
Rating: ***
Review: Solid match with Heath and Swann getting the win over Vincent and PCO after Edwards got the pin over Josh last week.

Moose is backstage for an interview and was asked if there was a deal between him and Maclin. Moose admits there was but he’s making it official that he’s entering the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. The last time he won and in 8 days he will win again and shove it down Maxlin’s throat. Maclin comes in and they brawl.

Back from commericial and we see Scott D’Amore backstage who asks security to make sure not to let that happen again. Sami is watching and suggests they have a three-way one more time. Scott says he is not cleared until Bound For Glory. Scott says they have been a pain in the ass. Moose will face Maclin and Sami Callihan will be the special guest referee. Sami Callihan likes it.

Next week we have Shaw vs Gisele Shaw, Kazarian vs Kenny King, Matt Taven vs Alex Shelley, and at Bound For Glory The Kingdom will face the Motorcity Machine Guns, VXT will face Taya Valkyrie and Jessicka, Mickie James will face Mia Yim, Kazarian vs Mike Bailey for the X-Division Championship, the Call Your Shot Gauntlet, Jordynne Grace faces Masha Slamovich for the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship and Eddie Edwards faces Josh Alexander for the IMPACT World Championship.

Masha Slamovich and Allie Katch are seen being let go from the dark room as they get used to the light.


The punch each other in the face to start off. They then clothesline each other and knock each other down. They get trash can lids and Allie challenges Masha to hit her. Allie no sells it and hits Masha with it. Allie gets a street sign but Masha counters with a German suplex. Masha whips a chain across her back and pulls it across her face. Masha hits Allie with a No Parking sign and pushes its edge against her mouth. Masha chokes her against the mat. Masha with her knee against Allie’s back but Allie fights out of it. Masha finds a cowbell in the trash can and is about to hit Allie who hit Masha with the trash can lid. Allie tries to go for a piledrive but Masha hits an air raid crash on Allie against the corner.

Back from commercial and Masha has the advantage. We see that Allie scratched Masha against the face with a soda can and Masha hit Allie with a vertical suplex near the entrance stage during the commercial. Both are bleeding as Masha hits a snap suplex on Allie. Masha gets a steel chair from under the ring but Katch gets a steel chain and punches Masha in the head with it. Allie has Masha on her shoulders but Masha hits a reverse DDT for 2. Masha with the steel chair but misses. Masha hits a vertical suplex on the chair. Masha sits the chair down and hits a Samoan Drop onto the chair for two. Masha bites Allie’s head. Masha goes to the top but Allie hits her with the trash can lid. Allie hits a superplex, then holds on to hit a Death Valley Driver against a door in the corner which breaks but only gets a two count. Allie tries to hit a piledriver on Masha against the apron but Masha fights back with forearm smashes and tries to German suplex Allie but Allie holds on. Masha hits a Russian leg sweep on Allie through a table outside. Masha gets a bag from under the ring and tosses Allie back in the ring. She gets thumb tacks out from the bag onto the mat and puts some in her mouth and spits them out. Allie with the kick and hits a piledriver onto the tacks but only gets two. Allie gets a trash can and hits Masha in the head. Masha fights out of it and hits a Snow Plow for the three count.

Result: Masha Slamovich def. Allie Katch
Rating: ***3/4
Review: Entertaining match. I hadn’t watched Allie Katch wrestle before tonight and she isn’t rated highly by many but she looked solid here. I wouldn’t be totally against Max The Impaler and Allie Katch appearing more frequently on IMPACT if they have a role on the show that sets them apart from the rest of the Knockouts.

Masha Slamovich celebrates to end the show.

The final score: review Good
The 411
A solid edition of IMPACT headlined by the Monster's Ball match. IMPACT does a good job of progressing storylines as every match at Bound For Glory has been built well. I would recommend watching the tag team match between Ace and Bey vs. Laredo Kid and Trey Miguel which was the match of the night for me followed closely by the Monster's Ball match.

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