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Hornswoggle Says El Torito Match is Best Thing He’s Ever Done

May 16, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Hornswoggle - Swoggle

– WWE alumnus Hornswoggle spoke with WrestleZone Radio for a new interview. The audio and a couple of highlights are below:

On his 2014 Extreme Rules WeeLC match against El Torito: “That is the single best thing I’ve ever done in my career. I’ll go on record saying that’s the best thing I’ve ever done in wrestling. That’s probably the thing I talk most about too. It was kind of thrown together last minute. I said, “I don’t want to do ha-ha. I don’t want to do joke stuff.” Fit Finlay, who I owe my whole career to, said, “Well, we’ve got to give them some ha-ha. We have to give them a little bit.” I fought him tooth and nail and finally we gave in and we gave them a little ha-ha and then we beat the ever living hell out of each other and did some fun stuff. We showed the world that we could work. It was in New Jersey, the second most hardcore fans behind Chicago, and they should have booed us out of the building. We left to a standing ovation. The fans and the guys behind the curtain and the guys in the back. I go on record as saying that was the best match that night. On the pre-show or off.”

On how they got ahold of the tiny tables, ladders and chairs: “I have no idea. We showed up and Fit said, “Let’s get mini-ladders and tables and chairs.” I said, “How are we going to get that stuff?” He said, “We have a department for that.” We showed up the day before and we saw it all and we said, “Oh man, this is going to be fun.””

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