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House of Hardcore Issues Press Release on First Show

July 10, 2012 | Posted by Ashish

– House of Hardcore released a press release promoting their first show in Poughkeepsie, New York on October 6th. You can see the full press release here. The release officially announces the previously-revealed competitors list of Rhino, Sami Callihan, Chris Mordetsky (Masters), The Big LXG (Luke Gallows) and The Sandman.

In the press release Tommy Dreamer discusses the company’s mission statement, saying, “House of Hardcore is about work ethic. I have chosen the men and women who will compete in House of Hardcore to wrestler on this first show for that reason, work ethic. Hardcore isn’t about blood, barbed wire and tables. It was always and will always be about a competitor giving everything they have physically, mentally, emotionally in their match. It is about the passion of what you do, what you give of yourself in the ring. Hardcore is about giving your heart and soul to the fans. That is the backbone of what House of Hardcore is about.”

Dreamer explained why he’s launched the promotion, saying, “I have done it all. It’s a bad cliche but it’s so true. I’ve seen it all – so much of it great and sadly, so much of it bad. I see the state of wrestling and it kills me, as someone who loves it. I needed to do something about it. I needed to prove to the world and especially myself that pro wrestling isn’t based on politics and that the person in charge shouldn’t determine your career path. The paying customer should decide who they like and want to see. Talent should be the reason a competitor rises to stardom. Fans want to come to a wrestling show to cheer, to boo, to hold up signs and scream and basically, to be entertained. They don’t want BS. They don’t want politics. They just want great wrestling. On October 6th, my journey takes me to a place where we can give fans that great wrestling.”

He added, “I don’t want people to think this show is about Tommy Dreamer. It’s about me giving back to the fans and everyone who made Tommy Dreamer so that a new crop of wrestlers can live the dream that I lived. This is my way to thank my parents for supporting me with my wrestling habit. To thank Dusty Rhodes for being my hero. To thanks Johnny Rodz for training me. To thank Paul Heyman for believing in me and mentoring me. To thanks Terry Funk and Mick Foley for making me Hardcore. To thank Joey Styles for making me legit. To thanks Jim Ross for hiring me and never, everlying to me. To thanks John Laurinaitis for supporting me and helping get ECW off the ground in WWE, growing from a PPV to a new show. To thanks Shane McMahon for fighting battles for me in the corporate world. To thanks Vince Russo for letting me have creative freedom. To thank Dixie Carter for making me have passion again about wrestling and to thank Vince McMahon for being the most influential man in my life beyond my father. Vince’s life journey & deccisions have really made my career and life path. Every person who worked in pro wrestling has to admit that. Most of all, this is a thank you to every wrestler, both male and female, I have worked with, travel, bled, sweat, laughed, cried and shared so many amazing moments. I am blessed to have met you all. You have all made my life better knowing you. But, most of all, this is my thank you to the wrestling fans, my family. I was lucky enough to cross over the guard rail, but I never forgot my roots. I never will.”

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