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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 6.10.21

June 10, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling W. Morrissey Big Bill Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 6.10.21  

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Tonight the main event of Against All Odds is finalized with Kenny Omega defending his IMPACT gold against Moose and a potential addition of Sami Callihan.


Scott D’Amore wastes no time on the intro and his standing in the ring. He invites Tony Khan to a mixed reaction. Callis makes his entrance as D’Amore and Khan are getting along. Callis acknowledges the talk of Callihan being added to the main event. He lists Callihan as blacklisted and dangerous, which Khan hesitantly agrees to. D’Amore and Khan discuss it and agree to a one-on-one match. Khan then pitches that the match takes place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. D’Amore mentions that the man that wins the World Title will meet Sami Callihan at Slammiversary.

It makes no sense to me for Moose not to be getting the big match at Slammiversary but we will see how it goes. Callihan hasn’t exactly been winning a lot of matches in recent months and needs some more momentum. The Against All Odds match occurring at Daily’s Place should be pretty cool.

*D’Amore books a tag match with The Good Brothers against Sami Callihan and a partner of his choice in a street fight for Against All Odds.

*We join Brian Myers for his “How to Be a Professional” program. He teaches Sam Beale how to cut a promo before ranting about Matt Cardona and leaving.

*Callihan is backstage questioning who will be his partner as Tommy Dreamer makes his grand return. Callihan reluctantly agrees.

Rosemary vs. Havok

Rosemary hits two spears immediately for a near fall. She applies a Muta Lock to maintain the pressure. Havok gains control as we head to break. Havok hits a powerful clothesline for a near fall, as she continues to grind away at Rosemary. The Demon Assassin hits two more spears to put her away. Susan, Kimber Lee, and Deonna jump Havok and Rosemary. An enraged Susan grabs the mic and demands that the Kimber Lee vs. Tasha Steelz match happens now.

WINNER: Rosemary

That match was fine. I’m glad that it remains Deonna vs. Rosemary as that his a fresh, marquee matchup.

Kimber Lee vs. Tasha Steelz

Kimber catches Tasha with a buckle bomb to take the early advantage. Tasha fights back with chops but she’s neutralized by a clothesline. Tasha spills outside and feels the effects. She returns at the count of eight and Kimber swarms her. Kimber hits a trio of suplexes, finishing with a delay for a near fall. Kimber looks for a Swanton but hits some knees. Tasha breaks free and hits a sit-out suplex to win out of nowhere. Rosemary and Havok storm the ring for revenge with Rosemary hitting As Above So Below to Deonna Purrazzo. They double chokeslam Kiera Hogan and look to form an alliance.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz

That was well worked but lacked a comeback from Tasha. Not sure why the abrupt finish was necessary but what we got was good.

*Maclin vignette airs, oozing intensity.

Rohit Raju and Chris Bey vs. Petey Williams and Trey Miguel

Petey and Rohit go back and forth with Petey locking a sharpshooter. Petey and Trey show chemistry, double-teaming Chris Bey. Petey gets caught on the apron with Bey tripping the leg and Rohit knocking him down. Rohit gains control in the ring, grounding Petey. Rohit and Bey look to work together but misfire, allowing Trey in. Trey takes them both out, displaying incredible speed. Trey sets up Bey for Petey to hit a Russian leg sweep. Rohit catches Trey with a jumping knee. Trey bounces back, wrapping Rohit up in a submission and making him tap. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton jump the participants. Josh Alexander comes out and it turns into a brawl. They set up Madman Fulton in the corner and Petey Williams hits a SUPER CANADIAN DESTROYER.

WINNER: Trey Miguel and Petey Williams

That was another 2021 X-Division slapper. Trey Miguel is an incredible tag teamer and Petey Williams hitting that Destroyer still has me shaking.

*We join Tenille Dashwood and her interviewer of the week, Rachael Ellering, who is joined by Jordynne Grace. Kaleb with a K hits the dislike button and suggests that Grace waits outside. They continue to disrespect Grace as she invites Tenille to a match at Against All Odds.

Eddie Edwards vs. Joe Doering

Doering batters Eddie and puts him in a chinlock. Eddie powers him over for a suplex but Rhino trips him from the outside. He lures Doering out and looks for the suicide dive. Deaner trips him but the ref sees and calls the match. VBD attacks Eddie but Kojima hits the ring. Kojima and Doering trade strikes as Doering is sent outside.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards

This wasn’t much which is a shame as I was pretty excited for it. They’re booking towards a tag match, maybe they’ll bring in Muta as a guest.

*Moose vignette previewing his title match

W. Morrissey vs. Willie Mack

Morrissey batters him in the corner and has full control early on as we head to a break. Mack attacks him with a chain, gradually chopping him down. Mack charges him with a cannonball. Morrissey buys some breathing room with a big boot. Morrissey wraps the chain around the eyes of Mack for a nasty visual. Morrissey sets him up in the corner, clubbing his back. Morrissey brutalizes him with a chair as things get uneasy. Mack escapes a splash attempt and powerslams him to get a break. Mack hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. He places Morrissey on top of the chair but lands on chair alone with a frog splash attempt. Morrissey looks for his elbow but hits the chair. The chair is booted into Mack’s face allowing Morrissey to win. Morrissey looks to punish Mack abut Rich Swann charges the ring and attacks the big man. Security separates them before Morrissey breaks free and boots Swann. Swann comes out of nowhere with a chair as he’s leaving as both men stare each other down from a distance.

WINNER: W. Morrissey

That was solid but could’ve been a bit more physical. Certainly better than their singles match and made Morrissey look dangerous. Swann and Morrissey has been a solid program and I look forward to seeing how they mesh.

The final score: review Average
The 411
This was a pretty skippable episode of IMPACT, just further solidyfing each match on the well-built Against All Odds card. The Callihan announcement was major news and the X-Division match is worth checking out, but not too much else to say about this one. Not bad but not special in any way.

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