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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 11.14.23

November 14, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE NXT 11-14-23 Baron Corbin Image Credit: WWE
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 11.14.23  

Hello everyone, and welcome to our live WWE NXT coverage right here on 411! Jeremy Thomas as per the usual, and tonight NXT is continuing the build to Deadline! Tonight’s show will see Chase U defend the NXT Tag Team Championships against6 former champions Tony D’Angelo and Stacks, while the latest Iron Survivor Qualifying Matches will pit Trick Williams against Joe Coffey and Roxanne Perez against Lash Legend. We’ll also have Wes Lee take on Baron Corbin, Noam Dar welcoming Alpha Academy to Supernova Sessions, and probably plenty more drama between Trick and Carmelo Hayes. Should be a fun enough time.

Here at Thomas HQ, my movie watching is in high gear as tends to happen at the end of the year. Over the past week I watched the horror comedy Slotherhouse, which was perfectly acceptable with a few wildly funny moments, and 2008’s Deadgirl which there is NOTHING funny about and which I don’t think is as successful as it wanted to be, though it was shockingly prescient (content warning for all the things there). Book Club: The Next Chapter was the epitome of an unnecessary sequel but was amiable enough that I didn’t hate it, while Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken did exactly what you would expect from a mid-tier animated family film.

I know a lot of people are loving David Fincher’s new film The Killer on Netflix, but outside of Fincher’s directorial talent and Michael Fassbender & Tilda Swinton’s committed performances it left me a bit cold. Meanwhile I understand peoples’ issues with The Marvels but I found it a blast. The Frankenstein-esque birth/rebirth was elevated by its two lead performances even if the script lets it down a times, and Screambox’s Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls is not my kind of humor although a Meat Loaf music video-inspired number had me dying. And finally, I did my first rewatch in a while of the lengthy Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy which is always a blast.

On TV, I’m still watching Drag Race UK season five and The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula season five and enjoying them. For the former I’m team Ginger Johnson, and for the latter I’m team Throb Zombie.

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We get a recap of Chase U’s win and a “breaking news” of a scandal at Chase U. Chase U is walking in and Andre Chase say he’s fully cooperating. But they have a title match to win.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
Chase U vs. Tony D’Angelo & Stacks

Chase and Stacks start off and lock up, Stacks with a waistlock and takedown. Back up, Chase with a snapmare but Stacks escapes and locks in a wristlock. They repeat the spot and Chase with an armdrag and drop toe hold, cover gets two. Lock back up, Stacks with an armdrag and drop toe hold, Stacks with an inside cradle for a nearfall.

Chase with a headlock, Stacks gets him to his knees and reverses. Stacks into the ropes, blind tag, Tony pushes Chase into a shot from Stacks. Tony with a bodyslam but Chase slides down, Duke with a blind tag off the ropes but Tony nails him. He knocks Chase out of the ring but Duke with a big boot for two.

Chase tags back in, double strikes to Tony but Tony backs Chase into the hostile corner and tags in Stacks who hits a stomp to the arm off the middle rope. Chase into the ropes, Duke tags in, Tony sent to the outside and Duke with a flip suplex to hang him out on the ropes. Tony takes out both champs and sends them to the outside, Stacks into the ropes and is thrown onto the champions as we go to PIP break.

We’re back as Duke Hudson is fighting off both challengers, and hits Stacks with a uranage. Stacks gets back in control and dropkicks Duke through the ropes, then comes off the apron with an elbow drop! Mick Foley would warn him against that. Back in, cover gets two. Duke crawls to make the tag but Tony tags in and blocks it. Duke kicks his way free and goes for the tag — Chase is in on the hot tag and runs through Tony D and Stacks! Dropkick to Stacks, swinging neckbreaker to D’Angelo. He gets Stacks on his shoulders but Tony pulls him down.

Chase manages to fight back and takes out both challengers, then goes up top — high crossbody and a cover for two. The crowd is getting hyped and Chase pulls Stacks up, but gets superkicked. Tony tags in, leaping Euro uppercut and German suplex combo gets a nearfall. Stacks tags in, whip into the ropes — Duke makes the save but Stacks covers Chase for two. Chase ducks a knee and hits an enzuigiri. Tony tags in but Duke drops him on the outside. He takes out Stacks and goes to leap over the ropes onto Tony, but Tony dodges and sends Duke to the floor.

Chase takes out Tony and goes up top — but Tony cuts him off. SUPERPLEX by Tony, frog splash by Stacks, cover but Duke breaks it up. Duke goes for the powerbomb but Tony and Stacks take him down. They charge Duke in the corner but he stops Stacks with a boot, fires off at Tony D and then hits a short-arm side Russian legsweep. Chase U stomps, but the Chase U section are all leaving!

Chase gets rolled up by Tony for two, and then hit with a spinebuster. Duke gets knocked off the apron, Bada Bing Bada Boom to Chase and that’s it.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo & Stacks (13:54)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Good work by everyone here, but making Chase U booed for this match didn’t work and the result was deflating for a team that just won the titles. We’ll see how the story goes, but this feels like making a change for the sake of a change and I’m not into it yet.

* We see video of Lita announcing Roxy vs. Lash Legend and Trick vs. Joe Coffey as the Iron Survivor Qualifying Matches.

* Supernova Sessions is next.

* Dominik Mysterio walks backstage and Baron Corbin comes up to congratulate him. He says he’s dealing with Wes Lee this week and said last week he was making a list like a kid for Santa Clause, but he’s going to beat him up.

* Time for Supernova Sessions. Noam Dar and Meta-Four are in the ring with a full set, and he says tonight is a special night because they get to witness Lash Legend qualify for Iron Survivor. Lash says it’s time for her to Lash out. Noam says that tonight’s guests are worthy of the Supernova Sessions but he’s locked up the Heritage Cup so no one can take it. He welcomes Alpha Academy out to the ring.

Noam says the’ve acheives so much together, being beloved by the WWE Universe. But this must be the best thing they’ve done being this close to the Heritage Cup. Chad Gable says THANK YOU! and the cup is beautiful, but Dar is lucky to have it after last week. Jakara fires back and Dar says Tozawa came close last week, but not close enough.

Tozawa says that take away the rest of Meta-Four and the Cup would be his. Lash says Dar is keeping the Cup on lock just like she’s qualifying for Iron Survivor. Otis says Lash can say anything she wants to him, baby! Lash calls for security and Dar yells to stick to the topic: his Cup.

Ora tells Tozawa to just do his TikTok dance and things quickly devolve until Gable SHUSHES everyone. He says Noam has a point, his name is synonymous with the Heritage Cup. Dar says no one can beat him and NXT had to do a global tournament to find his opponent, noting it’s tough at the top. Gable says to make his life easy, he has his next challenger right here.

Dar laughs and says he sees what’s happening and if the person doesn’t want to do the match tonight after what Shinsuke did to him, so he’ll hit him next week. He asks who his challenge is, and Maxxine says he has an appetite for destruction. He’s an Olympian and a former NXT Tag Team Champion and former Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Champion. Dar protests, and Otis says no takebacks. Chad says the next challenger — is him. Gable decks Dar and then dances as Meta-Four loses their shit.

Iron Survivor Qualifying Match
Lash Legend vs. Roxanne Perez

Lockup to start, Roxy is thrown down. Bodyslam attempt, Roxy floats over and locks in a headlock. Back supex but she lands on her feet and goes into a crucifix but Lash rolls through for two. Roxy put in the corner but hits a front kick, sunset flip but Lash stays up and pulls Roxy up. Roxy knocks Lash out of the ring and goes into the ropes, Jakara trips her. But the ref saw it and ejects Meta-Four!

Roxy with a rollup for two, Lash with an immediate big boot. Bodyslam and another, leaping elbowdrop for two. Lash shoves Roxy’s head and pulls her up but Roxy fights back and hits a dropkick to the knee. Forearms, she comes into the ropes and Lash picks her up for an ugly torture rack. She flips Roxy around Roxy with a guillotine but gets slammed into the corner. Lash charges, Roxy moves and Lash hits the ringpost, then falls to the floor and Roxy dives onto her!

Roxy rolls Lash in and nails her, then goes up top. High crossbody, then off the ropes into a wheelbarrow facebuster, cover gets two. Roxy nails Lash a couple times, but Lash picks her up for a swinging backbreaker. Handspring moonsault but Roxy misses. Jakara is back in and distracts the ref, Kiana James holds her for a big boot by Lash. Powerbomb finishes it.

Winner: Lash Legend (5:04)
Rating: * 3/4
Thoughts: That match was ugly. Lash is still not ready and this made it clear, even Roxy couldn’t carry her to something good.

* Tank says he wants to take things to the next level. Axiom says we might get a new Heritage Cup champion next week. Edris Enofe says they need to keep their eyes on the titles and Angel and Humberto come in and say no one cares what they have to say. Tony and Stacks come in with their titles and Angel says to enjoy it because it won’t last. Tony says last time they saw them, they were being thrown through tables by the Creeds. Tony and Stacks leave and a brawl breaks out.

* Yesterday, Lyra was reviewing tapes of Xia Li when she got the invite to the Warriors Tea Ceremony on tonight’s show.

* Xia is preparing her tea ceremony when Lyra walks in. Xia welcomes her and asks her to put a garment on as tradition. Lyra thanks her and says she’s never been invited to something like this before. Xia says it’s how her ancestors honored their rivals before combat. They bow and Xia says a deep bow displays deep respect, which Lyra says isn’t something she expected to get from Xia.

They sit and Xia says her warrior spirit has been alive in the last months and she wants to be noticed. Xia says she wants them to be on an even battlefield next week. Xia picks the tea leaves, then they pour the water and the tea leaves transform. She says this represents what happens to them during the match. Tea must brew at the correct temperature at the correct amount of time or they will be ruined. Lyra says the leaves are more delicate than they look. Xia says the leaves eventually crumble and break down, which will happen next week when she consumed Lyra.

Xia pours the tea and tells Lyra to consume it. Lyra says respectfully, she will not. Xia says if she doesn’t, she will show no remorse next week. Lyra says so be it and next week, may the strongest warrior win. Xia bows, as does Lyra. Lyra takes her title and walks off. Yep, that was a segment.

* McKenzie is with Trick and Melo and mentions Trick hitting Melo, and Trick says they talked and knew it wasn’t intentional. He says accidents happen and Melo gives an unconvincing yeah. Melo says he took a lie detector and it showed he didn’t attack Trick. Trick doesn’t know what mindgames Lexis is playing, but he’ll get his. Melo says he’ll have Trick’s back tonight, and Trick says it’s good to be on the same page.

* Kiana James crowds about costing Roxy her qualifier and she gets shit talked by the others. Karmen Petrovic walks in and Arianna Grace shuts her up, saying that when you follow your heart you can never go wrong. Gigi shuts her up and says she’s getting her ass kicked tonight. Grace asks why everything has to end in a fight.

* McKenzie asks Bron Breakker if he has any remorse and he says no because he did what he does best is hurt people. He breaks everyone, and McKenzie asks what that means for the future. Dijak walks in and says that while Bron was picking splinters out of his ass, he was winning a spot in the Iron Survivor. Bron says that Dijak doesn’t want him in the Iron Survivor match and Dijak says he does because Bron can’t break him. Bron says if he gets in, he’ll have Dijak begging for RETRIBUTION. Ouch.

Iron Survivor Qualifying Match
Joe Coffey vs. Trick Williams

Lockup to start, neither get an edge and they go into a test of strength. Coffey bends Trick back, but he fights back until Coffey hits a knee to the gut and knocks Trick down. Coffey controls Trick’s shoulder but they break and Trick with a headlock. Shot into the corner, he goes up and dover and bodyslams Joe a couple of times before hitting a spinning heel kick.

Whip into the corner, Trick charges into a back knee and Coffey knocks him down. Into the ropes, he hits Trick with an uppercut and goes for a backslide but Trick is fighting it. They break, Trick ducks a clothesline and pops Joe up for an uppercut.

Joe to the outside and Trick goes after, but Gallus stands in the way. Trick decks them and Joe with a cheap shot. He rolls Trick back in and follows, they start trading shots in the ring. Joe with a snapmare and cover for one, then goes back to the shoulder. Trick fights back but gets sent over the top as we go to break.

We’re back as Coffey sends Trick into the corner twice, then hits a backbreaker. Handstand senton gets two. Coffey with a modified chinlock but Trick gets up and hits a backdrop. Williams gets hung on the rope but hits a jumping neckbreaker!

Both men trade blows as they get to their feet, Coffey takes over and hits a bodyslam for two. Shoulderlock by Coffey, Trick gets to his feet and gets shot into the ropes — leaping shoulderblock! Trick to his feet and nails Coffey, blocks a shot and hits him again. Jabs and an uppercut against the ropes, he runs over Coffey and hits a leg lariat. The hair is freed! Trick goes for the Kill Shot but Joe counters and headbutts Trick — Trick with a urenage for a nearfall.

Mark Coffey on the apron and gets knocked down, Wolfgang is up and Melo grabs his foot, pulling him off but Trick was going for a clothesline and spills to the outside. Coffey leaps on him, then gets in the ring for a Glasgow Sendoff. But Trick is able to counter and hits his finisher to end it.

Winner: Trick Williams (11:54)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Solid work here. They advanced the miscommunication with Melo and Trick that keeps it seeming accidental for now, but Trick advances as he should. No complaints.

* Wes Lee is walking backstage and gets surprised by Ilja walking up. Wes jumps but is glad he caught him and congratulates him on the title win. Ilja welcomes him back and asks about Lee taking time off after their match. Lee says it’s water under the bridge and he is moving ahead, and starts with Corbin tonight. Ilja asks him to leave a piece of Corbin for him. They part amicably and Lee says he has other things in mind than Ilja.

* Baron Corbin is prepping backstage when Lexis King walks in. Corbin says he gives King credit for taking out Trick Williams. He says how Lexis did it without getting caught was impressive and wants to know how, and Lexis says it’s the million dollar question. He tells Corbin good luck and says he’ll be watching.

Brawling Brutes vs. OTM

Butch slaps the shit out of Price to start and comes off the ropes right into a back elbow. Butch back up and takes over on the arm, twisting it and stomping the elbow. Price onto the apron and Butch and Ridge grab Nima and Price for forearm smashes, but OTM power out of it. Price with a big boot to Butch in the ring and he starts pounding on him.

NIma tags in and Butch is whipped into a big knee.He talks shit to Ridge and knocks him off the apron, then headbutts Butch and chokes him on the middle rope for three. He distracts the ref as SCRYPTS hits a diving kick, cover gets two.

Nima tags in Price, who charges in with a vicious clothesline. Nima back in but Btuch nails him, then charges but gets planted. Butch is able to get the hot tag, Ridge runs over Price and then Nima. Avalanche to Price and a couple more, he picks Price up for the swinging uranage for two.

Price nails Ridge but Butch made the tag, Price grabs him and slams him onto Ridge. Nima tags in, front suplex into a high gutbuster, cover for a nearfall. Nima goes for a chokeslam but Butch with an enzuigir. He takes Nima down and goes up top, but Nima leaps up. Butch grabs the arm and snaps the fingers, then goes for a sunset flip bomb. Nima holds on but Ridge tags in, Butch takes out SCRYPTS and Price, Ridge powerbombs Nima. They wipe out Nima for three.

Winner: Brawling Brutes (5:50)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: This was a hard-hitting match that gave OTM some time to shine, but ultimately they lost in fairly short order. It wasn’t a bad match at all, and these two certainly have potential.

* Joe Gacy has been wandering aimlessly like man lost in the desert, looking for a drop of water that doesn’t exist. He’s a ghost wandering the halls of NXT trying to find his purpose. He doesn’t fit in and he’s not here to burn ships, be the biggest dog, any of that. Unhinged? Maybe. Maniac? He’s not here to argue that. Maybe this is where he lets go, maybe not. He throws his phone to the floor. Right then.

Gigi Dolin vs. Arianna Grace

Lockup to start, Grace with an armdrag and some preening. Another lockup, Gigi with a waistlock and rollup for two. One more lockup, Grace with a kneelift, shot into the ropes and Gigi runs her over. Armdrag by Dolin, she works the arm but Grace up and whips Gigi into the ropes. Gigi comes off with a crossbody for two but Grace is on the attack and hits a big right for two.

Grace sends GIgi into the corner and charges into a back elbow. Suplex, cover gets two. Gigi back into the corner, she ducks a clothesline and rolls Grace up. Backslide for two, inside cradle for two. Grace with a back elbow and she slams Gigi’s head against the mat a few times. Cover gets two again.

Chinlock to Gigi, who fights to her feet but gets slammed down. She ducks an elbowdrop, Gigi with strikes and a knee to the head. Gigi takes over, short-arm lariat for two. Grace dodges a charge in the corner and hits a backslide but buts her feet on the ropes, the ref notices it. Gigi hits a forearm and the Gigi Driver for the win.

Winner: Gigi Dolin (3:45)
Rating: **
Thoughts: This was an extended squash without a lot of flow to it. It was what it was.

* We’re reminded of Von Wagner bombing Bron through the table last week and then get a retrospective of Von and Stone’s careers and friendship. We get Bron’s assault on Von and Stone staying by his side, and even fighting Bron for him.

Von and Stone watch the segment backstage and Von says he’s been meaning to tell him something, but Stone says he gets it. He asks of Von’s okay because Von is rubbing his head and Von says he’s fine. Stone invites Von to his family dinner.

* Wes Lee and Baron Corbin WALK backstage.

* McKenzie is with Eddy Thorpe and asks where he’s been. He says this year’s been a trip and he beat Dijak, but it drained him so he took some time to recharge. He’s going to show that he’s ready for the Iron Survivor match. Drew Gulak, Charlie Dempsey and Myles Borne walk up and say he’s not ready. Eddy says he’s never been broken and Charlie says that’s because he never stepped in the ring with people like them.

* Chase is hounded by reports and says he has no comment. Jacy drives up and tells Chase to get in. He does and they drive off.

* We get a vignette reminding us how the Iron Survivor Match works, which is good because it’s still overly complicated. JBL selects the qualifying matches for next week.

Set For Next Week:
– NXT Women’s Title Match: Lyra Valkyria vs. Xia Li
– NXT Heritage Cup Match: Noam Dar vs. Chad Gable

Wes Lee vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin and Wes circle a bit and Wes ducks a lockup, going in with strikes to the body. He backs Corbin into the corner and goes to whip him out, but Corbin yanks him to the mat and then hits a big right hand. Corbin gets Lee in the corner for a chop to the chest. Whip across the ring but Lee with a rana on a charging Corbin, hits some kicks and covers for two.

Lee with a front facelock, but Corbin picks him up for a big suplex. Corbin goes for a senton, Lee rolls out of the way and kicks Corbin in the head. Cover gets one but the kickout sends Lee to the apron. Lee flips over Corbin, hits a kick to the gut from the mat and is up for an enzuigiri. Corbin to the outside, Lee dives through but Corbin catches him for Deep Six as we go to PIP break.

We’re back and Corbin is manhandling Lee with a chinlock in the center of the ring. Lee gets to his feet and hits shots to the gut, but Corbin cuts him off with a knee. Corbin yanks Lee around right into a short-arm lariat that about takes Lee’s head off! Mounted punches on the mat by Corbin. He picks up Lee and slams him into the corner. Big fist in the corner and then elbows to the back of Lee’s head. Corbin charges in — and Lee moves, sending Corbin into the ringpost!

Lee is fighting back and hits fists and knees. Front dropkick sends Corbin to the outside, Lee dives onto him and sends him into the announcer’s booth where he pounds on him! Back thrust kick to the jaw and then he uses the ringpost to swing around for a dropkick. Up top in the ring, missile dropkick for two!

Lee drops Corbin with a kick to the knee, double stomp and he comes off the ropes — right into a DVD by Corbin! Cover gets two. End of Days but Lee escapes it, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Lee is right back with a kick before going down. Corbin is up now, drags Lee to the corner and goes to the top. Lee cuts him off and hits an enzuigiri, sending Corbin to the floor. Lee dives in — Dominik Mysterio saves Corbin and takes the dive! Lee is attacking Dom!

Lee comes into the ring at eight and is hit with End of Days for three.

Winner: Baron Corbin (10:27)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: Very good stuff here, as expected. Corbin and Lee worked an appropriately David vs. Goliath match and everything popped fine here. Corbin needed the win as he’s heading toward a match with Ilja, and the interaction with Dom telegraphed where Wes is going which is fine.

Corbin goes after Lee post-match — but here comes Ilja! Ilja grabs Corbin and suplexes him down. Ilja sets up — but gets caught with the End of Days! Corbin smashes the title into Ilka’s face Ilja and stands over him before leaving.

Ilja gets on the mic and says Corbin made a grave mistake and has to live with the consequences. He’s got the NXT Championship match at Deadline.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Average
The 411
This is far from NXT's best episode in a long time, and that's okay. It's a transitional episode that is building up to NXT Deadline. Not all of the in-ring work was fantastic, but we did have some very good matches. I would say that this is a bit skippable outside of the opening match, Trick vs. Coffey and the main event, but I don't think it was terrible so you're not going to put yourself through torture by watching it.

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