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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 5.10.22

May 10, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE NXT 5-10-22 Cora Jade Natalya Image Credit: WWE
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 5.10.22  

What’s up, NXT people? It’s Tuesday, and we all know what that means: it’s time for another episode of WWE NXT. I’m Jeremy Thomas, here as always, and tonight we’re dealing with the fallout of NXT Spring Breakin’. Tonight’s episode will see the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament begin. Meanwhile, Cora Jade battles Natalya and Kay Lee Ray makes her debut as Alba Fyre, and Wendy Choo & Roxanne Perez will face off against Toxic Attraction. Nothing announced for the guys yet, but I’m sure we’ll get more Legado del Fantasma vs. Tony D’Angelo shenanigans and probably some follow-up to that weird ending from last week where hooded guys popped up behind Bron Breakker after he beat Joe Gacy.

Here at Thomas HQ, it’s been a pretty solid week for entertainment. I watched four movies, enjoying Doctor Strange & The Multiverse of Madness quite a bit even if it’s not perfect. I also continued my Marilyn Monroe watch with the amiable 1951 screwball comedy As Young As You Feel, which features Marilyn in a small role she stands out in. I also rewatched the extremely transgressive Tiawanese contagion film The Sadness, which arrives on Shudder this week, and you can check out my review of that one here. Finally, I gave the new Netflix horror flick Choose Or Die a gander and it wasn’t great, but not as bad as some of the reactions I’ve seen have suggested.

In terms of TV, I finished up Moon Knight which I adored from start to finish as well as Cursed Films II, the final episode of which looks at the infamous Cannibal Holocaust. I also began watching Netflix’s music docuseries This Is Pop, which is a very solid look at the history of pop music from the rise and fall of Auto-Tune to the Britpop era. Finally I dug NF’s Bullsh*t The Gameshow which, if you’re a game show fan, you might well want to check out.

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We start off with a recap of the main event of last week’s main event, with Bron breakker beating Joe Gacy. We get footage of the hooded figures attacking Breakker after NXT went off the air, laying him out and putting him on a stretcher to carry him away. We then see Gacy in a car saying Bron thought he won, but there are many forms of victory. Bron is pulled out of the car with a hood on his head and Gacy says this is Bron’s time to be all alone. He laughs maniacally as they apparently leave him in a field.

* We’re LIVE in the Capital Wrestling Center with the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship match.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Toxic Attraction vs. Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez

Choo snuck in and dives off the top before the bell rings onto TA. Perez and Choo clear the ring and we start with Choo taking Gigi down with a drop toe hold, Perez off the top with a double axe-handle and Choo follows up with an elbow off the top. Quick tags, double kick to Gigi and an armdrag from Roxanne, tilt-a-whirl rollup for two.

Jacy with the blind tag and she clotheslines Perez down, then kicks her and covers for two. Perez sent into the hostile corner and Gigi tags in, stomp to Perez and a kick to the spine. Hard whip into the corner, Jacy tags in and a double boot choke against the bottom rope. Jayne with a bow and arrow submission to wear Perez down, Perez fights to her feet and flips Jayne over. Perez goes through the legs to tag in Choo, who goes wild on Jayne and hits a release German suplex off the rope and a cartwheel splash in the corner. She knocks Gigi off the apron and sends Jayne through the ropes, Perez dives through onto them and we’re on PIP break.

We’re back as the champions have been in control and Jacy covers Choo for two, then locks in a Million Dollar Dream. Choo to her feet, she rolls Jayne up off the ropes but Gigi tagged in and breaks it up. Choo fights the champs off and tags in Perez, who comes in hot and lays into Gigi. Splashes in the corner, side Russian legsweep, cover for two.

Stomp from Perez and she tags in Choo, handspring senton and Choo with an elbow and a cover, broken up by Jayne. Perez sends Jayne out and tags in, gets a whip reversal into the corner but gets the boot up. Perez goes up top, Rose comes in and saves Dolan from the splash. Choo attacks Rose and Jayne comes in to nail Perez, Dolan covers for the pinfall.

Winner: Toxic Attraction (9:59)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Wendy Choo has turned this character around by just being able to work it in the ring. This was quite a good match for a TV opening bout, knocked down a notch or two by the obvious ending.

Choo attacks Toxic Attraction after the bell but Rose takes her down with a belt shot and all three TA lay into her.Mandy screams at Wendy and they mock her before posing.

* Tiffany Stratton and Grayson Waller went shopping together earlier this week. Stratton says what happened to Waller was a travesty and Waller says Nathan Frazer got lucky. Stratton takes shots at Chase U and says the colors are tacky, and Bodhi Haywood is a dork.

* Joe Gacy addresses the NXT Universe next after the break.

* The Creeds walk up to Roderick Strong in the gym and he says they can’t still be pissed about last week. Julius says their win over the Viking Raiders is tainted because of them. Strong says they should be thanking them. Brutus says they’re facing the Raiders again next week but they’re doing it the right way. Strong says that he’s bringing in a new member of the Diamond Mine — Damon Kemp. Julius says new members are a group decision and they’ll talk about it later.

* And here comes Gacy with his masked people. He says as he left Breakker in the wilderness next week, he said he must face the next chapter in his journey all alone. He says his own personal journey in NXT began months ago and began a journey of inclusion and anyone could join. He says two people separated themselves from the pack and the rest are no more. They went above and beyond and committed to his cause by taking that extra step. His cause and his message has been received. His acolytes are the faces of change and their expansion has begun. So he would like to appeal to Bron: consider this his personal invitation. He doesn’t have to do this alone! Join them, be a part of their movement. Be a part of this change. The result is eternal joy. Affliction and hardship awaits those — and you — those who resist. He gives a crazy look and we don’t find out who the acolytes are. So just a promo then, okay.

* Bodhi Haywood is psyching up Chase when Sarray comes in and says she wants a mixed tag match with Chase against Stratton and Waller. Chase doesn’t understand what she’s saying so Haywood translates. Chase is surprised Chase U has a foreign language department. Chase says he’s going to make that match official right now, and Sarray says this is a teachable moment.

* We get a vignette of Ivy Nile instituting the Ivy Nile Challenge. She’s separating the boys from the men, starting with push-ups. One guy gives up in the 80s and she says if you can’t go, you’ve gotta go. Nile’s promo work needs…some work.

* We get the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament competitors on the stage, and a look at the brackets. Each of the competitors is called out for the audience.

NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament Match
Sloane Jacobs vs. Fallon Henley

Lockup to star, Fallon armdrags Sloane and then does a waistlock takedown. Jacobs back to her feet and gets a few rollup attempts, but she eats a dropkick after the third one. Henley with a headlock, shot into the ropes and runs Jacobs over then dodges a dropkick. She ducks a clothesline, but eats a dropkick for a Jacobs two-count.

Briggs and Jensen come out to cheer Henley on as Henley sends Sloane into the ropes. Jacobs with a big boot and cover for two. Henley battles back, facebuster and a dropkick, she slides out of the ring and hits an uppercut on Jacobs before covering for two.

Seated overhead chickenwing, Sloane to her feet but gets battered down and Henley back into the submmission. Sloane to her feet and hits an armdrag, they trade some reversals and hit a facebuster on each other. Both up, Henley charges into feet in the corner and Jacobs takes over, neckbreaker and a cover for two.

Henley up on the shoulders of Sloane but she elbows out, backbreaker and clothesline. Diving knee to Sloane finishes it.

Winner: Fallon Henley (4:27)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Perfectly fine match for what time it got. Both of these women are solid if not great competitiors.

Show of respect after the match.

* McKenzie is with Legado and asks Santos about kidnapping AJ Galante last week. Santos says AJ shouldn’t have been at that meeting, and when he sat down he became fair game. He knows how he could never survive in Legado’s streets. Tony is now going to learn that you can’t get in their business and walk away. He tells Cruz to start the car, and there’s no way that doesn’t lead to parking lot violence.

* Alba Fyrs is next.

* Out in the parking lot, Cruz goes to start the car and Tony D’Angelo is standing in front of the car. One of his goons are in the back seat and attacks him, they pull him out of the car and Tony says his boy did this to him, not Tony. They throw him into the trunk of their car and drive off to send a message.

Amari Miller vs. Alba Fyre

They face off and lock up, with Fyre taking Miller down and crucifix pinning for two. Miller gets a headlock as the Ivy Nile Challenge goes to Burpees in PIP. Miller with a pin attempt for two, but Fyre with a big slap across the chest. She goes for it again but Miller with a big kick and then a tornado armdrag and neckbreaker, cover for two.

Miller gets Fyre in the corner and hits a big forarm, then charges in but Fyre moves. Miller kicks her down and sends Fyre into the corner, but Fyre blocks it and kicks Miller before hitting a Tornado DDT and superkick to a kneeling Miller for two.

Fyre with big punches, Miller fires back and they start trading up. Fyre looks to go tof the KLR Bomb but Miller escapes it and takes Fyre down for two again. She goes for a snapmare but Fyre escapes, hits the KLR Bomb (now the Fyre Bomb) and she goes up top for a Swanton, cover for three.

Winner: Alba Fyre (3:40)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Obvious result is obvious and match was as good as a 3:40 match could be. Surprised that Miller got the amount of offense she did, but it worked out fine.

* Carmello Hayes and Trick Williams arrive in the parking lot looking hypes. As they approach, Solo is at the door and says “Not today, boys!” as he shuts the door, trapping them out and forcing them to find a new way in.

* McKenzie asks Cora Jade about her match with Natalya tonight and she says of course she’s nervous, but she’s not facing the same girl she DMd or even the same girl she cheap shot a couple weeks ago. She says tonight she’s going to prove to everyone that she can belong against a future WWE Hall of Famer.

* Solo Sikoa comes out to the ring. He gets a mic and shouts out the crowd for chanting his name. He says this is supposed to be Melo and Trick’s time, but it’s his time now. He says they were going to come out and talk about the NA Championship but we already know what happened last week (Grimes retained against Solo and Melo). He says of Melo wants the one-on-one shot, that’s fine because he’ll be there watching. And he’ll let everyone know that he’s got next. He doesn’t care if it’s Grimes or Melo who wins, they can both get it.

Grimes comes out with his title and says he respects Solo like the crowd does, and he understands Solo wants another chance at the title. However, at IYH it will be Grimes vs. Melo one-on-one. But have no fear: after he beats Hayes, Solo has his word that if Solo wants a shot, then he’ll be next. Solo notes and they share some words before walking off. JFC this audience is intolerable in how obsessed they are at getting themselves over.

Melo and Trick attack Grimes as Solo walks away oblivious. He finally notices as Melo sets up a chair and they prepare to cripple Grimes, but Solo comes in and superkicks the both of them. He charges in for a hip check on Trick, and Melo quickly gets from the ring. Solo helps Grimes up and picks up the title, which Grimes snatches. Grimes stares at Melo and then holds the title up.

* Legado are walking along wondering what’s happening with Cruz when they come up at the running SUV. Santos knows what this is and says he’ll make the call. He calls D’Angelo, who is counting money with his goons. Tony picks up and they play a “Who is this” game. Santos says whoever did this to his hermano is in big trouble. Tony plays innocent and points out AJ went missiing too; maybe they ended up in the same place. Tony says if Santos lays one more finger on AJ, he’ll be sorry. He says if AJ is let go, he’ll pop the trunk and let Cruz breath a little. They agree to a match next week. Tony says he’s gonna beat Santos so bad that no one will recognize him. Santos says “Hey Tony — f**k you!” and hangs up. Tony flips out and flips the table, then walks off.

* McKenzie is with Nathan Frazer, who is on Cloud Nine after beating Grayson Waller in his NXT debut. He’s cheering for Chase U tonight. Xyon Quinn shows up to arrogantly give him advice when Nathan asks what “Run it straight means.” Wes Lee walks in to laugh at that and Quinn says not to make him put Frazer in his place. Frazer says he was legit curious and walks off. Lee and Quinn talk some trash to each other and walk off.

Tiffany Stratton & Grayson Waller vs. Andre Chase & Sarray

Bodhi Haywood and Chase have been transformed by walking through the entrance with Sarray and I am HERE for it. Bodhi is now a cheerleader.

Bell rings and Waller and Chase lock up, Chase in control of Waller and works over the arm. Waller flips out and sends Chase flipping to the mat. Lockup, Waller works the arm now, Chase counters out and sends Waller to the mat. Chase off the ropes with a bodyblock, back into the ropes again, Chase with a hiptoss and a headlock takedown.

Waller manages to fight out of a headlock and tags in Stratton, Sarray rushes in and chases after Stratton around the ring until she rolls in and gets kicked. But Sarray with a drop toe-hold and she folds up the legs for a inverted STF, but Stratton cheap shots her way out. Sarrah knocks Stratton down, Waller comes in and Chase takes him down. Sarray and Chase hit some Chase U stomps and then make a “teachable moment” pose as we go to break.

Back from break with the heels in control, Waller flips Stratton into a splash onto Chase. Waller comes in and leaps off the top for an elbow on Chase, cover for two. Inside cradle by Chase gets two, but an enzuigiri misses and Waller locks in a sleeper in the center of the ring. Chase fights to his feet, Waller shot into the ropes and Chase with a sleeper, reversed but Chase with a belly-to-back suplex.

Stratton tags in and Sarray comes in hot, a couple dropkicks off the ropes. She goes for one more but Stratton with a forearm. Stratton off the ropes into a dropkick, and Waller pulls Stratton out. Waller gets in the ring but Chase trips him and holds him for Sarray’s bottom rope dropkick.

Stratton in now and cheap shots Sarray, she hits a Vader bomb and covers but Stratton gets her foot on the ropes. Bodhi hits a horn, Stratton dives onto him! She comes in the ring but Sarray jackknifes her for three!

Winner: Andre Chase & Sarray (10:21)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: That was a shockingly good match. Stratton was very solid here and Sarray, Chase, and Waller all delivered. Good progress here and I can’t say I expected this, but it was an enjoyable bout.

* The Ivy Nile Challenge continues with Lunges with Bulgarian Bags. A few guys give in and stop.

* Von Wagner and Robert Stone are backstage with McKenzie. Stone says their actions against Jiro and Jensen are an example of what happens when you step to Wagner. Jiro charges in and attacks and security pulls them apart.

* Arianna Grace is backstage prepping for her match with Nikkita Lyons, which is next.

* backstage Mandy and TA walk up to check on Indi and see how she’s doing. She says she feels like it’s been crazy, she feels like she lost control. Mandy busts up laughing and says she can’t understand because no one’s ever broken up with her. They laugh at Indi and walk off.

NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament
Nikkita Lyons vs. Arianna Grace

Lyons offers a handshake, but Grace with a shot. Kick by Lyons and a backslide for less than one. Lyons and Grace with some mat wrestling, Grace ducks a kick but Lyons with a Thesz Press — turned into an armbar by Grace. Lyons picks Grace up and slams her down.

Grace up quickly and slams Lyons shoulder-first into the corner and then goes right to work on the shoulder with hammerblows and knee drops. CGrace with a chickenwing headlock submission in the center of the ring. Lyons gets to her feet and Grace lets go for a shot to the back. Lyons shoves Grace into the corner and reverses a whip to the other corner, roundhouse kicks to Grace and a release German suplex.

Another roundhouse to Grace, split-legged ledrop for three.

Winner: Nikkita Lyons (3:09)
Rating: **
Thoughts: It got no time, but Grace did get a chance to show her stuff and looked very sold in there. Still, Lyons was the obvious win.

* The Ivy Nile Challenge is down to Battle Ropes and Pull-Ups. One guy is left and She tells him to keep going until he can’t anymore. They put heavy chains on and do the pull-ups. Nile outlasts the dude.

* We get a recap of the Cora vignette talking about her love of wrestling and idolizing of Natalya, and Nattie attacking her. Cora says Nattie is a futue HOFer, but dead-ass wrong because her future isn’t bleak. Nattie says she’ll add a fourth Guinness World Record for fastest win in WWE history. Jade says her dream is now to kick Nattie’s legendary ass.

* The Viking Raiders say they respect The Creeds for not wanting to accept a tainted victory. But next week, when the bell rings, respect and honor will be pushed to the side. In one week’s time, the Raid is coming and Ragnarok awaits.

Set For Next Week:
– Tony D’Angelo vs. Santos Escobar
– Bron Breakker answers Joe Gacy

Natalya vs. Cora Jade

Lockup to start, Jade backed into the ropes and Nattie breaks, then shoves Cora. Headlock takedown against Cora, turned into a headscissors and break. Waistlock into a headlock takedown by Jade, she escapes and kips up. Nattie with a kick to the gut, wristlock, Jade flips out awkwardly, into some more counterwrestling and Natalya gets armdragged.

Wasitlock reversed, Nattie back elbows out, Nattie with a rollup, reversed by Jade for one. Jade with some mounted punches but Natalya turns it into an armbar and Jade escapes. jade takes Nattie down and hits a springboard rana on Nattle, she goes for the sharpshooter and Natalya quickly escapes to the outside as we go to PIP break.

We’re back with Jade trying to lock in an Octopus submission, but Nattie fights out of it and knocks Cora down. She locks in an elevated surfboard, Jade rolls through and hits a sitout dropkick. She picks Nattie up and gets shoved down, Jade back up with a BIG shot. Jade picked up for a powerbomb but she counters through and sends Nattie to the mat. Shots by Jade, springboard off the second rope into an armdrag and then a BIG charging knee. Tornado DDT by Jade, cover for two.

Jade goes up top, but Natalya is up and decks Jade. She climps up for a superplex but Jade fights out of it and knocks Nattie down, she leaps over Nattle and goes for Sliced Bread, Natalya with a Sharpshooter attempt, countered and a rollup for two and Nattie with a BIG clothesline.

Cora to her feet, Nattie is frustrated and just goes in on punches and slaps. Snap suplex by Natala into the corner. She showboats as Cora gets to her feet, chopblock and an ankle snap to the mat. Natalya puts Cora in the corner and knocks her down, she slips out and grabs Cora’s leg to slam her knee into the ringpost! And again! Nattie in and out and she goes for a ringboast figure four, but Cora pulls Nattie into the ringpost.

Natalya back in, she picks up Cora but Jade with an inside cradle for two. Bodyslam slipped out of by Jade, right into an enzuigiri. Jade with a springboard double stomp, cover for two. Jade back up, she goes for Sliced Break and htis it, slow cover and Nattie gets the shoulder up. Jade with a kackknife, Natalya counters into a pin attempt for two. Jade locks in a Sharpshooter! She has it in the center of the ring, but Natalya is able to power out as Cora’s knee gives out. Jade in the corner, Nattie up and charges into a boot. Jade to the second rope for a dropkick, caught by Nattie right into the Sharpshooter! Jade crawls and reaches, she almost gets to the ropes but gets pulled back to the center. Jade scratches and claws but gets pulled back again. Jade struggles valiantly but passes out.

Winner: Natalya (14:06)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Very solid effort that put Cora over strong despite the loss. Nattie played her part well and really helped make this match excel.

After the match, Natalya approaches Cora and extends a hand. Cora takes it and she gets helped up. Hug by Nattie as the show of respect and we’re done for the night.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Pretty decent episode of NXT this week. Even the very short matches weren't bad and while there were no absolute barn burners, we had some pretty good efforts in the opening, mixed tag, and main event in particular. I may not like everything going on in NXT right now but tonight was an episode that was easy to watch without a ton to complain about.

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