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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 9.7.21

September 7, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 9.7.21  

Hello there, wrestling fans! It’s a new month but it’s still Tuesday, and that means it’s time for another episode of NXT! I’m Jeremy Thomas as usual, and tonight we have the final show before the revamped NXT takes place next Tuesday. Tonight we have a pretty stacked show as both Tag Team Titles will be on the line, Carmelo Hayes battles Santos Escobar, Mei Ying makes her in-ring debut, and InDex’s bachelor and bachelorette parties take place! That’s a lot of stuff to enjoy, so without further ado let’s get into it.

In personal news, I’ve decided that if this pandemic is going to keep on going, I’m going to do it in style. As such, I picked up a Hayabusa mask that arrived not even an hour ago, and I am super-happy with it. It looks dope, and the straps go all the way around my head so my ears don’t get torn off. And best of all, it results in less breath going upward and fogging up my glasses so I can actually SEE while wearing it! I picked it up here and can highly recommend them. (This is not sponsored, I just really like the mask.)

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

I’m gonna miss that logo.

We’re in the Capitol Wrestling Center, and we launch right into a match as Ember Moon is coming out to face Kay Lee Ray.

Ember Moon vs. Kay Lee Ray

Ember talks trash before they lock up, Moon with a headlock takedown which Ray legscissors out of and turns into a submission. Moon kippups out and locks in a side headlock, shot into the ropes and turns a hiptoss into an armdrag before hitting a leaping heel kick for two. Moon with a front chancery, turns it into a back kick and whips Ray into the ropes but Ray slips out to the floor and trips Moon up, then yanks on the left arm hard to take her down. Ray in control, front suplex for two. Ray gets Moon in the corner and yanks on the rotator cuff, then bends the arm around before flipping her into a cross armbreaker. Moon manages to roll over for a two-count and then rolls Ray up for two, headscissor and clotheslines and a kick from Moon. Moon is up and worked up, avalanche in the corner. She goes up top, Codebreaker off the top for a two count and then locks in a crossface!

Moon has that crossface locked in as much as Ray is trying to get out of it, and she finally gets out and forces a pin for two. Moon quickly turns it into a triangle choke but Ray fights out of it, Ray to the corner and Moon is too slow to follow up which allows Ray to slam her into the corner as we go to PIP break.

Ember got some offense in on break, but it’s still Ray in control when we come back and she hits a single-arm DDT for two. Moon manages to slam Ray headfirst in the corner and takes her down for a two-count, but Ray fights right back and hulks up, shrugging off a superkick and then catching Ray in the tree of woe for some offense and a big spinning kick. Moon gets a two-count and Ray is down in the corner, Moon comes in but gets yanked into the corner and then hits a HUGE tornado DDT for a two-count. Ray picks Moon up, goes for a suplex but Moon blocks. Moon with a suplex but Ray blocks it, Moon then blocks one more and front suplexes Kay Lee Ray OUT OF THE RING. Moon off the ropes and dives through the ropes onto Ray, rolls her in and goes up top for the Eclipse but Ray is up and slaps Moon silly. Ray grabs the hair and we get an awkward flip to the mat. Ray climbs up, senton off the top for a nearfall. Ray has Moon up but Moon is fighting back, she catches a boot and hits a snapmare suplex for two! Moon up but Ray catches her foot, Moon slaps her and they go into a sequence of rapid nearfalls, Ray eventually turns it into a KLR for the pinfall.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray (14:40)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Hot match to get us started that had one or two awkward moments but was very hot down the stretch and had technical savvy for it. It puts Ray over strong without hurting Moon.

* The New Kings are hyping each other up and tell McKenzie that Burch and Lordan are taking the tag team. Dunne tells them to end MSK, and they shoo McKenzie off.

* We’re back with Indi Hartwell’s bachelorette party with a bunch of the NXT stars here. Indi can’t believe she did this, and some of the guests talk about how it’s a WWE wedding and is never gonna happen. Indi asks McKenzie if she’s wants to interview her and McKenzie says no. Indi’s best friend Pearl is there, but apparently she was also there for Disneyland. Indi says that she has one person to thank for this and it’s Candice, who smiles. Candice gets up to make a speech and tells Kacy and Kayden to stop TikToking. She says at first she didn’t like it and talks about how Dexter is weird and strange, but she came to realize Dexter really loves Indi. She tells Indi that Johnny’s gonna be a tougher nut to crack, and Indi says that Dexter’s just going to have to crack his nut. Candice suggests they use her spy stuff to go spy on the bachelor party, and off they go.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Santos Escobar

Electra, Wilde, and Mendoza are all out with Escobar. Bell rings and they lockup, Escobar pushes Hayes into the ropes and backs off. Another lockup leads to Escobar taking Hayes down with some amateur wrestling, and he mocks Hayes before they lock back up and Hayes gets a wristlock. Santos taken down and then gets an armdrag, Santos charges but Hayes ducks and hits a rana off the ropes. Escobar slides to the outside and Hayes mocks him, Escobar in and he catches Hayes in a rana attempt to slam him to the mat. Santos starts to pick Hayes apart with kicks and chokes him with his leg against the bottom rope. Hayes back up, DDT and a cover for just one. Escobar with mounted punches and then gets backed into the corner for an overhand chop and whip across. Hayes goes up and over, they go into the ropes, standing switch by Hayes and Carmelo with a kick to the head. Irish whip reversed, Hayes up and over, pump kick sends Santos to the apron. Hayes leaps over but Santos slides in and knocks Hayes off the apron into the announce table as we go to break.

Esobar is in control as we come back and is trying to turn Hayes over into a Boston Crab. Hayes manages to fight out of it but eats a knee to the back and a cover for two. Big clothesline in the corner, then a back elbow and Santos showboats a bit. Escobar charges in for double knees to the chest! Escobar sets Hayes on the turnbuckle and hits an uppercut, top rope rana and a cover for two! Second cover also gets two, and Santos is going for a crossface. Hayes is able to avoid getting in a full crossface and Santos sends him outside, following for a headsmash into the steps. Escobar goes for a Boston crab on the steps to no avail and drops Hayes, then rolls him in at eight. Cover gets two. Santos with a forearm to the back, then puts Hayes against the ropes and steps on him to showboat — Hayes gets out and hits a big legdrop that sends Escobar scurrying to the outside! Hayes follows and attacks, rolls him in and hits a big knee — suplex into a cutter for a nearfall! Hayes springboards off the ropes right into a superkick, he goes for a GTS but Hayes counters with a Codebreaker and covers for two. Escobar on the apron, Hayes leaps over and takes him down. Wilde and Mendoza distract the ref and Lopez bodyslams Hayes onto the floor! Hayes gets in at 8, eats a Phantom Driver and gets pinned.

Winner: Santos Esobar (13:49)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: Great TV match here. Hayes can take a loss fine and this helps Legado get some momentum going after the Hit Row feud kind of slowed them down a bit.

* Kacy and Kayden prep for their match by Kacy climbing all over Kayden.

* Bivens cuts a promo talking up the Creed Brothers and their skills as amateur wrestlers, introducing them as the newest members of Diamond Mine and noting they make their debut tonight. Roderick Strong welcomes them to the team.

* Back from break, Regal announces that next week Ciampa, O’Reilly, Dunne, and LA Knight will compete in a Fatal Four-Way to determine Samoa Joe’s next opponent.

Creed Brothers vs. Two Random Guys

Brutus starts off, shoves Guy A down and Guy A tries to strike but he gets thrown out of the ring. Brutis gets in and Guy A tags in the Guy B, who gets belly to belly suplexed. Julius wants some and gets tagged in, they fireman carry slam this guy and he tries to fight back but gets slammed into the corner. Julius with a gutwrench suplex and powerslam, he throws Guy A into the ring and Brutus is in. Both guys get picked up and slammed into each other, Julias with a big slam and clothesline for the win.

Winner: Creed Brothers (2:16)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: RIP Jobber Men.

* Backstage, Io and Zoey share a tense moment and go out to defend their titles.

* McKenzia asks Moon about her rough three months, and Moon says she’s tired and gets that everyone has to dig down and find something deep inside her. She says she knows what she has to do to not feel this way anymore and to stay tuned.

* We get a Hit Row vignette with Swerve saying he can’t even be mad because he should have seen Electra coming. He says Hit Row won’t be caught slipping ever again. They say he who laughs last laughs best and talk some more trash, saying they’re applying pressure. B-FAB says hitting her with a pipe is not how you say hello and now they have a problem.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Io Shirai & Zoey Stark vs. Kacy & Kayden

Kacy and Zoey start off and circle, we get some counter wrestling into a headlock by Kacy. She is shot into the ropes, more counter stuff leading into a rana by Kacy that Stark flips through. Io tags in, as does Carter. Lockup, Kayden into the ropes, they go back and forth and Carter handstands out of a rana. Io refuses to tag in Zoey and eats a dropkick for two. Casrter with a shoulderlock, Io fights up but Kayden backs into her corner and Kacy tags in to continue the hold. IO whipped into the corner but she ducks out and catches Kacy, tying her up and hitting a Codebreaker. Zoey tags herself in and we go to break.

Stark in control of Kacy when we come back, she pulls Kacy back and goes for a back suplex but Kayden tags in and takes out Zoey, then hits a dropkick on Io/splash on Stark. Scissors kick on Stark and a cover for two. Roundhouse kick and Zoey hits tags in Io, who comes up to the top for a missile front dropkick and cover for two. Io pulls Kayden down for another two count and then locks in a crossface in the center of the ring. Kayden avoids submitting and Io pulls her up, whip into the ropes and a hard takedown. Io pounds on Kayden who’s on her knees, whip into the ropes, Io charges into a boot and Kacy tags in for a wheelbarrow moonsault for two. Kayden tagged back in and gets IO on her shoulders, Io slips out and takes Carter down, Kayden in the corner and is hit with a charging double knee. Stark is tagged in now and kick to Carter, two-count. Stark charges Kayden in the corner, Kayden moves and Zoey hits Io! Carter kicks Zoey down and tags in Kacy, big assisted splash off the top and Io comes in to dropkick Kayden, which breaks up the pin. Stark with a kick to Kacy’s head off the ropes, covcer for two. Flipping GTS to Catanzaro, Io tagged in, Moon Over for three.

Winner: Zoey and Io (12:01)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: This isn’t even this match’s fault, but how many Codebreakers and crossfaces are we gonna see on this show? The repetitive nature of these matches is becoming very noticable. Otherwise, it was a very good match.

After the match Mandy Rose, Gigi DOlan, and Jacy Jayne come out and assault the challenders on the ramp. Mandy is wearing a protective mask.

* Kyle O’Reilly is in a training ring talking about the difficult last 12 months and how he closed out a chapter of his career and life at NXT Takeover 36. He says it’s freeing not having to give a damn and he doesn’t care what it takes, who is footing a bill or if he makes it to his next birthday because his goal is Samoa Joe. And it’s not about the title, but what it represents. Kyle says one obsession ended at NXT Takeover, but another one begins next week.

* Johnny, Dexter, Dark Maverick, and Odyssey Jones are heading in a limo to the bachelor party, apparently with a zombie referee. Gargano wants to know who’s paying for it and Cameron Grimes reveals he’s paying for it. Gargano doesn’t get it because he hates Lumis, and Grimes said he found out money can fix anything. He and Lumis agree to a truce.

Grimes does a go-cart competition with a $10,000 grand prize. Candice and Indi spy as the guys race, and Johnny wins. They then do axe throwing and when asked if anyone has any experience with an axe, Dexter raises his hand. They all try axe throwing and Jones sticks one. Lumis gets near the center of the target while Johnny can’t stick his. Lumis comforts Johnny and gives him tips, and he helps Gargano land a few.

Drake is on a trampoline course and Grimes bets Jones $10,000 he can’t send Drake to the moon. Jones takes that bet. The final event is lazer tag and the guys are a team. Lumis knocks a guy out and Gargano zaps him. Lumis then chokes another guy out who Johnny zaps, and so it goes until the last guy is surrounded by everyone and gives up but gets shot by Johnny anyway. Johnny finally goes to high five Lumis and the zombie ref speaks, revealing he’s Canadian. Johnny’s hand gets knocked into Lumis’ and Indie and Candice come up, excited that Dexter cracked Johnny’s nut. They do a group hug and Johnny is excited about the wedding. Lumis … kind of smiles.

* Boa walks up to Mei Ying and says its time in a vignette. That’s next.

* Franky Monet and Jessie Kamea are mocking InDex’s wedding invite when Robert Stone runs in out of breath. He reveals that he heard from Regal’s office that next week, Franky gets her shot at Raquel Gonzalez and the NXT Women’s Title.

Mei Ying vs. Virginia Ferry

Ferry goes in to attack and gets punched in the throat. Ying brutalizes Ferry and delivers another throat chop, flourishes, and hits a cartwheel thrust. She grabs Ferry’s throat and drags her down for a pinfall.

Winner: Mei Ying (0:46)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: Why did I even bother to start the stopwatch?

* LA Knight is driving around Vegas and talks about how it’s championship season, but it’s always that for him. He talks about his #1 contender’s match next week and how some NXT fans don’t want him to win, but they’re gonna be crying because he’ll slap around three of their favorites and go on to face Samoa Joe.

* We get a promo from Ciampa about how he’s motivated and he has two goals: take out Pete Dunne and earn an NXT Championship match by winning next week. He’s coming for Goldie.

* Set for Next Week:
NXT Women’s Championship Match: Raquel Gonzalez vs. Franky Monet
#1 Contender’s Match: LA Knight vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Pete Dunne
– The wedding of Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
MXK vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Burch and Carter start it off, circling and locking up. They jockey for position, with Burch backing Carter into the corner before getting shoved off. Lock back up, counter wrestling that ends with Carter in a side healock. Burch with some shots to Nash’s head, but Carter comes back and comes off the ropes with a big kick. Burch with a shot to the midsection and he tags in Oney, who locks in am armlock and goes for a back suplex but Carter slips ouit and tags in Lee. Tandem offense and kicks by MSK, Carter tags in and hits a somersault springboard senton. Lorcan manages to get to the corner and Burch tags in, starting to batter Carter with punches.

Quick tags from the former champs, but Carter ducks a double clothesline and hits a corkscrew springboard crossbody on both men! Lee tagged in and they send Lorcan and Burch to the outside as we go to PIP break.

Back from break with the challenges in control as Burch leans into a ground headlock on Carter. Carter is fighting to get to his feet, he elbows out and dives for the tag but Burch catches the leg, enzuigiri misses and Burch slams Carter down for two. Lorcan in and a big knife-edge chop, Carter fires back at Oney’s request. Lorcan with a big snap suplex and mounted punches, he mocks Lee and then tags in Burch. More strikes to Carter, quick tags by the challengers as they work Nash over. Irish whip, Carter catches the ropes and sends Lorcan out, he manages to knock Burch down and both men are crawling to their corners. Lorcan tags in, Lee tags in and is hot as he kicks Burch out of the ring and dominates Lorcan. Charging forearm to Lorcan, German suplex gets two. Lorcan with a jawbreaker but Lee right back with a spin kick to the head. Hot Fire Flame on Lorcan, cover but Burch breaks it up! Lee sends Burch to the outside, Lorcan out on the other side. Lee dives on Burch, Carter with a moonsault to Lorcan and rolls him in. Carter up top, goes for a senton but Oney gets the knees up! He takes out Lee and chop blocks Carter, then goes for the angle lock. Lee tries to break it up and Burch closed in a crossface on Lee! Carter manages to roll through and break the hold, all four men are down!

They slowly get up and start trading shots, Lorcan with chops to Carter and he charges in for a splash, a second time gets him hiptossed into the corner! MSK sets Lorcan up and hits their finisher for the pin!

Winner: MSK (12:23)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: What can you say? You get these four men in the ring and good shit’s gonna happen. That’s exactly what this was.

MSK pose on the stage and leave, then in the ring Holland takes out Burch. Lorcan is shocked and Dunne kicks his head off. Dunne and Holland utterly destroy Lorcan and stand over him as the crowd chants “YOU SUCK!” as they prepare to leave. But Holland isn’t done and he takes out Burch once more. Dunne and Holland finally exit the ring to end the show.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
There are people who will think this week's NXT was just a holding pattern until next week's revamp, and I won't even disagree. But I do think it was an incredibly fun episode. We had three great TV matches and one very good ones, a couple serviceable squahes, and the delightful joy that was the bachelor party (the bachelorette party was fine too, but paled in comparison). Who the hell knows what's gonna happen next week, but if this was the end of NXT as we know it it was a strong way for this iteration to exit.

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