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Jerry Jarrett On The Vince McMahon-Steve Austin Relationship, Austin Not Getting Over In Memphis

November 16, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE Steve Austin Vince McMahon

Jerry Jarrett recently spoke with Hannibal TV (via Wrestling Inc), discussing the Vince McMahon-Steve Austin relationship and why Austin didn’t get over in Memphis…

On The Vince McMahon-Steve Austin Relationship: “There is a dance between the promoter or the writer and the talent”, said Jerry. “If either one of them is out of step, it won’t work. The greatest example of that is Vince McMahon and Steve Austin. They would’ve never been (who they were), if they hadn’t been together and against each other. Wouldn’t work under any other circumstance. And it didn’t for Steve; he was just mediocre in here (Memphis) and mediocre in Atlanta. Then when he got to New York, he became every man with Vince McMahon. He set the wrestling world on fire.”

On Austin Not Getting Over In Memphis: “No, because Steve broke in… Chris Adams and I had a wrestling school in Dallas, because when I went out to promote there the Von Erichs were ready to file for bankruptcy. And Steve came to the school and Chris took a liking to him, thought he had potential and then talked me into doing the student-coach angle and incorporated that with the wife-ex wife, and that clicked because of the story. But then Steve came here (USWA in Memphis) and he was just another wrestler. He was green, and never really got over with the fans, and then he went to Atlanta and (nothing). Boy it was magic when he went to New York.”