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Jim Cornette & Wife Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Grooming Talent In OVW

June 18, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jim Cornette Image Credit: NWA

Jim Cornette and his wife Stacey are the latest to be hit with sexual misconduct allegations, stemming from his time in OVW. Independent wrestler Phil Earley posted to Twitter on Thursday detailing allegations against Cornette and his wife Stacy, saying that Cornette’s wife Stacey, who worked in OVW as Synn, attempted to groom him early in his time in the wrestling business, sending him unasked for lewd photos and attempting to groom him for sexual purposes. Earley alleged that Cornette would require talent to “perform sexual acts on his wife, many times with him watching.”

He goes on to say that a close friend was “groomed and basically brainwashed by them for YEARS. When he finally escaped, Stacy went to great lengths to not only terrorize him, but to actively try to have other wrestlers physically assault him.” He said that Stacey sent him pictures showing tires of the friend’s that she slashed and bragged about making sure he lost his job and apartment. He also alleges that she bragged that she could call the Kentucky wrestling commission, who would protect them and target people because he was a family friend.

Earley also shared screenshots from Stacey Cornette backing up his story. Due to a censored nude picture we won’t be posting it here, but you can check it out here. He has also shared screenshots from his Facebook account of Stacey attacking him and denying the allegations.

Earley’s comments led to Mike Braddock, a former OVW heavyweight champion, posting to Twitter to allege that Cornette “sent Stacy after me to recruit me,” although he didn’t take the bait. Earley has retweeted another comment from a user who said they “personally watched Jimmy and Synn chase an 18 or 19 year old hostess at cheddars, offering alcohol among other things to get her back to the ‘hot tub’.” OVW alumni Body Guy also backed up the allegations.