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Jim Ross and Josh Barnett Discuss JR’s Unplanned Bump & Injury at NJPW G1 Special

July 12, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jim Ross Conrad Thompson

– Jim Ross and Josh Barnett spoke on The Ross Report about the unplanned bump Ross took during NJPW’s G1 Special and more. Ross was sent to the floor and injured after Jay White launched Juice Robinson into the guardrail, after which Barnett jumped up and chased White around the ring. Highlights from the podcast are below, per Wrestling Inc:

Barnett on losing it after Jay White taunted him after the spot: “Everything happened so damn fast. As soon as that table down you went. Someone went, ‘you didn’t even try to catch him.’ How the f**k was I gonna catch him? You know? Juice Robinson, 230 pounds getting half-hatch suplexed into a steel railing into a table. It wasn’t just me, but we were being disrespected.”

Ross on talking with White and Robinson after the show: “I had a nice chat with those kids after the show. They looked me up and they apologized and they weren’t looking at their shoes when they were talking because I would’ve called their hand on that one. They were sincere, I do believe that.”

Barnett on JR getting injured: “I didn’t necessarily think ill-will. I didn’t think anyone meant to hurt anyone. We’re a part of the same program they are. All we want to do is make them look as great as we can make them. Even as I sat back down at that monitor and I’m pissed as all hell. I’m thinking, ‘Well this is only gonna help their match out.’ If people weren’t buying him as a heel before they sure as hell are now.”