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Joe Galli Hopes NWA Powerrr Remains On Youtube

January 24, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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In an interview with Vulture Hound, NWA announcer Joe Galli said that he hopes that NWA Powerrr remains on Youtube, where it is more accessible to fans, for the foreseeable future. Here are highlights:

On where he sees NWA in five years: “That is an excellent question. You know, a lot of people talk about seeing us on a major cable broadcast at one of those, you know, alphabet soups, TNT, TBS, or whatever, seeing a move to one of those. Personally, I would love for us to stay on YouTube because it’s such a great way for people to enjoy our show internationally. All you fans over there in the United Kingdom, it’s very easy to watch over there. Even to use Canada as an example, there are a lot of fans in Canada that have a hard time watching All Elite Wrestling because of the cable station it’s on, and that’s not available north of the border. So with YouTube, it’s available pretty much everywhere, with very few exceptions across the planet. So I think we want to have the National Wrestling Alliance at the prominence to where it is recognised everywhere on the entire planet. I mean, there’s a reason why that globe is in the middle of the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship, it’s so we have that global taste to it. And that’s why, Nick Aldis has gone and defended his championship on multiple continents, including over in China.”

On if Powerrr will outgrow the Atlanta studio setup: “I think we’re going to continue to expand, and I think in the next five years, you could probably expect us to do more large, high profile pay-per-view events that might be outside of the NWA arena, GPB studios. But I think we’re going to continue to grow and we’re going to continue to offer this product. I hope that it’s available free to as many people as possible and I think another thing that you might notice is, you know, as we continue to do this and as it continues to be profitable, that catches the eye of a lot of other advertisers. Obviously, we have those great commercials. Yes. With Austin Idol, all those are very fun, all very fine commercials. But it would not surprise me if you also start seeing other types of commercials for major products like your Coke and Pepsi and Apple and all that other sort of stuff because we’re getting viewers and we’re getting enough eyeballs to where they know that they can make money if they advertise with us. So it would not surprise me in the least if in less than five years you start seeing that, then you know, the more revenue you generate, the more money everybody makes and the more we can offer to get, you know, top tier talent in our program. So it’s just the snowball effect. And I think we’re just going to keep on rolling.”

On how he got involved with NWA: “At the time I was doing commentary for David Marquez’s show, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, which you folks can watch also, it’s also available on FITE TV. But I was there for a number of years doing commentary as their play-by-play guy. And then Billy Corgan bought the National Wrestling Alliance and wanted to restart it, and breathed new life into it with the Ten Pounds of Gold series. The Ten Pounds of Gold series started at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Tim Storm was still the champion at the time. So I called those first matches, I think, Tim Storm actually wrestled Zicky Dice, which is a much different Zicky Dice than you see today. He was a much heavier guy back then. He’s cut a lot of weight and put in the work. It’s interesting if you go back and you watch those first few episodes of Ten Pounds of Gold you can see how it all started right there. So when I was doing that commentary, Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana, they just liked what I was doing, and they pulled me to the side, and they said, “Hey, we want you to be the guy. We’ve got big plans coming up in the future, and we want you to be a part of it”. So I said, “OK.” And I had no idea it was going to lead to what it led to, which was NWA Powerrr and all these big pay-per-views that we’re doing. And it’s been a wild ride, and it’s been real fun. And I feel like I just kind of won the lottery. Like I kind of just struck gold, and I got this awesome opportunity to call the action for the most prestigious title in all the world of professional wrestling.”

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