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Joey Mercury On When He Quit ROH, Backstage Reactions to His Accusations

November 5, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Joey Mercury Joey Matthews

– Joey Mercury kicked up a hornet’s nest when he went off on Ring of Honor and ROH GM Greg Gilleland, and he’s spoken publicly about the backstage reactions in the company. Fightful spoke with Mercury after he went on Twitter over the weekend to accuse Gilleland of negligence as well as manipulative practices, and Mercury confirmed that he quit the company during the Honor United UK tour and wasn’t released.

Mercury told the site that he quit on “Friday night. Oct 25th. York Hall. I told the boy “you are a stupid motherf**ker, f**k you, & f**k this s**t, I’m done”. Stayed in parking lot for show and completed my (but unassigned to anyone) duty of head counting and being last one on the bus. Back to hotel. C**t told me to take the tour off and didn’t change my travel.”

The site also spoke with several ROH talent and employees, both current and former, about the accusations. Several backed up what Mercury said, saying that there is no staff trainer unless an athletic commission requires it, and the roster is not informed ahead of time about any such details including if there will be a staff, who and where it would be located. Some talent said that ROH’s lack of scouting venues has left the arenas looking empty, with one former wrestler saying that Gilleland prefers to have the LED boards filmed instead of crowds due to the fact that they’re a big part of the production budget. Other former names have said that ROH is unwilling to change how they produce their shows or operate, and one talent said that while they don’t want people to stop watching, the roster needs to be treated better and doesn’t know how to make that happen.

Shane Taylor, who Mercury said Gilleland and ROH didn’t plan to re-sign but hadn’t informed him yet, said, “I haven’t negotiated anything as of yet [with the company]. But all options are on the table.”

Some source did defend Gilleland, with one saying that Mercury’s actions were a “self destruct method” after he got a last chance. Another said that Mercury wasn’t a “good match at this point.” There were also claims that Mercury offered to serve as an agent for talent who opted to get out of their deals with ROH, and could help them get to WWE.

Mercury commented on these, saying, “Go through the tweets Stooges try to frame it as “me off the wagon and removed” then “mutual”. If anything I typed was inaccurate- would it be contested by now? Would there be a talent meeting (Saturday) for peace of mind and morale? Everything is seemingly fine, and it looks like I was the problem. Why would there be a pull to get rid of me? We need a push to be kept? I wish the amazing talent better. More exposure ahead.”

He added that “I typed that I set Flip’s elbow. I have not, nor will I falsely type. No medical. No concussion protocol. No security. Unethical “circus animal treatment” of talent. No empowerment of women. No women on creative. No talent relations. No fair market value pay. Advantageous predatory behavior from upper management. I provide evidence. I quit and then put in for my release. I am not under contract. If I am- they’ve breached.”

“Did I tell talent that they are allowed to know what other places would pay for their services, and ask for more money as an independent contractor? Did I ask if they hate talking to the office? Do they like talking to me better? If they think I could get more money for them? F**K YES.” Mercury said.

In regard to the sources being anonymous, Mercury said, “‘source’ ‘some talent’ I’m Joey. And if anyone don’t like it- I’ll give you my address too. Pussies.”

ROH has not responded to requests for comment.