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Johnny Gargano On Why Logan Paul & Bad Bunny Have Done Well in WWE, Talks Paul’s US Title Reign

November 26, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Smackdown Logan Paul Image Credit: WWE

Johnny Gargano is a fan of Logan Paul and Bad Bunny’s WWE runs, explaining recently why they’ve found success in the ring. Gargano weighed in on the matter during an appearance on the Battleground Podcast, and you can check out a couple highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):

On outside stars like Paul and Bunny delivering in the ring: “Both Bad Bunny and Logan Paul grew up huge wrestling fans. They’re also really, really, athletic, and that helps a lot. Pat McAfee — huge, huge, huge wrestling fan, athletic freak. Just had such a great mindset. And that’s kind of what it all comes down to, as well. If you come into pro wrestling and you have a great mindset … if you genuinely love this, you want to be great at it, and you’re athletic. I think those are the three traits that are really going to help celebrities and really have already helped celebrities. I think those guys have gone above and beyond.”

On Paul’s US Title reign: “Logan Paul has taken that United States Championship everywhere he has gone, and he has gotten so many new eyes on that United States Championship. At the end of the day, he has put his all into our sport. He has had incredible matches. People don’t want to say it because he’s Logan Paul or whatever, but he’s absolutely killed it.”