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Join 411’s Live NXT Great American Bash (Night One) Coverage

July 1, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
NXT Great American Bash Night One

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They’ve got red, white, and blue ropes! The stage also has some red, white, and blue cars. The setup is nice.

NXT Women’s Championship Number One Contender’s Elimination Match: Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai vs. Mia Yim vs. Tegan Nox

Tonight’s show has four of my five favorite women included (Sasha, Io, Dakota, and Tegan, with only Sonya missing). Dakota and Candice take powders to start, leaving Tegan to go against Mia.  Candice still pulls Mia out and throws her into the steel steps. She uses a Dakota distracton to roll up Tegan for two. Tegan avoids a Dakota boot and sends her into the apron. Candice has a dive cut off by a Mia dropkick. Candice still gets going, including a springboard cross body on Tegan outside. She gets two on a German suplex that takes Mia off the top. Tegan boots Dakota and then hits Candice with a corner uppercut, which Dakota follows with a  boot. Mia then boots her. Mia and Tegan double front suplex Dakota onto Candice and then Mia eliminates Candice with Protect Ya Neck in 4:04. Commercial time. PIP shows that Dakota puts Tegan in a submission and Mia traps Dakota in a guillotine. Returning, the faces take turn clobbering Dakota, who kicks out after double corner cannonballs. Tegan and Mia fight to an awkward standstill before Dakota folds Tegan with a move. Mia with a dragon suplex on Dakota. Mia leaps off of Dakota into a rana on Tegan and then takes down Dakota with one. She adds topes to each. Dakota survives Code Blue and Tegan falls outside after eating Sole Food. Dakota sneaks up and uses an O’Connor roll to eliminate Mia after 10:05. We’re down to Tegan and Dakota heading into break. Returning, they trade blows. Kai superkicks her down but Tegan responds with a headbutt. Tegan fires off uppercuts and hits the big cannonboar for two. Tegan catches her with a bridging fallaway slam for two again. Dakota cuts her off up top and hits the Kairopractor for two. She beats on a Tegan who reuses to stay down. Sitout front suplex by Tegan gets two. Kai avoids the Shiniest Wizard and Dakota crucifixes her for two. She turns it into the Koji Clutch and Tegan is trapped. She turns it into a pin for two and breaks the hold. Another headbutt. Molly Go Round and Shiniest Wizard connects to end it.

Winner: Tegan Nox in 20:31

Damian Priest is interviewed and talks to the camera, directing his words at Cameron Grimes. He has his attention and challenges him one on one with no tricks or games.

Elsewhere, Bayley hypes Sasha Banks. Beth Phoenix announces that is the main event it’ll be shown in its entirety, commercial-free.

Oney Lorcan vs. Timothy Thatcher

They begin with grappling and Lorcan has the upper hand. Even when they go to strikes, Oney is in control. Thatcher couldn’t get the edge for more than a few seconds. That finally changes with an armbar. Oney gets free and moves into a modified surfboard. Thatcher gets free and sends him outside before a break. Returning, they’re still grappling and Oney takes a belly to belly suplex. He comes back with a half and half plex for two. The two start throwing bombs, with Oney slapping him to the ground and applying the half crab. Timothy finds a way to turn it into a sick looking kneebar. He wants the armbar but Oney slips out and chops him. Oney kicks out of another suplex and gets put in another hold, though Oney fish hooks him. However, Thatcher uses that to take the hand into the Fujiwara Armbar for the submission.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher in 11:30

Thatcher refuses to break the hold and instead wrenches back further on it.

A Karrion Kross vignette runs, talking about the status quo’s time is up. It’s not about the time you put in but about the time you take away.

Aliyah and Robert Stone vs. Rhea Ripley

If Ripley loses, she must join the Robert Stone Brand. Stone is out in a boxing robe and jumps around. He also has goggles and a mouthpiece. No tags or DQ in this. He does some shuffling and gets slapped to the outside. Aliyah hops on Rhea’s back but is slammed. Aliyah responses with an impressive flying headscissors and corner boot. Rhea is powerful, though, stopping her next bit of offense and hoisting her up for the electric chair drop. Stone breaks up the pin but misses a plancha. Aliyah hits a tope into a face smash by the hair. Commercial. Returning, Stone and Aliyah have Rhea trapped with a Boston Crab and crossface but Rhea powers out. The two argue over a pin and Rhea counters their double suplex attempt. Rhea rallies and sends Aliyah into Stone. She kicks Aliyah and launches her face first into Stone’s groin. Rhea blocks Stone’s rollup attempt and headbutts him. Rhea then puts both in the Prism Trap at the same time for a simultaneous submission.

Winner: Rhea Ripley in 9:49

Strap Match: Dexter Lumis vs. Roderick Strong

Strong jumps Lumis before applying the strap but it backfires and he gets beat up. Lumis puts it on for him. He uses it for n uppercut and pulls Roddy into the apron a few times. Once back inside, Strong starts coming back with chops. Lumis eats a knee and Strong keeps cutting off him getting going. That changes when Strong gets caught in an odd spot in the corner and eats a huge shot. The fight goes outside where Lumis launches Strong off of the steps and they reach the stage. Lumis opens the trunk of a car by the stage and a panicked Roddy pulls him into the stage to stop him. They get back to the ring where Strong whips him a bunch. As he does it, he yells that Lumis embarrassed him. The crowd chants “Dexter likes it” and he comes back with a clothesline. Lumis fires off strap shots now. Strong blocks his finish and hits a superplex for two. Strong uses the straps for a Boston Crab variation but Lumis slithers to the outside. Bobby Fish comes out to help but Lumis still survives the Sick Kick. Fish gets clotheslined by the strap and knocked off the apron. Lumis wraps Strong up in the strap and hits a uranage into the Silence submission. Strong taps.

Winner: Dexter Lumis in 16:00

We now get a Prime Target video hyping Keith Lee vs. Adam Cole next week.

Backstage, Candice and Johnny complained that Candice got jumped 3-on-1. As Johnny talks, Candice walks off and starts fighting with someone. It turns out that it’s with Mia Yim. Isaiah Scott tries to break it up and Johnny is mad that he touched his wife. They argue and officials break it up.

El Legado del Fantasma are out for a promo. Escobar speaks about when Lucha Libre stars were role models and stars. Since then, they’ve been reduced to nothing more than masks. The roots are going to be rediscovered by this group. The promo is cut off by Drake Maverick who is out in a neck brace and limping. He removes the brace and charges the ring but gets beaten up for it. Surprisingly, Drake is saved by Breezango, who clean house. Escobar leaves before anything can happen to him. Fandango says that next week, they’ll have no place to run. No word if it’s a six-man tag or what.

Cameron Grimes is interviewed about Priest’s challenge. Grimes mocks his voice and says he doesn’t live in the past. He’s looking to the future and challenges the winner of Adam Cole vs. Keith Lee.

Another Mercedes Martinez vignette airs. NEXT WEEK!

NEXT WEEK ~ El Ledago del Fantasma vs. Breezango and Drake Maverick! Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim in a Street Fight! Adam Cole vs. Keith Lee for the NXT and North American Titles!

Io Shirai vs. Sasha Banks

Sasha and Bayley are driven to the ring in a convertible and Sasha’s dog Ryu is being carried by Bayley! He goes to the back in the car. The match starts with some even exchanges, with neither woman gaining a clear advantage until Io hits a missile dropkick. She follows with a huge tope suicida. Bayley uses a car horn to distract Io inside, which stops her momentum and puts Sasha in control. She hits double knees in the corner for two. Sasha twists at the fingers and delivers a bunch of elbows. She drives Io’s face into the middle buckle with her legs but Io fights back and nails a super arena. That gets Io going with a flapjack and Tiger Feint Kick. Springboard missile dropkick connects for two. Sasha blocks a doubler undertook move, they go into a series of counters leading to an awkward German suplex spot that comes off way wrong. Sasha traps her in the Bank Statement Io counters into a pin and Sasha gets one of her own but neither win. Running knees by Io in the corner but the moonsault is cut off. She gets hung in the tree of woe and Sasha talks trash, slapping her. Io pulls herself up to avoid running knees and Sasha crashes. Moonsault misses and Banks with a boot. Meteora succeeds for two. Sasha’s limping. She gets tripped but avoids another Tiger Feint Kick. They trade shots with Io on the apron. Her springboard is blocked by Sasha, who hits a high kick. Sasha wants the Hiromu sunset flip bomb through the ropes and does it into the plexiglass. Io avoids the frog splash inside and puts on a Crossface. As Sasha struggles to the ropes, Bayley slides a title in. The referee takes it, allowing Bayley to get ina  cheap shot on Io that breaks it. Bayley has a tug-of-war over the title with the referee. Sasha goes for the other title but Asuka appears. She pulls it from Sasha and spits the mist. Io rolls her up for two. A moonsault ends it.

Winner: Io Shirai in 14:03

Asuka enters and celebrates with Io.