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July 1, 2022 | Posted by Robert Winfree
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Well people, this is the go home show for Money in the Bank and therefore the last chance WWE has to sell you on the event. To that end we’ll get a trios match when the RAW and Smackdown women will go at it to try and build momentum towards the ladder match. Last week the Viking Raiders returned and laid out the New Day, so this week we’ll get the predictable tag team match the two teams as the Raiders try to establish themselves as notable heels. There is also still one spot in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match so we’ll almost certainly get that spot filled tonight is some capacity. We also had a failed debut of Max Dupri’s Maximum Male Models last week, so we’ll see if they actually show up this week or if Dupri continues his manic close talking demands of Adam Pearce. There’s still the build to Ronda Rousey vs. Natalya to consider, plus the Street Profits and the Usos are likely to clash again in some capacity, and now that Gunther has put Ricochet behind him he’ll be looking for his next title challenger. That’s the intro, so let’s get to the action.

We open with all the confirmed MITB participants in the ring, all of them are on ladders except for Omos. They’ve all go mics, and Seth Rollins welcomes us to the show. Drew McIntyre cuts him off, as does Riddle. Rollins says whoever wins the contract tomorrow is going to cash in at Summerslam after Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar have their Last Man Standing Match, and since Rollins has cashed in on those two before he can tell everyone that’s like taking candy from a baby. Riddle’s actually rooting for Roman, so when he cashes in he can beat that disgusting dirt bag. Sami Zayn reminds us he’s in the match, and that contract is staying with the Bloodline. As long as Sami has the contract then Roman’s title is safe from the vultures. MVP says Sami’s idiocy is unbelievable, as though everyone else can’t see the giant who’s in the match with them. There’s nothing anyone can do to stop Omos. Sheamus says he’s already cashed in a MITB contract on Roman, but if Lesnar wins then Sheamus knows he’ll have to switch his Lucky Charms to Wheaties. Drew tells him to speak for himself, because Drew has already beaten Brock in less than 5 minutes. This all brings out, God help us, The Miz. Miz reminds us that he cashed in MITB on Drew, and claims to be the only two time MITB winner and demands to be in the match tomorrow. That prompts Ezekiel, who introduces himself and says he was supposed to wrestle Kevin Owens for a spot in the match and he should get the last spot by default. Out comes, God help us all, Happy Corbin and Corbin insults Ezekiel and Miz before saying no one is as lucky as him in Vegas. Out next is Madcap Moss, who thinks we were done with the jokes because the thought of Corbin wasting MITB again is hysterical. Everyone starts bickering and here comes Adam Pearce. Pearce has an acceptable way to handle this, he wants the ladders out of the ring and we’re going to have a battle royal right now. If you’ve seen one revolving door opening segment you’ve kind of seen them all, this was as generic and bland.

Match #1: Battle Royal

The usual brawl to start, but Omos is getting the better of pretty much everyone. Sami tries to eliminate Riddle, but can’t do so as Omos chops the heck out of Moss. Drew lays in chops to Miz. A few near eliminations but no one’s been eliminated yet. Omos tosses Ezekiel out of the match. Drew tries to eliminate Miz, and Omos slings Moss out of the match. Sami shoves Miz into Omos, and Omos ejects Miz as well. Everyone’s starting to realize what a problem Omos is. Riddle goes after Omos, Omos knees him down. Drew and Omos square up and start trading blows, Omos with a goozle but Drew fights free and lands more punches before Omos drops him with a headbutt. Sheamus goes for Omos, Omos cuts him off and elbows him down. Sami tries to cheap shot Omos, Omos floors him with strikes as well. Rollins looks at Omos, thinks better of this whole thing and eliminates himself to save his body for tomorrow. On the floor Riddle takes out Rollins with an RKO, Riddle is not eliminated yet though. Omos pulls Riddle to the top rope, Riddle grabs OMos in the triangle choke which allows Drew and Sheamus to come from behind and dump Omos out of the ring as we go to break.

Riddle is throwing shots at Sheamus as we come back. Sheamus drops Riddle with a clothesline. Riddle hangs out when Sheamus and Sami try to toss him out. Corbin gets Drew on the apron but Drew hot shots him and gets back into the ring. Riddle fights off the apron and unloads on Sheamus before Sheamus clotheslines him down. Drew starts no selling punches from Sami, then he and Sheamus start unloading on Sami. Corbin with a chokebreaker to Riddle as Drew and Sheamus take turns tossing Sami around. Riddle gets Sheamus up for the Bro To Sleep then a senton. Riddle catches Sheamus with a snap powerslam, then hits the draping DDT. Now Riddle sets for the RKO, but Sheamus avoids it and eliminates Riddle with a knee strike. Corbin with a chokeslam to Sheamus. Sami and Corbin look to double team Drew, Drew starts fighting back and Sami accidentally hits Corbin with the Helluva Kick. Drew with a neckbreaker to Sami and he starts to fire up. Drew wants the Claymore but Sheamus cuts him off with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus tries to eliminate Drew, Drew avoids another Brogue Kick and headbutts Sheamus. Clotheslines from Drew then belly to belly suplexes for Sheamus and Sami. Sheamus takes a Future Shock DDT, Sami tries to eliminate Drew but Drew fights him off and Claymore’s him then tosses Sami out of the match. Drew and Sheamus trade near eliminations but here comes Corbin to toss them both and claim victory.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Happy Corbin won

Rating: 2 stars

It was a Battle Royal, I get the intelligence here as there’s a big event tomorrow and this is a very safe kind of match but they’re not very interesting.

After this match we’ll do more to build to Ronda Rousey and Natalya.

In the back Happy Corbin is interviewed by Kayla, he’s so happy that he’s farting rainbows and takes credit for all of the eliminations in the Battle Royal. He can’t wait to see the pathetic looks on peoples faces when he wins MITB. Kayla breaks the news to him that he’s not in MITB and tells him he was challenged by Pat McAfee, no response from Corbin who just looks sad.

We get a recap of the issue between Ronda Rousey and Natalya.

In the back Megan interviews Natalya. Natalya laughs off the comments from Ronda last week and understands why Hollywood isn’t interested in Ronda anymore. She’s seen fear in Ronda’s eyes and knows Ronda isn’t 100% for their match, so now Ronda lashes out like a child with childish insults but it wont get to her. At Money in the Bank she’s going to make Ronda tap out.

To the ring and here comes New Day. After this break they’ll be in tag team action.

Post break New Day have mics. Xavier Woods plays with the crowd, and Kofi Kingston forgets it’s July and makes a terrible pun. They’re the guys who make sure everyone has a good time at the show, and last week everyone was having a good time with dancing Shanky until the Viking Raiders ruined it. Woods gets the crowd to boo the Viking Raiders, and says last week was not a good Viking Experience. These are the vicious version of the Raiders, and if they’re going to be more dangerous than maybe the New Day should get dangerous too. Some Nordic puns follow, and here come the Raiders. Woods offers them a mic, Ivar slaps it down and we get a brawl. Erik and Ivar have shields and beat the crap out of Woods and Kofi with them. The Raiders debate leaving, but think better and Kofi takes a double team powerbomb and now the Raiders are content to leave. They’re actually trying to get over “New Vicious Viking Raiders”.

In the back Corbin, Miz, Moss, and Ezekiel argue about which of them should be in the MITB match. Pearce shows up and tries to handle things. Pearce makes a Fatal 4 Way between them later tonight, winner gets into MITB.

Back to the ring here come the RAW women for our trios match which is up after this break.

Post break all three Smackdown women walk to the ring together, then Becky Lynch joins us with a mic. Becky says nothing important happens until she shows up, but she’s not here to wrestle because she’s not letting anyone get a shot at injuring her before MITB. Instead she’s just going to join commentary.

Match #2 – Trios Match: Asuka, Liv Morgan, and Alexa Bliss vs. Shotzi, Raquel Rodriguez, and Lacey Evans

Asuka and Shotzi start us off. Shotzi avoids Asuka for a bit then just tags in Evans. Evans and Asuka tie up, then trade evasive moves until Evans sends Asuka into her corner and tags in Raquel. Raquel goes for a powerbomb but Asuka rolls through then avoids an elbow and lands a kick. Bliss tags in and walks around, she tries to evade Raquel but Raquel backs her into a corner and hits a corner splash. Shoulder block from Raquel, then Bliss avoids a kick and tags in Morgan. Morgan and Bliss double team Raquel, then Morgan hits a knee strike. Raquel stalls a Codebreaker attempt and Shotzi tags in. Shotzi with some work to the back of Bliss. Bliss kicks Shotzi into the corner then Shotzi rolls out of the ring. Shotzi doesn’t want to do this anymore, she and Evans argue and Morgan then hits a suicide dive onto both of them. Asuka with a hip attack to Raquel setting up Bliss for a cannonball senton off of the apron then Bliss, Morgan, and Asuka stand tall as we head to break.

We come back to Raquel landing shoulder blocks to Asuka. Bliss tags in and lands kicks to Raquel and a drop kick. Raquel catches a jumping Bliss and Shotzi tags in then trips Raquel to get her to hit a World’s Strongest Slam on Bliss. Shotzi hits an avalanche onto Shotzi then the hanging head scissors. Suplex from Shotzi in the corner, but Bliss starts fighting back with kicks then she and Shotzi trade rolls ups before Shotzi grabs a Boston Crab. Bliss is able to kick Shotzi off and tags in Asuka. Asuka unloads on Shotzi with kicks and hits a shoulder block. Asuka avoids an enzigrui then grabs an Ankle Lock and switches it to a German suplex. Hip attack from Asuka but she can’t pin Shotzi yet. Morgan with a blind tag and hits her Codebreaker and Raquel breaks up the pin. Bliss and Asuka drop kick Raquel, Evans with the Women’s Right to Bliss, Asuka back fists Evans. ObLIVion to Shotzi and Morgan pins to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and Liv Morgan won

Rating: 2.5 stars

Acceptable match, nothing great but nothing too sloppy.

Post match Becky hits a Manhandle Slam on Asuka then bails.

Sonya Deville walks up on Adam Pearce and she complains about her treatment last week. She then slaps Pearce, and again I’m sure that Stephanie is fantasy booking Sonya.

Back to the ring and here come the Usos. After this break we’ll get an “Ask them anything” bit with the Usos and Street Profits.

Post break the Street Profits have joined the Usos in the ring, Kayla will be moderating this thing. The first question is for Jimmy and Jey, “How fearful are you of losing the titles, and are you even more fearful of how Roman Reigns would react to your loss?” Jimmy laughs off the question because they’re not afraid. Jey and Jimmy remind us that the Bloodline runs all the shows. This amuses Montez Ford, and says Roman runs this show while the Usos only run to the grocery store. Next question is for the Profits, have they lost their killer instinct given their title drought and are they still getting along? Dawkins and Ford laugh off the getting along bit then says they’ve had killer instinct ever since they got here. But make no mistake, they know the legacy of this business and how the Usos are dragging their family name through the dirt. The Usos are not prepared for this version of the Profits, and on Saturday they’re getting the belts back. Jey tells Ford to watch his mouth, Jimmy puts over their potential but the Profits are just cheap copies and come Saturday the Usos want the smoke. Dawkins then says the Profits are the one’s. They stare off to end the segment. That wasn’t great, but it could have been much worse.

In the back Max Dupri says the world can finally see his clients, still doing his close talking thing to Pearce. The Maximum Male Models showcase is up after this break.

Post break we get a recap of Gunther winning and then defending the Intercontinental title.

To the ring and here comes Max Dupri, he’s in the ring with a mic. Max calls this a momentous occasion and immediately gets a bit of the “What” treatment from the crowd. His first client is the former Mace, now pronounced “Mah Say”. Max gives us some physique stats on Mace. Next is the former Mansoor, now pronounced “Man Swa”. Max puts over the aura and charisma of Mansoor. Just those two I guess. Mace and Mansoor pose together to end the segment. Well that. . . that happened.

In the back Megan interviews Ronda Rousey, Ronda laughs off the notion of her being afraid and mocks Natalya’s math skills and says she’ll be tapping out Natalya tomorrow.

To the ring for our main event. As the Miz comes to the ring we’re reminded that Logan Paul has signed with WWE. Madcap Moss heads to the ring as we head to break.

Match #3 – Fatal 4-Way Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: The Miz vs. Ezekiel vs. Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin

Moss and Miz square off as do Corbin and Ezekiel. Moss then takes out Corbin with a clothesline. Assisted German suplex on Miz as Ezekiel rolls up Moss for 2. Moss and Ezekiel square up, Ezekiel hits a kick then a scoop slam. They hit the ropes and Moss wipes out Ezekiel with a back elbow. Corbin into the ring to attack Moss. Moss lands a kick then a second rope shoulder block. Miz starts kicking at Moss, then Corbin teams up with Miz to take out Moss with corner offense but Miz runs into a clothesline from Corbin. Corbin out of the ring and runs into blows from Ezekiel who clotheslines him into the time keepers area. Miz misses a drop kick and Moss and Ezekiel abuse Miz for a second but Corbin shoves Moss into the ring steps. Miz starts fighting Corbin but Corbin back drops him onto the apron then chokeslams Ezekiel on the announce table to send us to break.

Moss and Miz are trading strikes as we come back, Moss hits the ropes and runs over Miz then hits a flapjack to Corbin. Miz breaks up a pin attempt then tries to roll up Corbin but Moss gets his legs and slingshots his head into Corbin’s groin. Moss with a Punchline to Corbin but Ezekiel breaks up the pin. Ezekiel with a cross body to Moss but Moss rolls through and stands then hits Ezekiel with a fall away slam. Miz comes in with a running knee and gets a 2 count on Moss. Miz starts with kicks to Moss and Ezekiel but Moss catches the last one only to be caught in a very awkward neckbreaker. Corbin takes kicks from Miz, then Miz runs into a Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin and Ezekiel start trading strikes, Ezekiel hits a mule kick and a clothesline then avoids a charging Moss and hits Stinger Splashes to Miz and Moss. Jumping knee to Corbin and Miz breaks up the pin. Ezekiel with a spinebuster to Moss, then Miz hits Ezekiel with the Skull Crushing Finale but now Corbin breaks up the pin. Corbin stares at McAfee, he hits Ezekiel with End of Days but Moss posts Corbin then covers Ezekiel and wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Madcap Moss won

Rating: 2.5 stars

Another very safe match, but they had some fun with this one. Moss winning was something of a surprise, but a pleasant one given the other options present.

McAfee mocks Corbin after the match as Moss celebrates and the episode ends.

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