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Kerry Morton Thinks Hard Times 3 Was One Of The Top Recent NWA PPVs

November 24, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Ric Flair's Last Match Kerry Ricky Morton Image Credit: Starrcast

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Kerry Morton addressed the criticism of NWA Hard Times 3, calling it one of the best PPVs the NWA put on recently. Here are highlights:

On how he thinks Hard Times 3 was as a show: “Hard Times 3 was, pound for pound, I think, one of the top pay-per-views NWA’s put on recently. And, I’m not just trying to be cliche because I won the World Junior Heavyweight Championship. I sat in the stands, and I watched a lot of matches. I watched these guys go out there, and gals, I should quote too, and those in between, go out there and bust their ass to give that Chalmette, Louisiana crowd their money’s worth, and give the pay-per-view buyers their money’s worth. There’s a lot of opinions online, especially about the main event of that night, having Tyrus win the NWA World Championship. But, at the end of the day, I thought it was cool. That you don’t see… You don’t see it often. 400-pound, close to 400-pound men go out there and win a world championship.

People quote on Tyrus’ work, because they don’t recall one of their favorite matchups being Tyrus. But, I think that man has a lot to prove. If he hasn’t already proved it himself, not necessarily staying away from his business side of life, but in the ring. I think he has a lot to prove, and especially with the doubters online saying, “Hey, this guy is not my favorite wrestler and therefore I don’t want to support the product.” I think having him win the Championship, he has a lot to prove, and he’s going to prove it. And, I think it’s just a matter of time before we see Tyrus show off more, and show, “You know what, I’m the World Heavyweight Champion, and there’s a reason why I’m the World Heavyweight Champion.” But, going on to Hard Times 3, as well. I mean that roster, especially some of the matches that stick out to me. Colby Corino versus the Major League Wrestling Champion, Davey Richards. Yeah. And, I mean, that’s crazy to have a champion of another known promotion wrestle on NWA Hard Times, and defend his belt against one of NWA’s own, and win. I thought that’s something to be noted about. Especially with the tie-in between Nick Aldis not necessarily being in there, people casting their opinions upon that. But, you got to think Thomas Latimer, EC3, tore it up. The tag team match between La Rebelión and Hawk Aerie. I mean, that match was freaking incredible, especially just sitting in the audience and watching the match at the end of the room, and hearing the environment, hearing the crowd go wild. I mean, that’s worth a pay-per-view buy alone. That night stood out to me, especially winning the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship. Overall, I really, really am pleased with the National Wrestling Alliance product, and I hope we continue to grow from here, even more. Let’s see, this is year three or year four of the Lightning One era, under Billy Corgan’s ownership.”

On working with Billy Corgan: “Backstage. Interviews, that’s something that really sticks out to me, because Billy doesn’t give you a script. He doesn’t give you a word-to-word follow. He doesn’t even give you a rundown of the promo. He’s like, “Hey, here’s the idea of the promo, I want you to be you, or I want you to be the character that you want to portray on this wrestling show.” And, that’s neat. That’s really neat to think that this boss gives us enough trust that he believes in us to go on there, in a live audio room, with this camera on top of us, and on top of other cameras, and we get to speak our opinion, we get to speak our own mind and talk about what we want to do in the National Wrestling Alliance. And, that’s something a lot of bosses, I don’t think, can do in professional wrestling, is give their talent a lot of freedom to go out there and explore. And, if things don’t go right, then he’ll critique it, but if things go right, in his opinion, and then, the others, the wrestling fans, especially, then he wants just to carry on of that stuff. And that’s something I’m very pleased to say, that Billy Corgan put a lot of trust in me, allowing me to represent the National Wrestling Alliance, and the junior heavyweight division, not necessarily across the United States, but across the world, which is some extreme opportunities that are coming up here soon. And, I’m proud to represent that division and him.”

On if WWE has reached out to him: “Yes. I’ve received a few emails. And, I’ve been fortunate and very blessed to have received those e-mails. And, obviously, it is the last name, but I think tides have, kind of, turned. When they see my work in the wrestling ring, and they see how successful I’m doing on the independents, right now, and I think things are starting to catch more glimpse of, “Oh, this guy, he can work. He has talent, he has ability and let alone, he’s betting on himself.” And so, that’s something I think Hunter is starting to take more caution into — not only in myself, but, in the aspect of independent wrestling, and when he is scouting — is people that stand out, people that stand out for a particular reason. So, I have shared a few emails, and some opportunities came, but, right now, I’m focused on just getting my education, right now, in college. And, once I graduate college, then if the opportunity’s still there, then I would love to excel and, possibly, work in that company one day.”

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