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Kevin’s NJPW G1 Climax 29 Night Six Review

July 20, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s NJPW G1 Climax 29 Night Six Review  

NJPW G1 Climax Night Six
July 19th, 2019 | Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan | Attendance: 1,725

The first two nights were kind of even, but the A Block outperformed them by a wide margin between nights three and four. Night five was a big one for the A Block, but this night six card has a fair amount of potential. An intriguing first time ever main event, a battle between two guys who have had some good matches before, and more are scheduled.

B Block: Shingo Takagi [2] vs. Taichi [2]
Shingo jumped Taichi before the bell because of a Suzuki-Gun attack yesterday and some comments made by Taichi about Shingo having a “pig’s body.” To stop his momentum, Taichi used Miho Abe as a distraction and then the microphone stand as a weapon. Taichi claimed a junior heavyweight couldn’t hurt him so he started no selling Shingo’s shots. That just meant Shingo would hit him harder. It’s a small detail but I loved it. And I dug how Taichi was hitting him harder than usual too. The closing stretch was a treat and the crowd added a lot. They were way behind Shingo and hot for the entire exchange. Shingo ultimately used Last of the Dragon to win in 14:40. When I heard a Taichi match went 15 minutes, I was wary. Thankfully, this exceeded expectations. A hot crowd, great closing stretch, callbacks to those who mentored them, and even the shenanigans were kept to a point where they made sense and didn’t drag this down. [***¾]

B Block: Jeff Cobb [0] vs. Juice Robinson [4]
These are two good boys who want to have a friendly match. That didn’t mean this lacked intensity. Two points were on the line and it felt like it. Juice is dying to make up for his lackluster showing in last year’s tournament. That means a 3-0 start is in his mind. He stayed calm, never getting overwhelmed by Cobb’s strength. He found different ways to come at him and it made for a creative contest. Cobb also showed some desperation in wanting to get on the board. Some of the spots in this were great, like the running powerbomb and the Pulp Friction into a German Suplex counter. Great stuff. When it looked like Juice was about to win, Cobb hit Tour of the Islands and got the 1-2-3 in 13:21. A very good match with some really cool back and forth. Juice has been great in this tournament. It lacked a bit in terms of drama/crowd involvement, but is certainly worth watching. [***½]

B Block: Jay White [0] vs. Toru Yano [2]
Jay White started 2-0 last year by beating Okada and Tanahashi. He’s 0-2 and is facing a third straight CHAOS member here. Classic Yano here. He was up to his usual antics, even if Gedo knew what to expect at ringside. Yano blocked Blade Runner, tricked the referee, and used brass knuckles for a low blow to move White to 0-3 in 3:04. Yano is so much fun. The story of CHAOS wrecking White’s G1 is great, though I assume White runs the table now. [**]

B Block: Hirooki Goto [2] vs. Tetsuya Naito [0]
I’ve seen these guys wrestle in the G1 24 (***¾), Wrestle Kingdom 10 (***¼), the 2016 New Japan Cup Finals (***¾), the G1 27 (**¾), and the G1 28 (***). Naito came into this unlike the rest of the 0-2 guys. He seemed to not have a care in the world. As if the G1 didn’t matter or maybe he was just confident that he could beat Goto for a fourth straight time. Goto was more aggressive, probably because Naito said he was useless without Shibata. I mean, he’s kind of right. This was a step up from the last two years. Their chemistry felt more natural and the back and forth was very good. The crowd being into Goto helped. I liked Goto kind of playing possum before hitting USHIGOROSHI for a near fall. Naito won after two Destinos in 16:01. I dug this match as it was the best I’ve seen from them since 2016. [***½]

B Block: IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley [4] vs. NEVER Openweight Champion Tomohiro Ishii [4]
One of the most interesting matches on the entire tour. They came face to face in an intense staredown before the bell. That drove up the hype level for the match. When the bell rang, they charged and went right at it. I love that. The fight went all over Korakuen Hall, which is right up Moxley’s alley. They had a dueling chair battle and Ishii hit a splash off the top through a table. Clearly, this wasn’t your standard G1 bout. It was a bit of what both men excel at. Moxley’s brawl and Ishii’s war where guys just hit each other hard. The headbutt stuff was vicious down the stretch, as was Moxley firing up and just slapping Ishii a bunch. Ishii kicked out of the Death Rider, which I don’t love because finisher don’t get protected often enough (see: Naito, Tetsuya), but he added the Regal Knee which looked great. An elevated Death Rider and Moxley had won in a wild 20:16. Something different from the rest of the tournament in the best possible way. The G1 needs more variety and this was it. A fantastic outing. Ospreay/Ibushi was match of the tournament for about 24 hours. [****½]

KENTA 6 (3-0) Jon Moxey 6 (3-0)
Kazuchika Okada 6 (3-0) Tomohiro Ishii 4 (2-1)
Lance Archer 4 (2-1) Juice Robinson 4 (2-1)
EVIL 4 (2-1) Shingo Takagi 4 (2-1)
Kota Ibushi 2 (1-1) Toru Yano 4 (2-1)
Will Ospreay 2 (1-2) Taichi 2 (1-2)
Hiroshi Tanahashi 2 (1-2) Tetsuya Naito 2 (1-2)
SANADA 2 (1-2) Jeff Cobb 2 (1-2)
Bad Luck Fale 2 (1-2) Hirooki Goto 2 (1-2)
Zack Sabre Jr. 0 (0-3) Jay White 0 (0-3)
The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Slightly below what the A Block did last night. Here, we got three very good matches, a fun Yano outing, and then one hell of a main event that turned out to be the best of the tournament so far.

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