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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 9.8.20

September 8, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Finn Balor NXT
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 9.8.20  

NXT opens with a recap video reminding us that they ended a four-way Ironman match in a draw.

NXT Championship: Adam Cole vs. Finn Bálor

The two longest-reigning NXT Champions ever. They start things with a feeling out process as neither man wants to give up the upper hand. Cole takes it to the mat to work on Finn’s shoulder, which has an injury history. Cole gets the first near fall heading into the break. Returning, Finn gets going and picks up two on an elbow drop. The same goes for a basement dropkick. They get into a slugfest and Cole wins out with a pump kick that takes Finn down. Cole adds a Backstabber and avoids the double stomp but takes a Slingblade. He cuts off the John Woo dropkick with Shining Wizard for two. The fight moves outside where Finn is aggressive as he stomps away on Cole. Commentary notes that the title can go to someone who wins by countout here. Cole nails a superkick heading into another break. Inside, they come face to face and trade strikes on their knees. After the break, Finn cuts off a Panama Sunrise attempt with an enziguri. Finn goes up and misses Coup de Grace. Cole superkicks the knee and applies the Figure Four. Finn gets free and stops a superkick with Slingblade. Nightmare on Helms Street and John Woo dropkick connect. Coup de Grace hits but Finn’s knee is hurt so it takes a bit to cover. That means it only gets two. Cole retaliates with another Figure Four. Finn is free but Cole pounces and hits Last Shot for a close two count. Finn catches a Panama Sunrise and hits 1916 but his knee gives out before he can capitalize. They fight up top and Finn hits 1916 off the top to capture the championship.

Winner: Finn Balor in 23:11 [That was pretty high-octane from start to finish. I do think that the finish fell a little flat but it mostly worked. Better than last week’s match. ***3/4]

Rhea Ripley promises to hurt Mercedes Martinez in a steel cage tonight.

Backstage, Finn gets congratulated by Triple H, various wrestlers, and even Adam Cole. Finn gets interviewed and says this is why he returned to NXT.

Robert Stone pulls McKenzie Mitchell aside to brag about finding Shotzi’s tank. Shotzi shows up and levels him. Aliyah gets involved but ends up crashing into Io Shirai in the midst of a photoshoot. Io chases her to the ring where Shotzi is waiting. They both beat up Aliyah and Io hits her with a sweet backbreaker. Robert Stone goes up top. Shotzi saves Io and then hits him with a shot. Io and Shotzi go up and hit Stone and Aliyah with a moonsault and senton. They high five and Shotzi hands Io her title but pulls it back and laughs. Io snatches it and shoots her a dirty look before saying, “Don’t make me hurt you.”

At the Gargano home, Candice and Johnny seem to have different opinions on Tegan Nox showing up. She likes this friendship but Johnny seems against it. Tegan walks in and Johnny immediately questions her bringing pizzas to Mia Yim’s house a while back. They’re going to talk after a break.

First, we get Timothy Thatcher and Thatch’s Thatch Can. He uses footage to discuss the problems with Damian Priest’s offense.

Ashante “Thee” Adonis vs. Velveteen Dream

Dream has a new wardrobe with white jeans. He talks smack and Adonis isn’t intimidated. He comes back with a DDT but Dream puts him down with the DVD.

Winner: Velveteen Dream in 1:39 [NR]

Post-match, KUSHIDA runs out and gets some revenge on Dream for a few weeks ago. He pulls at Dream’s arm and rams his shoulder into the ring post several times.

We go to a vignette of Fandango talking about the titles. Fandango says his belt smells like gold, baby oil, and success. Imperium also speaks, saying that Breezango are jokes who make a mockery of the titles. The rematch is next Wednesday.

Back to the Gargano House where Johnny flat out says it was an awkward dinner. He steps away after realizing that he probably was the cause. Candice wants Tegan to admit her mistakes and Tegan says she was the one who betrayed her. Candice mentions the pizza thing and Tegan brings up her friend being put through a table. Tegan says Johnny seems to be changing her but Candice says this is who she’s always been. Candice says that she’s been a big sister who has never taken her down a bad path so why would she start now. Tegan seems to be thinking it over.

Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed

Austin is cocky and Reed shuts him up quickly with a headlock. Reed avoids a kick and Theory hits the mat hard. Reed gets two on a springboard elbow. Reed remains in control by using his strength. He sits on him and sends him flying with a shoulder block off the apron heading into commercial. During the break, Reed misses a charge and crashes into the bottom turnbuckle. That allows Theory to take control and he wears Reed down for a bit. Reed hits the Jagged Edge (?) for two. Theory gets two of his own on a rolling Blockbuster. Reed rallies and wins with the Tsunami.

Winner: Bronson Reed in 10:47 [This was pretty good. Reed looked like a bruiser while Theory nails all of the cocky aspects of his character. ***]

Adam Cole is interviewed about the loss earlier. He’s disappointed but admits the better man won. He respects Finn but promised that the outcome would be different if he got another shot.

Mercedes Martinez says she finds the strongest and toughest to take them out. That’s who Rhea is and she won’t stop until there’s nothing left of her.

Killiain Dain vs. Roderick Strong

Strong runs and uses a Bobby Fish distraction to take control but Dain shrugs off his offense and wails on him. Dain adds a uranage but Fish pulls him off the apron heading into break. Returning, Dain overpowers Strong to put him back on the defensive. Fish is hilarious outside shouting at Dain. “HEY, YOU BIG STUPID LOOKING THING YOU!” Fish pulls Strong to safety. The distraction allows Strong to hit a jumping knee to win.

Winner: Roderick Strong in 7:37 [Pretty dull. It was a lot of nothing, a commercial, and then the finish. **]

Undisputed Era jump Dain until Drake Maverick shows up with a bat to even the odds. However, Fish chop blocks him to take him down. Dain gets the bat and chases them off. Dain drops the bat and goes to leave but Drake wants a handshake. Instead, Dain levels him.

At the Gargano house, Candice and Tegan cheers to friendship and to Candice being the next NXT Women’s Champion. Tegan questions this but Candice says that she had her chance. Tegan reminds her  that she has also never beaten Io. So, Candice throws the salad bowl on her and Tegan throws food back. Johnny comes over and calls Tegan a piece of garbage and that he’s never understood a word she’s said. Tegan says “F8ck you” and dumps a bowl of pasta on his head. Candice throws something but Tegan ducks and it breaks their TV. Tegan runs out of the house.

Damien Priest is interviewed as he will defend his title against Timothy Thatcher next week. He calls Thatcher ugly and says he won’t need to watch footage because he’ll tell him what he’s going to do, including kicking his ass.

Also next week, Io Shirai vs. Shotzi Blackheart.

Steel Cage Match: Mercedes Martinez vs. Rhea Ripley

Martinez brings a kendo stick out with her and also puts a bunch of steel chairs into the ring as well. As she does this, Rhea runs out and attacks her, including slamming the cage door onto her a bunch. She brings a table inside and the bell rings. Martinez pounces but is slammed into the cage and Rhea sets up a chair in the corner. Big boot by Rhea. Martinez escapes Riptide and drills her with the fisherman buster. She adds a powerslam on a chair for two heading into commercial. Returning, Martinez hits a German suplex off the top rope. Rhea comes back with a dropkick that leaves Martinez awkwardly with her head through a split in the cage. Superplex follows. Martinez with a spinebuster. Rhea comes back with a modified electric chair drop. She locks in the hanging reverse cloverleaf but Martinez gets a kendo stick and uses it to break free. Stone tries to enter the cage but Rhea cuts him off and headbutts him. She wants a suplex in but Martinez cracks her with the kendo stick a few times. Neckbreaker off the top by Martinez. The two trade shots and Martinez sets up a table as she goes up with Rhea. Rhea blocks a super Fisherman Buster and spinebuster. She uses headbutts to set up an avalanche Riptide through the table to get the 1-2-3.

Winner: Rhea Ripley in 14:22 [Great main event. That was brutal and the use of weapons allowed it to feel different from a lot of other cage matches WWE does, while also not overlooking it. ***3/4]

The final score: review Good
The 411
This had potential to be a fantastic episode. It started with a very good match and ended with a hell of a main event, plus you got a new NXT Champion in Finn Balor. There's quite a lull in the middle holding it back, though. Reed/Theory is good but the other matches just excited and the Gargano house stuff was pretty lame. Still, a very good show this week.

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