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Leighty’s Retro Review: ECW November 2 Remember 1997

December 2, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
ECW November to Remember Image Credit: ECW
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Leighty’s Retro Review: ECW November 2 Remember 1997  

-We are nearing the end of my look back at 1997. After this, we have two PPVs left for December and I still have to go back and get Uncensored 1997 done. Maybe for the best because the way that show ended probably should have led to Hogan/Sting the following month. Before we get to December, we finish November with ECW November 2 Remember 1997. Let’s get to it!

-Commentary: Joey Styles
-Date: Nov 30, 1997
-Golden Dome, Monaca, PA
-PPV Buys:40,000

-Joey Styles welcomes us to the show and tells us this is the largest crowd in ECW history. I’ve spent my whole life in Western PA and never made it to the Golden Dome. Weird as I have been to hundreds of high school basketball games and the team I follow has never played there.

Tommy Rogers vs. Chris Candido

-Again, all the music is overdubbed for obvious reason as WWE isn’t paying royalties because Paul pirated music. Joey: “If you want another reason to hate him (Candido), he is engaged to WWE’s Sunny.” Joey tells us this will be the sleeper match of the night. They jockey for position and Candido complains of a hair pull, which didn’t happen. Another lockup into a head scissors and then an escape. They repeat that a few times and it’s a stalemate. They get nose-to-nose and pie-face each other. Another go and Rogers gets an arm drag and then a hip-toss. He hooks the arm and takes Candido to the mat. The ECW crowd is not happy as they start a rather loud “boring” chant less than 3 minutes into this one. Candido bails to the floor and Rogers tries a baseball slide, but Candido avoids. Candido comes off the top back in the ring but gets caught with a shot to the gut. Rodgers pulls Candido balls first into the ring post which lets Joey drop another Sunny reference. They battle on the apron where Candido tries a suplex back in, but Rogers reverses to one of his own as Candido takes a good bump from the ring to the floor. Joey points out they don’t have any aesthetic-looking mats in ECW, but that floor is definitely covered in mats. They may be brown and probably thinner than what WCW and WWE used, but that’s not concrete. Rogers hooks a camel clutch as Joey brings up Candido broke his neck in MSG a few years back when he worked for the WWE. Rogers gets a rana for two and goes to a front face lock. Candido fights his way out and catches a charging Rogers with a powerslam. Delayed vertical suplex gets two. Nice middle rope leg drop gets two. That ECW ring is so loud and springy! Candido throws some chops and struts before flipping off the crowd. Rogers comes back with chops of his own and then he struts. They fight on top and Rogers gets a top rope superplex for two. Rodgers heads back up, but Candido gets in a shot that sends Rogers to the floor. Candido props Rogers on top and brings him down with a rana for two. Candido up top and he gets caught in a powerbomb on the way down. Lance Storm pops in as he was a Triple Threat member in training or something because Sunny liked the way he filed out a pair of jeans. Jerry Lynn is down to even the odds and for those unaware this is all legal in ECW. Lynn hits a springboard plancha to Storm on the floor. Candido comes off with a crossbody onto both of them. Rogers does the same to the other three on the floor. The match finally gets thrown out at around 13:30 or so.

Tommy Rogers and Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Candido and Lance Storm

-The ref makes it a tag match as a fan yells, “Hey Joey can he do that?” Apparently so! Rogers grabs a full nelson as Lynn heads up and Storm knocks him off the top rope. Storm accidentally dropkicks Candido which leads to a roll-up. Candido gets dropkicked off the apron into the guard rail. Storm and Rogers hit a double-team move for two. Storm crotches Lynn on the top rope, but Candido pulls Storm off as he wants to finish things. He brings Lynn down with The Blonde Bombshell (top rope powerbomb) for two as Rogers makes the save. Storm eats a Tomakaze (Unprettier today), but Rogers walks into a Northern Lights Suplex from Candido to end this one at 3:23.

Winners: Lance Storm and Chris Candido via pin at 3:23
-This was decent but I have no clue why they just didn’t book the tag match to start. **1/2

-Candido holds up a fan’s sign that refers to Candido as a Show Stopper which is a shot at Shawn Michaels obviously. I don’t know dude, Shawn took your girl for a bit though I guess she chose Chris in the end.

-Video package of Mikey Whipwreck upsetting Steve Austin a few years earlier and then one of Justin Credible getting a win over The Great Sasuke.

Justin Credible (w/ Jason) vs. Mikey Whipwreck

-We get a small “Aldo” chant and then a loud “Justin Asshole” chant. Joey notes both guys are only 23 years old. Credible gets tossed into the corner and does the Flair flip, but gets knocked off the apron. Mikey follows with a dive and then tosses Credible into the railing. Back in the ring Mikey sets too early and eats a swinging DDT. Basement dropkick from Credible before throwing some punches in the corner. Scoop slam from Credible. He heads up top and hits a nice missile dropkick for two. Elbow drop gets another two count. Credible pitches Mikey to the floor and gets into an argument with the ref so that Jason can drop Mikey with a clothesline. It’s ECW dude. The ref doesn’t care! Credible heads up top and catches Mikey with a sunset flip for two. Credible takes Mikey to the mat with a chinlock as Joey puts over how fundamental the move is. Mikey fights to his feet and gets a sleeper, but Justin reverses to one of his own. Mikey breaks with a jawbreaker and sticks Justin with a powerbomb for two. Credible takes a weird bump in the corner which the crowd shits all over him for it. Top rope rana from Mikey, but Jason distracts. Mikey suplexes him into the ring and delivers a kick to the balls. Justin gets a Scorpion Death Drop for two. Jason holds Mikey as Justin heads up top. Mikey stomps Jason and tosses him into Credible. That sets up The Whippersnapper (top rope stunner) for the pin at 7:15.

Winner: Mikey Whipwreck via pin at 7:15
-This was okay. Just a perfectly acceptable wrestling match. **

-Al Snow cuts a promo backstage as he complains to HEAD about not being on the PPV. It seems HEAD told someone that Snow was injured and that’s why he was bumped from the show. “The HEAD screwed The HEAD.” It seems HEAD was calling Bischoff for a job behind Al’s back. Al tells HEAD he took one for the boys and let HEAD get in one shot. So many Montreal references, but this was only a few weeks after the show so it was still timely and not run into the ground yet.

-Joey talks about Al getting little head in the locker room and backs off when he realizes what he is saying. He throws to a video package for tonight’s Sabu/Sandman match, but we don’t get it as I assume WWE hacked it off due to music copyright issues, and instead of trying to dub they just gave it the axe.

ECW World Television Championship: Taz (c) vs. Pitbull #2 (w/ Pitbull #1 and Mr. Wright)

-Paul E Dangerously joins Joey in the booth and Joey calls him boss. Paul: “That’s my name now. Someone has been watching too much Monday Night RAW.” Joey: “Well, someone has to as their ratings are in the toilet.” Here we are twenty-five years later and RAW is still on the air while these ECW shows are part of WWE’s video library. Just saying! Paul notes that Taz is the most miserable son of a bitch in wrestling, but an incredible athlete. Taz hypes up the match as a battle of two Supermen. Pitbull hits a powerbomb and a spinning heel kick. The crowd is hip to the game as they start a “Taz is going to kill you” chant. Heyman is laying it on as he says this is going to be a war that goes all night long. Taz hits a belly-to-belly suplex and then a T-Bone suplex. The Tazzmission forces Pitbull to tap at 1:30.

Winner and Still ECW World Television Champion: Taz via tap-out at 1:30
-I mean, just another SQUASH for Taz as he continues his ascent to the main event. SQUASH

-Pitbull #1 hits the ring and gets thrown with a pump handle suplex.

-Taz cuts a promo on Lance Wright and his “boyfriend” (Brakkuus). Taz notes Brakkus was a gift to Lance from Vince McMahon and notes Brakkus sticks needles up his ass. Heyman and Joey feel someone should cut the mic. Security keeps Brakkus from entering the ring so Taz bitches him out. The security guard tells Taz he is protecting him so Taz decks him and chokes him out as Paul freaks out and wants the truck to throw to anything else. Brakkus was a German Bodybuilder that looked like a super-jacked Vince McMahon. I mean even more jacked than Vince usually is. He started with WWE in the same class as The Rock and Mark Henry. He was sent to ECW for some polish and it just didn’t happen for him.

-Video package on Bigelow/Douglas that I believe was set to November Rain, but obviously, that’s way too expensive so it’s just generic rock music.

ECW World Tag Team Titles: The FBI vs. The Dudley Boys vs. Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney vs. John Kronus and New Jack

-Joel Gartner compares his junk to a Rubik’s Cube during his spiel. I just watched the latest Toys That Built America and it was about the Rubik’s Cube, JENGA, and Tetris. Great show! I could probably go watch a bit of it while I wait for all these introductions to finish. Balls and Axl bring in chairs to start things as we are still waiting for Kronus and New Jack. Double suplex on Buh Buh. Guido gets dropped with a spine buster followed by an elbow. D-Von and Smothers get sent to the floor and The Big Don gets left with Balls and Axl. Axl misses a chair shot and that brings Big Dick into the ring and he chokeslams Axl. Buh Buh back and he catches Balls with a Samoan Drop. All 6 men battle as we patiently wait for New Jack and Kronus. Joey reminds us The Dudleys broke up the Gangstas and Eliminators and are the reason FBI hold the Tag Titles. D-Von gets a diving headbutt and the music hits, but again, just some kind of generic rap so WWE doesn’t have to pay royalties. I mean I totally understand, but these shows lose their charm. New Jack and Kronus bring down a trash can full of weapons and chaos ensues. I am going to have to hear this song for the rest of this match, aren’t I? New Jack uses a crutch to wear out The Dudley Boys as Joey questions how he’s supposed to call this. Same thought I had reviewed it! The crowd is enjoying it. Buh Buh uses a cheese grater on Balls and then licks it. Axl is pouring blood as a mailbox gets used as a weapon. So from what I can see Kronus, New Jack, Balls, Axl, Devon, and Smothers are all bleeding. Big Dick back in as he goes after Kronus. Joey: “Big Dick penetrating this match-up”. Big Dick tries a top rope moonsault but misses. He plants Kronus with a chokeslam and turns around into a guitar shot from New Jack. ECW chants ring out as Kronus hits a 450 splash from the top. I mean, it’s chaos, but it has a certain energy with the crowd and Joey making constant dick jokes that it is giving the fans what they want. Buh Buh dives over the top onto everyone other than New Jack who is left in the ring. Tommy Rich sneaks into the ring and New Jack comes off the top with a guitar shot that splits Rich open. Kronus up top, but Guido hits him with The Italian Flag and he falls into a Cutter to eliminate them at 10:15. That stops the dubbed music and now we can hear Balls’ head go splat off a chair. Guido gets javelined first face into the buckle in a rough-looking spot. Balls sends Devon to the floor with a spinning heel kick. Buh Buh gets a full nelson on Balls for Gartner to throw powder, but it backfires and blinds the wrong guy. A blinded Buh Buh ends up giving Devon a 3D and that eliminates The Dudleys at 12:15. We are down to two teams and Axl gets the crowd on his side by waving a Terrible Towel. Guido gets dropped on his head and the ref ends up getting bumped. Jeff Jones in as the ref and he stops his count to check on the injured ref. He then kicks Balls in the balls and a roll-up gets the win for The FBI at 14:34.

Winners and Still ECW World Tag Team Champions: The FBI via pin at 14:34
-The stuff with New Jack and Kronus was fun and everything before and after their arrival was kind of a drag. The ending was awful and ticked off the crowd. *1/2

-Tommy Dreamer cuts a promo on RVD backstage. He admits Rob is a better athlete and if this was any other kind of match Rob would win, but he has all of ECW on his back and can’t lose this one.

-Video package for RVD/Dreamer with a knockoff version of Man in the Box which at least I will give them an A for effort.

Flag Match: Rob Van Dam (w/ Bill Alfonzo) vs. Tommy Dreamer

-Joey notes he has his own message for Vince McMahon but has to be the nice announcer. “Good thing I will never work for the WWF.” Too funny! Beulah wearing a dress that has the crowd and Joey going crazy. I don’t blame them as I watched this show when it aired live and haven’t since and yet I remembered exactly the dress she was wearing here. Respectfully, she is a smoke show! This is a continuation of the WWF/ECW feud that started with Lawler and had RVD showing up on RAW. The winner gets to wave their flag/banner (ECW or WWF). Dreamer hobbles around the ring as he is sporting a walking cast due to a broken heel. We get some chain wrestling to start and RVD immediately goes for the damaged heel. The monkey flips Dreamer out of the corner but maintains wrist control. He hits a corkscrew leg drop but mugs for the came too long and gets caught with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. RVD bails to the floor to escape a DDT. He plays to the crowd too much and Dreamer hits a baseball slide. A clothesline sends RVD into the front row as the crowd starts an ECW chant. RVD back as he drops Dreamer throat first on the railing. He jumps off the railing with a somersault splash. Dreamer reverses a whip and sends RVD into the security railing. He drops RVD balls first on the railing and hits him in the face with a chair from a fan. RVD is bleeding above the eye off the chair shot. Dreamer gets dropped balls first on the railing which happens in every match he’s ever had seemingly. RVD springs off the railing and kicks a chair into Dreamer’s face. Dreamer gets posted as the crowd tells someone to “sit the fuck down.” I assume a fan in the crowd. Back in the ring, RVD dropkicks a chair into Dreamer’s face. Backflip from the top from RVD and he throws another dropkick into the chair on Dreamer’s face. Some fan yells that Van Dam sucks and is a bitch. Slingshot leg drop gets two as RVD is just showing off here. RVD up top, but Dreamer crotches him and brings him down with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for two. The crowd wants RVD to break Dreamer’s neck. That seems excessive! RVD gets tried in The Tree of Woe and Beulah offers a chair. Now RVD gets a chair dropkicked into his face. Dreamer up top, but Fonzie breaks with a steel chair to the broken heel. Rolling Thunder gets two as he doesn’t get a strong cover. Split-Legged Moonsault is blocked as Dreamer just uses the chair. Smart! DDT is blocked as RVD grabs the top rope and Dreamer falls back on the chair. RVD gets cute with another split-legged attempt, so Dreamer just kicks him in the dick. Fonzie pulls the ref out and hammers him in the head with a road sign. RVD uses the distraction to hit Dreamer in the back of the head with a chair. Again, RVD gets too cute and throws a chair at Dreamer. He just catches it and decks RVD with it since he is giving him a weapon. Referee Jeff Jones breaks the count and wants to fight the other two refs. That brings in Beulah with a kick to the balls and the two refs hit a double DDT. Fonzie in and he hits both refs in balls. So Beulah decks Fonzie in the whistle and takes over ref duties while showing off her panties at various times. Dreamer hits a crazy piledriver that bounces RVD off the mat. Furnas and Lafon get involved as they are under contract with the WWF. Stevie Richards returns from WCW and attacks Dreamer as well. A garbage can gets placed on Dreamer and RVD hits a frog splash. Furnas and Lafon count the fall and Fonzie rings the bell at 14:30. Fonzie dedicates the win to Vince McMahon and carries around a WWF flag (which is blurred out since it’s the old logo). Tommy gets put on a table and buried under the WWF Flag. Sabu is down and he comes off the top with a clothesline to Beulah. Dreamer covers her body while the other five stomp away.

No Contest at 14:30 or so was the official decision I believe
-Okay match with a lot of heat because of the stakes involved. The ending was blah as they wanted the visual of Dreamer being draped under a WWF flag, but didn’t want him to actually lose the match. **3/4

-Sandman’s (overdubbed) music hits and he takes his time as I am sure he is aware Dreamer has his face by Beulah’s ass and wants to give him friend some more time. By the time he gets to the ring everyone is gone other than Sabu and RVD.

Tables and Ladders Match: The Sandman vs. Sabu

-Sandman takes too long to get in the ring so Sabu dives on him through the ropes. He starts firing ladders into the ring. So it’s a match with Ladders and Tables around the ring but nothing to retrieve as you can win by pin or submission. Sabu hits the Triple Jump Moonsault for two. He goes for a ladder and Sandman decks him with a forearm. He tosses a ladder at Sabu who then tosses a garbage can at Sandman. That gets a two-count. Sandman tosses Sabu to the floor and then runs with a ladder and jumps over the ropes to throw it at Sabu. Sandman gets tossed into the railing on the floor as we see the tan mats again. Air Sabu catches Sandman against the railing and for whatever reason the crowd is dead. A table gets dropped on The Sandman and they fight over table control. Sabu gets slammed on the “concrete” and Sandman follows with a table suplex. Sabu gets put on a bridged table and it breaks. Not sure if that was intentional, but it didn’t look good. Definitely not intentional as they go to the next bridged table. Sandman heads up and drops a leg that seems to do more damage to Sandman as it barely grazed Sabu. Sandman actually went through the table and splatted on his ass on the floor. The remains of the table get propped against the railing, but Sabu reverses a whip and Sandman crashes through. Sabu drops a ladder on Sandman and then tosses him into another one. The crowd is pissed at someone as they start a “Sit The Fuck Down” chant. Sandman gets put on a table and Sabu hits a triple jump leg drop to put him through the table. Back in the ring, Sandman can’t even run the ropes on a whip. I mean, he could just be selling but not sure. Sabu with another Air Sabu and that gets two. Sabu finds a big ladder and tosses it at Sandman, and he casually no sells and goes after Sabu on the floor. Sandman gets put on a table in the aisle and Sabu puts the ladder back on the floor and tries to ride it down on Sandman through the table like Shawn at Mania X, but it’s not even close. The crowd starts a “you fucked up” chant. Sabu back on a table and Sandman comes off the top with a Senton but misses and splats through the table. Well, that woke the crowd up at least. Back in the ring, Sabu hits another Triple Jump Moonsault but this time with Sandman under a ladder. That gets two. Sabu heads up and gets crotched as security sets up more bridged tables. Sandman brings Sabu down with a suplex on the ladder. Sandman takes too long to set up the big ladder and gets the smaller one smashed in his face. They try for a catapult spot but it goes all kinds of wrong and looks awful. Sabu compensates by throwing the ladder at Sandman’s head splitting the back of it open. Sandman drops an ugly elbow as he continues to stumble around. Sabu gets a fork and stabs Sandman as the crowd groans. That doesn’t stop Sandman though as he dumps Sabu to the floor and tosses a ladder at him. Sandman tries to jump over the top and see-saw the ladder to Sabu and that ends up looking worse than anything else they tried. This is embarrassing! Back in the ring Sandman hits another Senton as Saba is buried under a ladder. Slingshot Senton onto Saba buried under a ladder. Sabu reverses a whip and tries to spring onto Sandman, but gets caught and dropped with an Electric Chair. That actually looked good! Sabu gets put on another bridging table that is breaking just from Sabu’s weight. Sandman hurriedly climbs and ladder and flips over and hits a Sento through Sabu and the table to the floor. Fonzie gets on the apron with Sandman’s cane and flips Sandman off. That lets Sabu throw a fireball that Sandman no seals and whips Sabu into a ladder. He goes after Fonzie, but Sabu comes off the top with a boot to the head. He rolls Sandman onto a bridged table and comes off the top with a ladder to leave both men down on the floor. Back in the ring, Sabu hits an Atomic Arabian Facebuster with the ladder for the pin at 20:55.

Winner: Sabu via pin at 20:55
-Way too long and had too many blow spots that were horribly blown. Credit to them for killing themselves for our enjoyment I guess, but this was just a mess. It was just spot, spot, ladder throw, spot, spot, ladder throw. DUD

-The crowd gives Sandman a standing ovation after the match.

-Tazz interrupts Joey in the broadcast position and throws out a challenge to Bigelow for the next PPV on March 1st (Living Dangerously).

ECW World Heavyweight Championship: Bam Bam Bigelow (c) vs. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas (w/ Francine)

-Candido and Storm are barred from ringside in this one. Bigelow took the Title away from Shane not too long ago and Shane gets his rematch in his hometown. Francine is out on crutches due to a fractured pelvis thanks to a run-in with Bigelow according to Joey. The crowd is definitely pro-Douglas which seems to get Douglas a little choked up. I am sure this was a big moment for him. They have a stare-down to start and then a lock-up. Bigelow sends Douglas to the floor and the crowd is not happy. Back in and Douglas gets a waist lock, but can’t get Bigelow off his feet. Bammer pounds away and unloads with chops in the corner. He misses a splash in the corner and now Douglas fires away, but one shot from Bigelow ends Douglas back to the floor. Slap from Bigelow followed by an elbow to the back of the head. The fans chant “lard ass” at Bigelow and he just shrugs it off and hits a splash in the corner. Douglas gets tossed to the floor again and Bigelow talks crap to the fans. Douglas back in and tries a belly-to-belly, but not even close at this point. He gets the pace a little quicker but makes the mistake of trying a slam and Bigelow falls back on him. Bigelow works a chinlock for a bit as the crowd continues to get on Bigelow’s case. Bammer misses a splash in the corner but catches Douglas coming off the top and hits a powerslam for two. Vertical suplex from the apron brings Douglas back into the ring. The story so far is pretty simple: Douglas is screwed against the larger Bigelow and is just trying to survive until Bigelow makes a mistake. Bigelow with a baseball slide and he throws Shane into the ring post. Douglas gets rammed back first into the post as Bigelow is slowly and methodically destroying him. Douglas gets whipped into the railing and Bigelow follows with a splash. We are nearing 10 minutes and Douglas is getting mauled here. Douglas gets desperate and lands a low blow, but stupidly tries a suplex and Bigelow reverses to one of his own for two. Bigelow goes back to the chinlock as the crowd starts to chant for Francine. The crowd rallies to his feet like he is Hulk Hogan in the 80s, but no matter as Bigelow press slams Douglas over the top and onto the ring post. That had to suck! Bigelow brings a table into the ring. Douglas fires off chops, but nothing to them, and a headbutt ends that rally. Douglas gets put on the table and Bigelow heads up for a moonsault, but Douglas gets up and powerbombs Bigelow through the table. Loses a little bit after that last monstrosity of a match had tables being broken everywhere. Bigelow eats some kidney punches, but grabs Douglas and dumps him back to the floor. Bigelow sells the kidney punches as he is starting to slow a bit. Bigelow steps on Douglas’ throat to choke which gets the ref to count which is weird because this is ECW. Douglas gets in a shot to the kidneys and hits several clotheslines, but Bigelow won’t go down. A fourth one sends Bigelow over the top, but again, he lands on his feet. Douglas slingshots his way out but Bigelow catches him and powerbombs him through a table. Francine tells Douglas to stick with the plan and hang in there longer. Douglas tells her that Bigelow is killing him. Back in the ring Bigelow continues to sell the kidneys but hits a powerbomb that won him the title. Douglas kicks out at two and the crowd starts a “Franchise” chant. Bigelow pounds away in the corner and shoves the ref out of the way. Douglas is bleeding presumably from all the right hands and headbutts. Douglas motions to Francine as Bigelow tells us that he is going to toss Douglas into the crowd. Francine motions for Storm and Candido, but Security stops them from getting involved. Bam Bam press slams Douglas over the top and onto the pile of bodies. Security get back to their feet and drag Storm and Candido back to the dressing room. Bigelow just unloads with right hands as he pounds Douglas into a pile of mush. Francine in and she tries to hit Bigelow with a crutch, but she has nothing behind it. Douglas eats another right hand and Bigelow takes a swing with the crutch at Francine but she ducks. Bigelow uses the crutch to hit basically a stunner with it and then cracks Douglas in the arm with it. Bigelow goes after the arm and then tosses Douglas across the ring. A clothesline follows but a second is countered as Shane tries a backslide. No luck there, but he flips over and is able to get the Belly to Belly Suplex. He can’t follow up though and Bigelow plants him with another splash in the corner. Bigelow brings a chair and a piece of the shattered table in the ring. He looks for a powerbomb, but Douglas punches his way out and hits the belly-to-belly through the table for the win at 25:02.

Winner and New ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Shane Douglas via pin at 25:02
-I enjoyed the story as Douglas having no answer for Bigelow and getting his ass beat for twenty-five minutes. The story was he needed to survive long enough to wear Bigelow out. The things he was kicking out of towards the end was getting a little crazy, but in the context of the story, it was fine. This only works in Pittsburgh as anywhere else the crowd laughs at Douglas playing face in peril, trying to get sympathy. It was a slower match, but I appreciate what they were doing and going for. ***

-Storm and Candido are out to celebrate though Douglas can barely stand.

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Production wise this was a step-up from Hardcore Heaven as the lighting was better and the crowd came off better. With that said this wasn't the strongest of shows as we had some bad matches mixed in with couple good ones. This probably passes as a good show if Sandman/Sabu didn't happen, but it did and it dragged down the rest of the show. The Main Event doesn't get as much love as I give it either, so you mileage may vary there. Barely Legal easily wins ECW PPV of 1997.