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Leighty’s Retro Review – WWF In Your House: Badd Blood

October 15, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Shawn Michaels The Undertaker Badd Blood Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s Retro Review – WWF In Your House: Badd Blood  

-We move onward to the October offerings from WWF and WCW. I hope to squeeze in WCW Uncensored 97, which I skipped, before the month is done since November has 3 PPVs, but no promises. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Jerry “The King” Lawler
-Location: Kiel Center, St Louis, MO
-Date: Oct 5, 1997
-Attendance: 21,151
-PPV Buys: 168,000

The Nation of Domination (Rocky Maivia, D-Lo Brown, and Kama Mustafa) vs. The Legion of Doom

-Vince informs us of the passing of Brian Pillman and notes they will pass along any information, but doesn’t know if they will have much more until tomorrow morning.  This was supposed to be Ken Shamrock joining The LOD, but storyline he is out with internal injuries as the doctors won’t let him go.  Hawk tells us Shamrock is spitting up blood and they aren’t backing down so it will be a handicap match.  I mean, not really a surprise as Fink announced it as a handicap match as the commentary team was doing their opening spiel.  D-Lo starts with Hawk and it doesn’t go well for him as Hawk sends him packing with multiple clotheslines.  Rocky gets the tag and immediately the “Rocky Sucks” chant starts.  I forgot how much time Rock was gone from WWF PPV in 1997.  Animal wants some of Rocky as they square off.  Rocky lands some punches, but misses a clothesline and Animal gets a shoulder followed by a dropkick.  Rocky bails to the floor as JR lets us know Miami lost to Florida State yesterday which has Rocky in a bad mood.  Back in they have another go and Animal controls the arm and brings Hawk in, who comes off the top rope with a forearm.  Rocky bails to his corner and makes the tag to Kama.  He gets in a kick to the gut and beats Hawk down in the corner.  He misses a charge in the opposite corner, but ducks a clothesline and we get a double clothesline that both men no sell.  Enziguiri from Hawk and he controls with a headlock.  JR mentions LOD has been AWA, NWA, and WWF Tag Team Champions.  Animal misses a clothesline and Rock jumps in to plant him with a DDT.  Nice!  Heel kick from Kama and he sends Animal to the floor where D-Lo and Rocky lay the boots to him.  Brown gets the tag and misses a charge in the corner as he gets booted in the face.  Tag to Animal is cut off though and D-Lo drops the leg.  Tag to Rock and he gets a headlock.  Rock buries a knee and the ref nearly misses Animal getting his foot on the bottom rope.  Rocky stomps Animal in the corner and talks trash to the ref.  Rocky takes a shot at Hawk to draw him into the ring so D-Lo can land a low blow.  That gets two, so the tag is made to Kama.  He misses a splash (future Ho Train) in the corner and the hot tag is made to Hawk, but the ref never saw it and the crowd is not happy.  Animal gets dumped to the floor and thrown into the steps as the ref is busy getting Hawk back to his corner.  Finally, once back in the ring the super hot tag is made to Hawk and the crowd loses it.  Hawk lays waste to everyone near him and Rocky is set up for The Doomsday Device, but Faarooq is out to get Animal’s attention.  He gets dumped to the floor and Rocky hits The Rock Bottom on Hawk for the win at 12:20. 

Winners: The Nation of Domination via pin at 12:20
-Paint by numbers tag match that played to the formula.  The Nation used the advantage in numbers and got the heat on Animal before the super hot tag leading to the finish.  Just a tried and true handicap tag with the heels cheating to win.  This was a rather clean loss for LOD.  **

-Sunny is backstage with Dok as they continue to find any way to get her on camera at least once a show.  She and Dok will be handling Superstar Line interviews with the winners and losers. 

-To the announce table where Vince goes into more detail about Brian Pillman’s passing as he was found dead in his hotel room in Bloomington, MN where he competed last night.  That cancels his match with Dude Love and the next match is what they have found as a replacement. 

Tarantula and Mosaic vs. Max Mini and Nova

-The bring out the minis to provide some levity to this show in the wake of Pillman’s death.  Nova flies around the ring but gets planted on his face by Tarantula.  Nova gets a two count as Mosaic tries a Senton that misses.  Tarantula and Mosaic start fighting with each other.  Nova ducks a clothesline from Tarantula, but gets tripped by Mosaic and pulled to the floor.  All four battle on the floor as the ref heads down to get them back in the ring.  Lawler starts with the short jokes and wants a match with any of the four.  Mosaic misses a splash in the corner as he didn’t even jump until Max was already out of the corner.  Nova comes off the top with a splash and they blow an alley-oop into a roll-up spot.  Max gets a Rana as this one is breaking down all over the place.  Tarantula lands a boot to Max so he tags out to Nova.  Mosaic gets in a chop to the leg which lets Tarantula gets a slam.  He heads up and flies halfway across the ring with a splash for two.  Mosaic with a clothesline as now JR is making little jokes and Lawler is wondering why McMahon isn’t yelling at him.  This is a disjointed mess!  Tarantula carries Max around the ring with a Gorilla Press and drops him on the announce table which has Lawler laughing his ass off.  Max knocks Lawler’s head set off and gingerly walks around the ring.  Nova in as Vince and JR clarify this is Mexican Rules meaning partners can come in without a tag if their partner is on the floor.  Nova blows a spinning arm drag which gets a groan from the crowd.  He does hit a middle rope spring board dropkick.  Max eats a clothesline from Tarantula as Lawler laughs his ass off again.  Tarantula misses a charge in the corner and Max heads up and comers with a crossbody that Tarantula was supposed to catch and it gets blown.  They try to cover so Max can get the crucifix for the win at 6:43 even though the shoulder may have been up and his partner broke up the fall.  What a mess!

Winners: Max Mini and Nova via pin at 6:43
-This was pretty bad though I give everyone a pass on this show with Pillman’s death and things being shuffled around or added.  Even with that there were a lot of blown spots in this one.  1/2*

WWF Tag Team Titles: The Headbangers (c) vs. The Godwins (w/ Uncle Cletus)

-Sunny is the guest ring announcer for this one as again, they try to find anything for her to do.  Brawl between all four men to start and The Bangers clear the ring.  We start proper with Phineas, who spits in the air, catches it and rubs his hands together.  Mosh dances and spits as they pose for the crowd before finally locking up.  Mosh gets a head scissors that sends Phineas to the floor.  Thrasher hits something on the floor as Vince scream what-a-maneuver, but the camera was on Mosh in the ring.  Replay shows what Thrasher hit and probably should have left it on the cutting room floor as it didn’t look good.  Thrasher in and they hit a double team flapjack.  Phineas fights back and makes the tag to Henry.  He rushes into a drop toehold as we get a replay where Phineas was nearly dropped on his head.  Awkward moment as Vince catches himself saying, “I don’t know how he’s a…..I don’t know how he’s alive.”  I am assume he realized mid sentence that wasn’t going to sound good considering he had just announced one of his wrestlers was found dead.  Vince tries to show how hip he is by name dropping Marilyn Manson and his performance on the VMAs.  Now Vince goes on about Thrasher getting his tongue pierced and JR doesn’t get it as he wonders if Thrasher was drunk.  Thrasher told him he doesn’t drink.  “Why in the hell would you get your tongue pierced?”  JR then wonders if it’s against the State Law to have that done in Oklahoma and Vince mentions they do it to pigs.  WHAT AM I LISTENING TO HERE?  Oh, and as far as the match nothing of note is happening as it’s just the Godwins beating on Thrasher while the crowd gets annoyed.  Uncle Cletus gets involved on the floor and hits a running clothesline.  Phineas dumps Mosh back into the ring and drops some knees to the face and chest for two.  Mosh gets a sunset flip, but the ref is delayed as he is dealing with Henry and the crowd is pissed.  Henry back in and he slams Mosh on his face for two as Thrasher makes the save.  Double down spot as they collide in the middle of the ring.  The crowd is now into this one as they want the hot tag, but Phineas gets the tag and cuts off Mosh.  Running splash misses and Thrasher gets a desperation belly to back suplex.  The race is on again and the tag is made to Mosh and he runs wild.  Henry gets sent to the floor and back inside Thrasher powerbombs Mosh onto Phineas for two as Henry makes the save.  Henry gets dumped to the floor again as Mosh goes up top, but gets caught with a powerbomb on the way down.  Phineas gets the pin for the Titles at 12:18 as Cletus was holding Thrasher by the boot in the corner. 

Winners and New WWF Tag Team Champions: The Godwins via pin at 12:18
-Poor Bangers as they were getting over with the crowd, but Vince likes his Hillbilly characters and as noted, wanted the Titles back on LOD.  Boring match, but the Bangers had some good offense.  *

-The Godwins lay waste to The Bangers after the match as the crowd starts a LOD chant.  That was the point of this switch as they wanted to get the Tag Titles back on LOD.  The Fink announces that if The Godwins don’t leave immediately the ref will reverse his decision.  They throw a fit and bitch to McMahon as they take the titles and leave. 

-Video package on Steve Austin and his ascent up the corporate ladder as he stunned JR, Slaughter, King, and finally Vince McMahon.  Austin getting the first Stunner on Vince is like Jerry Rice catching his first TD or Wayne Gretzky scoring his first goal. 

-Back to RAW for the fall-out as Vince tells Austin he has three options 1) bring a waiver signed by a doctor (which will never happen) 2) he can return if he signs an agreement not to hold the WWF responsible for any health issues 3) Vince will fire him.

-Michael Cole is backstage and Austin will make his decision tomorrow, but is here tonight.  Owen Hart interrupts and he wants Austin handing him the IC Championship after he wins it tonight. 

-JR and Sunny are in the ring for a ceremony to recognize legends from the St Louis wrestling scene: Gene Kiniski (NWA Champion for over 3 Years), Jack Brisco (2 Time NWA Champion), Dory Funk Jr (NWA Champion for over 4 Years), Harley Race (7 Time NWA Champion), Terry Funk (NWA Champion), Lou Thesz, and Sam Muchnick.  Each man gets a video package and a plaque.  The crowd ate this up because we love history in our sport. Thankfully, the Hall of Fame gives us something like this on a yearly basis now.

-Dok interviews Faarooq and The Nation backstage.  Faarooq takes shots at Austin because he doesn’t need his help against Owen. 

-Vince gives an update on Pillman’s death as the early report is there could be drugs involved whether prescription or recreational.  He lets us know that is a problem in all sports and they won’t know for sure until toxicology reports are back in 7 days.  This is just icky! 

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Faarooq vs. Owen Hart

-Winner claims Austin’s forfeited IC Title.  Vince wonders how Owen is dealing with Pillman’s death.  Austin’s music hits and he heads down the aisle as he will present the winner with the IC Title.  He rings the bell which has Vince baffled and angered as he questions if Austin is the new timekeeper.  Vince and his issues with timekeepers and when they ring bells.  Austin joins commentary and we focus on him instead of what is happening in the ring.  I could roll with that!  Owen and Faarooq finally lockup as Austin takes the headset off The King, but gives it back.  The crowd doesn’t care about the match and all their attention is on Austin.  Faarooq gets a shoulder tackle and they lockup again.  Faarooq uses his power to throw Owen across the ring.  Owen looks out of it here and I don’t blame him.  I assume Austin is having a tough time as well considering his long time partner had just passed away.  JR and Lawler get into a shouting match on commentary.  Vince mentions Owen fairly advanced in the Tournament while Faarooq getting to the finals is controversial.  I believe it was supposed to be Ahmed vs. Owen, but Ahmed got injured and Faarooq was shoe horned back into the Tournament.  Austin heads to the Spanish announce table and then over to The French announce table to let them know he will be in Montreal next month and will be pissed off when he gets there.  Back in the ring Owen gets whipped from corner to corner and a slam gets two.  Faarooq tries another slam, but Owen falls back on him for two.  JR takes a shot at Slaughter for making the decision to bring Austin out for the match.  Faarooq misses something from the middle rope and Owen goes for The Sharpshooter, but Faarooq kicks away.  He catches Owen with a powerslam for two as Jim Neidhart shows up at ringside.  Spinebuster from Faarooq gets two.  Neidhart tries to get involved which draws the attention of the ref and Slaughter which lets Austin blast Faarooq with the IC Title.  Owen gets the pin at 7:15. 

Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: Owen Hart via pin at 7:15
-Nothing match as this was all about Austin, and really Owen probably wanted nothing to do with being out there.  Austin helping Owen win is simple: He wanted to face Owen to beat his ass for what happened at SummerSlam and to take the Title back from him.  *1/4

8 Man Tag: DOA vs. Los Boricuas

-I believe this is another match that was added to the card in place of Goldust/Pillman.  Jose starts with Skull and they brawl a bit.  Skull gets a clothesline and makes a tag to Chainz.  JR lets us know this will be a clothesline match and nothing like Funk/Brisco.  Crush in and he gets punched in the face before a tag is made to Savio.  Vince brings up Pillman’s passing and how it may be affecting Austin.  JR brings up they were former tag partners and have a history.  Chainz is with a big boot to Save as JR says this is the match for those that like Boots and Fists.  NO FLIPS JUST FISTS!  Boricuas attack a member of DOA on the floor and get the ref out of position so they can continue the beating.  High knee to the face of Chainz (though Vince is confusing them at times as well).  Chainz gets caught in the corner and eats a clothesline from each member before Savio gets a leg lariat.  That gets a two count.  Headlock and we get leverage off the middle rope for good measure.  The ref goes out to back DOA to the to the corner and we get another triple team in the ring.  Savio in with no tag as JR talks about all the factions in the WWF.  Wait twenty-five years and HHH having the book!  Slam from Savio followed by a missile dropkick from Miguel (I think).  Jose in and Lawler is confused as well, but JR is trying to keep all of us informed.  Savio (that one I won’t screw up) back in and he unloads with some chops, but misses a splash in the corner and goes overboard with the sell.  Everyone hits the ring which pops the crowd.  Crush gets a big boot, but the ref has his back turned.  Crush eats a DDT for two.  Crush gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for the win at 9:13. 

Winners: DOA via pin at 9:13
-Again, everyone gets a pass tonight because of Pillman’s death and how it messed up the card.  Still, not a good match though.  *

-Bret Hart and Bulldog cut a promo backstage to hype their Flag Match.  Why yes, Bret is the WWF Champion playing second from top for a 3rd straight PPV since winning the Title. 

Flag Match: Bret “Hitman” Hart and The British Bulldog vs. Vader and The Patriot

-Originally the only way to win was by capturing your country’s flag, but submission and pin were also added.  Vader and Patriot cut a promo backstage where Vader says “bullshit.”  That has Vince and JR apologizing.  Again, I hear the music and think Kurt Angle and have the “You Suck” chant burned in my head every time I hear that song.  They brawl before the bell as Patriot uses the flag on Bulldog and sends him into the steps.  Vader and Bret brawl around the announce table and this match would have been a hundred times better if they just let them continue this way.  The crowd is way into it.  Vader gets sent into the steps while Bulldog beats Patriot with the US Flag.  Bret and Vader continue to beat on each other on the other side of the ring.  More flagpole shots from Patriot and then he uses it to choke Bulldog.  Vader and Bret brawl towards the back as still don’t think we have had a bell at this point.  Vader and The Patriot head back in the ring to pose as they try to get this one started proper.  We finally have a bell will have our normal tag match now.  Boo!  Both flags are secured on pole in the corner and JR even wonders how Vader is going to be able to climb a pole.  Patriot withstands an early beating before getting some shots in on Bulldog.  He tags in Vader who mauls Bulldog.  He tags out to Bret and I don’t blame him.  Bret decides to trade blows with Vader and he loses that battle.  Duh!  Short-arm clothesline drops Bret as the crowd pops for Vader.  A splash misses in the corner which lets Bulldog get a clothesline from the apron.  Bret goes for the Canadian Flag, but Vader cuts him off with a low blow.  Bret tries a sunset-flip and Vader just sits-out for two as Bulldog breaks the count.  Patriot back in and so is Bulldog.  Patriot gets a dropkick for two but doesn’t hook the leg or get a good cover which pisses off Vince.  Patriot goes up for the flag, but Bret cuts that off from the apron.  He chokes Patriot while Bulldog goes after the flag, but Vader stops that and dumps Bulldog on his head.  Patriot gets posted and Bret uses that to hook the ring post figure four.  Vader decks Bulldog in the ring and Bret releases as Vader makes his way over.  Bret takes over on The Patriot as this match drags along.  Again, I assume Bret and Bulldog aren’t really feeling this one with Pillman’s death hanging over this show.  Bret flips off Vader as thinks have slowed down considerably.  Bulldog/Bret get a version of Demolition’s finisher for two.  Bulldog hooks a leg, but Patriot still gets to the corner and tags Vader.  He drops Bulldog with a belly to back suplex.  A splash gets a two count.  Vader tries to climb, but Bret is in to stop that attempt.  This is like a ladder match with all the slow climbing and minus the cool spots and general carnage.  Bret gets a belly to back suplex on Vader and goes for The Sharpshooter, but Vader is able to easily grab the bottom rope.  Patriot comes in anyway and gets some shots in on Bret.  Vader drops an elbow to Bret’s stomach and hooks his own version of The Sharpshooter or in this case Scorpion would be better considering his rivalry with Sting.  Patriot gets involved and gets a figure-four on Bret.  Bulldog with a suplex on Patriot for two.  Powerslam from Patriot gets two.  Patriot makes the climb, but Bulldog knocks him down to the apron and makes the tag to Bret.  USA Chant from the crowd as Bret gets a snap suplex.  He drops an elbow and then a legdrop.  He goes up after his flag, but Vader just carries him down and we start from scratch with Vader and Bulldog getting the tag.  Vader gets a slam and heads all the way up, but misses the moonsault.  Vader nearly lands on his feet and mauls Bulldog in the corner.  Bret tries to stop the climb from the apron, but Bret stops that.  Bulldog and Patriot fight in the other corner.  A clothesline sends Bulldog to the floor.  All four men brawl on the floor and Bret uses the bell to smash Vader in the face.  I hope that bell doesn’t hold a grudge against Bret.  Back in the ring Bret rolls through the rest of his five moves of doom and gets a two count off a DDT.  Vader catches Bulldog and Bret with a double clothesline.  Tag made to The Patriot and he runs wild for a bit.  Uncle Slam on Bret gets two as Bulldog drops a leg to break.  A fan jumps in the ring and gets dealt with by the ref and Bulldog.  I forgot about that.  Security rushes towards him while Vader hits Bret with a Vader-Bomb.  Vader and Bulldog brawl on the floor and inside the ring Bret uses the tights to reverse a roll-up and gets the pin to end this one at 21:15. 

Winners: Bret Hart and The British Bulldog via pin at 21:15
-Dull, long and boring with no real crowd heat.  Again, this would have ruled as a 12-15 minute Tornado Tag like it started.  As is, it was like nearly everything else on this show: people going through the motions because they lost a friend or colleague earlier in the day.  **

-Survivor Series 97 commercial.  Yep! 

-JR, Vince and Lawler discuss Hell in a Cell as we get shots of The Cell.  JR makes sure we know this isn’t a normal cage match (Hogan/Piper inside a cage would be headlining Halloween Havoc a few weeks later for WCW). 

-Shawn Michaels cuts a promo backstage with DX standing by his side.  He clowns the European Title as he treats it like a prop.  He puts over his athletic ability and goes through his spiel.  He promises to go out and show us why he is the number 1 guy in the business today.  HHH wanted to say something, but gets cut off by Vince.  Funny! 

-Video package to set the stage for our Main Event. 

-Slaughter and some officials are out to make sure nobody is hidden under the ring.  He then orders to have the cage brought down. 

#1 Contender’s Match: Hell in a Cell: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

-The story is simple: SHAWN CAN’T RUN!  TAKER IS PISSED!  SHAWN IS SCREWED!  The refs and Slaughter padlock the door as Shawn tries to bargain his way out.  Great facials from Shawn as it sinks in and he looks terrified.  Taker just calmly walks around the ring like stalking his prey. Shawn has no choice but to get back in the ring and Taker catches him with a big boot to the face. To the corner as Shawn starts bouncing all over the place, which again, proves his point when he stated he always sold like that against bigger guys. Taker with a goozle, but Shawn fights back because he knows he has no other choice at this point. He gets a flurry of offense, but Taker reverses a whip and Shawn pinballs out of the corner into a right hand for two. Old School which sends Shawn flying across the ring. Headbutt from Taker and he chokes with his boot. Legdrop from Taker gets two. Big backdrop as Shawn nearly hit the roof of the cage with his feet. The pummeling continues as Taker tosses Shawn over the top to the floor where his feet hit the cage on the way down. Someone in the front row wants Taker to make Shawn bleed and to “choke the shit out of him.” Shawn gets a thumb to the eye and tries to climb, but he has nowhere to go. Taker whips Shawn into the cell wall and catches him with a clothesline on the rebound. Nice! Taker decides to do it again because why not? Taker looks for a powerbomb, but Shawn grabs the cell to land some punches. It has no effect though as Taker just rams Shawn back first over and over again into the cell. To the stairs and then some heavy body shots as Shawn is getting beaten around every side of this Cell. Great spot as Taker bounces Shawn back first off the post and into the Cell and back and forth. This is wonderful! Shawn avoids being javelined into the Cell, but Taker just casually mows him down with a clothesline. Another trip into the stairs and then the point of the elbow to Shawn’s face. It’s just one of those days for Shawn! Shawn sent back into the Cell but ducks a clothesline and finally gets some kind of advantage as the crowd boos. They really hate this man! Shawn heads into the ring and catches Taker with rights as he gets up on the apron. The crowd boos which means that’s enough offense for Shawn as Taker drops him throat first on the top rope. Shawn beats Taker to his feet and knocks him off the apron into the Cell. Suicide Dive from Shawn sends both men into the Cell. Shawn climbs so he can drop an elbow. He continues on the offense as he uses the ring stairs. Shawn hits a sick piledriver on the ring stairs that sounded amazing. He then cusses out a nearby cameraman as things are a little crowed on the floor when they are near. Shawn heads up top and comes off with a double axe to Taker on the floor. Shawn heads outside and finds a chair which gets a great reaction from the crowd. He blasts Taker in the back and again, this crowd is pissed. Another shot to the back gets two. Taker starts firing back with right hands, but Shawn cuts him off and ties Taker in the ropes like Andre The Giant. Shawn gets too close though and gets caught with a boot to the face. He charges again and gets backdropped to the floor on top of a “cameraman.” Shawn loses it and punches the guy in the face and stomps his head as JR and Vince lose their mind on commentary. Great spot as they set it up through the match and it plays into Shawn’s known history of losing his temper in matches. It also sets up what’s next as a photographer inside The Cell asks for help. Back in the ring Shawn gets a flying forearm and is getting a bit cocky now. He drops the Macho elbow from the top (as JR makes sure to say nobody has in the WWF has ever done that move as well as Shawn Michaels….no JR). Shawn’s tunes up the band and Sweet Chin Music connects, but Taker sits-up and Shawn freaks the fuck out. He bails to the floor and gets out of the cage as the door was open to get the injured cameraman out. That is genius! Taker follows and slingshots Shawn into the cage and we have blood. Shawn is pouring blood as he gets ran face first into the Cell. Taker does it again, but Shawn gets desperate and l29ands a low blow. Shawn is out of options at this point and opts to climb the cage to get away from Taker and now we have magic! Taker follows as the crowd explodes! INJECT ALL THIS IN MY VEINS! Shawn tries a piledriver, but Taker backdrops out and that goes better for him than it did for Foley 2.5 years later. Shawn’s blood drips from the roof onto the lens of a camera in the ring and we get an audible “ah shit,” from the cameraman. Press Slam from on the roof and the crowd is losing it! Shawn tries to climb down the cage, but Taker steps on his hands and Shawn falls off the Cell and crashes through the Spanish Announce Table! HELL YEAH! JR lets us know that Shawn may be broken in half. Shawn is still breathing so Taker follows down and tosses Shawn onto the French announce table and then back onto what is left of the Spanish Announce Table. Taker beats the fire out of Shawn until they are back inside the Cell. JR is basically writing Shawn’s obituary at this point. Taker gets a Super Chokeslam off the top rope. Shawn’s still not dead so Taker gets a chair from under the ring. How poetic as he unloads with a crazy chair shot to the skill of Shawn. That is sick! Tombstone, but the lights go out and it’s Paul Bearer with the debut of Kane! Kane rips the Cell door off the hinges and has a stare down (the first of man) with his brother. Kane sets off his now famous pyro which leaves the crowd gasping. Kane lands a strike and hits a rough Tombstone (he would get better) as the crowd is not happy. Shawn crawls from out of a pool of his blood to get an arm on Taker for the pin at 29:59.

Winner: Shawn Michaels via pin at 29:59
-I mean, what else can you say about this match. It’s one of the greatest matches of all time and set the stage for what we expect from a Hell in a Cell Match. It was the first and is still the best one which is saying something beause there have been great ones. I didn’t say most famous one, but the best one. The story was amazing as it was straight out of a horror movie and even the ending worked as it took a monster to save Shawn. The stuff with setting up the cameraman spot and how it was a creative way out of the Cell is also amazing. Obviously a must watch match where 30 minutes will fly by. *****

-Rude, Chyna, and HHH drag Shawn out of the ring and carry him to the back. Fans pelt him with garbage and drinks as HHH celebrates with Shawn’s lifeless body. It’s like a Part III to Weekend at Bernie’s!

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Average
The 411
The death of Brian Pillman obviously affected this show with matches being added and wrestlers not having their heart full into what they were doing. The Main Event is an all-time classic and historically one of the most influential matches in WWE history. It also marked the debut of a character that lasted for two decades. The Main Event almost pulls this show into good territory, but just too much bad on the undercard due to tragic circumstances. Again though everyone gets a pass for this one.