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Mid-South Wrestling (10.13.1984) Review

May 24, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 10-13-1984 Jim Ross Bill Watts
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Mid-South Wrestling (10.13.1984) Review  

-Originally aired October 13, 1984.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Joel Watts. Boyd Pierce buries the lead by casually mentioning that the new Tag Team Champions, the Rock & Roll Express, are on the show this week.

-Jim Ross is in the ring with Bill Watts. Today is Jim Cornette’s declared deadline for the $30,000 fine reimbursement and public apology from Watts, or else he would take the Tag Team Title belts and leave the territory. Well, Watts announces to the Boys’ Club that oddly enough, it doesn’t matter NOW, because the Rock & Roll Express suddenly popped back up in the territory and won the Tag Team Titles.


-Owens gets backdropped and gets out immediately. Ellis ends up in a backbreaker for two. Double dropkick wins it.

-We go to New Orleans for highlights of a Ghetto Street Fight between Master G and Butch Reed, which is like a regular street fight except it doesn’t include brunch. Weird finish sees Reed try for a piledriver, but he’s so tired after all of the brawling that he just slumps over and Master G dives on top for a three-count. Wow, what a badass, everybody. Reed attacks after the bell, but Reed ends up injuring his knee during the attack, so G applies the Fuller leglock and Reed’s leg is wrecked when it’s all over.

-Reed went to a hospital in Tulsa for emergency surgery, and he cuts a promo on an overmodulated microphone, so it sounds like he’s threatening Master G by saying “BUH BUH BUH BUH BUH BUH BUH AND A LARGE ORANGE DRINK” and I’m amazed at how consistently awful this promotion is when their microphones are anywhere except inside Irish McNeil’s Boys Club.

-Back in the Boys’ Club, Jim Ross is actually in the ring and Butch Reed actually cuts what amounts to a do-over promo. Okay, if you have him doing a better version of the promo we don’t need the broken PA system at school promo.


-This is an unexpected way to bring Jake into the territory. Jake blocks an Irish whip but gets slammed right down. Superkick by Master G sends Jake retreating to the corner. G with a tackle and a Fuller leglock…and Jake submits just like that. Jake got SQUASHED! Jake attempts a sneak attack with his boot after the bell, but G just yoinks the boot away and clobbers Jake with that. Holy crap, Jake got nothing here.

MAGNUM T.A. (North American Champion) vs. KILLER KHAN (with Skandar Akbar)

-Magnum wants to say something before the bell, and this is so weird that there HAS to be a story to this. TA says that lately, there’s rumors going around that he made some offensive comments about Mid-South giving sanctuary to black wrestlers…but he’s heard that no-good dirty Ernie Ladd has been spreading the rumors that he said that, and he just wants to make sure that we all know that blacks don’t get preferential treatment at Mid-South Wrestling. Can somebody please direct me to a long, rambling shoot interview explaining whatever the hell happened here?

-Khan punches and chokes away. TA dropkicks, but Khan just shakes it off and keeps up the assault . Khan gets rammed into the turnbuckle, and that finally dazes Khan because Mongolia doesn’t fall under the pro wrestling Hard Head Stereotypes umbrella. So TA gets some offense in, but Khan locks on the dreaded Oriental spike. Magnum breaks it and belly-to-bellies Khan, wiping out the referee in the process. Khan and Akbar attempt to take advantage of that, but Magnum clears the ring of both men as the referee calls for the DQ. Good booking here with both guys looking strong and setting up a rematch nicely.


-Duggan puts on a football helmet and calls out Steve Williams, and he’s got a psychological edge because Duggan’s football helmet actually fits properly. He leaves the football helmet on the post and dares Dr. Death to come get it.

-Victory gets elbowed down, and Duggan follows that with a rear chinlock. Spear by Duggan gets three. I think if Victory changes his gimmick twelve times, it’ll improve things for him.

-Adrian Street is at the commentary table with Boyd Pierce, who is wearing a different suit than he had at the start of the show. Boyd is aghast that Street would kiss Terry Taylor instead of just attempting to outwrestle him, because wrestling is the sport of kings. Street responds, “That’s true, but a queen rules England.” We rewatch the TV Title change from last week, and it’s worth rewatching just for scanning the crowd and watching the reactions, particularly the front row, where everybody gets the vapors and their monocles pop out, except for one woman who just marks out and applauds for it.


-Taylor works the arm as Street emphasizes that he needs to eat more Corn Flakes to beat him. Oh come on, you had that killer “queen” pun earlier and you didn’t think to say Froot Loops instead of Corn Flakes? Five-arm finishes.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (with Jim Cornette, Hercules Hernandez, and Dr. Death) vs. GENTLEMAN CHRIS ADAMS & TIM HORTON
-Williams emphatically demands a piece of Jim Duggan before turning things over to the tag teams. Adams kicks Bobby Eaton’s leg out of his leg, and since Adams is challenging for the TV Title next week, he’s gonna shine here. Dennis Condrey tags in and Adams isn’t content to just kick his ass, and Adams just takes on both Midnights.

-And then Horton tags in.

-Midnight Massacre gets three.

-Dr. Death calls out Jim Duggan one more time as we call it a week.

The final score: review Good
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If only that Mean Girls meme had existed in the era of Master G.

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