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Mid-South Wrestling (10.20.1984) Review

May 27, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 10-18-1984 Jim Cornette
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Mid-South Wrestling (10.20.1984) Review  

-Originally aired October 20, 1984.

-Your hosts are Jim Ross and Skandar Akbar, because having Akbar do commentary is the one thing that will put him on this show even MORE than he was from week-to-week during his last tour of this territory.

-Skandar Akbar announces that Ted DiBiase is returning to the territory next week, and by all rights he should STILL be the North American Champion.

-And to show what a badass Ted DiBiase is, Skandar cues up some random video of Ted DiBiase defeating, oh, let’s see…Junkyard Dog. Man, if Bill Watts buries that guy any deeper, he’ll pop out in Australia.

-We get words from Jim Cornette, who pledges that he’s going to take the Midnight Express back to basics…when they first arrived in Mid-South, they broke a Bruise Brother’s leg and tarred and feathered people and it got them to the top. So now Cornette pledges that to get themselves back on track, they’ll force at least one member of the Rock & Roll Express into retirement.


-Jake and his visibly wet ass get rolled up early on for a two-count. Morton applies a side headlock. Jake slips out and Jack Victory comes in to get his leg worked over. Jake, bleeding hardway from the arm somehow, manages to faceplant Robert, who writhes on the mat as though yelling “My beautiful face!” Hot tag to Ricky and soon we have all four men in the ring. Jake throws Ricky over the top rope, but Ricky lands on his feet and springs right back in. Double dropkicks for everybody, and the Rock & Roll Express gets the three-count. Jake’s job tour continues with no end in sight. He got to shine a little bit this week and it was kind of fun.


-Bill Watts is back at the commentary table. Hard chops by Ladd. Lane gets lucky and Irish whips Ladd, but he runs right into a boot, and Ladd flings him by the tights out to the floor. Big boot and legdrop finish as Laddamania runs wild!

-Mangum TA hits the ring to confront Ladd about his slanderous allegations of racism, and the brawl is on until Buddy Landell comes to the ring and it’s a 2-on-1 assault until Terry Taylor & Brickhouse Brown race to the ring to stop it.

-At this point, I actually stop and think to myself, “Where the hell is Master G?”

-Bill Watts discusses the way that Street won the title and says that while it might fly in “some parts of California,” it won’t be tolerated here in New Orleans, America’s great bastion of sexual forbearance.

-Street prances in merry fashion before rearing back and slapping Adams. Adams slaps back and gets some SOUND out of it. Street tries to work the arm, but Adams slaps him down again and drops a knee. Street kicks out and gets VICIOUS, ramming him in the turnbuckle as Street just sheds all semblance of “I’m a fancy boy!” and goes into killer mode when threatened.

-Adams tries to mount a comeback on Street, trying biel throws, but Street just turns it into a gymnastics tumble ever time. So Adams superkicks him straight to the floor and honestly, they should have just done a count-out there to build to another match, because that kick just took Street’s head clean off.

-Back in, Street knows that the kick can do some damage now, so he goes after the leg, which makes sense, but Adams throws an enziguiri with his good leg. Terry Taylor shows up and kisses Miss Linda, and it turns out she’s into it and she’s not fighting it. Street is incensed and goes out to the floor to confront Taylor, which gets Street disqualified for some reason(?) and Street is so mad that Linda didn’t try to fight the kiss that he just knocks the shit out of her, and the crowd is shocked by that.

-Returning from commercial, we have a mildly interesting bit of business here, as Jim Ross and Bill Watts recap the previous match and both of them strongly indicate that something was edited out.


-Oh, hey.

-But before the match even starts, Hacksaw Jim hits the ring wearing his football helmet and demands that Dr. Death helmet up like he promised to last week and get this confrontation started. Dr. Death says that he just happened to forget the helmet this week, darn the luck, but he promises to have it next week. Duggan calls him yellow and storms off.

-Williams is so mad about being called yellow that he takes it out on the new guy. Williams and Hercules both toss Michaels around and Herc stunguns him. Watts keeps referring to Hercules as “Badstreet” as they keep touting this connection that just does not appear to ever reach a payoff. Watts casually mentions that Shawn was trained for wrestling by Jose Lothario as Jim Horton tags in and takes his beating, and the Oklahoma Stampede finishes, with Williams maniacally yelling DUGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN Shatner-style as the bell sounds.


-Dropkick and an armdrag by Master G as Bill Watts marvels that Reed didn’t even take any extra time off following his knee surgery and he’s already back in the ring at house shows, because that’s how badly he wants G. Speaking of “badly,” Owens goes for a backdrop, but G wants to do the “backflip over the guy and land behind him” counter. Problem is Owens doesn’t seem to know that’s a thing, so as soon as G touches him, Owens falls to the mat and sells absolutely nothing, and G loses his balance and collapses on top of him. G finishes up soon after with the Fuller leglock Master lock.


-It’s a brawl right away, but Mantell soon takes over and it’s just a full-fledged ass kicking on Landell. Double-underhook by Mantell gets two. Mantell has a bad problem with doing moves close to the ropes and I can’t tell if he’s doing that on purpose, but legs keep hitting the ropes. Landell goes to the floor to stall because he’s savvy enough to recognize that TV time is running out. With two minutes to go, Mantell works the arm and goes to a chinlock.

-So with TV time running out, Bill Watts orders the director to keep the tape rolling after sign-off, and he promises we’ll see the rest of this next week.

The final score: review Good
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We got a BIT of a Master G respite this week, and hey, we got some history on this week's show, too!

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