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Mustafa Ali Says He’ll Give Jonathan Gresham A Match In ‘Act Of Charity’

April 18, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mustafa Ali TNA No Surrender 2024 Image Credit: TNA

Mustafa Ali is happy to see Jonathan Gresham in TNA and will happily give him a match “out of charity.” Gresham and Ali previously competed back in an independent match in 2016, with Ali coming out ahead. Gresham has now made his return to TNA and Ali, the X-Division Champion, spoke with Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert & Joel Pearl on In the Weeds about Gresham’s return.

“Great win for TNA,” Al said. “A great opportunity for Mr. Gresham. He will inevitably come knocking on my door and then I will decide whether or not I’ll answer the door. Mr. Gresham does not interest me as an opponent. He is no one that is going to elevate me. The match itself does nothing for me. I will gladly give him the match as an act of charity, to help him out.”

He continued, “Make a splash, Mr. Gresham. Mr. Gresham is an incredible athlete. As far as the campaign, I think we’re a little above Mr. Gresham in more than one way. I will gladly do the dance one more time with Mr. Gresham. It would be amazing for him. It would be amazing for the fans. An amazing act of charity on behalf of the Mustafa Ali campaign.”

Ali will defend the X-Division Championship against Jake Something at TNA Rebellion on Saturday.